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A Billion CARICOM Dollars For Cricket Perks And Payoffs, But For Real Promotion Of Tourism As An Industry… Crumbs

‘Tourism not at heart of the region’

In an article published recently in the Jamaica Gleaner, St. Lucia’s Minister of Tourism, Allan Chastanet, while addressing a meeting of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association, again, hit the nail on the tourism head. (See Jamaica Gleaner – Tourism Not At Heart Of Region)

Minister Chastanet said…

‘As Caribbean tourism figures decline, the region’s governments have been criticised for spending billions of dollars on the recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup, while the regional marketing campaign could not even raise the necessary US$4 million for its crucial ‘One Caribbean’ promotion’.

‘the West Indies Cricket Board did a better job convincing the heads of government to meet five times and coerced them to spend US$750 million on Cricket World Cup 2007’.

Chastanet continued… ‘We should be crying. We should be in crisis meetings to figure out what went wrong’.

Adding ‘that the joke was on the people of the region’!

‘Here is something so incredible (the regional marketing campaign), here is something so necessary yet we couldn’t manage to convince our leaders that tourism deserved that same type of attention’.

He stated ‘that in the last 15 years, Caribbean tourism has had a 3.7 market share, meaning it has been in a dismal period, compared to the potential in world growth’, which is projected to grow by 4.5 per cent over the next 10 years’.

As someone that has spent virtually his entire working life (41 years) in the tourism industry, I applaud Mr Chastanet for having the fortitude to tell it like it is and not as other policymakers, simply hide their heads under the sand and just occasionally, utters words that observers think we would like to hear.

Adrian Loveridge
17 June 2007


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Video Gambling Machines A Free-For-All In The Virgin Islands… But Don’t Worry Barbados, There’s Lots Of Money To Go Around!


Gambling Takes So Much Money From A Population That It Is A Bother To Count It Accurately

Anyone in the gambling industry will confirm that one of the big management traps has always been that the operations are usually so profitable that it diminishes the incentive to run a well-supervised operation. That might sound funny to outsiders, but think of it this way… when you are making hundreds of millions of dollars anyway, it consumes a whole lot of resources to try and catch the pennies that are falling to the floor.

The only trouble is, as the Virgin Islands just discovered, those pennies add up and are also a vehicle for money laundering and/or the financing of criminal activities. (See The Virgin Islands Daily News – Audit: Lost Revenues, Lack of Control, Flawed Contract Pervade V.I. Lottery’s Video Gambling Operations)

The Government of Barbados has just approved the importing of another 2,500 video gambling machines designed to suck money from the pockets of Barbados citizens

The take will be split between the bankrupt government and a gambling corporation run by Black Entertainment Television’s founder, Robert Johnson. (As well as his gambling operations, Robert Johnson’s other contributions to black culture include teaching teens in Zimbabwe to call each other “nigger”.)

Aside from the first two main issues, which are…

1/ The moral and practical considerations of conditioning the Barbados population to believe that gambling is a legitimate endeavor for a country and individuals.

2/ The proven ability of the Barbados Government to ruin anything that it touches.

… we have to ask how Barbados will ever be able to account for the gambling monies in the absence of integrity and transparency laws. In short, it is not against the laws of Barbados for the Prime Minister or other public officials to receive a percentage of the profits into their foreign bank accounts as a “consulting fee”.


Do you really think that the Prime Minister authorised 2,500 new gambling machines without somebody getting a piece of the action?

Hey… It’s not illegal here, you know!


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Changes At The Barbados Urban Development Commission… Or So The Rumour Goes!

New Director To Be Erskine “Booza” King?

Notice to Readers: The following is totally rumour from an anonymous source.

The operations of the Barbados Urban Development Commission are of great interest to every citizen – or should be – because of the UDC’s well-deserved reputation for being a source of money that can be easily directed to friends of the government.

Once again, the following information is at this point totally unconfirmed rumour.

Welcome to the standpipe…

I am an ardent fan of your website and I do hope that you continue to provide an avenue for all to express their views and concerns on matters that are dear to them.

I am an employee at the UDC and rather than post this information on one of your threads, I take this opportunity to email you. The Director of the UDC, O’Brien Trotman will be going home (finally) on July 31st and will be replaced by Erskine “Booza” King. The staff at the commission have not been told as yet and I have no idea when they will be told.

This is to make way for Adrian Donavan to become the director of the Sports Council.

Another person was offered the position at the UDC, but that individual said no. Erskine King accepted the offer with glee. (And your guess is as good as mine why he was so gleeful).

The Commission is currently staffed with a lot of new people PRIMARILY from St. Michael North East. Yes, Ms. Mottley has ministerial responsibility for the UDC, and every week there is somebody new comig to work at the place. Some of these people are graduates and others are simple Joes and Janes.

Should everyone turns up for work there simply are not enough chairs to accommodate everyone. A truly sad state of affairs.

Trevor Prescod was livid when he was given the Ministry of Social Transformation minus the UDC. That should read….. minus the pork barrel.

Or trough. Take your pick.

I wanted to pass on this info since a week ago, but as I said I decided against posting it as you may want to do your own investigation to verify whether it is so or not. You can take my word, but you don’t have to.

Check it out.


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Dear Barbados Media – Please Read This Times On Line Article…

“Don’t knock the British press. You are about to need it more than ever. Each day the rascals feed you lies, shove their hands in your pockets and stifle every other monitor of their incompetence. British government needs the constant attention of an alert, confident and preferably abusive press.

(big snip)

Politics does not give the press an inch except when trying to bribe it. Nor should the press give an inch in return. All else is corruption and sycophancy.”

From Times OnLine Blair was hounded too little by the feral beasts, not too much


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