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The Tragedy Of The Wildly Popular, Sloppy, Scary As Hell – Barbados Free Press


New Barbados Blog Hits The Web – Critical Of BFP & Corrupt Barbados Politicians

Notes From The Margin is a brand new Barbados-based blog written by someone with a pen-name of “Marginal”.

“Marginal” disagrees strongly with the writers at Barbados Free Press and says that our blog “scares the hell” out of him or her. (Heck, if we scare the hell out of an ordinary Bajan citizen, can you image how many antacid chewies the Cabinet is going through right now?)

We didn’t mean to frighten Marginal, and we are delighted that he/she has taken to the keyboard to publish their well-written and thought provoking articles.

Members of government will be horrified on Monday morning to discover that another citizen has found their voice and established yet another Barbados-based blog for independent thought, discussion and the free flow of information.

We can just hear the PM calling someone at 3am in one of his famous middle-of-the-night, rum-fueled profanity-laced rants…

“Notes From The Margin? What the %@#! is going on David? This whole f*ing blogging thing is getting right out of control! Find them! Find those little f***rs RIGHT NOW!”

Yup… right outta control.

No doubt we will get into it with Marginal on individual issues, but that certainly doesn’t change our best wishes to our fellow Bajan blogger as they strive to make a difference in their own way.


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Barbados Free Press Receives Full Copy Of Lawsuit “Statement Of Claim” Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons and Others


Should Barbados Free Press Publish The Full Statement Of Claim On The Internet?

Barbados Free Press has over the last few days received three different copies of the full “Statement Of Claim” in the lawsuit launched by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. against Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice David Simmons and other prominent Bajan persons and companies.

Each of these three copies appears to be from different sources as they have different marks and features visible on them as you would expect if one person folded a copy this way and another person didn’t fold it but made some pen marks etc. One copy was photographed with a digital camera page by page outside at night (what a job!) while the other two copies had each been properly scanned into one big image and saved in PDF or as a fax image.

Two were emailed to us from Barbados so it looks like at least two people on Barbados have different copies of this lawsuit. The third copy was sent via an anonymous remailer and could have come from anywhere.

The question is – should the Barbados Free Press publish the entire Statement of Claim online for all to see?

We haven’t decided yet, but we’ll make a decision within 24 hours.


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