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Antigua Deports 2 CARICOM Journalists – “Expulsion Is Political”

Two Online Sources So Far…

Caribbean journalists deported from Antigua

Two Caribbean journalists have been deported from Antigua and Barbuda prompting condemnation from the Association of Caribbean Media (ACM) workers and other national media organizations.

Veteran journalist and former editor-in-chief of the Antigua Sun, Vernon Khelawan of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) was deported on Tuesday and Dominican Lennox Linton of Observer Radio in Antigua, was sent back to his homeland yesterday.

The ACM in a statement yesterday condemned the expulsions stating that it provided evidence that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda was not committed to honour its obligations under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and was prepared to take action in contravention of the rights of journalists to practise their profession.

… read the rest at Stabroek News (link here)

T&T national among 2 ordered out of Antigua …’Expulsion political’

Two Caribbean journalists, one a national of Trinidad and Tobago, the other a Dominican, have been deported from Antigua and Barbuda.

Vernon Khelawan, a Trinidadian who served as Editor-in-Chief and General Manager at Sun Publications in Antigua from 1998 to earlier this year, told the Express he entered Antigua at 9.05 on Tuesday morning.

“I was landed and legally entered into the country. I asked for three days, they gave me the three days and I proceeded to go about my business,” he said.

At 10.40, he was accosted by immigration officers in a parking lot and told to accompany them to the airport.

There, a senior immigration official accused him of working in Antigua.

Khelawan said while he was waiting in immigration, the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office “appeared” briefly.

“I imagine his mission was to ensure that I was there and report back,” Khelawan said.

… read the rest at the Trinidad & Tobago Express (link here)

Our Take: More Of The Same

Many Caribbean governments carry a veneer of civilized behaviour and adherence to democratic principles but quickly show near-despotic roots when the media actually does its job. Witness our own situation in Barbados. As a reminder, here are a few pointer stories…

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Barbados Strongman Owen Arthur Holds Media In Firm Control

Barbados Advocate: “Barbados situation is nowhere near as dire as what is happening in Zimbabwe”

Barbados Government Blog Publishes Threats Against Journalist David Ellis – “We must guard our nation against such reckless use and abuse of press power.”

Nation News Robert Best – Barbados Reporters Know About Corruption But Are Not Free To Investigate And Report It

Attention Barbados Offshore Investors and Transparency International – Corruption Stories Being Hidden By Barbados Media & Government

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Cowardly Barbados Advocate Newspaper Caved To Screaming Government Minister


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Barbados Arrests, Jails and Deports U.S. Immigration Critic In 48 Hours… What Efficiency! Barbados Media Reject Advertisements Or News Stories On This Incident

Well here it is June 14, 2007. In the last 48 hours I have been detained by Barbados immigration officers, jailed and deported. The U. S. Embassy has once again acted right on cue. They requested diplomatic courtesy and protection. They allege that I had threatened the embassy and its staff.

Well I did advise them I would be staging a peaceful protest and would not disrupt the day to day operations and activities of the embassy. They can now add the new charge of violation of my civil liberties to my cause. My clients are important and deserve a fair interview, but to deny my civil liberties is well just going too far. I will be seeking recourse in the U. S. Federal courts against the Ambassador Mrs. Mary Ourisman, Clyde Howard, Jr., Arend Zwartjes, Laurie Major and any and all other embassy employees responsible for this act.It was bad enough that they blocked my newspaper ad in the Advocate but to have me detained, jailed then deported simply to avoid being exposed for the bullies and thugs that they are well it is a violation of my civil liberties and the Barbados constitution.

If they thought that being detained and arrested then deported would scare me off they were very wrong. It only gave me a new direction and forum for action against them. They need to be stopped. As but, as English philosopher Edmund Burke said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ Well I will not stop I will do everything within the laws that govern to expose this travesty. I will act within the established rules, policies and laws to accomplish this end, a concept that the embassy seems to not quite grasp.

comment by Immigration Critic David Lynch on Barbados Free Press

Deported Immigration Critic Wanted To Stage Protest At Barbados U.S. Consulate

As we told our readers in our article American Television Editorial Compares U.S. Embassy Actions In Barbados To Nazi Germany, we understand how it is that the American immigration authorities are denying a visa to the newest latest wife a man who has been married “many” times…

“…The Americans, Barbados Free Press and the rest of the world also have the right to remind this chap that you make your own bed. If you have had multiple wives and divorces (”many marriages” is presumably more than two), then your countrymen have the right to assume that your latest marriage will last about as long as the first three, or four, or whatever.”

As far as the fairness and accuracy of the U.S. Embassy’s claim that Mr. Lynch was threatening them and the authorities deporting him, we’ll have to hear more from both sides before we are able to have an opinion on that issue.

Barbados Advocate Refuses To Run Immigration Critic’s Advertisement

We at the Barbados Free Press are quick to come down hard on the two Barbados lapdog newspapers – The Nation News and the Barbados Advocate – for their lack of courage and duty in standing up for free speech and citizen’s rights. IF Mr. Lynch’s refused advertisement was a non-threatening message then we would be very critical of the Barbados Advocate.

But we haven’t seen that advertisement so we can’t offer an opinion at this time.

We are surprised that neither The Nation nor the Barbados Advocate carried this story in any way.

Our Message To Mr. Lynch

Send us your refused advertisement exactly as it was sent to the Barbados Advocate and we will print it for you at Barbados Free Press. Also, please forward us a written copy of the refusal so we can look at that as well.

If Barbados Free Press won’t print your advertisement as sent to the Barbados Advocate, then your problem is not with the newspaper but with the content of your message.

Send it to: barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com


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Barbados Cultural Association Of BC (That’s British Columbia, Canada EH?)


Barbadians Taking Over British Columbia, Canada

Alright, alright. YOU KNOW we love a bit of hyperbole around this place, but head on over to the website of the Barbados Cultural Association of BC and tell us we’re wrong. These folks are active, enjoying themselves and doing good things for Barbados and their new community in Canada.

Way back in 1994, and way before Marilyn Moseley was appointed as Barbados Honorary Consul for British Columbia, she gave the leadership to form the association. A series of dedicated Bajan ex-pats carried the blue and yellow into the next century and make the BCABC a very visible outpost for Barbados in Canada’s western-most province.

How did we come to know about BCABC? Simple… the good folks who run their website linked to Barbados Free Press. We saw the visitors from British Columbia and wondered what was going on. As the link at their website says…

“Want to stay up to date with Bajan news and other points of view? Click on the link below to view the Barbados Free Press”


In honour of the Barbados Cultural Association of BC, we have started a new listing on the sidebar for “Bajan Associations”. If you have an ex-pat association anywhere in the world, let us know and we’ll include it.




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