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Ho Hum – Super Dave Makes More Promises, Maybe, If…


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American Television Editorial Compares U.S. Embassy Actions In Barbados To Nazi Germany

As fans and detractors of Barbados Free Press know, we’re not afraid of hyperbole around here. A certain amount can focus attention on important issues when they would otherwise be ignored. Too much exaggeration though and folks just look away without considering the speaker to be serious.

Invoking the specter of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis when the problem is that you can’t get your next wife a visa to the USA might be going over the top. It seems that a U.S. citizen who has had “many marriages” is having trouble convincing the U.S. Embassy that his current marriage is legitimate. As the people who support this chap’s current application to bring his latest wife into the USA state online… The fact that Mr. has had many marriages is not a valid argument. He has the right to marry and divorce at will.”

Yup, he sure does have the right to marry and divorce at will. And the US television station that compares U.S. Ambassador Mary Ourisman and her staff to Nazis have the right to do that as well.

But the Americans, Barbados Free Press and the rest of the world also have the right to remind this chap that you make your own bed. If you have had multiple wives and divorces (“many marriages” is presumably more than two), then your countrymen have the right to assume that your latest marriage will last about as long as the first three, or four, or whatever.

Mary Ourisman a Nazi?


She’s way too hot to be a nazi!



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