Barbados Underground: Trafficking In Persons In Barbados, Chinese Slaves, Tom Adams and Barbados National Bank’s Ripoff

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USA Sponsored Trafficking In Persons Report Cites Barbados As a “Special Case”

China Continues To Abuse The Rights Of Their Citizens But For The World, Including Barbados It is Business As Usual

BU Remembers The Late J.M.G.M “Tom” Adams

Barbados National Bank The Only Bank To Calculate Interest Using The “Add-On” Method

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One response to “Barbados Underground: Trafficking In Persons In Barbados, Chinese Slaves, Tom Adams and Barbados National Bank’s Ripoff

  1. Wishing in Vain

    As Mr Tom Adams was in power and ruling with an iron fist this comment is timely as he had also to assist in the cover up that was involved in this case.
    I have seen in the papers where after many years of no action with regards to unsolved murders I see that Mr Dottin has stated that these cases have been reopened and he has a task force assigned to handle these cases.
    I raised this on this site about two weeks ago asking why was Mr Bryte St.John never charged with the murder of Mr Pele Parris??
    I know that much time has passed but when you are dealing with peoples lives justice needs to be done, and reopening and dealing with these unsolved murders gets my full support, maybe now without his father Bree around to full the party strings justice will finally be done.
    Does this new development also mean that they will fully investigate why it was that the PM Adams could die under unusual circumstances and never have a post mortem carried out??
    Why do you think that the first Doctor that they brought to the scene refused to sign off on the death certificate and another one was called in ??
    These people being corrupt to the core for years, now they are just more blatant with their corruption.
    Maybe if the body were to be exhumed it would still be in tack as if he was poisoned and new testing could be done to find out what poison was used to kill him!!!
    Or Maybe it was Miss Murphy that he beat with a garden hose and broke her hand that inflicted the punishment on him who knows what happened only because they never permitted a post mortem to be performed.
    What a bastard and a scamp this man was,most other places he would have been lost away in jail for his crimes be it woman beating or the drugs he took and allowed to flow freely thru these shores.
    Any ideas why he was not allowed back in the USA my guess is the drugs that he used and the ones he traded in and allowed free passage into the USA he was banned from entering the USA how many PM’s would that have happened to?? not even to lowly persons does that happen to but Adams managed it.
    He was nothing to be admired he was scum of the earth very much like what he brought into politics Owing Arthur another piece of scum that has stolen from us and taken corruption to new levels in this island.