Lookout Rihanna! – Mia Mottley And The Bajan Jailbirds Nominated For Grammy Award!



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  1. Paradox

    No one is too bothered about them getting awards. We all are concerned about transparency, accountability. In a few years time the lacquer would have evaporated and the rest dried and cracked.. The main fear is that they could end up in ‘Hero Square’ and that would be a tragedy.We wish them well until November, all of them. They could all then enjoy the award for the rest of their lives.

  2. Pogo


    Momma Mia can’t remember what kind of dollars it is. Rapper Reggie is seen cavorting around vancouver with Commonwealth/Veco there and now Goldentonsils Glyne is tellin us he the only one who knows how to count.

    Just like kensington stadium they put in our money and lots of it and gonna figure up later when no one lookin.

    But they be singing all the way to their own banks.

    Name a tha tune is:

    “And the MONEY kept rollin in from every side.” (Evita)

  3. Yardbroom

    A case of $750.000.00

    Sometime ago an “allegation” was made that $750.000.00 was deposited into the personal bank account of the Prime Minister of Barbados Mr. Owen Arthur, funds intended for the Barbados Labour Party.

    Since this story surfaced as a result of a question asked in Parliament by Mr. David Thompson, leader of the opposition party, and was admitted by the Prime Minister as fact, on the floor of the houses of Parliament. I will now drop the word “allegation” and treat the event as fact.

    I will try to be as fair as I can be, to the Prime Minister Mr. Owen Arthur, so those who have different views or a different persuasion, please bear with me.

    (a) Let us assume this is no extraordinary event and has happened before, as we were led to believe is the case.
    (b) Let us assume no impropriety was meant.
    (c) Let us assume the funds “eventually” found their way into the bank account of the BLP.
    (d) Let us assume the owner of the account on which the funds were drawn, knew about this situation and has not got a problem with it.
    (e) Let us assume there is a clear paper trail from the writing of the cheque, to the deposit of the funds into the BLP’s account or “wherever” and the interest that accured.

    This is all very neat and tidy on the surface, is it not? but unfortunately it poses a few questions.

    Why was the cheque going into the personal bank account of the Prime Minister Mr. Owen Arthur in the first place? Does the BLP not have a bank account for the receipt of party funds?

    We are led to believe this has happened before, may we ask how many times, and were the cheques for $20 or $2.000.000, that we the public do not know is most unfortunate.

    Why did the writer of the cheque think this was a natural thing to do, or was he/she/they requested to do so.

    This method of money transaction is “open” to corruption. I do not know, and will not say this is the case. I will go no further than to say it is “open” to corruption, with no inference what-so-ever.

    It shows a certain level of confidence, by the Prime Minister Mr. Owen Arthur, in that he could do it. I am reminded of the Emperor who wore no clothes and was applauded by his public, until a young boy had the courage to say such a thing – BFP take a bow.

    One has to ask why is it, that with a story of this magnitude the major daily Barbados papers have not done an in depth analysis of it. Where are the tiro and experienced journalists investigating this story, with balance and fairness to all parties, alast there is only silence.

    I am tempted to deduce that fear evelopes the corridors in Barbados like the mist on a Yorkshire moor, or in a shakespearean play. It is all around us, it is as if Lady Macbeth is keeing an eye on things and her presence is often felt, if not seen.

    This is a tragedy, a modern day tragedy, played out in the full glare of publicity, and yet it is as if it is not happening. Like the ordinary citizens of Barbados who are the “invisible people” who are not seen or taken notice of. This event is evidence that nothing is real here in Barbados. Bad things are happening, and we are in a dream like state, unable to grasp their magnitude.

    I can only hope there is a new dawn for the citizens of Barbados, free of corruption, in which honesty, and integrity are allowed to breathe.

  4. Rumplestilskin

    Oh, very well put Yardbroom, I really must say.

    As for the jail costs, whn talking currency, unless stated otherwise, one speaks in terms of the local currency.

    Thus, Dale Marshall is talking nonsense when stating that Mia was talking US dollars.

    Not really a red herring, as it depicts confusion at best, deceit at worst.

    Then the issue that the prison has gone ‘above projections’.

    What were the projections.

    Can we see the tender pricing pages please? Can we see the quote prices page please? Can we see the contract agreement pricing page please?

    This will allay fears of any mis-manmagement in the process.

    This is quite easy to do, publishing such documents on price and cost, the Minister should have all at hand.

    Or are we to take his word for it?

  5. Green Monkey

    Remember how a short while ago BFP poster Patrick Porter wrote to Canadian PM Stephen Harper in high dudgeon to make Harper aware of corruption in Barbadian political circles? Well now, check this out (maybe Owen and Stephen have already been comparing notes).

    The following snip is from a blog by a Canadian MP, Garth Turner. He was elected originally to parliament as a member of the CPC (Conservative Party of Canada) but was kicked out of the party after he was found to be deficient in his kowtowing to PM Harper and his policies.

    My position, that an MP works for the people and serves leader and party second, is not popular on Parliament Hill. It was instrumental in getting me kicked out of the Conservative caucus. It prevented me from being the silent supporter of PMSH (Prime Minister Stephen Harper) that he expected – no, demanded – all his MPs become. And this battle about what leaders require and what the people want lies at the heart of two things: (a) The malaise our political system finds itself in, and (b) the flaccid fortunes of the Harper Party, as it becomes apparent local Conservative MPs are shamed and emasculated.


    For the record, Public Works minister Michael Fortier, who answers to no voters since he was appointed by Stephen Harper, wants to dispose of many of the 350 buildings taxpayers own across Canada. To do this, he hired two banks – Montreal and RBC – to do a feasibility study on the potential sale of 40 of them. For this, each bank was paid $100,000.

    The study concluded (not surprisingly) that buildings should be privatized, and the banks picked nine of the best office towers to market as a pilot project. These buildings are currently used to house federal civil servants, plus rent to some other tenants, and the suggestion was that they be leased back for terms of up to 25 years.

    By the way, both banks have fairly strong CPC connections, including Rick Byers, at BeeMo (Bank of Montreal), who heads up the division involved. Mr. Byers worked as an assistant to Michael Wilson, when he was finance minister, and most lately ran as a Harper candidate in Oakville. I have no evidence for you that he stands to profit form this personally, or that any improper association has been struck with the current government.


    Ultimately, Fortier accepted the banks’ recommendation, and triggered a second contract which gave these same banks the right to market the buildings. The banks will be paid out of the proceeds, expected to be $1.5 billion, on a commission basis.

    The amount of the commission is unknown. The terms of the potential lease-back are unknown. The amount of money the purchaser will make in profit is unknown, as are the new owner’s obligations in terms of leasehold improvements. In fact, it is impossible to know if this is an advantageous deal for the Canadian taxpayer, or a sweetheart deal for the buyer, or a kiss-off deal for the banks.


    The reason is the Minister would not tell MPs. His Public Works officials would not tell. Neither would the bankers. And the Conservative members of the committee used every trick in the book, including filibuster, to shield and protect the minister and prevent facts from being known. All of them claimed that because Mr. Fortier had signed a confidentiality agreement with the banks, they could not reveal what we sought. Even though we were MPs, representing the owners of the real estate (you). Even when we asked the minister these questions in a closed-door, in camera, no-media meeting. And even though the banks – who will pocket up to an estimated $30 million – were clearly in a conflicted position.

    So, on it goes. The nine buildings are currently for sale, with informational packages now being delivered to prospective buyers. And even though, in complete frustration, our committee passed a motion to impose a moratorium on the sale (outnumbering the Con MPs on it), the government is ignoring it. Just as on Friday PMSH said he would ignore the bill to implement the Kyoto Accord which Parliament passed and which received Royal Assent.


    Well now, seems like politicians and powerful, well connected business people in a big, developed country like Canada (for all its anti-corruption and freedom of information legislation) still have ways to get the job done without interference from those pesky, interfering busybodies (i.e. taxpayers) labouring under the delusion they have a right to know where and to whom their taxpayer dollars are flowing.

  6. Rumplestilskin

    After reading this I think there should be some international anti-corruption legislation such that taxpayer groups, or an international group such as Transparency International would be able to take Governments to court in the Hague over perceived improprieties.

    Even if the case is initially a disclosure of facts only, it would give taxpayers some recourse, apart from the usual (basically ineffective) five year election.

  7. Rumplestilskin

    That ‘sale and leaseback’ setup really does not benefit the person leasing.

    The only cost ‘apparently’ avoided is operating costs over the lease term. But do you not think the lease price covers this?

    What it is in effect doing is eliminating a taxpayer asset, for short term funds and committing the country to significant additional expenditure over the future years of the lease AND BEYOND as the country now has no buildings of its own and will then have to lease again!

    It is definitely more expensive to lease in the long term, rather than own your own, do not anyone tell you different.

  8. statementofcashflows

    Once a ‘business’ exceeds the 1 million dollar mark, there is a legal necessity for financial statements. The deposit of a cheque IS income.

    One of the necessities in financial statements is a ‘Statement of Cash Flows”. If a $750,000 cheque went in, then there is a legal requirement for it to be declared upon the statement. Inland Revenue can demand it.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Are you leaving Liz Thompson out of this band and what about Mr ESAF See thru Arthur out of this band as well?
    After all he has to be the composer and director of this group.
    When he can arrange to buy land for the gov’t for twice the stated price on the land tax bill under the condition the difference is paid back to him to fund an election campaign or put into his personal bank account as we know he is know to do $ 5 million is not a bad pay day.

  10. Plover

    Yardbroom man you pretty as shite that oratory gem almost brought me to tears.

    Let me put your concerns to rest as briefly as I can. No one cares. What is the saying because I am no intelectual giant “Nero fiddles while Rome burns” forgive muh ef a rong but wunna know the passage I talkin bout.

    Until ALL or most of the Bajan populace stand and shout “enough is enough and we are madder than hell and wont take it any longer” nothing will change.

    But I have to keep coming back to this question my dear Yardbroom and other commentators. Where is the voice of the “Opposition”? To bring the issue up in Parliament and then let it die on the tree is not an Opposition that shows it wants answers!

  11. Wishing in Vain

    In reality can you see anyone and I mean anyone at Inland Revenue attempting to confront Mr ESAF see thru Arthur on the matter of his tax returns and what they say?
    I put it to you that you may even find that they are years where thru clever manipulation of his figures they may even have refunds for him.
    Now thats a thought for you, when the head is bad and is corrupt the whole body is bad and corrupt.

  12. John

    Wishing in Vain
    June 24th, 2007 at 11:29 am
    Are you leaving Liz Thompson out of this band and what about Mr ESAF See thru Arthur out of this band as well?
    After all he has to be the composer and director of this group.

    Put them all in and rename the group the Mottley Crew!!

  13. John

    MÖTLEY CRÜE – A friend said “What a Motley looking Crew” – motley meaning “of great variety” and once describing the appearance of a court jester. The re-spelling was their own invention using the umlauts (those funny dots over letters) came to them while they were partying & drinking Lowenbrau beer.


    MÖTLEY CRÜE – A friend said “What a Motley looking Crew” – motley meaning “of great variety” and once describing the appearance of a court jester. The re-spelling was their own invention using the umlauts (those funny dots over letters) came to them while they were partying & drinking Lowenbrau beer.

    MÖTLEY CRÜE – A friend said “What a Motley looking Crew” – motley meaning “of great variety” and once describing the appearance of a court jester. The re-spelling was their own invention using the umlauts (those funny dots over letters) came to them while they were partying & drinking Lowenbrau beer.

  14. John

    … oops, sorry about the repetition…..

  15. John

    Their specialty is HEAVY METAL … ball and chain

  16. Pride of Barbados

    Okay, so for MONTHS we’ve been hearing about the crime and corruption by Owing and his cronies. “They must go to jail” is the cry. Right. I agree. My question is, exactly WHO is going to throw this lot in the can?

  17. John

    ….. maybe Darwin Dottin, ….. maybe not!!

  18. Anonymous

    We need to get O$A on the same charges that Al Capone was finally cornered on.
    Tax evasion

    but like someone above said,
    who got de balls to bell dah cat??

  19. Plover

    But let me ask you all this question because as an outsider it is important to me and should be more important to the average Bajan.

    This Canadian Verdun who writes for the Nation and as I have already had printed on this Blog said in todays Nation News that real estate continues to rise without pausing. He did not say it in any kind of apologetic way that because of this, the average Bajan has to keep saying like a broken record that they will never be able to own a piece of the rock and it is true.

    Verdun a Canadian outsider is from my perspective quite out of order when lauding the escalating prices of real estate in Barbados as a positive thing when the average Barbadian some that go back two and three generations will never be able to own a home. I wonder if Verdun has a home in Bim?

    His foolish and presumptious talk about real estate in Bim only shows his ignorance. Suppose Americans, English, Saudis or anybody else were driving real estate up in Canada to such outrageous prices that the average Canadian like Barbadians could not afford to own a home and any of them talked the kind of crap Verdun does we would run them out of Town. Outsiders and Foreigners not all but many are greater enemies of Barbados and the Barbadian people than many believe them to be!

    This same Verdun some months ago suggested there was no racism in Barbados yet Barbadians allow these intruders to come to their country and talk absolute crap without calling them what they really are! Are people like Verdun not as or equally dangerous as the politicians doing the same thing?

  20. John


    I agree with you.

    The real problem is that Barbados does not (can never have?!) the economy which would give Bajans the same earning power as a Canadian, American or a European.

    Globalisation just makes no sense for us.

    There has to be some form of protecion.

    The US has farming subsidies into the billions.

    I laughed when I heard George Griffith at his debate, make the point that the GOB had not sold a single acre of land to a foreigner.

    This has to be some sort of insult to our intelligence but I am not sure he knew what he was saying.

  21. Anonymous

    Glad u think that real estate values in barbasdos just keep on rising and rising and rising.
    That’s not what I’m hearing from 2 realtors who inspected the house I have to sell.
    Maybe they’re lying to me.
    Maybe they’re not.

    I reckon it has peaked, and the bubble is easing slowly,rather than bursting.

  22. BK

    So many questions to be asked. My concern is how can Dale Marshall insult barbadians by saying Mia Mottley quoted a figure of $100 million back in the early days of the contract. Say what you will about Mia she has been known to be accurate with here public anouncements over the years. Even if she quoted 100 million and it was meant to be 100 million US dollars and not B-dollars, why no clarification from the politicians when there was the public questioning of the number?

    Now we hear Dale Marshall in his suspenders coming to the public at the 11th hour. Something seems out of place with this one.

    I am having a problem undertsanding, hope someone at BFP can enlighten.

  23. bajejun

    On tax evasion a little birdie told me some one should also investigate the one who coined the phrase ” Malik with teeth”.

  24. PLOVER

    I am only the messenger but read the Nation News and see what Verdun says and he is not the only one saying it.

    Only a few months ago I was speaking to a old Big Up and informed Barbadian who tells me land prices are going crazy in Barbados. Quoting two examples involving millions in dollars with one of the purchasers being a Canadian well known down there by the name Melnyk that involved millions in dollars. I think one of the pieces of land was in a village off of the sea up by Oistins. The other was in an equally unattractive area and it sold I think he said for $46 or $50 per square foot! I am sure there is still a FEW cheap spots but where only God knows.

    Real estate is a very sensitive issue for most Big Up Bajans to deal with because it has been the one commodity that has made many nillionaires who otherwise because of not having the brains to do so in the real world could not amass that kind of money. Therefore I believe what I am hearing from my sources to be true!

  25. more

    Be very careful of realtors doing valuations. It can be one price for some and another for others.

    Have seen valuations per suqare foot vary by 20 times on the same property. One realtor had an interest the other didn’t.

    More on this later.

  26. Hants

    Barbados land prices will continue to go up because to a Rich Foreigner, it is cheap and available compared to places like Bermuda.

  27. Can some one please tell me what the following is about “Mia Mottley Speaks (Homo) Sex: HIV/AIDS scripts on sexuality and sexual rights in the Anglo Caribbean”?

  28. Warrior

    I’m not too up to date on the money laundering laws.

    But I thought banks were supposed to report when more than a certain amount went into an individual’s bank account.

    The banks around here are to blame for a lot of the corruption too, cause for little people like you and me if we get a little windfall and put it on the bank they want to know what colour boxers you were wearing yesterday.

    Yet a man could put $750,000.00 on his personal account an not one fella ain’t had to balls to bring he to account. Then again that might have been a small amount compared to some that might have went before.

    The banks in Barbados are thieves and robbers. They don’t know what honesty or integrity is and if there is any organization should have those qualities them.

    Are they not accountable to any international governing bodies, cause to ask them to govern themselves locally would be a travesty.

  29. Plover

    Money laundering my friend involves many facets of financial houses and human resources with the main players being off-shore. You may have many different holding and associated companies related to and with the main player/s who are the real work horses.

    These boys don’t just take $5 million to the bank in Barbados as you might think. The operation in Barbados is the vehicle but it’s many tenacles doing the dirty work are not even in the Caribbean.

    You think these boys pretty they have Accountants, Lawyers etc that knows every dirty trick in the book and there are so many doing it only a fraction can be caught because following the paper trail and making a case that will stand up in Court of law is as difficult as your chances would be of finding. a Virgin in a Harem!

  30. Royalrumble

    You Dems are really ignorant if you all think that the electorate really wants to hear about this corruption shite you all are constantly pushing all the time. You all better get serious and bring some real politics to the people of Barbados.

    Barbadians know that Thompson can think no higher than he is currently thinking. He has no intellectual depth at all. He has no moral minimum and can not help himself from thinking and living in the gutter. Come on Dems let us cut the nonsense and get serious for once. You have an election coming in another year or so. Is this all you have to offer?

    Thompson is a white man who believes that any success gained by a black man is by way of corruption and I would warn all blacks from both sides of the political fence not to follow him down this dark path to his own political demise. This is his last political mass let him pool his shit himself.

    He feels that he has no expiry date and that the only person who has the right to receive campaign funds in their name is he. In others words the only person who has the right to be rich is he. The last group of people that had such a mindset was our slave masters from England, the birth place of this same Thompson.

  31. Cross

    RR you said Thompson is a white man. Man you make me laugh real hard with that one. Well at least he never claimed blacks looking for handouts. Now thats the prevailing white view in Barbados and Thompson clearly does not subscribe to it. What is this about moral minimum? How many children does your great leader Owen $ Arthur have and from how many women? Barbadians want to know. Honestly they do.

  32. Hants

    Cross Barbadians already know enough about Owings wives women and children.

    Let us not get distracted from how he runs the country.

    Jerome Hinds can give a list of his “accomplishments????”

  33. Plover

    Royal let me ask you this with respect sir, I thought Arthur was almost as white as Thompson but you calliing him black and that is an insult to black people. I am not talking anything here that is objectionable but making observations that many in Bim know.

    Another thing Rumble is this the corruption issue seems to have got you rumbling so me thinks you know it has some basis in fact and is a real issue in this election.

    Thompson may not be perfect and certainly not as careless with meaningless verbiage as your esteemed leader and hero but given the sad state of affairs in Barbados even little old me could turn things around before the whole bloody island becomes bankrupt.

    I wish I could run Thompsons campaign because I would make the BLP POOOP.

    Tek care old boy and tek a shower to get that BLP smell off of you!

  34. Plover

    Another ting Royal is this you seem to have a problem wid white
    people so I hope the white people deal with that at the polls!

    I would be the last man/woman were I you to call anyone ignorant because you have effectively said “White” people so not like to see “black” people do good that is the message I got. Hardly a good political message to send if you are representing the BLP.

  35. Plover

    Another ting Royal is this you seem to have a problem wid white
    people so I hope the white people deal with that at the polls!

    I would be the last man/woman were I you to call anyone ignorant because you have effectively said “White” people do not like to see “black” people do good that is the message I got. Hardly a good political message to send if you are representing the BLP.

  36. Yardbroom

    Corruption and its impact on Barbados society.

    There has been a lot of discussion recently about the allegation of corruption in Barbados politics, and with an election imminent, this discussion has taken on a force of its own. Does it really matter there is corruption? yes it does, because corruption saps the life blood of a country and where ever it flourishes, decay, lawlessness and disrespect for honesty, manifest itself.

    I was recently returning on a flight to Barbados, and was engaged in a casual conversation with a local businessman, with a tenor of disgust in his voice, he said ” the local politicians here are corrupt, I am not guessing” he said ” I know they are, I have no respect for them”.

    Last week a young student – Jesse was his name – said he was not voting because to replace one lot with another serves no purpose. I will return to that no voting aspect later.

    From the comments on this blog and from the local population, it would appear we have a major problem, in that people feel let down and deceived by the political system in Barbados.

    Let us take an example of where this leads us. There is talk of drilling rights for oil etc, but if this natural resource is found, it would be of no use to Barbados, unless the politicians who manage it are trustworthy. If you ask for precedent, I refer you to Nigeria and the corruption which abounds there, as a result the ordinary Nigerians have never had the full benefit from their oil wealth.

    Unless you have politicians of honesty and integrity governing your affairs, with or without natural resources, progress will always be the same for the ordinary and under privileged, they will be at a disadvantage.

    Corrupt politicians corrupt the democratic process, in that in their efforts to retain power to hide their misdeeds, they are prepared to use every avenue, dishonest and otherwise, to sustain their stranglehold on the country.

    People take the view, why should I break my back in honest endeavours when they, the politicians are creaming off millions of dollars. A general malaise then sets in, which seeps the work ethic of the population, and advances even further into other areas.

    Young voters have become dissatisfied and stated their intention not to vote. Unfortunately this would not do, because it serves no purpose. The Government will be elected with or without your vote. The taxes will be levied by the Government, you will have to pay them, the Government’s failure to provide proper health care provision will impact on you, because you will have to do without, any shortfall in educational provision, through lack of resources will have an effect on you and your family.

    You can withdraw you participation if you wish, but the Government will still have an impact on your life, with or without your consent, or vote.

    There was a time when ordinary Barbadians did not have the vote and many good people fought a struggle for that to be achieved. To have a say in the governance of your country is no light matter.

    Did you not notice the long lines of South Africans who queued for hours in the hot sun to vote, after Nelson Mandella was released from prison. Having being denied for so many years the ANC ( African National Congress Party) Nelson Mandella’s party encouraged them to vote. It was a joy and fulfilment to vote after years of denial.

    Jesse also said “we could chase the bald heads out of town” but why do you think they would run Jesse? simply because you started to chase. Most importantly why should others join you in a chase when you have not joined them to vote. They could deduce you only want things on your terms.

    I am delighted that you – Jesse – seek honesty and no corruption in politics, perhaps you might someday take up the challenge to make a meaningful contribution to your country, and make it a better place to live in, I sincerely hope you do.

  37. Plover

    As usual pearls of wisdom, truth and reality.

    And let me add a few more corruption and lack of trust of politicians the world over including Canada is alienating more and more young people like “Jessee” from participating in the Democratic process.

    We have a hell of a time getting 50% of 30.000.000 million people to vote in Canada depending on which system of Government calls an election, Federal, Provincial or Municipal.

    The political process is seriously flawed and outdated and until confidence is restored it will only get worse.

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  39. Wishing in Vain

    The royalidiot opens his mouth and another load of shaving cream comes out.
    If you think that we the people of Barbados are tired of hearing about corruption and to leave it alone you have another thought coming to you, we want to see it come to an end and the only way to start this process is to eradicate ourselves of this scourge called the blp because it is them who have brought this country to its knees by your gross stealing and corruption.
    No wonder you want the subject to die a natural death like the Chinese workers at Paradise, the flyovers, the Prison, the cheque that Owing deposited to his personal bank account, the bath, the building at Newton and so many more that reeks of corruption and dishonest acts.
    Not this time you bunch are going to take these charges to your graves as being the most dishonest bunch ever to walk the halls of the house of assembly.

  40. Zulu

    Another red herring for us to take our minds off the real issues in the land.

  41. Najo

    The Bible tells us that in the last days many professing to be wise will become as fools, of which you RR is the biggest of them all. We Dems will stop talking about this corrupt government when we win the next General Elections and would have placed O$A and all the other steel workers behind bars including you RR. Your wicked heart burns within when you hear the word corruption but who the cap fits let them wear it; it is the size of you and your corrupt government. I hear you talking all this rubbish about Tompson being a white slave master, but I forgive you because you are colour blind and also blind in your mind. The real slave master is the one who ran all over this country dropped children here there and every way; because of power and the mindset that he owns the women. Tell Mrs. A that what ever a man sows that shall he also reap, so if you horned you will be horned.