Jamaican Senator Resigned Over Receiving “Campaign Donation” To Personal Bank Account


“The matter of campaign financing has been a sensitive issue between the ruling People’s National Party (PNP) and the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) for some time now with both sides daring each other to open their books to the public…” From the Jamaica Gleaner Campaign Financing Report Ready By July

At the JLP- Jamaican Labour Party’s annual conference in 2003, then opposition party leader Edward Seaga accused a faction of the party of accepting “tainted money” to run its internal campaign.

In October of 2006, it was revealed that Dutch oil company Trafigura Beheer transferred $31 million dollars to three bank accounts associated with Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller’s ruling PNP – People’s National Party of Jamaica.

As it turned out, one of the accounts was the personal bank account of Senator Colin Campbell, who subsequently resigned as the party’s general secretary and information and development minister. The PNP promised to, and subsequently said, it had returned the funds.

Now children, do you think that things are any different here in Barbados?

Do you think that one political party in Barbados will act more honestly than the other in the absence of any standards or rules? Or is it like Jamaica where both the government and the opposition secretly receive tainted funds that undermine democracy?

We, the people of Barbados, must take the leadership on the Integrity and Conflict of Interest issue because it is obvious that neither of the two major parties really intends to do anything other than issue “studies” and say fine words.

Both the DLP and the BLP are thieving piggies at the trough until they openly implement conflict of interest standards for their own candidates and members.

No doubt Opposition Leader David Thompson has received campaign donations that he hopes no one will hear about. Same goes for Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

Two Questions For The DLP & BLP Party Leaders

Dear Prime Minister Arthur

As mentioned in Parliament and seen on television by thousands of Bajans who also saw your stunned, guilty reaction – you received a $750,000 “campaign donation” into your personal bank account.

Tell us all about it. Everything.

Dear Opposition Leader Thompson

It is reported that you met in Miami with billionaire casino owner Donald Trump.

Tell us all about it. Everything.


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5 responses to “Jamaican Senator Resigned Over Receiving “Campaign Donation” To Personal Bank Account

  1. John

    It was only a senator who accepted money and banked it to his personal account.

    This resigning thing does not apply to Prime Ministers!!

  2. Anonymous

    This resigning thing does not apply
    to West Indian politicians in general!

  3. reality check

    these goons are answerable to no one unless you take the power away from them. If we can’t put 1000 angry citizens on the streets of Broad Street given what has been going on then we will continue to get the kind of government we deserve.

  4. Somebody Help Barbados

    i wid that…time to march…

  5. Dave

    The politicians also raise funds from the wealthy that invest in property here. They have a network of local persons/business interests connected to the party to discreetly gather donations at dinner and cocktail parties.