GEMS Hotels TripAdvisor Ratings Tells Barbadians Everything They Need To Know About Their Tax Dollar “Investment” Into This Money-Pit


‘Setting the standards on the South Coast’

This was the bold mission statement and stated justification behind the formation and operation of Hotels and Resorts Ltd or commonly known at GEMS.

Recently at the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s annual general meeting, Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace urged hoteliers to use the worlds’ most travel reference website, TripAdvisor, to monitor how their guests rated the individual property’s performance.

82 hotels on Barbados are rated by TripAdvisor. 55 on the South and east coast and 27 on the west coast!

The remaining three GEMS hotels are rated as follows:

Savannah (the flagship) No.49

Blue Horizon No. 62

Time Out at the Gap No. 75

The ratings are entirely based on actual guests that have stayed at the hotels and responded online, following a strict uniform criteria of grading comments.

It would appear, even after the near decade of operation, that GEMS have not reached their stated mission objective.

Would this be allowed to happen in a normal commercial environment?

Somehow I think not!

The Chairman, Board of Directors and other policymakers would have been replaced with more competent ones.

And here we are the poor taxpayer, still not knowing the extent of the losses and accumulated debt.

We know of the $37 million yet unpaid interest to Government.

We know of the sale of Eastry House and Silver Rock.

But we don’t know where the proceeds of these sales went.

When challenged during what became a notorious call-in programme, the Barbados Minister of Tourism steadfastly refused to ask the moderators questions regarding GEMS.

It’s our money, we have to keep asking.

Adrian Loveridge
11 June 2007


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11 responses to “GEMS Hotels TripAdvisor Ratings Tells Barbadians Everything They Need To Know About Their Tax Dollar “Investment” Into This Money-Pit

  1. ripRipRIP!

    And you can bet that, with ratings like those stated above(by their very customers!)
    it’ll be a case, yet again, of the customer paying Grade A prices
    for a Grade B or C ‘product’

    THIS is the standard GEMS (and Business in Barbados,generally)sets: the usual…
    Paying Champagne prices for Mauby delivery of goods and services

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian congrats on having your letter published in the Alaskan news, please tread carefully as we are obviously living in a very troubled time and with very aggressive politicians in power as was seen by Lynch’s response to having you not share the same studio as he did, do you think if the reverse had happened would we not be talking about racism is this not reverse racism.
    Continue to expose this idiot for what he is nothing more than a share idiot high on his own self importance and arrogance that is driving our main prop of this country into the ground at a swift rate.
    Checked the port arrival everyday this week and we are yet to have a Carnival vessel in port is this what he donated the US $ 5 million to them for to avoid Barbados at all cost and then when 1 does come it leaves by 4.00 pm so as to prevent the onboard guest from having too much time in the bars and restaurants on this island.
    Lynch must surely be competing with Mottley, Owing, Clarke, Marshall, Wood and Walcott for the status of most ineffective member of cabinet.

  3. Somebody Help Barbados

    Clyde Mascoll…YOU LOOK LIKE A BONEY CLOWN IN PINK AND PURPLE pokka dot g string…and paint on your face…

    you sold out for money and perceived fame…you have dessimated your credibility…you are a confused man… you go and play in your clown clothes for owen….you could have took the time to put on the whole outfit…

    gems is still here…what say you now? not like we would listen because you and you band of theives have no credibility….

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    Wishing in Vain…

    Thank you for the assuring words and I will take your advice.

    I personally have heard nothing regarding the subject since the Minister of Tourism announced that they had signed an agreement with Carnival Corporation to ‘guarantee’ 1.2 million cruise ship passengers over a three year period.

    Even with Carnival’s twelve global brands., thats an average of 7,692 their passengers alone per week.

    Its the equilivent of three full Destiny’s each week.

  5. Wishing in Vain

    Well Adrian unless I am missing these ships in the harbour or they maybe coming in at midnight and leaving at 5 AM they are noticeably absent from the area of the port.
    This must be another one of M Mary Lynch grand events of his dream world that he is living in.
    What I fail to work out is why does Owing continue with him and Mottley the idler in the same ministries without any attempt to move them to ministeries that are not as critical to our well being and viability??
    This one Lynch has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that he is an absolute failure a disgrace to national pride and industry but yet Owing allows this nonsense to go on unabated or controlled he too must be held accountable for having allowed this situation to continue for so long.

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    Wishing in Vain…

    My thoughts are, who else does the PM have to turn tourism around before the next election?

    Also, I would imagine he has to judge whether or not Noel Lynch will get re-elected, as he is already in a marginal seat.

    The arrival numbers are already down this and my thoughts are they are not going to recover this summer or maybe even the upcoming winter, despite double-counting with home porting ships and heavy discounting with the Best of Barbados programme.

    The BTA already has a depleted budget due to having to absorb the disastrous charter of Carnival Destiny costs and the losses involved with the Air Indian charter (s).

    Arrival numbers may be generated to try and hoodwink the general public, but it will be at a huge revenue generation loss.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    It appears that they are in the process of sprucing up the caves with a cost of $ 12 million for each vehicle.
    It appears as if Owing may well be leaving him in place to continue to take the fall for tourism as he may already be reading that Lynch is on the way out to pasture and he does not want to tarnish anyone elses reputation.
    We are on a sinking ship better we abandon it now rather than later.

  8. Pogo

    Know why they called it GEMS?

    With the insiders the joke is that is what the boys filled their pockets with courtesy of our tax dollars.

    We still waiting for the audit which will show that Barbados taxpayers are on the hook for more than $200,000,000.

    And waiting and waiting.

    Why not Thompy and PAC screaming to see the books?

  9. reality check

    “What I fail to work out is why does Owing continue with him and Mottley the idler in the same ministries without any attempt to move them to ministeries that are not as critical to our well being and viability??”

    Its called magic

    divert the audience by telling them something while the hands do all the work.

    In this case Lynch is the diversion while the serious “tiefing” is being done by the others who are madly trying to fill their pockets before the party ends.

    Mr Lynch is just the kind of clown needed for this magic trick but the real blame rests on those who enable and who use him as the diversion. The damage done by all of them to Barbados is incalculable.

  10. Thiefin

    Are any methodologies being put in place NOW
    for the future repatriation of stolen Bajan Taxpayer Dollars ??

    When the new DLP Government gets in, they shall discover an empty Treasury. Concrete floor.
    All our Taxpayer Dollars gone. Flown the coop.

    Things need to be put in place very soon, regarding the prosecution of those who have fleeced an entire nation, bringing them to accountability,
    that they NOT get away with stealing my and your money, just like that.

    I’m thinking ahead, even if you’re not,
    and I don’t see why this BLP Mafia should get away with it, just like all the others are allowed to do, in this part of the world:
    they never do a day in jail,
    and not one red cent of taxpayer Money is ever repatriated.

    Just ask the post-Burnham Guyanese people where the wealth of their country lies: in the Caymans, in Zurich, anywhere but in Guyana!

    Are we going to allow the same??

  11. Najo

    Take a good look and see if it is Lynch at the bottom of the pit, he has alot of big money to spend these days