Minister Of Tourism Noel Lynch To Speak On Future Of Tourism


How dare you – David Ellis, a black person – ask me, a black person, how I became a millionaire. Now some poor little black boy somewhere is not supposed to have any successes at all…

(Our paraphrase of the insane message communicated by Tourism Minister Noel Lynch when journalist David Ellis dared to ask how it is that the Minister’s personal net worth is so outrageously out of line with his politician’s salary. Click on the photo to hear the recording for yourself or click here for the background story to the recording. Hey… who ya gonna believe… a Minister of Government or your own lyin’ ears?)

Why Would Anyone Still Believe One Word He Says?

We haven’t yet figured out if it is a dramatic tragedy or a comedy show that is being advertised next Wednesday at the Barbados Hilton, but we have a gut feeling that neither David Ellis nor Adrian Loveridge are invited!

Lynch to speak on future of tourism

MINISTER of Tourism Noel Lynch will speak on Future Plans For Tourism/The State Of The Tourist Sector on Wednesday at Hilton Barbados.

His presentation will come during the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s annual general meeting which will also be addressed by Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, secretary-general of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation.

There will also be a presentation on the Barbados Tourism Awards by Gabrielle Springer, deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and chairperson of the awards committee.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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43 responses to “Minister Of Tourism Noel Lynch To Speak On Future Of Tourism

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    I can confirm that as of 0800hrs today Sunday 3rd of June 2007, I have NOT yet received an invitation from the Minister of Tourism.

    I am not sure if the Minister would allow me to be in the same hotel as him!

    Should be an interesting meeting telling all the hoteliers and tourism partners just how successful the CWC was.

    Brass Tacks Sunday today will be discussing escalating intra Caribbean airfares and should be interesting.

    Does Barbados now have the highest Departure and other taxes in the region?

  2. Bajanboy

    We should all crash the party.

  3. Chase


    Then all of us would be man handled,beaten and charged for trespassing.
    You really think Lynch don’t read this blog?He just there planning for a situation like this.

  4. John

    Wonder if he will be fielding questions from journlists or the floor?

    Guess if they promise not to read out any emails he might!

  5. Adrian Loveridge


    I somehow do not think so, but perhaps there should be a blogg for UNANSWERED questions on Barbados Tourism!

    I am happy to start the list of questions.

    1. Where have the proceeds from the sale of Eastry House and Silver Rock gone to?

  6. Justasking

    Adrian L. Press story above says “His presentation will come during the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s annual general meeting ….” I am assuming you are a member of BHTA. It is an AGM. Are you saying you have not received an invitation/letter of notice to attend, as would all members of BHTA?. I would not expect that The Minister would be inviting anyone. Maybe your comment about not being invited by Minister was tonge in cheek.

  7. Adrian Loveridge


    No! we are not currently members, but I would think the Minister has discretion.

  8. Justasking

    Adrian L. ,

    I am really surprised you/your hotel are not a member of BHTA. I guess there must be a good reason(s).

  9. Adrian Loveridge



    I thought there was a good reason.

    I was a Director of the BHTA and Chairman of its Marketing Committee when two senior members of the BTA with 24 and 17 years service were sacked.
    It was not the sacking, but the way it was done.
    I felt that the BHTA board should have spoken out against the way these long service employees were terminated.
    Subsequently, their termination became the subject of legal action.

    The BHTA board did not agree, I offered my resignation and it was accepted.

    I still believe in the objectives behind the BHTA but felt that if I could not perhaps excercise my moral views to a level that I was comfortable, that I should not remain a member.

    I enjoyed my time at the BHTA and would like to think I made a useful contribution.

  10. Adrian Loveridge

    While my previous comments are on extensive moderation………

    ‘My (arrivals) are down for the first quarter of the year’

    YES! Minister Lynch, finally you have admitted what most of us were telling you, live on Down to Brass Tacks Sunday.

    Where there is life, there is hope!

  11. anon

    If any of you are not a member of an association would you expect an invitation to the association’s AGM even if your best friend was speaking?

    Isn’t Mr.Loveridge expecting a bit much?

    Perhaps he should tell us why he is not a member of the BHTA.

  12. Bajanboy

    Not all hotels and ancillary services are members of the BHTA. Each company examines the benefits and costs of becoming a member and decides for itself whether that membership is worth it.

  13. Jay


    I am aware that we now have the highest tax. The obvious question is, so what?

    Why can’t we have the highest something?

    I’ve said before, the departure tax is at a fair rate right now based on all the infrastructural work done. That is why the opposition has been so silent on it because they will not decrease it.

  14. Bajanboy

    I also do not think the airport tax is out of line with the investment in the new facility. If this US$30 fee is discouraging intra-regional travel, then the government, through the BTA or the Ministry of Tourism, should look at providing a subsidy along the lines of the Best of Barbados programme.

  15. bajejun

    You guys do not think that $60.00 per person departure tax is too much, especially given the fact that it was $25.00 before, give me a break!!!
    The infastructural changes are nothing short of cosmetics, all the same old complaints remain the same . Getting wet, small departure lounge, poor PA system etc

  16. Adrian Loveridge


    Don’t forget the air conditioning (or rather lack of it).

    Cheapest bookable fare from Barbados to St. Lucia with LIAT is US$40 one way.


    Sales Tax (VAT) US$6
    Passenger Facilititation Fee US$5
    Airport Development tax US$27.50
    Airport Authority Tax US$2.50
    Airport Passenger Tax US$0.37
    Fuel and Insurance Surcharge US$10.25

    Airfare US$40 – Taxes and add-ons US$51.62

    St. Lucia to Barbados.

    Cheapest airfare -US$40

    Taxes and add-ons- US$19.57

    The 140% increase in Airport Departure Tax (call it want you want), the change in criteria regarding age of traveller and intransit pasengers will bring GAIA Inc., a windfall income estimated at over BDS$106 million per year.
    Are they trying to recoup the improvement cost in ONE year?

    Each LOST intra Caribbean traveller will cost Barbados US$128.35 in VAT alone, based on average spend and stay.

  17. John

    I see he is predicting a drop in airfares after the LIAT and Caribbean Star merger.

    Who knows, maybe he’ll be right this time but I am not holding my breath.

    Guess if you guess long enough and often enough sometimes you get it right.

  18. Loveridge tell truth

    Adrian L. Why would you expect an invitation Minister discretion statement is simply put stupid and you know it.

    Come clean……. give us the real reason for your resignation from BHTA…. or should we ask former President Banfield about it?

  19. Somebody Help Barbados

    Noel Lynch is a arrogant clueless wicked minister. In the interview with David he used the black boy card but there is nothing black about Noel Lynch…he was born black but because he was elected to serve he has forgotten that he was even born. he is now a superstar…unapproachable in public and unreproachable because of his statue….

    he is truly an example of what it means to belong to the BLP…Owen must have been thinking about him when he developed the word “negrocrat….”

    He does not even remember the constituents that put him on his high horse…People say all the time that the DLP camp is inexperienced and inadequate…i want to say that before the election Noel Lynch was just an unmannerly man with a big ego…now he is an unmannerly man with a big ego and a ministry…

    At least if nothing else the DLP candidates are personable…that gives them a plus over the BLP anyday….

  20. John

    … an unmannerly man with a big ego before, an unmannerly man with a big ego after ……………..

    Look on the positive side.

    Fame and Fortune did not change him!!

    … as the song “Do’t Cry for me Argentina” goes,

    “… and as for fortune and as for fame, ….. I never invited them in …… they are illusions … “!

    They just came along with the job.

    Just being a little wutless this morning!

  21. Adrian Loveridge

    Loveridge told truth?

    are we related?

    Please by all means ask Allan Banfield or Sue Springer and if you don’t believe them either, its a matter of record, my letter of resignation and the minutes of the Board meeting.

  22. Bajanboy

    Will anyone be going to this meeting?

  23. Bajanboy

    Anyone from this blog, that should read. It would be good to have a first hand account of what was said.

  24. criss cross

    I placing a bet that idiot liar Lynch repeats CWC was Bdos finest hour.

  25. No-Name

    Either you don’t travel often or you are so well off that $60 is not a significant amount of money. oR you are not aware of the type of persons who travel with LIAT on a regular basis. The average traveller is not the business person but the middle and workinf class individuals who have supported LIAT. These persons are extremely loyal to LIAT. The $60 will hurt inter island travel. In fact inter island travel is at an all time low.

    My feeling is that LIAT and CA have both ignored the concerns of the average passenger. They are more focussed on the bottom line but somehow the fare structure makes no sense. CA is now advertising in Trinidad a one way fare of TT$1234 to NY and Toronto. That is slightly more than what it is charging from Barbados to Trinidad…a trip that can take 30 mins. Where is the logic here?

    For the CSME to be successful airfare will have to be lower to encourage the average person to travel. Gov’ts in CSME do not appear to have any short or long term vision as far as transportation is concerned.

    In the end the market forces will take care of these rediculously high fares. I predict that we will see very much reduced fares within the next few months.

  26. Bajanboy

    No Name:

    I believe that GAIA Ltd. should set the departure tax and the security fee at a price to cover its operational costs. Of course, the facility’s operating procedures and the quality of its management decisions should be under public scrutiny to ensure that the facility is operating efficiently while offering services that meet international standards. I have no idea how efficiently the airport is being run, but every time I travel, the experience is pleasant with only a few rough edges.

    If the BTA and the Ministry of Tourism believe that the US$30 service fee is reducing the competitiveness of our tourism product in regional markets, then it should consider offer a monetary incentive.

    I think we should look at the US$30 service fee as a percentage of the total cost of the trip, not just of the air travel component. For a three day business trip either to or from Barbados, the cost of accommodation, per diem expenses, taxis, and the cost of the executive’s time (i.e. daily remuneration) are all real costs associated with the trip, and when looked at in such a holistic manner, the increase of US$17.50 (the difference of the old departure tax compared to the new fees) is really a very small component of the total cost of the trip.

    For shorter trips and for people visiting friends, the additional US$17.50 change may be a more substantial deterrent.

  27. bajejun

    Thanks for the additional information Adrian. It is quite clear that we in Barbados are paying too much just to survive. This government has done very little to help to middle and lower classes in this country. They boast about making this country the envy of the region, but then try to hide the fact that unnecessary burden are placed on the us the tax payers. Case in point CWC, this government goes out of its way to impress, to the point of “Moving Heaven and Earth”, Expensive BMW’s, Rented Cruise Liners, encouraging locals to convert their homes into bed and bath, outlandish promises of a land overflowing with milk and honey, yet it all fails ( and I am not talking about the rainy finals, it failed looong time before that).We the tax payers have to repay every failure. So this is my take, I elected the BLP to run my affairs and they failed, and failed miserably, so like any good businessman , I need my company to survive, So BLP YOU ARE FIRED.

  28. Bajanboy

    Adrian Loverage:

    In your earlier post regarding the add on costs of travelling between Barbados and St. Lucia, what is missing from the St. Lucia – Barbados leg is the US$20 departure tax which is paid at the Castries airport, and not added onto the ticket as it is in Barbados.

    And, anyone who has ever travelled through the Castries airport will tell you, US$20 for the privilege of travelling through that glorified shed is worse value than what Grantley Adams offers.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    Come on MM Lynch give us a break from your nonsense.

  30. Trying to make a comment but


    Comment removed by BFP

    Now children…

    Mummy has been away for only a day and look at what happened! Some of you could not keep out of the kitchen drawer that Mummy asked you not to go into.

    What is Mummy to do with children like this?

    Go to your room, an no sas!

    Auntie Moses

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Can we all come to hear Lynch lie at this meeting this week. He needs some stiff questions being asked of his service to the ministry.

  32. Vortex

    If Lynch was Minister in any other caribbean island he would be looking for a job.

  33. Wishing in Vain

    Vortex you are so right he Mottley and Arthur need to be fired by the people.

  34. Somebody Help Barbados

    not just them…but liz too who was fired brought back and then shuffled…owen like he just can see it is a matter of square peg and round hole…

    EAstmond too…because of her belief that she is somehow better than the averge citizen and more boug than boug itself…business in BArbados tot eh average man is still daunting and no investments are being made on a bigger basis by barbadians..

    then there is wood…one good thing he is purpleheart…but too heavy for the ministry of education…he cluelessness sticks out there more than anywhere else…

    and what of farley? he can’t find the ladybird woodpecker(maybe wood took this cause he liked it so much), bluejay and all the other fancy drawings for the houses liz promise ofr poor people…

    and jerome walcott…only the first lady’s baby gets a christian burial at 23 weeks gestation…to the average person that baby would have been incenerated by the hospital without a second blink…or lost and then the mother accused of being crazy like what happened to the lady who had twins…remember Barbados?


    wunna lucky bajans ein got a mentality like mine or we would be out in the streets MARCHING everyday until OWEN CALL THE ELECTION….

  35. Bajanboy

    So, can anybody report on what lies Barney told today?

  36. John


    All I can say is I heard him talking about some master plan for tourism on TV tonight.

    Guess it was at the BHTA dooda.

    Also saw him with a shovel moving some rocks.

    Would have been more appropriate to have given him a sledge let him break rocks.

  37. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘He (Minister Lynch) said that recently there was a lot of talk that condominium development was tearing down traditional development, thereby creating a net loss of rooms to the sector’.

    ‘Numbers in hotels, guest houses and apartments have actually increased, moving 6,249 in 2000 to 6,403 in 2006’.

    So a net increase of 154 rooms?

    What about the 25 hotels that have closed over the last 12 years and this does not include the prolonged absence of the room stock at Casuarina and the reduced room capacity at Silver Rock!

    Lynch went on ‘Add to that figure 1,500 villas and that number moves even further ahead to almost 8,000 marketable rooms’.

    What actually does this ‘1,500 villas’ figure mean?

    Are they ‘villas’ or are they villa rooms and does this figure include condominiums (buildings) or condominium rooms?

    Whatever, the ‘1,500’ figure relates to is almost irrelevant UNLESS these rooms are available to rent and rentable for a substantial proportion of the entire year.

    And it seems yet again, no-one has (in the words of one talkshow moderator), the testicular fortitude to call Minister Lynch to account for the:

    ‘90,000’ long stay visitors for the week of the CWC final.
    plus ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’

    ‘700 yachts’

    ‘NO LOAN’ to charter Carnival Destiny.

    and quite unbelievably, ‘Barbados Finest Hour’.

    It seems the tourism industry on Barbados is happy to have Minister Lynch dictating their future!

  38. John

    …… We know how to take anything the Minister says which has in a number.

    Doing his numbers seems to be a real problem for him.

  39. Wishing in Vain

    This idiot Lynch is stating that there is a grand plan in the offering for the tourism sector, I wonder who else in his ministry knows about this plan?? if we take past happens as anything to go by this may well be one of his pie in the sky lies that he is famous for.
    Such an idiot he is, why do we still have him destroying our vital industry???

  40. Student

    My only wish for the future of tourism is that it is without Lynch.

  41. Auditor

    Vincent Vanterpool Wallace makes for interesting reading. He is Secrtary General of CTO and clearly has a mind of his own. Is he Jamaican or out of OECS? Wherever he from Barbados could do with him and Adrian Loveridge as knowledgeable and believable tourism experts. Wallace without a doubt is not intimidated by fellows like Jean Holder, Owen Arthur and certainly not Mister Arrogance Barney Lynch. Wallace is an intellectual. Lynch is not. Without mentioning Lynch he asserts below that Lynch talking foolishness about CWC and Liat airfares.
    Thu Jun 07 2007
    By Shawn Cumberbatch
    CARIBBEAN destinations are counting broken eggs after putting them all in the Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 basket.
    Barbados and other islands dependent on the tourism dollar also need to urgently set competitive airfares, otherwise the current too few seats at too high prices could hurt intra-regional travel and make the Caribbean unattractive to travellers generally.
    This is according to Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) Secretary-General Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, who was speaking yesterday at the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Associations annual general meeting at Hilton Barbados.
    Vanderpool-Wallace said it appears that the region had depended to much on the success of CWC.We were overly confident about how good this was going to go for us and we found that it did not. The one lesson that we learned is that no matter how much we expect to come from someplace else, we must aggressively pursue our regular business, he asserted.
    He stated that while tourism industry players have learnt their CWC lessons the hard way, it is not too late to solve the airfares challenge. His solution was for a regional open skies policy and standardisation of civil aviation rules.
    Although that was a concern, it was the area of the cost of travel within and to the region from international destinations that really concerned the CTO boss…..

  42. Wishing in Vain

    Is anyone giving any thought to the fact that Pemberton and Patterson are seeking to bring in as many as a 1000 workers for this project , this 100 imports was only to test the waters and to see how it would be tolerated.
    Our issues are only now starting if he wants to operate here let him pay we bajans or caricom residents for our services not import cheap labour that is unfair to the rest of us and chances are that this will add to ever growing tally of those that come to our shores and never leave again.
    Have you notice how many **************** restaurants we are seeing popping up around this island????


    Discussing issues of cultural differences, demographic changes or the impact of mass importation of lower-paid workers is proper. Racial slurs are not.

    Stop it right now. How dare you use a racial term against another race. This will stop. First last and final warning.