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Anonymous Source: BS&T – Neal & Massy Deal To Be Called Off (Until After The November Election)

“Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” To Be Named As Reason For “Calling Off” Merger

Alright folks… we know we dropped a clanger with our post about VECO’s new CEO (although so much good is happening because of that happy accident – more about that later) so we want everybody to understand that this story comes from an anonymous source whose information has been accurate in the past.

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t all being set up or played like a fish… or that the story is not true. It means that at this stage, the story is nothing more than an unconfirmed rumour from an anonymous source.

But the story is interesting enough that we are going to put the “rumour” out there and see what happens.

Just so you know… at this point this is totally unconfirmed rumour.

Merger / Take Over Delayed For Barbados Election

The merger of Barbados Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd. (BS&T) and Neal & Massy has been “called off”. Barbados will later hear an explanation that GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) is the reason for the action, but this is merely an excuse to take the “merger” off the issues table during the coming election.

The merger will occur in 2008 long after the Barbados elections that are scheduled for this November. When the merger is “called off for now” the populace will get the impression that they have won and that Prime Minister Arthur has responded well to popular opinion.

Government Inner Circle Searches For Internal Leak

BFP’s earlier post detailing November as the election has triggered a search for an internal leak within the Barbados Labour Party, however the point of no return has already passed, so November still stands as the election date.

That’s it folks – and it is no different than you will hear around the standpipe.

Barbados Free Press is just a bigger standpipe, that’s all.


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Barbados Journalists Were Roughed Up OUTSIDE The Hospital!


Barbados Police Commissioner Says “Press Freedoms In Barbados Not Threatened”

Have a good look at the photo of Nation News associate editor Tim Slinger on the pavement OUTSIDE of the hospital.

The latest bit of information to come out is today’s article in the Nation News where it is confirmed that two of the three journalists who were thugged by the Royal Barbados Police Force were OUTSIDE OF THE HOSPITAL when they were roughed up.

Commissioner Dottin can backpedal and make all the cooey-cooey noises he wants. It doesn’t change the fact that the Royal Barbados Police Force was once again seen acting with the interests of it’s political masters as it’s first priority.

Read The Nation News: An Unfortunate Occurrence

For Background and a list of BFP stories about this incident, see Barbados Government In Damage Control Mode Over Police Roughing Up Journalists At Hospital


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Government of Barbados Ignores Rule Of Law Yet Again

On May 13, 2005, Government announced that the Chesterfield Thompson Report (looking into corruption of the Board of Directors of St. Joseph Hospital) had been presented to Governor-General Sir Clifford Husbands. But two full years have gone by, and it has not been laid in Parliament, contrary to the requirements of the Commission of Inquiry Act 1981.

from an editorial in The Nation News A Suspicious Silence

Commission Of Enquiry Was Appointed TEN YEARS AGO! (Hey… what’s the rush for the report?)

We were pleasantly surprised this morning to find The Nation News attempting to hold the Government of Barbados accountable for once again ignoring the rule of law and doing whatever they please like the despots they are.

The Nation News didn’t exactly put it that way, but at least they called attention to the fact that the Government of Barbados was required by law to present the findings of the Chesterfield Thompson Commission by May 13, 2007 and that the government is ignoring the law. The Commission was appointed in April 1997, three years after the allegations of corruption at St. Joseph Hospital surfaced, to investigate and report “upon all matters related to the refurbishment, management and operations of the St Joseph Hospital from April 1, 1989 to December 31, 1994”.

It took EIGHT YEARS for the Commission to deliver the report to the government in 2005, and now here we are TEN YEARS AFTER THE COMMISSION STARTED with no report – even though the law says that the report should have been laid before Parliament by May 13, 2007.

This is only the latest in a decade of the government elites ignoring the laws of Barbados to do as they damn well please when they damn well please.

And when these despots can’t ignore the law, they change it to suit their purpose as they recently did when they rammed through changes to the Constitution of Barbados with four days’ notice and zero public discussion.

Despotic is not too strong a word for such a government.

Good Editorial By The Nation News Shows A Bit Of Comedy Too!

The Nation News editorial goes about as far as it can without having strongman Owen Arthur sending some of his “advisors” to have a “little chat” with the editors, and even at that the editors knew they would then be expected by the government to crawl on their bellies a bit. Thus, in the same editorial citizens of Barbados are treated to the following statement…

“We endorse (Director Branford Taitt’s) view that the delay in presenting the report to the citizens of Barbados through their elected Parliament falls short of the correct and honourable procedure expected from a mature democracy such as ours.” (from The Nation News editorial A Suspicious Silence)

“…Parliament falls short of the correct and honourable procedure expected from a mature democracy such as ours.” ?

Best joke we’ve heard all week!

No doubt the editors knew exactly what they were writing and how the tongue-in-cheek statement “honourable procedure expected from a mature democracy such as ours” would be viewed by the majority of citizens.

To the editorial writers at the Nation News…

Well done, friends.


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