Government Claims $90 Million A Year In Departure Tax Revenues… Where Is The Money?

Where is the logic?

The justification of the 140 per cent increase in departure tax was to pay for the airport improvements.

But not only has the tax increased, it is now applies to a much larger number of people due to a change in age requirements and the fact it is now levied on in-transit passengers.

If Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch, boasting about the 1.5 million passengers that pass through or arrive at Grantley Adams International Airport per year is correct, then that that’s an annual revenue through departure tax alone of $90 million.

That’s before any landing fees, rents collected on concessionary stores etc.

$90 million a year and still the airport leaks and the air conditioning does not work effectively!

Why isn’t this same logic applied to other Government owned entities like Caves of Barbados Inc, and dare I mention Hotels and Resort Ltd.

The Minister has promised Intra Caribbean airfares will fall within four to six weeks.

Let us wait and be pleasantly surprised.

Adrian Loveridge


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23 responses to “Government Claims $90 Million A Year In Departure Tax Revenues… Where Is The Money?

  1. Wishing in Vain

    They need to bulk up the income so as to have a fat kitty to steal from.
    I have learnt that to carefully swallow anything that Lynch dishes out as every word that he utters is useless garbage anyway.

  2. Plover

    What he needs to share is how has this giant sized rip-off of visitors going to effect arrivals. I think Lynch is putting the cart before the horse. But then again he is the horses a——–

  3. laughing barbadian

    the right honourable noel lynch cant addd remember , so he wont know how much is coming in anyway

  4. Wishing in Vain

    This man is one arrogant pompus idiot that has only one thing on his mind and that is rape this country for what he can get out of it.
    Sadly his inability to tell the truth has taken to new depths of despair, when you have ministers that are proven liars does not auger well for future trust in that person.
    He needs to do the right thing and step down and let someone who has some knowledge of the industry.

  5. Zulu

    There is no need for Lynch to step down. Let him run his course as he and the other crooks only have a few more months anyhow. Then we will have them up Dodds. There must be special cells fuh dem so.

  6. J. Payne

    Almost 100 million dollars??? That’s about half of what FirstCaribbean takes in- from the entire Caribbean per year.

  7. Bajanboy

    Well, I am sure we will see audited financial statements from GAIA Ltd for 2007 within the next ten years or so.

  8. you forgot to mention the terrible P.A system. Can anyone actually hear them call you for your flight if you’re not in the already checked in area?

  9. John

    On the lighter side …….

    You realise of course that given the aversion to Mia many people have and the two sidedness of Clyde Mascoll that Noel could be our next Prime Minister!@!

    Billie soon gone to Brazil. Understand she is going out to pasture and won’t be running.

    Who will be our next PM if O$A were to lose his seat and the BLP won the elections?

    Maybe Glyne Clarke might edge out Noel Lynch for the job.

    I mean who else in the BLP is up to it and can carry on in the tradition set by O$A??

    Now if the DLP won and David were to lose his seat, at least there would be Mr. Kellman.

    He really is the only politician who says what he thinks, …… even when it doesn’t make sense!!

    In this respect I think he is probably the most honest one in Parliament.

  10. Bridgetown Market Saturday

    Adrian2 it was IMF or World Bank not FBI with regards to Thompson disclosure. Thompson made a big mistake that night which resulted in three terms in wilderness. He paid his dues. The FBI report is Arthur admitting there is a report then denying he did. Arthur known for flip floppping. We waiting on the Republic referendum he promised then withdrew then promised again. He denied saying Barbados for sale to pay bills after publicly stating so. Then he claim CWC tremendous success followed by gate receipts is only thing Barbados got but WICB witholding them(gate receipts). Judge for yourself.

  11. Adrian2

    Thanks BMS; oh and i have judged Arthur already. His response to the check deposit is all the proof i need. I am just hoping that Thompy really has something substantive to continue hammering him with.

  12. Hants

    And while we focus on $90million tax revenue, Barbados could have its food supply controlled by Trinidadians if ANSA MCAL win the bidding war to take over BS&T.
    Could we eventually have the Republic of Trinidad Tobago and Barbados ??

  13. Tudor

    Hants boy, what with the looming Neal & Massy /Macal fight over BS&T and all the other business sold to T&T, we dey already.

  14. J. Payne

    “Could we eventually have the Republic of Trinidad Tobago and Barbados ??”

    Hey hants, do you remember in 1995 when Patrick Manning proposed that in the T&T parliament???

    He at the time proposed that Barbados-Guyana-and-T&T, (the so called Most Developed Counries) in CARICOM (quote)minus Jamaica, forming a “confederation.”

    Here’s the link to the speech in the T&T Parliament.


    (NOTICE— from, the bottom of page 15, + top of 16.) Note** this document requires the free plugin from called Acrobat Reader– in order to read. If you don’t have it already installed.

    [. . .]
    In 1991, an initiative was announced by us which involved economic and eventually political association—and in this instance it was expressly stated, political association—between Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana. That approach came about because of a recognition of the advantages to be gained by the respective populations involved. We are small countries. Trinidad and Tobago is a country merely of 1.4 million people and countries that are significantly larger than ours have accepted the fact that notwithstanding their size, notwithstanding the resources that they possess, human and otherwise, there are still major advantages to be gained as they expand the size of their populations to an even greater extent by association with other countries, and as they seek to expand the range of resources that are available to the collective population.

    The synergies that are involved are not lost on the political leaders of those movements, and therefore, they move in that direction. [. . .]”

    I wonder what they would’ve named the 3 islands and one land based country?

    Another article belong I came across in my archives…

    Article: Minister Chin Lee promises TT will surpass Barbados – By RENÉE OLIVEL
    Date: Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
    Source: – Trinidad Tobago News Day


    — In welcoming members of the international media and in his attempt to avoid “sounding like a politician on a political platform,” Minister of Tourism Howard Chin Lee briefly revealed plans to develop a tourism and industrial park in Trinidad and Tobago, at a breakfast reception held at the Hilton Trinidad, yesterday. “We will surpass Barbados soon in becoming the business and events capital of the Caribbean,” the Minister boasted as he addressed various media representatives from Germany, the United States, Costa Rica and Canada who are here to cover TT’s Carnival 2004. Chin Lee said that the expected visitor arrivals for Carnival was 47,000, an increase of 11,000 over the previous year. As a result of the growing increase in visitors, he said there was a need to “create a business and conference centre to increase room capacity making TT a three and four-star capital.” —

    He said that the Tourism and Industrial Park would come about through specific investments, legislature and effective marketing strategies. “We are approaching it two-pronged by improving infrastructure and marketing, pinpointing Trinidad and Tobago as the centre for tourism.” He also added that $62M has been allotted to TIDCO (Tourism and Industrial Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago) from the yearly budget and that $350M would be required “for the next three years” to accomplish the Ministry’s plans. “We are bringing this project to Cabinet so that money can be brought forward to ensure the brand of Carnival here is known throughout the world.”

    TIDCO President, Dr Brian Harry, who defined the colloquial “lime” for his audience, saying it is a very unstructured way of hanging out and where everything is discussed, said that foreign media representatives were doing an excellent job in marketing TT abroad.
    In an interview with Sunday Newsday, US public relations personnel for TIDCO, Cheryl Andrews, said that “more calls are coming in to TIDCO” as a result of marketing efforts to promote Trinidad Carnival in the US. “As a matter of fact the cover story of the current issue for Islands magazine, a national US magazine is about Tobago.” German representative Biki Khurana said that visitor arrivals to Trinidad from German-speaking countries have increased by 80 percent. Khurana added: “Business-wise, Trinidad is number one in the Caribbean.”[-End]

  15. John

    There was some game played already by TT companies with shares in a Bdos Company.

    Can’t remember if it was Stokes and Bynoe or some other one.

    Anyone remember the details of that game?

  16. Wishing in Vain

    Either way it swings it spells doom for us in Barbados but with MACAL trying to get involved it would control almost the entire food industry in the island and create a virtual monopoly here which cannot be good for us poor people.

  17. Pride of Barbados

    Not telling you, John. Twice I’ve given you information that you asked for and not once have you replied!

  18. Najo

    John the one dishonest DLP has left the party and is seated at the right hand of O$A.

  19. Najo

    wishing in vain Barbados is up for sale don’t blame the Trini for shopping. “Barbados belongs to Trinidad” these words are not idle words it is coming to pass.

  20. John

    Pride of Barbados
    June 24th, 2007 at 2:06 am
    Not telling you, John. Twice I’ve given you information that you asked for and not once have you replied!

    Thanks Pride of Barbados.

    I saw the info on Walmer Lodge last night in another thread.

    Thanks again.

    Sometimes I let go and don’t access BFP to prove to myself that I am not an addict ….. then I return.

    It is too much fun.

    Normally it happens around Weekend time.

  21. Pride of Barbados

    No problem, John. Glad I was able to help with that little titbit. Now for the other bit of info (re Stokes & Bynoe, I think it was), I was bluffing! Nay – lying like hell!! I can’t remember anything about that.

    As for who’s going to throw Owing and cronies in jail, you suggested maybe Darwin Dottin. The (alleged) COUSIN??! That’ll be the day!

  22. FearTrade

    Wishing in Vain
    June 24th, 2007 at 2:05 am
    Either way it swings it spells doom for us in Barbados but with MACAL trying to get involved it would control almost the entire food industry in the island and create a virtual monopoly here which cannot be good for us poor people.
    WIV, poor people? God help us all! but you hit the nail on the head. The MACAL takeover would create a virtual monopoly in the distributive and supermarket trade. They already control Brydens distribution and have interests in Trimart. I forget what other interests they have in Barbados but these are the key ones.

    Prior to the Fair Competition Act of 2003 BS&T were able to consolidate several import/distribution businesses and supermarkets into their fold, all in the name of supposedly giving them the size to compete in the era of globalization. They were able to take over Interage and MER Bourne in the distributive trade and Big B in the supermarket/food retail business to name the main ones.

    I do not remember the year but after 2003 they were allowed to “amalgamate” the Geddes Grant importer/distributor into the BS& T fold. This was a clever stealthy move acquiesced to by Neal and Massy. Did we hear a word from the Fair Trading Commission? As an aside anyone ever check Sir Allan Fields’ employment history? Nearly every company he has worked with has been a virtual monopoly.

    So the amalgamations and monopolistic behavior of BS & T while he was at the helm should be no surprise. All under the guise of readying the conglomerate for globalisation. Ready to take on the world. What a laugh! Far from taking on the region and the world they are now the target of a takeover.
    Sorry for the digression but there is a lot more to be a said and people who know a lot more about the shenanigans that went on at BS&T and the nests that were feathered and continue to be.

    What is critical here is that any takeover by MACAL is not only up to the shareholders of BS&T but should come under the scrutiny of the Fair Trading Commission.
    The Fair Competition Act came into force on January 3, 2003.
    This Act, which is enforced by the Fair Trading Commission, allows the Commission responsibilities which include;
    The ability to take any necessary action to prevent the abuse of a dominant position, to eliminate anti-competitive agreements, and to prevent or control mergers;

    Question is will they do their job? Are they even looking at the issue?