CAUGHT! – Caribbean Splash Developer Lawrence Loughlin Posting Support For Waterpark Under Many False Identities At Barbados Free Press

“I live in Christ Church and welcome the water park coming to Graeme Hall because of its accessanility. (sic) I also speak for many of my neighbors who look forward to this healthy and exciting venue for local bajans and tourist alike. I have read in your blog that the Graeme Hall Bird Sanctuary is slipping away from the National Park proponents. I believe this is very good since it presents you with a very sticky wicket. So perhaps the great majority here will get there water park finally.”

Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Lawrence Loughlin deceitfully posting a comment under the name “bajanman4ever” on Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Up For Sale!

Honesty & Integrity From Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developers? You Gotta Be Kidding!

One of the developers of the Caribbean Splash Waterpark who has been posting comments under his real name at Barbados Free Press has also been deceitfully posting under other names in an apparent attempt to fool BFP readers into believing that there is community backing for the Caribbean Splash Waterpark to be built at Graeme Hall.

Mr. Lawrence Loughlin, the uncle of waterpark developer Matthew Kerins, has used his real name to lobby for the waterpark on Barbados Free Press since early May of 2007. In his posts under his real name Mr. Loughlin indicates that he has a formal role in the effort to bring the Caribbean Splash Waterpark to fruition and that he speaks for the project. His actual title with Caribbean Splash is not known to Barbados Free Press but it is obvious from his comments that he is playing a role in the project and is privy to inside knowledge.

But Mr. Loughlin has also been deceitfully posting comments throughout Barbados Free Press under various other names in support of the waterpark, the government of Barbados and Prime Minister Arthur.

In several of these false posts, Mr. Loughlin indicated or implied that the commenter is a citizen of Barbados. His latest deceptive post is shown at the top of this article.


American Waterpark Developer Techniques: Deceit, Dirty Tricks And Dirty Money

This effort by the Caribbean Splash waterpark developers to unethically interfere with the public discussion of their project in Barbados is only the latest in a series of questionable activities. In a big mistake while speaking in public last year, Mr. Kerins stated that he has spent some US$2 Million on “consulting fees” and that he and his “facilitator” (our word, not his) Leonard Nurse met with Prime Minister Owen Arthur – who gave his royal approval to the project.

Kerins further stated that the Barbados Government “cannot back out of the deal”.

What deal is that, Mr. Kerins?


Barbados Will Listen To Foreign Developers – Honest Foreign Developers

Citizens of Barbados want an accounting for every penny of that US$2 million dollars that Matthew Kerins has spread around for “consulting fees”. We want to see the receipts with the names.

Kerins and Loughlin have also been touting a study that they did supposedly showing that the vast majority of citizens are in favour of plunking the waterpark right down in the most environmentally sensitive watersheds in Barbados. Ya, right!

And we just know that Kerins and the boys wouldn’t deceive us, would they? But let’s see the study and all the source and reference materials.

Citizens of Barbados are not adverse to foreign capital and developers. Just don’t lie to us, use deceitful techniques to interfere with public debate or think you can spread money around Barbados for “consultants” without accounting for it publicly.

Lawrence Loughlin Banned From Barbados Free Press Until He Apologises

Mr. Loughlin, you have been caught deceitfully posting under different names to mislead readers at Barbados Free Press.

We welcome debate and discussion by all here, but there are rules and you broke one of the biggest – honest debate by persons of good will.

You are banned from posting comments under your name at Barbados Free Press until our readers receive your public admission and apology.

Marcus, Cliverton, Robert, Shona, George and Auntie Moses


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47 responses to “CAUGHT! – Caribbean Splash Developer Lawrence Loughlin Posting Support For Waterpark Under Many False Identities At Barbados Free Press

  1. Get in The Action

    Are you honestly surprised by this conduct. I don’t think you will be hearing from Mr. Laughin again. The nonsense he was writing could compete at the Caribbean Comedy Festival.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    An Excellent stance taken by BFP, I have been harsh on his honesty from the outset.
    I am very happy to see that he has revealed for all to see the level of dishonesty these people are prepared to step to, in an effort to mislead we humble Barbadians.
    Now lets look at it this way if he is prepared to lie and hide his identity what would he do for a planning permit???

  3. Pogo

    C’mon BFP give Mr. Laugh-In a break. He is entitled to his opinion or as many of his opinions as he wants to give us even though they are monotonously the same.

    However thanks for solving a mystery for us .

    We now know wh0 Mr. Laughable surveyed that led to his claim that ‘93% of Bajans want a Water Park at Graeme Hall’.

    Which leaves us wondering which of his multiple personalities voted against it!

  4. J. Payne

    I t doesn’t surprise me…… a LOT of people are looking for an easy— way into Barbados.

  5. Thistle

    Oh, mercy me! The clowns gone mad today! Wha’ happening – elections get call? Even a 5 year old child would laugh at the antics of BLP bloggers, one after the other. What got them riled up so? They frighten like hell!

  6. Get in The Action


    Mr. Laughin’s survey has certainly been discredited by his actions here. I would place as much credibility in this survey as I would the prospect of 70,000 visitors at the Concorde display. Creative accounting taking over this country.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Laughin’s survey runs in the same vein as Lynch’s wild CWC figures maybe they are sleeping in the same bed ??????( Lynch chill do not get to excited by that thought )
    They two patheic liars that sadly believe themselves in their lying world.
    Really sickening to see what these people will do to attain their wishes and to ride rough shod over we Bajans.

  8. Justasking

    I would also ask for him to be given a break and not banned. Both himself and Matthew Kerins through their comments on BFP and elsewhere have resulted in more and more people opposing the waterpark and ultimately supporting the National Park initiative.

    Even though their contributions were arrogant, misleading and at times outright lies, and they insulted us and our intelligence, they served the purpose of highlighting the folly of a water park at Graeme Hall and the need to preserve the green space there.

    Pogo I like your comment “C’mon BFP give Mr. Laugh-In a break”. That is going to set him off again.

    Howevertake warning that even though we may have had some laughs with these guys and their comments here on BFP they need to be taken very seriously. It is clear that they are going through an appeal process in their water park application. They may not have the support of Barbadian Citizens but they obviously had some comfort and support at a very high level of the decision making process and every indication is that they are not going down without a fight and they are taking no hostages.

  9. Chase

    Wishing In Vain is a riot…….you could emcee a tent some nights man.

  10. Warrior

    I told you all the inmates running the asylum!

  11. Wishing in Vain

    now is the season got a job for me??

  12. John

    LL is kind of fun whether he uses his name or not.

    Leave him be.

  13. Marcus2

    I want the Water Park. Are you going to ban me too?

  14. Anonymous

    You want the LOOT the water park will bring you.

  15. What crooks

    What bastards we have in power they should be *******************


    Comment by Auntie Moses BFP…

    Even in jest, threats of violence are not allowed on this blog.

  16. BFP

    Some folks don’t want to see Mr. Loughlin banned.

    He can come back right away with an apology and a promise not to do it again.

    That’s all it would take.

  17. Yardbroom

    I am not in favour of Mr. Loughlin being banned he has done more to prevent the acceptance of the Water Park by his postings on this blog than if he had not said a word.

    (1) His arrogance.
    (2) Insults to other bloggers
    (3) Inability to put forward a case that will be to the “long term” benefit of Barbadians.
    (4) The implication in his posts that we are simple people, therefore what is said does not matter.
    (5) His latest effort to manufacture whatever is expedient to support his case, proves that he is not a suitable person to be engaged in any activity that impinges on the long term interest of Barbadians.

    His continued participation here, will expose the shabbyness of this proposal.

  18. rasta man

    Just wondering. How do you know that this is happening?.Are you telling me that if I use different names I can be identified?
    BFP replies…

    Hi Rasta Man

    Everyone on the internet has an IP address that is revealed when you send an email or make a comment on a blog. Although normal folks don’t have the ability to relate this IP address to a specific person or address (government can… more on that later) the editors of Barbados Free Press can tell when, for instance, a person leaves a comment under one name and then returns only a minutes later and leaves a comment under another name. Both have the same IP number, so we can see that the person is “having a conversation with himself” while pretending that many folks are agreeing with him.

    That is was Lawrence did in his zeal.

    How do we at BFP avoid getting caught by the government? Many ways, but one of them is that we always use a “proxy” or a “spoofer” to disguise our IP number. You can do the same for free at websites like …

    BFP Robert

  19. Anonymous

    I would like an answer to that question too.

  20. John


    I agree with you.

    He has shown us the alternative in all its crazy logic and it is not pretty.

    … and rastaman has a point. Maybe the IP address was the same but the person was different.

    I mean, who is to say that some relative in LL’s house, a nephew say, didn’t use his computer when he wasn’t looking.

    I mean, he could be innocent……. give him a chance to tell us if it was somebody else in his house.

    These young people nowadays ….. man you look away and see what they do!!

  21. Warrior

    I would like to know about the IP address issue as well. BFP should be able to help with this.

    I saw on the BU one poster said that their IP address was used to locate where they lived and find out who they were.

  22. Anonymous

    In my household there is two other people that use the same computer as me and they go on BFP, which mean the names are different but the Ip address would be same.

  23. Somebody help Barbados


  24. Anonymous

    Wuh yuh dun get ketch out already so wuh yuh worryin’ bout?

  25. Chase

    Well I for one took BFP’s advice and started a blog on wordpress to see how easy it was…you were right guys,10-15 minutes tops.
    Then I looked to see what they banned the guy for…right again guys…there is no way looking at the time of the post that this was a case of someone else using his pc ….unless they were standing in line waiting with the same ideas and thoughts (scary).
    Once you create the blog ,you have the ability to see the IP address of the poster unless it is by proxy.
    Well BFP…….you caught him with his hand in the jar!!

  26. Anonymous

    I’ve had that horrible feeling all along too. A bit unfair, isn’t it?

  27. Thistle

    Chase, I thank you for that. A lot of niggling little things that I couldn’t quite grasp before are now very clear. Wow! One good thing about it though is that presumably to most other bloggers (not all – trust me, not all) you are anonymous, which is a good thing because Bajans love to attack the MESSENGER and not the MESSAGE. I’m going to join Patrick Porter – I’m outta here!

  28. J. Payne

    How do we at BFP avoid getting caught by the government? Many ways, but one of them is that we always use a “proxy” or a “spoofer” to disguise our IP number. You can do the same for free at websites like …

    BFP Robert
    (end quote)

    But the good thing is even that spoofing equipment gon leave an IP# and in some cases if- you lookup that IP# you might be able to find something online saying that IP# leads to known spoofing equipment…. Nobody should ever—- think they are annon. on the Internet…

    The very nature of the way the United States military created ARPA net which later became the Internet means they left all kinds of back doors or ways they can trace and or track you without you even knowing it.

  29. John

    I have Macafee virus software on one computer.

    Routinely it gives notice of any attempt (that it is able to detect) to get into that computer. I really don’t believe it spots all, I am not that naive.

    It identifies the IP address and can give the geographical location on a map of the world.

    I have never tried to track down the IP addrssses. I suspect they will be bogus but the software at US$70 or thereabouts has that capability.

    Once in a way I will check and see if one particular IP address has targetted me. ….. like once in a way I will check my spam to see if one email address is featuring prominently.

    For all I know the sotware may not do what it is touted to do, but it looks impressive and at least it makes me feel my wicket is protected!

    Its all in the software, virtual reality, cyberspace and associated gimmickry which I do not have the ability to certify.

    I ignore and continue. My concerns so far have not materialised, as far as I can see.

    So far the virus software (at least I like to think it is this) has prevented my computer from being knocked out but I haven’t got a clue if some spyware has been placed on it to report on me.

    I have never had a complaint from any of my email addresses that I have sent them anything nasty, …. so far so good.

    If the spyware has been installed and is reporting to big brother on me, well, …. I am not letting it bother me.

    I’ll deal with the problem when and if I get there.

    Often thought about the responsibility of the service provider to prevent such things from happening. They never talk about these things. They do provide a pretty good spam filter, but rubbish still gets through.

    I also use Norton with no complaints but who knows what it lets through.

    Maybe I’ll get an Apple, I understand viruses and spyware can’t get in to them, ….. but then again, I really don’t know for sure ….. I suspect there are very few people who do.

    The only way I would avoid being spied on or the possibility I might get a virus is to completely abstain from the Internet, ….. and I am not going to do that unless circumstances arise to force that.

  30. John

    ….. I reread what I just wrote and I realise why the spread of AIDS will never get stopped!!

  31. DFX


    As a matter of interest in the IP tracking, how does the system tell if it’s not a different machine on a network? I have 3 machines running here and reports same IP for each system.
    Can it tell which machine is which?


  32. DFX

    Also are the IP addresses on this post and the post above the same IP? I’m on the same machine, but using a different browser and it reports a different IP to the one I have in the other browser (I’m not using an anon server either) If I run a backtrace on this IP it appears I’m in USA or maybe Canada

    BFP robert replies…

    Hi DFX
    I cannot tell if a person is using more than one machine. Maybe Cliverton can because he’s the expert around here. You show two different IP’s for each of your posts. The big question is “Can someone who runs a blog or a website you are visiting link your IP with your name and physical address?”
    The answer to that is – only your internet service provider or the government could do that. We can’t and I don’t think other ordinary folks can otherwise the government would have been kicking down our doors long ago.
    So far they haven’t found us because Cliverton set up some special equipment but we’re always nervous.

  33. Rumplestilskin

    Thistle ”Bajans love to attack the MESSENGER and not the MESSAGE”


    Let’s make it clear. Most people are not against someone setting up a legitimate business enterprise, why would they?

    But these concerns need to be addressed:

    1) Location – why so close to our only remaining wetland and surely consideration should be given to its environm,entla impact.

    2) Why on cheap Government land and what contractual arrangements would be in place to prevent the subsequent transfer of the land at previously ‘acquired’ prices, without public auction, if the land indeed is eventually developed by private enterprise for residential prives – indeed, this applies even if the land is developed by other than Kerins.

    The sale of any property belonging to the taxpayers of Barbados should be dealt with at market prices and by open and transparent sale terms, including a free and fair auction and subject to adequate land development protection.

    3) As citizens of Barbados the nearby residents do have a say in the proposed location in relation to the impact on their daily lives. It is only fair and reasonable.

    4) The impact of the park or any private venture must include details of proposal for its own desalination plant, to provide its own water. Our water is scarce and why should our own water rates and invesment in facilities in effect provide funding for the water use by a private venture?

    It’s not about being against private enterprise and development. It’s about doing things in the right way, with reasonable and just consideration for the impact environmentally, socially and financially on our Nation.

  34. Thistle

    Rumplestilskin: You thoroughly misunderstood me! And I agree 110% with what you wrote. I am dead against a water park or ANY kind of development at Graeme Hall. What I was actually referring to was bloggers and weblog managers being able to access knowledge from your IP as to exactly who you are, for the simple reason that Bajans react to articles/letters/statements in the media according to the author and not the statement. How many times have you heard Bajans saying, “I can’t stand he/she, so I ain’t reading nothing he/she write”, or “I ain’t like he because he gay”. Politicians have to take this battering throughout their lives and I think it is wrong. Therefore, if one is protected from recognition on this and other blogs, then I would be happy.

  35. Pride of Barbados

    John: I have a firewall that does all of the things you stated, but you know what? Someone once told me that you can get ANYTHING in Barbados – if the price is right! Bet you didn’t know that your banking details may not be confidential. I was shocked when a friend told me that. That would never have happened in Barbados 50 years ago. The same goes for Service Providers. If someone has a “friend” in that department, your IP details could be for sale. So, while your firewall and anti-virus software is doing its job, other forces could be at work. Frightening, isn’t it. This immorality permeates the entire society in Barbados. I’m not suggesting that everyone is on the take, but it just needs one corrupt person, doesn’t it.

  36. John

    Pride of Barbados
    June 17th, 2007 at 11:02 am

    You are right.

    My feeling is the more people who within reason express their opinions on the Net, the more difficult it is to victimise a single individual.

    It is like trying to hold sand in your hand.

  37. DFX

    Thanks Robert! Tell Cliverton to keep 5 steps ahead of them. We NEED the BFP to be around for a long time. While me might not always agree on subjects we are better people for seeing the other’s point of view. Keep up the good work!


  38. DFX


    Just to prove that BFP cannot stop anyone from posting to their blog. Larry Loughlin probably could not resist the temptation to identify another one of those stooges on the hill.

    The secret is use different computer, use different ISPs and their stacking sequence will always confuse those at BFP.

    But there are other methods to use to force entry onto a blog site…professionally I am not allowed to say.….this is old hat.


    BFP Replies

    Of course Loughlin can post under another name… but if he wants to post under his own name ever again he will have to apologise and promise not to have conversations with his self.

    Or, like anyone else, he is free to start a blog. Call it Caribbean Splash Blog and see what he can do!

  39. DFX

    June 17th, 2007 at 7:19 pm


    Just to prove that BFP cannot stop anyone from posting to their blog. Larry Loughlin probably could not resist the temptation to identify another one of those stooges on the hill.

    The secret is use different computer, use different ISPs and their stacking sequence will always confuse those at BFP.

    But there are other methods to use to force entry onto a blog site…professionally I am not allowed to say.….this is old hat.


    BFP Replies

    Of course Loughlin can post under another name… but if he wants to post under his own name ever again he will have to apologise and promise not to have conversations with his self.

    Or, like anyone else, he is free to start a blog. Call it Caribbean Splash Blog and see what he can do!

    Robert now I’ve had my identity stolen! That post was not by me. But they imitation is finest form of flattery LOL.


  40. J. Payne

    June 17th, 2007 at 4:49 am


    As a matter of interest in the IP tracking, how does the system tell if it’s not a different machine on a network? I have 3 machines running here and reports same IP for each system.
    Can it tell which machine is which?


    It’s all kinda confusing you’d really have to take a computer class on IP numbers and IP-number octals and so on to know the full whatever about it…

    The three computers that you have will show that same IP# across the Internet because you are likely running a local-based NAT router or server.

    This is nothing more then a device with two NIC (networking cards).
    One goes to the Internet (a.k.a WAN)
    The second (series) go to the computers in your home (a.k.a LAN)

    If you’re running a NAT router. Anything on the WAN side can’t see what’s on the LAN side unless they have a virus/trojan inside your network.

    OR– they’re doing some stupid harmless browser tricks which is simply programmed to say “look at a comuters IP# and flash it in some box in their browser and make people think I’m actually in their PC etc.” lol Soo called “script kiddies” these are usually kids that find ready-made hacking/cracking software on the Internet and they run them and feel like they’re full grown hackers… (Ha- hardly!)

    Home Lans running the – range are designed (by the Internet) not to show up on the internet. That is what is called a “reserved block” for Internet companies to never transfer information about. That whole range is reserved for home networks.

    Which isn’t bad….

    Other ranges reserved are things like the
    or a little joke for techheads.. (which means “me” a.k.a your own computer.) is also reserved. – – is another range for networks. But these IP#s sometimes can be seen from the WAN. E.g. computer and can be seen by your Internet provider and they may– charge you for using 2 IP numbers.

    The last range is this is usually reserved for Internet companies themselves. You use this- and more than likely they will see each and every computer you’re running in your home or at least know that it is there. My ISP Verizon uses – for the local range of my DSL modem so chances are I wouldn’t want anything in my home to run on 10. for fear it’ll conflict with their network.

    As I said – is meant for personal usage. You and your neighbour can both use IP#s in this range and they wont conflict with one another. However, the school MIT owns the range these are live on the Internet each and every one. If you are you’ll be seen on the Internet with no if ands or buts about it. The IP# cable and wireless gives you chances are will also be seen on the Internet as I’m sure Cable and Wireless buys their IP#s directly from either IANA.
    or LACNIC

  41. DFX

    J. Payne,

    I was kinda playing Devil’s Advocate, I’ve been in the computer business for 22yrs 🙂 To get the second IP I just logged into my AOL account via C&W and used the AOL browser to surf to BFP. Presto, one post says I’m in St. Michael, B’dos, second post says I’m in Wisconsin or was it New York I forget now. Another thing that I have noticed with C&W is that they renew your lease every night, sometimes when this renewal happens your IP changes. So it is possible that I can be on lets say 69 .211.156.73 and 30 seconds later I’m on

    So it’s possible (though unlikely) that it was 2 different people that made the posts. But either way whoever made them, I don’t want a WaterPark in that area so don’t think I’m supporting you.

    Again J. Payne, thanks for the refresher on my IP mappings I have a 2003 Server to set up next week and I’ll stay away from MITs addressing LOL

    Take care


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  43. J. Payne

    Ohhh meh fault breds… Sometimes it’s a little difficult to tell actual tone- of comment via computer. Don’t worry I didn’t mean any horrors.

    Myself. Whenever I needed a second IP#, like when someone tries to hack into my test server, I used to PPP into Netzero or Juno online…. Those ISPs lease their dialup access numbers from “Level3.” (Which is great because so do many other ISPs) that’s one way around getting caught. It’s no longer worthwhile to do any of that today though. That’s all considered terrorism now and I don’t feel like sitting under the hotsun in oranage jumpsuit downby Gitmo…

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  46. ammandaz

    is it right that when you redeem more than 4000 points in one day, you get banned by microsoft?
    My uncle gave me free 4000 points and i just wonder if i can use it 2day ?
    please help