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Gambling King Robert Johnson “Gave” BET To Barbados And The World

Robert Johnson has created the most destructive and insidious mechanism to perpetuate the oppression of Black people since slavery. BET glamourises violence misogyny, misanthropy, greed, gluttony and sloth. it is a pox and a virus, and the minister responsible for communications in Barbados should remove it from our cable roster if he cares about our young people. Little surprise that Johnson is now involved in enterprise that will further marginalise and deprive Caribbean people of all races.

… posted by BFP reader “bling”

This comment was just posted by a reader on our article Robert Johnson Pleased To Partner With Barbados Government In New Gambling Operation.

It made me think of another recent article about our worldwide “black” culture.

Yup… it can truly be said that Mr. Johnson unified black people all over the world…

Actor Joseph Phillips Discovers The International Legacy Of American Black Culture – Zimbabwe Teens Call Each Other “Nigger”


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Now That U.S. Citizens Must Have Passports For Air Travel, The Caribbean Is No Longer The Vacation Of Choice

Cheaper To Fly New York To London or Paris Than To Barbados

Not being in the travel business, I never thought about the impact of the United States requiring Americans and everyone else to have a passport to travel abroad by air.

Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) Secretary-General Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace spoke yesterday at the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s annual general meeting at the Hilton Barbados and he put it very simply… (paraphrased)…

“Before we had this (passport) rule that came in place, for those of us who could afford a vacation… but didn’t have a passport the only choice was to come to the Caribbean. As soon as I have a passport my choice is the world and suddenly we have an induced level of competition that we warned people about, that is going to make a substantial difference.”

“It’s cheaper to go from New York City to London for the month of October (2007) every single day than to come to Barbados. It’s much much cheaper to go to Cancun (Mexico). It’s cheaper in fact in most cases to go to Paris…”

… read his entire comments in the Barbados Advocate (link here – World Cup Let-Down


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Used Hand-Me-Down Clothing And Equipment For Barbados Fire Service

What Does Toronto Canada Do With Old Worn-Out Fire Fighting Clothing And Equipment?

You’ve seen those children down the road? You know… the ones that never seem to have any decent clothes or shoes that fit?

Good children all, but you have to feel sorry for them. They are stuck with parents who would rather spend money partying instead of looking after the basics. The house is a mess with junk in the yard and plastic stuffed into the holes in the roof to keep out the rain – but there is a brand new colour television is in mommy’s bedroom.

Oh, the parents work and earn enough to look after the children if they had their priorities in order. But they’d rather buy lottery tickets by the pound and a brand new car on the never-never than buy new shoes for the little ones.

Everything always on the never-never. New car. New TV. Anything the parents want on credit they buy. Cricket parties, theatre parties, new patio downtown for parties. Even flyover parties!

But the children have no shoes – so the neighbours help out as best they can. Charity doesn’t solve the real problem, but at least it puts shoes and clothes on the children.

The parents say “thank you” but the worst part of it is that they don’t even know enough to be ashamed…

Barbados Underground – Poster on Barbados Forum Says That The Barbados Fire Service Accepted “Hand-me Downs” From The Toronto Fire Service


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Robert Johnson Pleased To Partner With Barbados Government In New Gambling Operation

A Lesson For “Notes From The Margin” Blog – Who Wasn’t Sure How The Barbados Government “Gets Into” Gambling

Oh, sorry… we forgot that those in the industry like to use the term “gaming”. It sounds so much more wholesome when a person can’t feed their family this week because they blew the money on “gaming” – as opposed to “gambling”.

Another 2,500 machines heading for Barbados? No problem… bring ’em in. They are an excellent life-lesson for the children in how to prosper and manage an economy or the family finances…

From the Jamaica Gleaner…

BET former owner to set up gaming operation in Barbados

Robert Johnson, the former owner and founder of BET, will roll out a new gaming operation in Barbados over the next three years, under a plan to broaden operations across the Caribbean.

Johnson’s RJL Companies, through CAGE Barbados Inc, will establish 2,500 video lottery terminals (VLTs) in Barbados that it has secured a long term contract to install and manage.

CAGE Barbados is a wholly owned subsidiary of RLJ’s gaming division, Caribbean CAGE LLC.

“This long term management agreement is an integral step towards fulfilling our strategy of a significant presence throughout the Caribbeanand Latin America,” said Bob Washington, chairman and CEO of Caribbean CAGE, a company he co-founded with Johnson.

RJL invests in diverse sectors ranging across financial services, real estate, hospitality/restaurant, professional sports, film production, gaming and recording industries.


Caribbean CAGE – whose operation covers installation, operation and management of video lottery terminals, linked gaming systems and game content – already operates VLTs in the Turks and Caicos Islands and St. Kitts. It anticipates to start operating in Barbados by yearend.

The company did not disclose the size of the investment to be made.

“We are pleased to enter into a business relationship with Barbados.

Our ability to drive returns is good for Barbados and good for CAGE,” said Johnson, RLJ chairman.

Caribbean CAGE is based in Puerto Rico, but also has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada.

… read the original article at the Jamaica Gleaner (link here)

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