Changes At The Barbados Urban Development Commission… Or So The Rumour Goes!

New Director To Be Erskine “Booza” King?

Notice to Readers: The following is totally rumour from an anonymous source.

The operations of the Barbados Urban Development Commission are of great interest to every citizen – or should be – because of the UDC’s well-deserved reputation for being a source of money that can be easily directed to friends of the government.

Once again, the following information is at this point totally unconfirmed rumour.

Welcome to the standpipe…

I am an ardent fan of your website and I do hope that you continue to provide an avenue for all to express their views and concerns on matters that are dear to them.

I am an employee at the UDC and rather than post this information on one of your threads, I take this opportunity to email you. The Director of the UDC, O’Brien Trotman will be going home (finally) on July 31st and will be replaced by Erskine “Booza” King. The staff at the commission have not been told as yet and I have no idea when they will be told.

This is to make way for Adrian Donavan to become the director of the Sports Council.

Another person was offered the position at the UDC, but that individual said no. Erskine King accepted the offer with glee. (And your guess is as good as mine why he was so gleeful).

The Commission is currently staffed with a lot of new people PRIMARILY from St. Michael North East. Yes, Ms. Mottley has ministerial responsibility for the UDC, and every week there is somebody new comig to work at the place. Some of these people are graduates and others are simple Joes and Janes.

Should everyone turns up for work there simply are not enough chairs to accommodate everyone. A truly sad state of affairs.

Trevor Prescod was livid when he was given the Ministry of Social Transformation minus the UDC. That should read….. minus the pork barrel.

Or trough. Take your pick.

I wanted to pass on this info since a week ago, but as I said I decided against posting it as you may want to do your own investigation to verify whether it is so or not. You can take my word, but you don’t have to.

Check it out.


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18 responses to “Changes At The Barbados Urban Development Commission… Or So The Rumour Goes!

  1. Wishing in Vain

    Is not sad when Mottley uses this department of gov’t as a political playground for catching votes??
    I knew that she was not all that she has been made out to be but rather she is just another corrupt dishonest BLP politician.
    I assume that they are filling the trough for them to draw on with elections just around the corner.

  2. John

    …. Booza sounds like he might be a buddy of the PM!!

  3. TheTrashHeap

    Every single one of them stuff their cronies into jobs especially before and after elections. This is nothing new and it will continue whether it is a Bee or Dem. The only problem I see is when they want to put square pegs in round holes. Couple months to go so the flood will continue in other departments as well. Make the constituents happy and they’ll vote even if the job is 4+ years late. Bajans have short memories.

  4. Just asking

    What is Erskine King’s background and what are the qualifications for the post of Director?

    Lets see how the unions deal with this as this is no Chiney affair.

  5. Wishing in Vain

    He was involved as a sports journalist and organiser of the Holetown festival if my memory serves me well but he obviously is a staunch party supporter as well hence the posting, but I assume if the division of gov’t is strickly to process hand outs to party faithfulls and to secure party votes it cannot require any brilliance on the head to get this scam carried out.
    Based on the nickname he must have been on the same white rum as Owing better the white rum I would say than the white stuff cocaine that Mia is known to snort or the herb she uses, I would have to side with Mr ESAF White Owing Arthur and Mr Booza King over Mia and her choice of getting a high.

  6. E Robba

    Ali Baba and the forty thieves days in government are numbered amen

  7. Yardfowl detective

    To label Booza a buddy of Owen is an understatement of major proportions. He is a Owen bag man, croney and lackey from way back. An unqualified certified yardfowl he is. If what the letter writer claims is accurate we at the National Sports Council glad he gone.Booza gleeful because at UDC the money budget is very large. UDC “gain” is our gain. Good riddance to the Booza. Donavan is another BLP yardfowl so its musical chairs all around.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    Yardfowl detective You seem to be setting up to get shafted how ever you turn, Booza gone and Donavan coming in to NSC good luck you got money up there giving away to politicians friends to because I want a dob to please.

  9. Just asking

    Does this mean that Donovan would spend more time on the job now as oppose to spending so much time in Nelson street with the guyanese prostitutes? another rum drinker who because of being a lacky is being rewarded boy the nonsense continues

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  11. Farmer

    I dealt with Mr King some years go and he was definitely not above board. Guess that is what it is all about nd these are the type of persons that get the picks.God help Barbados

  12. Jolly

    No one should be surprised about this soon to be development. This BLP government has consistently shown its true colours. Very shortly, a lot more will be revealed.

  13. Just asking

    we need to know what are the qualifications for this post, shiuldnt the directir atleast have some qualification in Urban Planning, Finance or some related field? when this commission was set up it was set up as being superior to the Rural Development Commission ask Mr Alan Jones PS Prime Minister office, persons were sent overseas to be trianed as Urban Planners etc. I await to see how this plays out and to see whats the Unions Position with regards to superssion etc. Was the post advertised? whats the the problem with the person who currently acts as Director if the Director is on leave? Hammie La started this nonsnense of going behind the Directors back and issuin instructionst o lackie staff to get certain things done will this continue now that Mr King becomes Director? I hope not Mr Hnery Forde as Chairman should have a say or resign otherwise he would be seen as condoning this act.

    By the way one needs to inform Hammie LA THAT BECAUSE HE IS GOVERNMENTS POVERTY ALLEVIATION ADVISOR HE IS NOT ENTITLED TO A FREE LOT HE NEEDS TO PAY NHC FOR THE LOT AT BRIAR HALL………………then we complain of tennats not paying and Ministers or ex Ministers of Government gets free land

  14. John

    Just asking
    June 20th, 2007 at 2:05 am
    we need to know what are the qualifications for this post, shiuldnt the directir atleast have some qualification in Urban Planning, Finance or some related field?

    What qualification does the current director, O’Brien Trotman, possess in Urban Planning, Finance or for that matter, any related field?

    Does anyone know?

  15. John

    Just asking
    June 20th, 2007 at 2:05 am

    Hammie La started this nonsnense of going behind the Directors back and issuin instructionst o lackie staff to get certain things done will this continue now that Mr King becomes Director? I hope not Mr Hnery Forde as Chairman should have a say or resign otherwise he would be seen as condoning this act.

  16. Rufus

    The UDc is the only govt department that I know of which does not have a deputy. When the current Director is on leave, which is not often, he phones instruction to the staff. No deputy to pick up the slack.

  17. John


    I read a book about money laundering by an ex Mountie who used to work undercover and launder money for the bad guys ……. then arrest them!!

    The behaviour you describe falls right in with the behaviour he looks for in Bank employees ….. no vacations, always in control of files, …… something to hide and every effort to keep it hidden.

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    I might just get that and read up about mergers given all the recent talk!!!
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  18. J. Payne

    Now here’s how government should be…

    In Today’s Boston Herald [ ] you can currently lookup the wages for most of Massachusetts’ government workers. All you need is their name. P.S. You ent go find me in there because I’m a contract worker right now. But you sure could find my boss and dem.

    For the state college – UMASS:

    For the transportation subway/bus company – MBTA:

    For the Airport transportation authority – MassPort:

    Freedom of Information in Government don’t you love it????

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