Lawsuit Update: Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons, David Shorey And Many Others


Thanks to our readers we can now report as follows:

We have been told that copies of the statement of claim are floating freely around Bridgetown and in fact Barbados Free Press has received three different copies from readers.

Our lawyer friend has given us advice that it is better to summarize what is in the claim than to publish it.

The claim is all about a conspiracy and we emphasize that these allegations have not been proved in court yet. As we read it, the government and business people have conspired over the last twenty years to strip the value away from landholding companies and pocket the profits for themselves. Complications arise because some of the involved business people have since become politicians and judges.

“The defendants are all claiming that they have never done business in Canada or the U.S. and therefore no court outside of Barbados is allowed to look into allegations of corruption here.”

This is one of the comments that we received from a reader. If this is truly what the defendants are each claiming, then this case is going to be most interesting when it reaches court. We can’t imagine that each and every defendant on the list has never had a business dealing in either the U.S. or Canada – but as we say folks… remember that this is only a lawsuit that is yet to be proven.

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18 responses to “Lawsuit Update: Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons, David Shorey And Many Others

  1. Allan

    BFP should use its Canadian connections to find out the results of the action so far, instead of just repeating the story

  2. Agent

    What the powers have been doing, for years I might add, is failing to update the Physical Development Plan and passing it in Parliament every 5 years so that the public knows what is planned for the lands of Barbados.

    It is a very simple but illegal scam. Being on the inside these Honourable people arrange for their front (bag) men like David Shorey, Richard Cox etc. to acquire the land which is extremely valuable and ripe for development . They arrange to pay next to nothing on a buy now pay later arrangement usually tied up for years with a contract.

    Unfortunately the owners of the land who have suffered through good and bad times and worked hard all their lives are often elderly, poor, unwilling and unable to take on the Government and the courts, which are one and the same, have to suffer the oppression in silence and victimization.

    In the meantime development deals are being made.

    The corporations mentioned in this law suit are only the tip of the iceberg. When the evidence comes out it will show other established companies which were in collusion. It is not only the Government and Judiciary who will be implicated. The corruption in this one runs through the private sector.

    Do you know how and where your hard-earned savings money, which you hope to have for retirement, is being invested? You may be amazed when you find out.

  3. BFP

    Allan said “BFP should use its Canadian connections to find out the results of the action so far, instead of just repeating the story”


    BFP Comments…

    Hants… Calling Hants!

    You’re in Canada. What can you tell us about all this? We’ve tried to find something in the Canadian online papers but nothing so far.

  4. anon mouse

    The most worrying thing about all this is that not only does our Parliament in Barbados and our judiciary have to cooperate for this crookery to work but only one signature is required at the end of the day to finalize this blatant corruption and robbery – the Prime Minister’s signature.

  5. here's hoping

    Lock them all to He11 up!

  6. anon mouse

    What does this have to do with the US? I thought it was an action from Canada.

  7. more

    Isn’t Mia a US Citizen?

  8. If Mia is a U.S. citizen she would have to file a U.S. income tax report each year. That could prove very interesting.

    Is there a central register from which one can ascertain who is a U.S. citizen and who is not?

    Even if there isn’t at present, there will be soon when the proposed “ID card” data is centralised to account for all illegal, legal and inbetween residents, and citizens.

  9. Jerome Hinds

    The Truth…Kenny Anthony’s Shelf life by 11 December 2006 had expired !

    Another TRUTH……St. Lucians sent Kenny Anthony packing…..even though CADRES poll said he was ahead !

    The Truth…..Owen Arthur’s Shelf life has expired !

    Another TRUTH……Barbadians will send Owen Arthur packing….even though CADRES poll said he is ahead !

    This is the lesson David Thompson says that BARBADIANS must learn from St. Lucians.

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  11. Hants

    BFP this lawsuit will not reach the news media unless there is a judgement against the PM and the CJ et al.

    What will be newsworthy is the Canadian PM attacking the opposition members who are connected to companies using Barbados as a Tax avoidance location.

    That is coming in the next election Campaign in Canada.

  12. more

    There was so much excitement in Barbados and on BFP when this lawsuit was filed .

    BFP please give us an update. There is talk that the case is all over. Surely, if it was, BFP would have told us.

    There are many who are interested in this matter.

  13. DFX

    Case was dismissed people.

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  15. Kathy

    There is an update on this lawsuit on Keltruth,
    At least one of the defendants has chosen to cooperate with the plaintiff.

  16. Anonymous

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!

    Am I seeing what I think I see? David Thompson? THE David Thompson is being sued with the Prime Minister? What is this all about?

  17. more

    I thought someone said this case was dismissed. It obviously is not.

    We need to hear more about it.

  18. Waterboy

    Notice in Sunday Advocate October 07, 2007 page 12.

    Ontario Superior Court of Justice notice to Eric Iain Stewart Deane regarding statement of claim (file number 07-0141) allowign him until November 10, 2007 to file a defence. Failing this, default proceedings may be taken against him.