BFP Reader Peter Simmons Tears A Strip From A Pro-Waterpark Commenter

Editor’s Note: This letter has had two sentences removed by BFP…

My attention has been drawn to comments of some cowardly cretin on the BFP of June 15 under the alias of “BAJANMAN4EVER” who makes a number of idiotic accusations against me on the WWW which I cannot allow to go unanswered.

Since “Bajanman4ever” is obviously a permanent resident of the gutter, a place where I am never comfortable, I cannot resile from my responsibility to clear the record and respond to this transparently counterfeit Barbadian.

I have NEVER, prior to this submission, sent anything to the BFP. NEVER! I am not and have no idea who is “Bajan Citizen Forever”.

All of my submissions to the press or on the airwaves about Caribbean Water Splash have always been in my own name. ALL! EVERYONE, EVERY TIME!

My objections to the water park at Graeme Hall are well known. When therefore I am accused of describing “housing as carbuncles”, what is the cretin thinking of and attributing to me?

Yes, I described the proposed water park as “a grotesque carbuncle on the landscape” To link the water park and housing is the product of a very sick mind or just a squalid and deliberate lie.

But hang on. Could it be a subliminal triumph of the hidden agenda over the endless diet of ox manure which has been dumped on the unsuspecting and naïve? Will upscale condos and town-houses rise from the 5 acres of concrete of the failed water park?

I really don’t to be hard on Bajanman4ever, but before he comes back, please ask a real Bajan (we pride ourselves on our literacy) to teach you the difference between “their” and “there”.

I note with interest and amusement but no surprise BFP’s alleged unmasking of Lawrence Loughlin. If true, how despicable! Now Barbadians will understand what all of us are up against. And I suspect there is more to come.



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18 responses to “BFP Reader Peter Simmons Tears A Strip From A Pro-Waterpark Commenter

  1. Well said, Mr Simmons. But why have we not heard from Friends of Graeme Hall for a long time about the increasing impetus of support from the Barbadian public for the proposed National Park?

    Particularly in the light of the news that the Nature Sanctuary has been put up for sale?

    As a director of Friends of Graeme Hall can we look to you for continued efforts to oppose Caribbean Watersplash and promote the National Park?

    Surely we must not give up hope for the park just because Mr Allard has understandably got fed up with the snubbing he has received from all members of Government?

  2. Hants

    The BLP Government has a glorious opportunity again.

    Here comes SuperOwing to rescue Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary for future Barbadians to enjoy.

    Sorry Kerrins. No Waterpark for you in Barbados.

    Another Caribbean Island awaits you.

  3. mebajan2

    All of you people on the bfp do is bash the P.M. and now you all want his help!!!!!!!!your despicable

  4. akabozik

    mebajan2, I think you miss Hants’ meaning.

    Owen $ Arthur has created the crisis, but he will come in and “solve” it in time for the election.

    Nobody is “wanting” the PM’s help. That would have been years ago before he started spitting in Allard’s face because the PM and his partners in crime want that land so bad they can taste it.

    Have I read you right Hants?

  5. mebajan2

    As to peter and allan and the friends of graeme now is your chance to shine put your money were your mouth is and buy the bird sanctuary!!!!!!!!!!

  6. John

    …. wow, is mebajan2 implying that O$A is that loaded and can find the millions to donate to the cause, ….. like he donated to the cricket legends earlier this year?

    What are you saying about our PM mebajan2?

    Maybe O$A should try and go one up one Peter Allard and show that he too can donate his own money to a worthy cause to help Barbados!!

  7. mebajan2

    hey deb why don’t you ask peter and allan and the friends of graeme hall to use the funding that they have for the national park to buy graeme hall bird sanctuary or was it just a smoke screen
    to save the veiw on the ridge just asking!!!!!!!!!!

  8. samizdat

    Totally off topic here, but…

    still nothing about the money-laundering scandal, BFP?

    Last time I was here (about a month ago) I seem to remember you said it was “half-written”.

    How about an update?

  9. Hants

    akabozik that is what I meant.

    Even the ministers know they have to bring in SuperOwing to solve problems as he will move Heaven,Earth and Swamps if necessary.

    There are probably “Secret”plans for a mega developement at Graeme Hall.
    Remember that Discovery Bay Hotel was built on the Swamp in Holetown.
    No one thought it was possible at the time but the Hotel is still there.

  10. John

    mebajan2 got me thinking.

    He/she reckons O$A can step in with the money to buy the Nature Sanctuary.

    This would indicate that the PM must be loaded.

    I was really puzzled until the AG’s explanation about currency explained it all.

    O$A did not deposit $750,000 to his personal account.

    This is totally untrue and misleading and belittles the man.

    He deposited US$750,000 as one cheque to his account in Speightstown. WOW, it is clear, $1.5million BDS in one go.

    O$A is loaded.

    The US$150,000 he donated tot the cricket legends …. that’s chicken feed.

    It took a little time for the penny to drop (should I say cent) but I understand what mebajan2 is saying.

  11. He's loaded,alright!

    someone else “reckons O$A can step in with the money to buy the Nature Sanctuary.
    This would indicate that the PM must be loaded.”

    Yes, the PM is loaded.
    He’s not a Caribbean PM for nuthin, duuh!

    When he was splitting with First Wife Beverley, rumour had it that She got 16 million bucks as divorce settlement..!

    The PM is STILL loaded, even after that payout.
    In fact, that may be the reason the stealing has accelerated recently – to recoup that 16 million.

    You didn’t REALLY think that he was going to take that hit,personally, did you??
    Oh you’re so naive!

  12. John

    … was that BDS or US?

    Notice you did not specify the currency!!

  13. BDreamer

    All this talk about a “water” park…what a joke as Barbados already has a “water crisis”!!

  14. Hants- You rightly say about Kerins “another island awaits you.”

    Do you remember that World Waterparks Assoc came out with an anouncement that they had plans for a waterpark in Grand Cayman?

    World Waterparks Assoc is the company from which Kerins has the Barbados franchise.

    I was hoping Kerins was behind the Grand Cayman venture, and would move his attentions there, but it appears his “investment” here is so big – at more than US$2,000,000 (back in 2006), that he is counting on his assurances from “on high” coming through.

    And has anyone else noticed the doubletalk that has gone on about who the clientele of Caribbean Splash were to be?

    Back at the Town Hall Meeting Kerins boldly announced that 80% of anticipated support would be from tourists, 20% from locals.

    Later his accountant, the London Bajan, reversed that prognosis, and said 80% would be from locals and only 20% from tourists.

    Since then its been switched back to 80% tourists.

    It’s obvious that their marketing forecasts are pure fantasy, and they will say whatever they can get away with. They are a bunch of shysters dependent on a handout of “free” land from Government to make a few million before quietly decamping.

  15. mebajan2

    Peter Simmons, in your open letter tirade about ” The Ugly American ” dated
    Oct. 20, 2006 your usage of the word ” Carbuncles “( meaning Ugly Boils ) to
    your eyesight was in the plural form not the singular form. Your pious
    vainglorious pontification ( see BFP reader Peter Simmons dated June 21st )
    conveniently omits the plural usage and now carbuncle is in singular form.
    This difference changes the substance, context and intent of your statement
    very much. In the singular form you can easily state that you were talking
    about one development, such as the water park in order to cover your pooch.
    But you used the plural form in your original statement. Therefore, your
    comments about Mr. L is in actuality a reflection of yourself. Are you a
    revisionist Peter ?

    I shall refresh your fragile memory since I truly hope you do not suffer
    from dementia or alzheimer’s. Specifically, the last paragraph of the Ugly
    American article you authored. You state we will ” Continue to enjoy our
    view from the ridge uninterrupted by grotesque carbuncles on the landscape
    “. Your impressive Funk & Wagnall’s dictionary will even say the word
    landscape is all inclusive, meaning all what the eye can see and the water
    park is only 16% of the landscape. May I ask what the other 84 % of
    carbuncles you had in mind that would hurt your eyes ?

    You do not have to tell me since it is already of public record. You as the
    leading spokesperson and guide for The Friends of Graeme Hall committee and
    the National Park movement have collectively authored ( see documents ) The
    Overview of Graeme Hall National Park. Specifically, section l, A Legacy for
    Barbados, first paragraph. You state that you do not want ” Growth such as a
    water park and housing subdivisions “. Ergo, your mindset of housing being
    carbuncles. Shame on you .

    These public articles and documents certainly makes Lawrence’s statements
    ring truthful regarding housing being equated as carbuncles by you who is in
    self denial. Many people believe you owe him a profuse apology instead of
    your rabid foaming at the mouth frenzy of unjust accusations. He has only
    stated that which is of public record. Will you be a man or again act as a
    spoiled child who goes bezerk when his hand is caught in the cookie jar ?
    What say you

  16. Rumplestilskin

    Must not let ‘sleeping dogs lie’, for the agriculture area to become a new condo development., mysteriously suddenly owned by some group, acquired cheap and then sold at market prices.

    If people want to build condos, there is plenty of arid land in St.Philip and St.Lucy for development.

    Keep agricultural land for food.

  17. Adrian Loveridge

    Nice to see Mr Simmons letter in the Nation today and quite rightly Barbados Free Press was highlighted.

    I am 1,000% per cent behind behind Graeme Hall becoming a National Park from every perspective, locally and tourism wise.

    I take groups of our guests to Farley Hill and when they gaze down at Greenland and ask what is that, the look of amazement when I tell them thats ‘our’ next landfill is overwhelming.
    From a tourism point of view, Barbados is rapidly becoming a concrete jungle and the condominium
    capital of the Caribbean.

    It is certainly not what OUR guests want and I don’t think we are alone.

    The Graeme Hall National Park maybe this generation’s last chance to create something wonderful and we owe it to our children and grandchildren.

    As to the proposed attendance figure given by the WaterPark people, 270,000 to 300,000 a year!
    Our most visted attraction is Harrisons Cave which gets about 150,000 a year. Are double that number really going to frequent a facility that many of them have on their doorsteps?
    And lest we forget, we are marketing to a rapidly ageing population. Experts agree that average age of a visitor to the Caribbean in 2020 will be 65 years.

    Is that visitor going to cascade 150 feet down a waterslide or sit peacefully in a beautiful
    verdant tropical setting whatching exotic birds or feeding the mud shark?

    We have to change the concept of tourism crisis management into planning and thinking what we really want to be as a destination over the next 10-20 years.