Barbados Free Press Receives Full Copy Of Lawsuit “Statement Of Claim” Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons and Others


Should Barbados Free Press Publish The Full Statement Of Claim On The Internet?

Barbados Free Press has over the last few days received three different copies of the full “Statement Of Claim” in the lawsuit launched by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. against Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice David Simmons and other prominent Bajan persons and companies.

Each of these three copies appears to be from different sources as they have different marks and features visible on them as you would expect if one person folded a copy this way and another person didn’t fold it but made some pen marks etc. One copy was photographed with a digital camera page by page outside at night (what a job!) while the other two copies had each been properly scanned into one big image and saved in PDF or as a fax image.

Two were emailed to us from Barbados so it looks like at least two people on Barbados have different copies of this lawsuit. The third copy was sent via an anonymous remailer and could have come from anywhere.

The question is – should the Barbados Free Press publish the entire Statement of Claim online for all to see?

We haven’t decided yet, but we’ll make a decision within 24 hours.


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25 responses to “Barbados Free Press Receives Full Copy Of Lawsuit “Statement Of Claim” Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons and Others

  1. Red Lake Lassie


  2. Marcus2

    Are you sure that you have right this time?
    Your list of “mistakes” is fast reaching the peak of Mount Everest!

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    What mistakes have bfp made? True they put up too many rumors too soon but they always say they are rumors. When have they claimed something as fact that is not?

  4. akabozik

    Marcus2 are you say the picture is a phoney?

  5. Bajanboy

    Does anyone know whether lawsuits of this nature are a matter of public record in Ontario? I think BFP should publish it.

  6. akabozik

    who is in Ontario and can tell us what bajanboy question?

  7. akabozik

    should say “what is the answer to bajanboy’s question”

  8. A Friend

    I agree it is a public document. Print it.

  9. Anonymous

    IF the document is a matter of public record in Ontario, then we should publish it here,too.

  10. Agent

    The Edward Bayley on the list of defendants must be a typo. Edmund Bayley is the father of Bruce Bayley “insurance tycoon and one-goaler” of CGI Consumers Guarantee Insurance. Apple and tree.

    Edmund Bayley and Richard Cox have been selling off Kingsland land for development for years. Ask Wells Martin (MGM Realty) who is Vice President of BEAVA The Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association. Everybody knows this. What is the big secret?

    Talk to Elias Haloute and Peter DeFreitas if you want more information. Or ask Tony Hoyos, Barry Gale and Colin Brewer. I am surprised these names are not already on the list of defendants.

    BFP, publish the document. I need to know where I can officially send the evidence. I want to keep my name off the list of defendants.

  11. Agent

    I have the evidence and names.

    Subpoena them all.

  12. Dear BFP,

    Publish the info. Include your standard disclaimers so that you can cover your behind up front. Let the world go from there.

    Remember: Information wants to be free.

    The Bystander.

  13. John

    Here is a link about Bangladesh and corruption.

    There is hope on the horizon!

  14. Somebody Help Barbados

    Publish it…

    there are several people at the point right now on remand while the state tries to make a case to try them on. Some of them have children and families…they do not get special treatment why should owen, david or any of the others on the list?

    P U B L I S H I T….

  15. Yes publish it. For Christsake and for once in Barbados let those who we are force to refer to as honourable this and that earn it.

  16. Marcus2

    Publish it, publish it, publish it they all scream!
    Patrick Porter said that the BFP could go ahead and publish his letter To Prime Minister Harper of Canada. Now we all know the truth about that. BFP stop being used by the prophets of Doom and Gloom

  17. Old Timer

    Marcus2: “Now we all know the truth about that…”
    Oh, yes? And what is the truth? Careful now, I may just have in my possession a copy of the letter Patrick Porter wrote to the Canadian P.M., together with the P.M.’s reply. I’ll say no more for now.

  18. crossroads

    publi..shit, I like that SHB

  19. I will decide for me what is most likely to be the truth. BFP publish what you have let me determine for myself if the information should be held up, debated, and ventilated, or if i should toss it in file thirteen. Don’t mind crossroads he/she seems to be still at the cross roads of indecision, and Marcus2 now why are still playing second fiddle? or do you like being number one in the number two business? 😀

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