mmmmm….Nice! – Accounts Section At Barbados Public Works Gets A New Vehicle


Yes Sir!

There’s nothing those accountant-types at the Accounts Section of the Barbados Ministry of Public Works need more than a new top-of-the-line 4 door Mitsubishi Raider. This is the Public Works accounting section you see.

Don’t be talkin’ any nonsense about how a little compact auto would have been half the price and saved on gas. It’s all tax money anyway. And for the accounts section at Public Works, tax money is free money.


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22 responses to “mmmmm….Nice! – Accounts Section At Barbados Public Works Gets A New Vehicle

  1. Axein de Minister

    SIX cylinders?
    or eight?

    Air conditioning?

    Did Liz,the lady Minister who was just nagging us about cutting back on our wasteful auto-aircon
    know about this before Government went ahead and purchased this decidedly-wasteful Vehicle?

    Glad I don’t have to fuel such a beast!
    This beast must be quite thirsty!

  2. J. Payne

    Who ended up getting the CWC BWMs?????

  3. Paddy O'Furniture

    Wha, This truck is just right, got a nice space to hold all dem pencils and ting. Plenty room inside to carry the girlfriend, ahem, I mean audit assistant…

    Those BMWs will turn up soon at a courthouse near you!

  4. smallfish

    This is nothing new in the public service. Don’t you see the numbers of 4WD lyxury vehicles being used by messengers etc. However, the places that really need them, eg. the Ambulance Service, RSPCA … are severely neglected for years on end . When a vehicle is given, it is some musty old thing that even a ‘paro ‘ would not turn up his nose at….

  5. Chase

    Yup…pass any church on Sunday and look at all the ML vehicles.Love the old mercedes jeep CERO has though.

  6. Bajanboy

    The Library Service has a brand new Toyota 4Runner when a Suzuki Van would probably work just as well. Do you remember when Tom Adams got the Cadillac (MP1) and that was news. It would be interesting to see what government spent on vehicles 10 years ago compared to what they spend today. Its crazy.

  7. Brabsoda

    Axein De Minister,
    “Glad I don’t have to fuel such a beast!”
    Sorry to inform you but we all, i.e. tax payers, pay for the fuel.

  8. Somebody help Barbados

    Axein de minister you are paying for de gas…you just ein getting to drive it out…

    stupse….i can even find the right words to comment on this story….

  9. Jerome Hinds

    The colour resembles that of Glyne Clarke’s Mercedes Benz !

    Is he the new owner of this vehicle ?

  10. Chase

    Wow….C&W just doubled my internet speed and I am flying….my contacts just called me to check it.
    Look what TeleBarbados made them do……competition sweet hear….now to find another electric company.

  11. Bajanboy

    Chase, so it has been doubled from very slow to slow. That’s not much of an improvement, but I guess we should be grateful for small mercies. For $100 per month we should be getting 3Mb/s.

  12. Chase

    I guess……but I must admit ,there is a huge improvement now….dont want to stray away from the topic here though.

  13. Et tu, Brute?

    “Chase wrote…
    June 14th, 2007 at 5:47 am

    Wow….C&W just doubled my internet speed and I am flying….my contacts just called me to check it.
    Look what TeleBarbados made them do……competition sweet hear….now to find another electric company.”

    – and I thought it was just me,
    or how I handled dem scruffy when they called me just the day before
    with a customer satisfaction survey,
    axein’ me to rank them on a scale of 1 to 5.

    I gave them a three.
    Next day POW! – rockin internet download speeds.
    Whatever…I glad.

    I pay for 256 Mb.per sec.
    I used to get 25.6 Mb.p.s
    now I get around 45-50 Mb.p.sec.

    Oh well, 20% beats 10%.

  14. Paradox

    A few days ago I walked into a Bank and saw an advertisement for 100% car loan.This new Mitsubishi Raider must have been bought with such a loan.
    However, commonsense would have me to believe that tax-payers money paid for it.
    This global warming saga that is being hyped makes me ask the question if there is a crisis as leaders would have us believed. Leaders are the same the world over. I read the other day an expression about certain people being like crabs trapped in a bucket,climbing on the backs of others to reach the top. This statement could well be level at some in our mist.
    I read only yesterday, a famous Minister advising the public on how to conserve energy by car sharing,public transport and so on.
    Every which way one travels through this once beautiful Island , a gas guzzler,from different ministries can be seen on the roads. What are they being fueled on and who pays the cost? You see those ministries can have no objection to such large vehicles, because the bosses are driving around in their 5 series BMW’s which can use as much or more fuel as the above mentioned.
    It would be prudent to lead by example, but no, they behave like some priest in his pulpit preaching to his congregation not to fornicate. Once he gets down off his pulpit, he is seen ducking and weaving to avoid being seen entering and exiting one of his parishners homes. Hypocrites –do as I say and not as I do.
    Those so called responsible tennants spending our money remind me of some large companies in the USA and EU.,dictating to the smaller nations to invest in renewable energy now, to avoid the threat of global warming.Those same companies are the ones to create the mess in the first place. They are not going to give up their creature comforts; but the poor must give up what little they have. When the crisis eventually comes, those who did the greatest damage can head for the hills and leave the masses on the lower ground clutching at a straw. I am alright Jack!

  15. Just asking

    Now imagine that, fancy vehilce to do nothing, yet they is equipment in the workshop for minor repairs which cant be serviced as a result of lack of funds, workers cant get material to work with, office lacking basic furniture with some persons sharing desk, yet this nonsense continues, an Accounatant who continues to misappropriate government fund paying contractors for work not yet completed becuase he gtes his cut, he decides who gets what and if you are not aligned nothig for you, this same individual would have worked at Rural was suppose to supply computers and by coincidence they were stolen the night before they were suppose to be delivered he was paid Rural never got the computers no serial numbers were provided so no insurance claim.

    Blp lackie at work now is on the run sa soon as the leader of the opposition and the accounatant general announces an investigation into his operations but one doesnt have to worry his brother Mclaren Holder who he awards contracts to and is another lackie will make sure he gets sorted out so u keep on Thiefing Mr Goddard

  16. Wishing in Vain

    Which Mr Goddard Just asking ???

  17. Query

    Hey wishing in vain that name is Everton Goddard brother of Maclaren Holder the contractor who did the Eagle Hall Market and lots of shoddy work for other government agencies.

    Has ran and gone on vacation for over five weeks now and has not returned. Trying to find out more on his deal with Atlantic Computers once verified i will post it.

  18. Wishing in Vain

    I know the person he has been the accountant in many other gov’t departments.
    You think that these guys would learn and keep their hands out of the public monies.
    Any chance of David Thompson dealing with this as a public issue??

  19. Query

    Wishing in vain i hope it will be as the entire episode stinks, computers for everyone in the accounts section eventhough some staff dont need, just use them to play solitaire, new desk, chairs etc yet the Technical staff continues to lack basic equipment.
    Over $300,000.00 splurted over 3 days just get it spent before the e nd of the financial year, computer parts bought but cant be accounted for, and the list goes on…………………………

  20. Wishing in Vain

    This is absolutely amazing, you seem to have a good grasp of what is taking place there please be careful these are funny times we live in.

  21. Wishing in Vain

    How does something like this get revealed at the public accounts committee??

  22. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    This is so sad, I saw an article in the heat relative deplorable conditions at one of our fish markets. I thought this situation to be quite disturbing in light of the fact that Oistins offered better conditions than the former old Oistins Fish market, which was really dispicable. I think this is really sad, because the vendors in Oistins have been changing themselves by wearing uniforms which look really nice I must add. Kudos to you vendors of Oistins and who ever is responsible for implementing this. However let me take the government to task relative to what is happening there. How could you Mr BLP past Government spend al few millions refurbishing the Bay Garden area and not one red cent on perceived deplorable conditions at the fish market? Why is it that you can buy new expensive vehicles (present Goverment), pay out money to contractors to the tune of millions for work not completed or in some cases not even started (past Government and maybe present Government) and you have not committed any money to the Fish Markets but let them run to ruin? Man I will go there myself tomorrow and see if I can get some pictures of what is happening.

    Does the government of the day and the past, do not and did not realise that Oistins and Bridgetown contribute significantly to the food needs of this country? But I guess it is not tourist oriented like the Bay Garden. Complete shame to let conditions at this very historic market go into disrepair like this.

    How could you have fish being process in proximity to a drain that is so malodours and the sand from this drain can get into the processing area. Is the fish that is process in that area safe for human consumption? And how can you have a processing hall with a wood enclosure that is rotten and breaking down? How long has this been so? I am concern about this because I buy fish from Oistins and now that I know that there is a significant health threat relative to conditions there I am not so sure if I am going to buy from there now. Maybe I go to Bridgetown but that market is so disgustingly smelly and wet. Maybe I go to the processor, at least they have nicer conditions but then again they source their fish from the fish markets as well. Geez where can I go to buy fish in conditions that are sanitary, safe and of a high standard? Certainly not the fish market in Oistins if contaminated sand is getting on them.

    Shame on the Ministry of Agriculture. Minister Benn you need to look into this Aquaculture matter ASAP