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Let’s Clean Up This Mess… Bring Out Your Dead (Fridges and cookers, that is!)

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You know that your neighbours HATE that old rusty fridge that has been sitting abandoned beside your home for the last six months. Your neighbours will LOVE you if they wake up to find that you have dragged that monster to the side of the road for pickup by Ian Bourne and the rest of the crew from the Barbados Sanitation Service Authority.

It only takes a few minutes…

Removal of Bulky Waste Items in Pine & Wildey

The Sanitation Service Authority and the Ministry of Health will be removing bulky waste items from Pine & Wildey areas only between the 18th and 22nd of June 2007.

Bulky waste items consist of old appliances like fridges and ovens as well as similar metallic items like galvanise as well as old furniture or other wooden or plastic items, etc.

These items are to be set near your regular refuse by no later than 2:00 pm of Sunday 17th June 2007, please separate your bulky waste items into wood and other items in one pile and another for only metal objects.

The following areas will undergo the bulky waste clean up – Meadow Road; 1st & 2nd Ave. South; North Close; Newton Crescent; Princess Mary Lane; Marden Rd; St Ann’s Rd; Regent Hill; Martin’s Rd; Maple Path; Oak Way Lane; Birch Path; Phillips Rd; Wharfdale Rd; Midway lane; Golden Rock; Stanley Terrace; Valley View Terrace; Avon Lane; Shepton Lane; Arden Close; Warwick Lane; Stratford Hill; South Port Lane; St Columbus Lane; St Autell Lane; St Ives Lane; Ridgeway Lane; Rutland Lane; Sherwood Lane; May Port; Altos Path; Pecos Path; Glendale Close; Bank Side; Wildey Road; Princess Royal Ave; Hilton Row; Hilltop; Blackman’s Field; York Terrace; Lascell’s Terrace; Mt Close; Harewood Walk; Harbour View; Edgecliff; Factory Ave; Field Place; Bottom Close; Parkinson Field; Rock Close; Rock Ave; 1st, 2nd & 3rd Ave. East Terrace and Wildey Terrace.

Again, all bulky waste items such as old appliances or wooden and metallic objects must be separated and done by no later than 2:00 pm on Sunday 17th June 2007. Actual cleansing of such items from Pine & Wildey runs from 18th to 22nd June 2007.


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mmmmm….Nice! – Accounts Section At Barbados Public Works Gets A New Vehicle


Yes Sir!

There’s nothing those accountant-types at the Accounts Section of the Barbados Ministry of Public Works need more than a new top-of-the-line 4 door Mitsubishi Raider. This is the Public Works accounting section you see.

Don’t be talkin’ any nonsense about how a little compact auto would have been half the price and saved on gas. It’s all tax money anyway. And for the accounts section at Public Works, tax money is free money.


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