Barbados Journalists Were Roughed Up OUTSIDE The Hospital!


Barbados Police Commissioner Says “Press Freedoms In Barbados Not Threatened”

Have a good look at the photo of Nation News associate editor Tim Slinger on the pavement OUTSIDE of the hospital.

The latest bit of information to come out is today’s article in the Nation News where it is confirmed that two of the three journalists who were thugged by the Royal Barbados Police Force were OUTSIDE OF THE HOSPITAL when they were roughed up.

Commissioner Dottin can backpedal and make all the cooey-cooey noises he wants. It doesn’t change the fact that the Royal Barbados Police Force was once again seen acting with the interests of it’s political masters as it’s first priority.

Read The Nation News: An Unfortunate Occurrence

For Background and a list of BFP stories about this incident, see Barbados Government In Damage Control Mode Over Police Roughing Up Journalists At Hospital


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10 responses to “Barbados Journalists Were Roughed Up OUTSIDE The Hospital!

  1. Apolitical

    I am not supporting the roughing up of journalist for one second, however, I believe that the patient’s illness/ life must take precedent over the reporting of the patient’s illness. My sources tell me that these journalists were getting in the way. Not only were they getting in the way but they ignored the numerous requests by the QEH personnel to get out of the way. While free press must be supported it cannot be at the expense of an individual’s right to accessing health care.

  2. BFP

    OF COURSE the patient’s life must come before journalists, but “In the way” on the pavement outside the hospital?

    My sources tell me that these professional journalists were NOT in the way. Sometimes “in the way” is an excuse for “unwelcome”.

    Once again, we view this in context of an already weakened media under fire from the government and a police force that is largely perceived to operate in the service of political masters rather than the rule of law and democracy.

  3. nath

    Blah blah blah… I think you The BFP doth porotest too much. MY SOURCES tell me that the reporters and camera men were in the way! FYI unloading of the ambulance OUTSIDE of the hospital in front of casualty. Not every incidence of the MEDIA NOT getting its way represents some GRAND ATTACK on press freedom!

  4. BFP

    Hi Nath
    You might be right. We might be right.

    But one thing is the truth…

    There is no mechanism for any ordinary citizen to know the truth about anything to do with government actions on this rock.

    The elites do what they want with no accountability or transparency – and they control and attack the media whenever they want through intimidation and fear. In such an environment where the vast majority of citizens have long since lost all trust in government – we should not be surprised that this incident is not being viewed in isolation.

    As far as the “blah blah blah” goes, I am sure that you have never been given a summary trial in the middle of the night by two police officers. Many citizens have and we view this as just more rough stuff when a lower level of action would have accomplished the police purpose.

    Some officers love to get physical when there is no need. Complain you say? That just gets you another smack upside the head in the middle of the night.

  5. Experienced journalists/photographers should know better than to get in the way of hospital officials in a crisis situation trying to get wounded patients into emergency care from ambulances.

    If they misjudge their intrusion and are told to keep out of the way, they should promptly obey. Members of the Press have no special entitlement to make a photo op. out of other people’s misfortune.

    On the other hand the police should realise members of the press (unlike the man in the street) cannot be roughed up with impunity. They should use the minimum level of force necessary, if force becomes necessary.

    It sounds as if there was poor judgment on both sides.

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