“Re-Discover The Caribbean” Show Cancelled For 2007

Organisers Will Try Again In 2008

The organisers of the region’s only annual event entirely dedicated to promoting intra regional travel have decided to cancel the event for this year.

Co-ordinator of the event, Adrian Loveridge, cites the main reasons as the escalating intra Caribbean airfares and the reluctance from both the public and travel trade to pay rates that are now being asked by the merged LIAT/Caribbean Star.

Also that National Tourism Offices throughout the region have depleted marketing budgets due in part to the hosting of the CWC event and the reduced profits experienced by individual hotels and tourism partners from less than expected attendance to the various cricket matches.

Loveridge, added that already we are seeing a significant downturn in arrivals from our third most important market, the Caribbean. Add to this reduced long stay visitors from the United States, our second largest market and we are once again relying too heavily on the United Kingdom.

This would have been the third successive year for the show, which attracts exhibitors from 20 Caribbean countries and brings to the Barbados economy an estimated $1 million in foreign earnings.

The show has been rescheduled for May next year and hopefully during that time the various Ministers of Tourism throughout the region will address the problem of the current inhibitive high regional airfares.

Adrian Loveridge
15 June 2007
Contact Telephone (246) 428 2129


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15 responses to ““Re-Discover The Caribbean” Show Cancelled For 2007

  1. Paradox

    Mr Loveridge should know what he is talking about. The people who matters most, are they listening?
    If the travelling public thinks it is being ripped off, it is going to stay at home or seek other destinations. It’s the hotel industry that would suffer and this must have a knock-on effect.
    One would hope the Liat/ Caribbean Star is taking note and address its prices for travelling in the region.Once the market is lost it could well be for ever.The fact that there is no other airline to create competition, is obvious that the only competitor can dictate the price.Mergers are good for the companies involved but not so good for the public.What happens when they are unable to meet certain expectations? Turn to government with ‘cap in hand’.

  2. Yaay -CSME!

    The organisers of the region’s only annual event entirely dedicated to promoting intra regional travel
    have decided to cancel the event for this year.

    Let’s hear it. Three Cheers for CSME
    Coming soon to a cinema near you.
    CSME – Fictional entertainment at its Caribbean BEST!

  3. Yaay -CSME!

    The Travelling Public doesn’t think it’s being ripped off..
    it knows full bloody well, it IS being ripped off!
    and IS reacting by staying home.

    Three more cheers for CSME!


    Have you seen LIAT’S NEW Baggage guidelines?
    This merged airline is becoming more and more unfriendly to the business traveler.
    I am specifically concerned about the guideline that says: …passengers will also be allowed one (1) piece of baggage, inclusive of a laptop……

    This is absolutely rediculous. What is the business traveler supose to do with his/her documents and other sensitive and expensive electronic and technical equipment? Most business persons I know will not and ought not to take the chance and send on these expensive pieces of equipment as part as the ordinary luggage.

    I urge LIAT to reconsider this absolutely rediculous guideline and return take to the customer before making decisions such as the one under discussion.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    Ripped Off…

    Its unbelievable!

    They obviously have no idea of the kind of person who travels with them.
    Think of all the inter-island traders for one.
    Are they going to be happy with 50lbs or one bag not exceeding 25lbs in weight?

    For EVERY intra Caribbean travellers that doesn’t
    visit Barbados, our Government looses over US$128 per person in VAT revenue alone.
    Average stay – 7 nights
    Average spend – US$1, 141 (US$163 per day)

    Accommodation – 7.5% VAT
    Other spending – 15% VAT

  6. ex-Air-Traveller

    “This merged airline is becoming more and more unfriendly to the business traveler.”

    That’s NOT real wise, coz the Business traveler is just about the only traveler LIAT/Island-Hopper Airlines HAS these days.

    All the Recreational Travellers have now dried up. Evaporated!

    Any and all optional travel is being verrry carefully considered these days,
    before anyone plunks down a handful of cash on a travel agent’s desk, or on an airline counter!
    Business travellers are now taking up a bigger chunk of passenger statistics,
    because the business is paying for it, not the individual.


    The Smart Money is reconsidering holidaying options.
    Cruises offer multi-destination trips via luxurious,leisurely sea-travel, at an unhurried pace, a TRUE vacation, including a show after dinner every night,etc.

    Bye bye airport hassles! No more sweaty flights!
    See ya!

  7. Maria

    Last year LIAT created a new Commercial Office to make the Company commercially viable.

    I wish to share with you the track records of this “high power” commercial team comprising of; Leesa Parris, Chief Commercial Officer, Deryck Clarke, Business Development Manager and Derrick Frederick, Marketing Manager.

    Leesa Parris is a Fashion Designer by profession, armed with an Associate Degree in Fashion Designing and a PhD from the “Parris Institute in bull-shiting.” Yes, she worked her way up the ladder at US Air, I will not dispute that. What one should ask is why she was not offered a position with the new company after the merger of US Air, even though she applied for several positions within the new company.

    Deryck Clarke, her partner in crime, yes I mean crime, has worked his way through the airline industry, commendably I would say. Ask Mr. Clarke why he is no longer employed by US Air. It is shameful that he was fired from that company for stealing buddy passes and area that he has been entrusted for him to manage at LIAT. There is a saying, who else knows the system better than those who tamper with it. Mr. Clarke being apart of Ms. Parris’ team is not at all based on his performance merit but basically her way of saying thank you for “hocking her up with the job at US Air.”

    Derrick Frederick also a personal friend of Ms. Parris has a track record of being fired – he was fired from his last three jobs. I am not surprised that he was fired for non-productivity. Since he joined LIAT, what innovative marketing initiatives has he implemented…maybe he is too busy collecting his cut backs from the many trade agreements he hurried to collect from the former Marketing Manager.

    Ask the three of them why they have not pursued obtaining their airport passes…is it that they are all ashamed to ask their former employers for letters stating why they are no longer employed there?

    Finally, why is it that the CEO of LIAT is an Englishman, don’t we have competent persons in the Caribbean to manage LIAT?

  8. Kelly

    Is Noel Lynch still the Minister of Tourism? He is very quite….is he still getting the last laugh!!??

    Maria has valid comments and questions about LIAT, which should be posed to the Minister.

    I just heard the news on VOB, is the Chairman of LIAT threatening Travel Agents because they have spoken out against LIAT’s high airfares?

    The Governments of the Caribbean and management of LIAT needs to mute Jean Holder. He is retired and is enjoying his pension, consultancy fees, he and his wife gets free travel on LIAT (at the expense of tax payers). These other people still have their lives ahead of them. Jean Holder was a diplomat under the Errol Barrow government, is that why the DLP has not asked for his resignation as the Chairman of LIAT?

  9. Farmer


    Sock it to me girl!!!
    You really have some indise info. If all of this is true, corruption runs really deep.

  10. Kelly

    Adrian Loveridge,
    I suggest that you call Leesa Parris (don’t be suprised if she does not take or return your call) to express your view on this baggage policy.

    After all she’s a big city girl and really does not give a dam about Caribbean people.

    She only travels LIAT to attend work related meetings, other than that, she hops on a bigger carrier to Philly to shop.

  11. Thomas Moore

    i read with some degree of non surprise the newsstory about the continiuing saga of LIAT/C-Star’s “proposed merger”, once again there has been a serious attempt to pull the wool over our eyes, this “merger” has changed faces so many times I don’t know what it is , it was an allaince, a merger and now a buy out . How in fact is the real winner ??…Mr. Stanford??, who will be the supplier of the aircraft and the fuel ?. what about the maintenance of these aircrft?. Someone needs to look into the plans of LIAT to colse it’s maintenance facilities?.What is the Chairman …Mr. Jean Holder really doing ?, As the chairman his concren should be for the best interest of the shareholders, who in this case are the people of the region.
    He speaks of making LIAT a viable commerical entity, and I agree and the first move that should have been made was his removal as Chairman

  12. Clive the stories under Rev. Glenville Butler——– “Random” will not come up. All I get is server cannot find this .

  13. Thomas Moore

    This gets more and more interesting, in a news story today the Minister of Tourism stated that within a few weeks the cost of airfare to travel within the region will “come down”. Only a few weeks ago the Chairman Dr. Jean Holder defended the high airfares which were being charged by the regional carrier LIAT. What are the mixed messages coming from the principal spokespersons. Why is it that there are 2 different positions on this issue from these persons ?. Would either the Minister or the Chairman like to address this issue ?…will you guys at least speak with each other before making your statement ?. At least then the stories will be consistent !

  14. Kelly

    I realise the DLP pimps staying clear of this issue. they don’t want to offend their home town boy Jean Holder.

  15. Wishing in Vain

    The airfares are absolutely out of wack with what should be expected and all of them Jean Holder the Chairman of Caribbean Airways and all the gov’ts concerned should be ashamed to have the caribbean people in this sad position.