Pollution Recklessness Should Disqualify Shell And Exxon From Barbados Oil Bids

Oil Bids

TWENTY-FIVE OIL COMPANIES from countries such as Russia, Japan, Norway and Brazil are in the queue to drill for oil off Barbados.

The big names include Exxon, Shell, BHP Billiton of Australia, Hess Oil Company, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Marathon Oil and Murphy Oil, all of the United States, Norway’s state oil group Statoil, Petro-Canada, and Petrobras from Brazil.

They will all get the chance to put their money where their hearts appear to be on Friday, June 22, when Government officially opens the floor to bidding during a ceremony here. A second bid launch takes place in Houston, Texas, on Wednesday, June 27.

… read the rest at The Nation News (link here)


March 11, 2004 – Exxon Valdez Oil Still At Rua Cove, Alaska

Did You Think That The Exxon Valdez Incident Of 18 Years Ago Was Cleaned Up And All Over? Think Again!

Environment Minister Liz Thompson says Barbados is looking for companies “with best practices in environmental matters to explore for oil.”

We’d like to draw Minister Thompson’s attention to the fine folks in Prince William Sound, Alaska who have some experience with Exxon’s “best practices” in managing oil. (Greenpeace article Exxon Valdez Disaster – 15 Years Of Lies)

Eighteen years ago, a giant single-hulled oil carrier named the Exxon Valdez ran onto a charted shoal in pristine Prince William Sound, spilled 11 million gallons of oil into the water and immediately destroyed 500 miles of coastline. Eighteen years later you can lift any rock in the area and still see the mess. Wild animals have developed strange diseases and there are increasing concerns about the health of area residents.

EXXON is still dragging the case out in court 18 years later!

How about bribing a judge who is involved in hearing the Exxon Valdez case? Exxon had no problem with that, so it arranged three “seminars” held at luxury resorts for Judge Andrew Kleinfeld, one of the three Ninth Circuit Court judges “randomly assigned” to the Exxon Valdez damages case. (Alaska Report story: Short Circuiting Justice At The Ninth Circuit Court)

Eighteen years after the spill, the mess is still there both on the rocks and in the courts.


Tell us, Minister Thompson… does Exxon meet the government’s criteria for the type of company Barbados wants drilling off our beaches?


Let’s Talk About How Shell Responded To The Airport Pipeline Fuel Spills

Shell has thumbed it’s nose at Barbados for a decade of soil and water pollution surrounding it’s infamously leaky pipeline to the airport. Shell didn’t even bother keeping records to show how much fuel went into the pipe and how much came out. Not to mention that our Environment Ministry never required or asked for Shell to keep records. Banana Republic time at the Shell pipeline.

We’ll not repeat the whole story here, but take a few minutes to read our comprehensive article…

Shell 2006 Profits: US$2.9 Million Dollars PER HOUR! – Offers Barbados Farmers Less Than One Hour’s Profits For A Decade Of Pollution And A Deadly Future

Tell us, Minister Thompson… does Shell meet the government’s criteria for the type of company Barbados wants drilling off our beaches?


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25 responses to “Pollution Recklessness Should Disqualify Shell And Exxon From Barbados Oil Bids

  1. Texas Tea

    Stinkin Liz waste real money too for this bid, she pay Carol Roberts at NCF & Ronnie Carrington close to 100k for a DVD to list terms of projeck, when a next boy from a private video company offer to do same for less than a quarter the price she pay, but she still spend! Imagine wha gine happen with this sale?

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  3. Straight talk

    Three guesses at which company won the contract for pretending to clean up the Exxon Valdez spill?
    Most on this blog only need one.

  4. Rufus

    VECO is large and in charge, you know. By the way, everytime I hear the name VECO I think of Dale Marshall. Will they get the contract to drill for oil too? Don’t forget that they had no experience in building prisons.

  5. Straight talk

    Fear for the worse, Rufus.
    VECO has no oil exploration or extraction experience, not that this fact would concern our leaders at all.
    However, CH2M Hill the firm taking over the corrupt VECO, does specialise in these fields.
    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  6. Bush Tea

    Careful BFP, you may be seen as recommending EXXON. They bribe a Judge you say?

  7. Kickback Kenrick

    And what about the many traffic light systems that now plague suburban Bridgetown?
    Who made that decision?

    Which Minister of Transp. made the decision(based on a kickback?)
    to go with Traffic lights at those intersections,
    when far-cheaper ROUNDABOUTS woulda cost FAR less, and work FAR more efficiently?

    Was it Rommel,The Desert Fox?
    Did he saddle us with in-efficient traffic lights for the next 20 yrs.?
    How do we go about changing the intersections to ROUNDABOUT intersections?
    And to who do we sell second-hand traffic-light systems? slightly used? St.Vincent?
    No wonder we have traffic problems in St.Michael!
    All based on one selfish decision..

    JUST like the decision Carol Roberts made,
    to fund $100K worth of DVD contract into “The Right” hands,
    rather than go with a less expensive bid.

    Hey.. it wasn’t HER money she was spending,
    it was FREE Money! Yeehaw!

    Spending cyan’ DONE!
    Barbados wash ‘way in money!

  8. Wishing in Vain

    Kickback Kenrick
    You are absolutely right we now have wasted lights at the Fontabelle junction, and by the betting shop as well these have done nothing more than to slow the movement of traffic down to a crawl, like you I wonder who collected money for this complete waste of time.
    If Glyne Clarke is involved he would certainly take money for favours he sells Taxi permits for his own benefit to run his reelection bid so money for lights would be a real possibility, we know he takes money for anything you want from him.

  9. J. Payne

    I agree…. They’ve proven their crass disregard for the environment in Barbados once before so why bank on them again…

    P.S. have they allowed local Barbadian companies to bid????

  10. J. Payne

    Traffic lights in Barbados were a BAD solution. Traffic lights leave lots of time when traffic isn’t flowing in one particular direction that a roundabout would fix… At a roundabout traffic would fill those gaps from all other directions when any one direction has no one coming traffic…..

  11. J. Payne

    correction on-coming traffic.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    Not likely, this will turn out to be another offshore bank enhancement program, some part of this group of this meandering bunch will arrange a deal like they have done with the slot machine deal or the flyovers or the prison or Carnival cruise line deal, for money will be deposited offshore once again to the accounts of Owing, Nicholls and Bannister the gang of A class crooks.

  13. Anonymous

    why can’t i post?

  14. John

    Straight Talk

    I thought you were joking when you put Veco with the Exxon Valdeez cleanup in Alaska.

    Was I wrong.

    It has sales of US$700 million which approaches 20% of our entire GDP.

    Selling it for US$365 million seems very fishy!!

    Here are some links I turned up on Veco when I went looking.



    Click to access ADN_2_6_05.pdf


    The guy William Allen is a veritable COW Williams of the North, ….. right down to his scholastic record.

  15. Kickback Kenrick

    In Barbados at least, traffic lights CREATE TRAFFIC snarls
    – they don’t solve them

    All our suburban intersections could and should be roundabout’ed.
    PARTICULARY bad ones are the intersections at Pine Rd.Collymore Rock,Culloden Road(a MAJOR screwup in rush-hour!)
    The Pine Hill Dairy intersection!,
    The Passage Rd./Country Rd./Whitepark Rd. intersection,
    and the oddly staggered intersection at the top of Beckles Rd, where it joins the other end of Culloden Rd.
    – that last one is my absolute favourite.
    I sooner travel via Sam Lord’s Castle or North Point Surf Resort,
    than go anywhere NEAR that last one!

    In short, we are SCREWED for the next 20 yrs. or until the change comes(wish us luck!)
    HAS ANYONE NOTICED how, in the last week or two,
    while the Pine Hill Dairy intersection T-lights have been completely turned OFF
    how efficiently the traffic has flowed?

    Bajans sort themselves out very nicely and efficiently! Wonders of wonders!
    Turn those Pine Hill Dairy lights back on,
    and you turn back on the INefficiency,too!

    Is there a Minstry somewhere who takes notice of things like this, and potholes,
    – or do They have magical,invisible,alternative private routes than none of us know about, or are allowed to use??

  16. Kickback Kenrick

    WHO was the Minister in charge of Roadworks,etc. back when those traffic lights were purchased and installed?


    Is HE the person responsible for afflicting us with this long-standing situation?
    Should we be blaming HIM for our “need” of fly-overs,
    when all we really need to do is take out his goddam traffic lights, and install roundabouts,
    to let the traffic flow 25% more efficiently??

  17. J. Payne

    Based on the actual density of Barbados’ population. It may not be a bad idea to have a monorail system too one day… BUT—– only if Barbados weren’t in such a bad debt problem right now. I was playing around with the idea of funding and IF—- there are really as many cruise ships as the current administration claims there are in Barbados I think it could be worth wild for example to get them to pay for an 20km. (or-so) leg from the Grantley Adams to the Airport… Other Barbados entities which might contribute in order to have an actual station located in their building could include, Sandy Lane, Almond Beach Resort, the Hilton Hotel company, developers and stake holders in the Apes Hill, stake holders in the Bridgetown Pierhead project etc.

    Ofcourse before doing anything— Barbados should make inquiries with the Australian government on how they built their exquisite monorail system.
    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sydney#Transport )
    The way they have their mostly pollution-less monorail going in and out of 2 story buildings

    (Like this.)

    and it even can roll through sky lobbies inside things like shopping malls and so on.
    (like this.)

    It is truely a work of artThese trains since are electric powered so they are real quiet too which would be good in Barbados because the island suffers from huge urban-sprawl. Plus since they’re not burning fossil fuels you can have them inside buildings like this without the fear of people getting gassed by carbon monoxide.

    I know Taxi drivers in Barbados would be against it since it would cut into their business, but I wonder offer them first crack- to apply for the jobs of driving these trains or working in the train station so long as they conduct themselves properly and safely.

  18. J. Payne

    opps. correction from GAIA to the Seaport. That infrastructure would be very appealing to them to keep Barbados as a home-port. But I wouldn’t build it unless they planned to pitch in and agreed to stay for a certain amount of time. But again they have to pitch in.

    P.s. there’s more about what monorails can do at

    The various designs types of monorails which you can get can be seen on:

  19. Straight talk

    At the risk of boring everyone on this blog,
    the extent and methods of corruption at VECO are legion and pervade the whole rotten company.
    There is only one concievable reason why any administration would deal with such a dishonourable enterprise.
    I’m only glad that some people are beginning to see through this charade.


    The scary thing is that both of these companies are at or near the top as far as revenue earners and have plenty of ‘check me out first (and last)’ money to throw around . Shell especially seems to have a particularly distasteful way of doing business too , profit first …..environment and inhabitants neck and neck for last or not finishing (if you know what i mean) .

  21. J. Payne

    The other thing about Barbados and “gas” is Barbados needs to add a renegotiation clause to the agreement to have gas delivered to Barbados by pipeline.

    Barbados is soo far the FIRST— country to sign the pipeline deal with Trinidad and as you know Trinidad is used to screwing the Barbados government… T&T charges Barbados more for their fossile fuels than they charged the United States and I don’t believe the current Barbados administration has learned their lesson.

    The renegotiation clause should read like this. If at any time- any other country is offered a lesser rate for energy products from T&T, Barbados will have the option to renegotiate the rate at which Barbados is charge. This means most favoured nation status. The specific reason I cite the need for this. T&T is having difficulty getting the French Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe on board this undersea pipeline thing…. As a way to finally win them over. T&T may offer those countries(which are a part of France) a financial break in exchange for them to move forward with the agreement… e.g. Get the deal for less money. If Barbados wants to remain competitive it needs a level playing field with whatever Martinique/Guadeloupe are being charged for fuel which is where the renegotiation clause would kick in. If those islands sign a deal to buy fuel more cheaply from T&T (Yet they are farther away and thus have more pipeline to maintain.) Barbados should have the right to be offered that lowered rate. I’m willing to bet the Barbados Government didn’t even think about that and secure some simple common sense legislation like that for the Barbadian public at large. T&T is out to make a buck TRUE— but Barbados can’t give away everything to T&T because we don’t even know if they would put Barbados on their social safety-net if they own all of Barbados and Barbadians start living less well off.

  22. reality check

    J. Payne

    These are often called ” Most favoured Nation” clauses and automatically give the Purchaser the right to buy the service or the product at the lowest rate without renegotiation,

    This would not likely happen in Barbados as this benefit would probably be too transparent as to disallow some form of skimming or kickback to those select few, elected or chosen, to pick our pockets.

  23. J. Payne

    Exactly. And that’s why that should have been instituted. Barbados has given T&T more than enough money over the years paying more for fuel from there than what they even charge the USA and we– are supposed to be in the CARICOM. It’s about time Barbados get a financial break after paying through both fists since the 90’s. Or earlier.

  24. J. Payne

    I bet if it was the other way around. T&T would have done that to Barbados they wouldn’t pay a higher fee just because there’s a “CARICOM”…..

    Case in point those expensive air routes that the former Barbados Prime Minister secured for BWIA. And now they’ve been sold off leaving Barbados with a drop in tourism.

    People & Places – BWIA slap

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