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Alaska Report Publishes Adrian Loveridge’s Letter – VECO And The FBI

VECO Corruption Scandal – Alaska Paying Attention To Barbados

The publication by Alaska Report of Adrian Loveridge’s letter to the editor is a further indication that the citizens of Alaska continue to be interested in VECO’s Barbados operations. Adrian is in fine form. You can read his letter to Alaska Report here.


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A BLP Supporter Tells David Thompson What It Would Take To Get His Vote: Action, Not More Words

Dear Mr. Thompson:

I refer to the SUNDAY SUN – June 10th – Page 16A. You promised us Bajans that the DLP will be transparent if given the chance to govern. I have no problem with that. As a matter of fact I look forward to integrity legislation that not only requires politicians (government and opposition) but also requires their families and all senior civil servants to declare their assets – e.g. Comptroller of Customs and his subordinates, the Chief Immigration Officer and his subordinates, the Commissioner of Police and his subordinates, the Chief Town Planner and his subordinates, all heads of statutory corporations, etc. This is a no brainer.

However, I must point out that there is no law that prevents you and all the members of your team from coming clean and showing us that you are willing to put your money (a.k.a. assets) where your mouth is.

I am hereby calling on you and all the other members of your team to “declare your hand”. I challenge you and the other 29 members of the DLP team to publish your last financial statement by October 1st 2007. A full month, at least, before the next election. I would also note that if you were to take me up on this challenge, the elections would be yours for the loosing. Because such a master stroke would place the BLP on the back foot – can you imaging the PM, his deputy, Noel, Glyne, Rommel or any of the current members of the current DLP government being able to “declare their hand”?

I know you read the letters on this forum so ultimately your reaction to this suggestion will indicate to the others that read this forum how genuine you are about what you are quoted as saying in the June 10th SUNDAY SUN.

I have voted the BLP in the last 4 elections, if you take up my challenge I can guarantee you my vote in November 2007 – or whenever the next election is held. I also project that it you were to have all DLP candidates declare their assets you will win by a land slide – i.e. greater than 58% of the popular vote and more than 20 of the lower house’s seats.

Your failure to take up this challenge would only indicate to those having access to this forum that you mean business as usual and you will be assured of a place in our history as the man who lost more elections that anyone else since the advent of adult suffrage. The choice is yours.

I expect a response in the local press by June 19th 2007.


Swaying Away From The BLP


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