Patrick Porter Writes To Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Dear Mr. Harper

As a supporter of yours and a Barbadian citizen living in Canada I suggest that you postpone your trip to Barbados.

From all the reports that I have read coming out of Barbados, it seems as though the Government there is starting to suppress free speech. Please contact your Ambassador there and let him advise you of the recent terror tactics used against a certain Adrian Loveridge, in order to keep him quiet. I would suggest that you seriously reconsider your trip there as you would not want to be seen as a supporter of this corrupt Government.

Barbados used to be a great country until the present administration took over. I love my former home a lot and really hate to see what is going on there.

You and your family and always in my thoughts and prayers.

Patrick Porter


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84 responses to “Patrick Porter Writes To Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

  1. PiedPiper

    Thank You, Mr. Porter!

  2. Lady Anon

    Patrick, glad to see you up and about. You were in my thoughts only this week.

  3. Chase

    Good old Patrick Porter:

    Glad to have you back man,this place ain’t the same without you.Happy to hear about your successful surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Apart from a back pain ,all is well with me and the family.
    Just take it easy and get well soon …we miss you.
    Best wishes to you and family.

  4. Citizen First

    I disagree strongly with Mr Porter’s action. There is no proof or even suggestion (other than this blog)that any of the incidents involving Mr A. Loveridge (re grass fire, attempted break-in, etc) were caused by any agents of the Government. While the behaviour of some ministers of Government have been less than politic, I am not aware of any attempt to supress free speech in Barbados unless one is making reference to the long established libel laws.

  5. crossroads

    Mr Porter is clearly a very gulliable person, that he would flat out belive everything he reads on this or any site. ( this is my assumtion based on the letter he has written). Lets stop the spectculating people, get the facts and they we can shout…………….and shout loud.

  6. crossroads

    By the way, anyone read the Advocate Editorial today. Intresting comments

  7. crossroads

    Maybe, Mr Porter should read it.

  8. John


    Glad to hear you are up and about.

    Don’t let the mess in Barbados interfere with your recovery. It will work out.

  9. Get In The Action

    Patrick, I admire your love for this country but I have to say that you may have been a bit over-zealous in your actions. I agree that there are a lot of coincidences in all of these incidents against Adrian L, however to write Steven Harper about “suppression of free speach” and “terror tactics” is a bit much.

    We still have every right to voice our opinions and can do so freely. The opposition has weekly columns in both newspapers. Kelman, Eversley and before him Sandiford Garner, opponents of the government, have individual columns where they are allowed to freely express anti-government views. Independent commentators like Richard Hoad, Rickey Singh and Peter Wickham freely rake the GOB over the coals when necessary. Any member of the public can call into the VOB shows.

    All is far from right, but are we at the point where we are terrorized for expressing our views? I think not.

    It’s good to have you on this blog again.

  10. Marcus2

    Prime Minister Harper does not have the time to deal with such nonsense letters. Prime Minister Harper knows very well that every country has its fair share of crazies such as Adrian Loverage.

  11. Lady Anon

    Marcus 2!!! Nice to see you are still up and about. Question though, no response to the tourism numbers?

  12. Patrick Porter


    Stephen Harper is a friend of mine and I worked for the Conservatives in the last election and will do so again in the nest one,will use every influence to see that he does not come to Barbados. Mr. Harper is a believer in human rights and just had legislation passed to stop corruption in this country. So do you think that he will come to Babados knowing what I am going to tell him?

  13. Patrick Porter

    I am not a guillable person as back in the 1986 elections I was called several times and threatened by BLP supporters that if I did not stop supporting Keith Simmons that my family would be dealt with, so I know who I am up against. A band of thugs, who have not learned from the Tom Adams days that power belongs to the people and not to a few individuals

  14. Citizen First

    Get in the Action,

    Thank you for your post with which I concur. However I call to question Mr Porter’s “love for this country” (I assume you mean Barbados). I do this based on two facts – 1. He does not live here but in Canada and 2. His willingness to spread untruths about Barbados re: his letter to the Canadian Prime Minister.

  15. Get In The Action


    Never would have pegged you as a Conservative. Great party, until Mulrooney got hold of it. After over a decade in the wilderness it’s good to see them back. A lot of parallels to Barbadian politics. Like the Conservatives, the DLP have been out of power for 13 years following a period of poor leadership that left a negative stigma with the electorate. The Liberals lost the last election on the back of corruption allegations, making way for Harper’s narrow win.

    The next election will be interesting – do you think the parallels will continue?

  16. crossroads

    Mr Porter, with all due respect, I am sure this type of threating behaviour is not displayed only by the BLP or their supporters. I am sure that all Goverments in power at one point or the other have acted similarly. Your personal expericences are unfortunate, however I would not single out just one party and cast the label of “terroist” or “thugs” upon them. Again, lets get the facts and treat each situiation with the merit it deserves.

  17. Get In The Action

    Citizen First

    I firmly believe that yourself, Patrick, Adrian L, Rumple, John, Wishing in Vain, ??, Concerned and most of the posters on this site have an intense love of this country. Despite our disagreements on policies, and our different political affiliations, that nationalism is common to us all. And maybe that is what inflames such passion in our comments and our actions.

    I have to agree with you on this one, I would not have sent that letter to Stephen Harper.

  18. Old Timer

    I thoroughly applaud Patrick Porter’s action in writing to Mr. Harper. For too long Barbados has been a society of “fraidy cats”, doing the ostrich trick and pretending that everything in Barbados is hunky dorey, when in fact it is a ticking time bomb, and its about time someone lifts the cover off the lid. As the Aussies say, “good on yer, mate!”

  19. Old Timer

    Sorry, that should be “lifts the cover off the pot”!

  20. Patrick Porter

    Get in the action

    Maybe it is time for people outside to know what really is going on inBarbados and there is no where better to start than at the top of the stream. You may not agree with what I did however there is something called free speech and that is my right to do that. I will not be silenced for any reason and will tell the world what is going on at home. The other comment that I don’t live in Barbados, maybe I can see things that the rest of your can not, because you are too close to the action. The Conservatives will win the next election in Canada because the Liberals have a weak leader and one who is seen as from the old party
    Bajans need to wake up and take matters into their hands for the next election. I am not saying that the BLP is all bad just some of the people involved with it. When a party had been in power for too long they take it for granted that they have the right to do whatever they feel and are not responsible to the electorate, the same thing happened to the DLP in the 90’s. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely

  21. Curiously amused

    I find this very presumptuous on the part of Mr. Porter.

    Aside from this, I hate the BLP more than anybody else after being burned by them already, but who will the electorate vote for? The D’s?

    BFP you have adopted an attitude that the D’s are just as bad as the B’s until proven innocent and you are very negative about anything they say as well.

    Pray tell, if we are to dispose of the corrupt Prime Minister and his cabinet…who do you suggest we vote for?

  22. crossroads

    Mr Porter “When a party had been in power for too long they take it for granted that they have the right to do whatever they feel and are not responsible to the electorate, the same thing happened to the DLP in the 90’s. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”


  23. Old Timer

    Curiously amused: I doubt you’ll get an answer to that question – I’ve asked it and never got an answer. So … I think we’re left to conclude that we should either not vote at all, or vote for Coming-Soon and the PEP. What other choice is there?

  24. anon

    Patrick Porter ( if that is your real name) why would you jump to conclusions about the Adrian loveridge incident you wrote about!!! Do you not agree that everyone is innocent until proven guilty or is it that you are recommending for the government to follow the principle of everyone is guilty until proven innocent

  25. Marcus2

    Adrian Loveridge is a trouble maker, plain and simple.

  26. Jerome Hinds

    June 2nd, 2007 at 6:42 pm
    Adrian Loveridge is a trouble maker, plain and simple.


    You meant to say…..Owen Arthur !

    To you again marcus 2……..why does Owen Arthur remain silent on the BRUTAL treatment of the opposition in ZIMBABWE ?

  27. Patrick i applaud your actions. People outside of Bim needs to know what goes on there. Many years ago i was threathen in a forum by someone who thought that my opinions where anti-Barbados; when i fact they were anti the government of the day (for some people the government is the country) I informed them that the best thing the GoB can do is court Bajans over in away as they will failed to instill fear in us the way they do Bajans at home. My guess that Gline Murray (Consul General to Canada) has failed to convert you with the initiative and effor that to be a be patriotic Bajan in Canada is to ignore and or be quiet about the actions of this corrupt lot of BLP thugs and vagabands. While ther is no concrete evidence to support the implications of the BLP organization in the intimidating tactics carried out against Adrian L i will rely on my “perception” of them to concluded that these actions are not beneath this lot. Peception doesn’t only matter at election time, it should matter at all times and with anything involving or rumoured to involve the political class, in particular the ones with access to the public trough.

  28. Patrick Porter

    I would not use any other than my name, I am not a coward and will stand up for the people of Barbados where ever I go. But will also not alow a Government regardless of which one to hurt them in any way. I notice you use a fictitious one, so that is the pot calling the kettle black

  29. Patrick Porter

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest sympathy to the family of a dear friend of mine who passed away this week after suffering years of fighting cancer. His name was Ian Banfield and he was an interesting person, he was cut down in his 50’S. Banny as he was known believed in life but took death into his stride. May he rest in peace and may God guide and comfort his family. RIP Banny my old friend

  30. anon

    Patrick porter

    Dont you think that your letter ( if in fact you sent it) to the prime minister of canada will cause severe damage to Barbados.

  31. Thistle

    Anon: Knock, knock, anybody at home? Who is causing more severe damage to Barbados than Owen Seymour Arthur? Get real.

  32. John


    anon must be new around here!!

    Still wet behind the ears!

    Man its is good to see you back!

  33. Patrick Porter

    If you want his personal e-mail address I can give it to you, the BFP have the original with the PM’S personal address, so check with them and they would not have published it unless they knew it was correct

  34. Patrick Porter

    It is not the one that I wrote to Stephen, but the one that I wrote to the Globe and Mail, but in that one I didn’t mention the Loveridge incident, as I don’t want that plastered all over the country. In that one I wrote about the corruption of the Government of Barbados. I have sent more people to Barbados over the last 20 years than most travel agents, as I do a lot of speaking at schools etc and I give Barbados a big plug, always.
    I love Barbados to the max and would not do anything to hurt it’s people, just to get rid of the present administration and their band of bandits

  35. hfti

    “Adrian Loveridge is a trouble maker, plain and simple.” someone said

    A more accurate and truthful assessment would be that A.L. is a trouble-REVEALER.
    Government has Trouble/s,
    and A.L. reveals and talks about it.

    Verra uncool in a small island-nation/can-of-worms situation.
    He’s a trouble-maker for government, who would prefer that it’s inner state not be revealed,
    but by and large A.L. is just a businessman involved in the fickle business of Tourism,
    seeking to improve the island’s tourism product, and indirectly, his own stake in it.

    Can’t gi’ de man wrong fuh dat,
    but yes for the BLP standpoint, I could see how he is “a trouble-maker”
    coz he mekking trouble for the BLP
    — no-one else!

  36. sick and fed up sylvan

    Patrick, horaay to you! Time somebody had the guts to call a spade a spade about the abuses of the Owen Arthur bunch. If Stephen Harper comes to Barbados, the BLP may try to use the visit to put a spin on it that how the international community respects Mr Arthur. If only Barbadians knew what comments are made behind closed doors about the goings on in Barbados nowadays. Owen Arthur is depriving a lot of Barbadians of a basic human right – the right to food — because his policies have pushed up the cost of living. He has done nothing to ease poor pensioners, single mothers, families. How many school girls are forced because of Owen Arthur’s economic policies to prostitute to get money to eat and go to school? Joey Harper should talk about that! These are people Owen Arthur said he wanted to rescue. Free speech is under attack. If you do not come out and support the BLP, you can get a call early in the morning and be washed with curse. BLP yardfowls come up to you and threaten you and your family … how they will make you lose your job. Why don’t people talk about these things? When you love your country, you must not turn a blind eye to wrongdoing. You have a duty to stand up and be counted even if it means going international because people like Owen Arthur get the message when pressure comes from outside of Barbados.

  37. Anonymous

    cost of living in Barbados is prohibitive or approaching that! Barbados is now for the rich.
    Jes now the lesser people gyne get into crime big time, prostitution whatever it takes, stealing stealing
    little things. not a nice future any more.
    Barbados dollar done devalue, thanks to blp policies and failures and thiefing!

  38. I support Patrick Porter and denouce the wolves in sheep clothings posting in here. Don’t think that you are hidden with your middle of the road language. Keep going P.P.

  39. PiedPiper

    You know it tears me up to see what has happened to what was once the shining light of the Caribbean fallen to the same greed and corruption of what Bajans considered to be 3rd world nations. Barbados used to be above that and held themselves proud to be a going concern and an example of a Nation that had freed itself of colonial trappings to bring itself forward on the world stage.
    Greed, avarice and selfserving bureauocrats have destroyed that dream and they have no shame. The big up houses and the Mercedes have been gained on the backs of hard working Bajans who have placed their faith in Democracy and their Vote.
    I urge all Bajans to carefully consider where their most valuable and important right under the constitution is utilized.

  40. No-Name

    Why don’t you send us Prime Minister Harper’s email address so that we can all express our views on Arthur. Better yet send Prime Minister Harper a link to BFP.

  41. Thistle

    Don’t you think that a liaison officer, or someone from the Canadian High Commission is monitoring these blogs? I would be surprised if they weren’t.

  42. PiedPiper

    No Name…..that link has already been sent to The Prime Minister’s office in Canada

  43. reality check

    congratulations Patrick!!!

    I suppose the roughing up of Adrian Loveridge at a BLP meeting in Oistins several years ago was an unexplained accident as well?

    These defenders of the “indefensible” are a real trip were it not for the fact that the damage they are doing to basic human rights and the economy are immeasurable.

    The Conservatives got into power in Canada for the same reason of what is going on in Barbados now—corruption with a party that has been in power too long, and has become arrogant and deceitful.

    Hopefully Harper will not endorse this regime by rubbing shoulders with the new Mugabe. It will not be a great signal to the world for a country that respects human rights.

  44. Hants

    I would like to know what evidence of corruption Patrick Porter has given to Stephen Harper.
    I can understand if you say that the Government of Barbados is mis spending money, wasting money on Kensington ,Greenland etc. but surely you are not going to write the prime minister of Canada and ask him to act on an accusation of corruption unless you have proof.
    If you have proof of corruption then let us see it.
    I have seen gross incompetence in some instances but corruption requires hard evidence.
    While you are at it Patrick, give Barbados a helping hand and beg Stephen Harper not to change the Tax Treaty because a lot of good Bajans could lose their jobs..
    How about the Lobbying of Politicians and Government Departments for contracts which is a normal practise in Canada.
    Bannister learned very well from the experts in Toronto.
    I guess Patrick Porter, next you will be asking your friend Harper to send in CSIS with JTF2 as backup.
    We should all remember the 2 pillars of the Barbados economy. Tourism and Tax Haven.
    Imagine the headline across Canada and on CNN.
    “Canadian Prime Minister cancels trip to Barbados because of corrupt regime’s surpression of Press Freedom.”
    I am betting that Stephen Harper will have dinner with Owen in Barbados.


    Comment by BFP

    Perhaps the evidence that could be presented to Prime Minister Harper could be nothing more than the stories that Hants has commented on at BFP, including Hants’ own comments.

  45. samizdat

    I’d like to hear Adrian Loveridge’s thoughts on all this.

    Does he believe he’s been targetted by BLP thugs, and has Patrick Porter spoken to him about the incidents?

    One other small point for all you sticklers for accuracy out there.

    Lord Acton’s actual words were:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (1887)

  46. Thistle

    Hants: Are you the REAL Hants that we’re accustomed to reading on here? Strange. One thing I agree with though, and that is that P.M. Stephen Harper’s visit will go ahead regardless. I’m sure the Canadian High Commission would be advising him.

  47. Inkwell

    Porter’s action of writing the posted letter to the Canadian Prime Minister is an example of the possible dangerous results of over zealous political partisanship. He takes what he reads on an internet blog, for Heaven sake, willingly swallows it as gospel and without providing one shred of evidence proceeds to malign the name of Barbados to the head of a foreign government. How close is that to treason? Presumptuous and irresponsible at the very least.

    His accusations of Government “starting to suppress free speech” and claims of terror tactics against political opposition fall way short of the truth and go way beyond the pale of what can be considered acceptable.

    But I wouldn’t worry too much. There is a very efficient Canadian embassy here who will see this letter for what it is and put in proper perspective for their Prime Minister.

  48. PiedPiper

    Inkwell and others of your mind set, I have e-mailed the Conservative Party of Canada as well and gave them the link to BFP so that they can read, inquire and determine for themselves what the truth is. This is called FREEDOM OF SPEACH AND THE PRESS which is the foundation of DEMOCRACY and is not even remotely close to TREASON.

  49. Patrick Porter


    It is fine for you and your likes to sit in the cone of wealth, while the rest of the country suffers. I am NOT a traitor, far from it I am a person that loves Barbados more than most. But I will not stand by and see what happened to A Loveridge happen to others
    Maybe by exposing this cone of silence that you have in Barbados, then we will have a true and free country
    The PM of Canada will come to Barbados, but at least his eyes will be open and will talk to other people other than the ruling party.
    When the ruling party is threatened, they will send our their dogs to tear everyone apart, freedom of speech, freedom to expose what is wrong,freedom of the press. That is what democracy is. Maybe you should check it out, instead of following the ruling party down the road to disaster. I am not lead by political partianship, as I did the same thing to the DLP when they went astray. I am thinking of the people of Barbados and not the party.
    I did not malign the good name of Barbados, but have brought something that needs the attention of an independent person. I would never hurt Barbados in any way, but you know the saying “no pain no gain”
    So when you want to attack me go ahead, but never ever call me a traitor to Barbados, because that is the most stupid and ignorant statement that can be made

  50. No-Name

    Good work!
    Hants/Inkwell et al,
    Exactly what aspect of this corruption don’t you believe? Do you have evidence that there is no corruption?

    Barbados is a small place. If you keep your ears to the ground and know who to talk to you can get reliable information. People like to talk and sometimes there are under the unfluence of the unbreakable. And then you get to know who owns what and you know that based on the salary of a Minister there is no way they could afford to own the said assets.

    Check with AJAK and Jose & Jose and ask the CEOs how much money they pay Mia Mottley on a regular basis.

    Ask Wuk for Wuk how he came about the house that was acquired by Gov’t.

  51. Citizen First

    Mr Porter suffers from delusions of grandeur – “loves Barbados more than most”. I don’t know the Canadian Prime Minister but I too can claim to have his e-mail address, etc and can even refer to him as “Stephen”. To prove it here is the information, feel free to use it, tell “Stephen” Citizen First sent you…

    Email Address

    Mailing Address
    The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
    Prime Minister of Canada
    Office of the Prime Minister
    80 Wellington Street
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A2

    Phone Number
    (613) 992-4211

    Fax Number
    (613) 941-6900

  52. Patrick Porter

    Citizen First

    That is his mailing address and his work e-mail address. Good work on digging up that work address, must have taken you all night. I don’t suffer from visions of “grandeur”, never have and never will. But the people you are defending have as they want more and more from the poor people of Barbados

  53. Chase

    Hi Patrick:

    Shouldn’t you be resting and taking it easy?
    Don’t be drawn into these kind of topics to raise you blood pressure and make you sick.Remember,you have a xmas visit to look forward to.
    Say what you mean,mean what you say and forget about what others think.
    Try and get some rest and recover fully.

  54. Anonymous4

    Citizen First, at least you are not gullible like many on here. “Loves Barbados more than most”? An insult to Bajans, sir.

  55. Patrick Porter

    You are right and thanks for the thought. I will sign off now for the rest of the day. Anonymous4, an insult is to stand by and do nothing while Rome burns, it is your kind that has allowed Barbados to become what it has, you Sir are the insult to Barbados

  56. Chase

    Good for you.
    Remember…..insults are taken …not given.

  57. John

    Wuh loss Patrick

    You certainly stirred up a hornets nest, … or should I say bee hive.

    … but Chase is right.

    Take it easy and don’t let all this raise your blood pressure.

  58. FamilyB

    Looks to me like the trough piggies have learned a thing or two from Animal Farm … feed the other creatures a scrap or two from the trough, and you have loyal dogs to defend you!!

  59. Patrick Porter

    To ALL

    I started something going here t see how far people would go to insult me and see to see to what lengths they would go to defend the BLP and the Owing Arthur piggies, well it proved my point, that the Arthur people can pull the wool over everyones eyes and have them feeding at the trough as well.
    Yes I did send an e-mail to Stephen Harper, but do any of you in all honesty think that for one minute that Prime Minister Harper has time to read every e-mail, I doubt it. Yes I do have his private e-mail address, but do you think that I would insult Barbados that much by sending an e-mail to him regarding what I sent to his public address, no I would not, I have lead you all along to see how many real BLP supporters would come out of the woodwork and insult me, well quite a few did. I must admit that I had a really good laugh since yesterday, knowing what I was planning and to see it play out, without saying anything to anyone about my plans. I can say to the BLP supporters on this site is “I GOT YA”. Now you can not hide behind the curtains anymore. Yes Mr. Harper will be more aware because of the scam I started and will keep his eyes and ears open when he comes to Barbados. However you must admit that it got fairly intersting there for awhile to see the Arthurites trying to defend his bunch of bandits. To Chase and all those who defended me Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to the BFP you were wonderful, even though you did not know what I was doing and trying to pull off a great big THANK YOU. To Old Timer, thanks for your help and will have some more Bournevita, but not too much as it will make me sleepy. Have a good day all

  60. Hants

    Patrick Porter, to come on this board and scam people is repulsive.

    Supporters of the DLP are seriously trying to point out the problems created by this BLP Administration and you come here with your nonsense.

    As DLP supporters continue to hammer at the problems facing Barbados we certainly don’t need jokers in our camp.

    Jerome Hinds over to you. We need a revised list of the Mistakes and Money wasting by this BLP Government.

  61. Patrick Porter

    Hants grow up. Now you know the real BLPites from the hidden ones. It was an excercise to see how far they would go to insult me, just imagine how far they would go to get back into power. Now that the fact finging mission is over I can go back to the real attack of the BLP, but not today or tomorrow

  62. samizdat


    I’m sure you meant well, Patrick Porter, but I have to say this is all rather lame and puerile.

    A lot of us who commented are quite sure there’s filthy corruption going down in Bim. All we were doing was questioning your tactics and and political good sense in this instance, and asking whether you’d checked your facts before (as you led us to believe) wrote to Mr Harper.

    I don’t think you succeeded in flushing out many (if any) Arthurite “piggies” at all. What you have done, I’m sure unintentionally, is undermine the importance of this blog as a truth-speaking forum by your ill-judged little spoof.

    Perhaps you should recall the old story of the little boy who cried “wolf”….

  63. Patrick Porter

    Goodbye to all, I shall be leaving the site as it seems that my intentions to flush out the Aurthurites are not appreciated. Good Luck to you all and to Barbados, I wish her well in the comng years. To Chase and all I shall not be returning at Christmas. Goodbye and good luck

  64. Citizen First

    Porter did not fool anyone. He is quite deluded. Posters objected to the charge of supression of free speech and other than that there was no defense of anyone (review the posts). I never thought that he has any influence with anyone in Canada (not even at the schools he claims to speak to) hence the delusion of grandeur comment. However by his own admission we now know that he is a premeditated liar as well.

  65. John


    I am not getting it.

    You wrote to Mr. Harper as PM of Canada suggesting that he postpone his trip to Barbados.

    You suggested that the GOB is beginning to suppress Free Speech and referred to terror tactics.

    Are you saying now that you did not, …. or that you did not address your letter to Mr. Howard in his personal capacity as Mr. Howard?

    What is the scam?

    That you did not infact write to the PM of Canada, or that you did not write to Mr. Howard, your friend?

    Is it that you are saying that you emailed, but did not actually write the PM of Canada?

    Given the effect an email had on the minister of Tourism, then certainly an email is as deadly as a letter?

    I guess I am missing something here.

    It is good to see you back.

    I would not have thought of emailing or writing the PM of Canada suggesting he postpone his trip to Barbados just I would not have thought of writing/emailing the UN asking that the next elections in Babados be supervised.

    But that is me. I am slow.

    Now I know the options exist I think they are worthy avenues to follow so that red flags can be raised about Barbados …… and red flags do need to be raised about Barbados.

    We know both BLP and DLP supporters are at work on the site. It is difficult for any of them to hide given the topics discussed. There is no need to unmask them, they do it themselves.

    BFP is too important to be misused for political agendas. Because of its (BFP’s) nature, it is difficult to hide a political agenda.

    I learned on this site that if you have something to say, just say it. Stick to your principles and you can’t go wrong.

    Sometimes the discussion will force you to reexamine a principle and help you get to a better position.

    Don’t try to trick anyone into the open. A person with no principles will expose themselves all by themselves because they are unable to defend a position that has been given to them and they have not staked out.

    If you have nothing to say or prefer silence, just keep quiet.

  66. Inkwell


    Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are not synonymous with license to slander and willfully spread lies. That is why there are libel laws. Admittedly those of Barbados are archaic and badly in need of modernization, but something is needed to prevent the type of runaway idiocy like that we have seen from Patrick Porter in this and other posts.

    Many are the accusations and innuendos of corruption hurled about on this site. All that reasonable people are asking is where is the proof?

    Porter’s nonsense only tends to trivialize the serious efforts of those who are discussing the future of politics and governance in Barbados with a view to bringing about desired change

  67. North Star

    This too is my last posting because when I read crap like this it makes me very cognizant of how dumb many of the contributors are about what life is really all about in the twenty first century.

    First and foremost sites like this is monitored 24/7 by Governments all over the world to see that nothing of importance is or has been written by radicals that might be a threat to the security of or threat to their nations. If I am not mistaken the founders of the BFP claimed their site was being hit/monitored by NASA and other unusal sources.

    In addition the Canadian, USA, UK and other Governments who have embasies in Barbados monitor very carefully all press sources to keep their Governments fully informed about contentious issues and propaganda that is making the press that involves everything from the minutest detail to the most complex.

    Take crime for instance while Barbados and many Caribbean Nations play this social scourge down as being minimal in their Nations when one reads the travel warnings posted by overseas Governments it is clear to see that they know the facts for what they are and are not taken in by BS.

    Instead of worrying about Porter writing the PM of Canada why are you not worrying about the BIG ISSUES, like what has happened about all of the other assaults writers on this blog complain about on Democracy and no one pays them any attention? Are they not yet getting the message no one cares about their concerns?

    In the Nation News today the DLP candidate in her weekly column (Layne Clarke I believe but not sure) is talking about “gossipers” this is only a few days before she was complaining about the assault on the reporters and then forgetting it or discounting it as nothing of importance by her silence. I have heard nothing further about it from David Thompson either.

    Man you people deserve everything the Government or anyone else does to you because none of you including the Government you want elected has the balls to do anything about it either because no one takes you seriously because you don’t take yourselves seriously. You jump from one subject to another resloving none!

    The DLP is as ineffective as many of the commentators on this blog and know damn well that they have to be very careful on who they trod with their political rhetoric.

    Look at the nonsense in the last posted Advocate written by a DLP hack suggesting Thompson will take back the countryside and fields of Barbados. Why is Thompson not saying this publicly himself and what about protecting Graeme Hall and the myriad other things the average Bajan feels important to them. What about the water shortage, QEH woes etc why is Thompson not personally telling the people of Barbados what he is going to do about these things?

    When in New York two or three months ago Thompson said he would be making public his political platform early as unusal as that might be. Has he because I have not seen it!

  68. Rumplestilskin

    North Star, Cheerio.

    You have made some valid points on the prioritization of issues firstly and then on the methods used by the Opposition to post its challenge to the current administration.

    I too agree that the Opposition must be vocal, with valid concerns and issues and relentless in its task.

    Nevertheless, I do believe that this blog has served a purpose that the hosts categorically stated was unintentional in their original idea.

    Its purpose has effectively been to provide an alternate channel for idea ‘venting’ and issues to be highlighted, to such an extent that both major newspapers obviously monitor for their own guidance.

    Further, with the use of the internet nowadays I believe that ideas hereby vented do reach the ‘average’ Barbadian. As such, there will be an impact on the outlook and ‘perceptions’, that important concept, both in our daily lives and significantly as we come towards an election.

    The blog, as you rightly state is undoubtedly monitored by international organisations and we should be thankful for this, because in todays world, international organisations and connections are in themselves guardians of democracy.

    International ‘observers’ have the intelligence and capacity to separate the incongrous from the significant and I for one am happy that we should be subject to assessment for rational thought.

    I can sleep at night and have nothing to hide, it is when one has something to hide that one worries about who is looking, no?

    Indeed, in times of extreme political turbulence, should such ever occur, it is to the international community that citizens must inevitably look for assistance in seeking improvment in their lives.

    Finally, we all make decisions in life and as I have noted before, the importance of this blog, albeit unintended, cannot be underestimated.

    We are at a crossroads and decisions made today will impact greatly on tomorrow.

    Which is why your reference to the Oppositions’ position of ”know damn well that they have to be very careful on who they trod with their political rhetoric.” is itself important.

    The reality is that the Opposition cannot afford to pander to the needs of a few. Due the social and economic position today, time is short and time for action is now.

    From a more philosophical viewpoint in any case, an Opposition must strive to lead the Nation with sound and good intentions as well as financial prudence.

    A Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

    Only that will do.

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  70. Marcus2

    I am always warning BFP about publishing information which they can not verify.
    This is another nail in their coffin. The sad thing about it is the fact that they don’t seem to be learning anything!

  71. Red Lake Lassie

    Marcus2 blames BFP for everything that everybody posts, in this case for publishing a letter from a reader to the Canadian PM.

    Is there anything at all that you like about this blog and us readers Marcus2? Or is it that you don’t like free speach ?

  72. Marcus2

    I am the voice of common sense, which appears to be in short supply of this Blog.

  73. Jerome Hinds


    On the subject of commonsense !

    I just got a call from a friend….saying that in St. Peter, Haynesley Benn launched his campaign there in Grand style.

    Over 2000 persons and the election date ain’t announce yet !

    Seems as though Haynesley gine ” Benn – up ” Owen Arthur !

    I am told , Haynesley’s no – nonsense presentation made a lot of sense…..Commonsense that is.

    You are yet to tell us…..why Owen Arthur remains so silent on the targetting of the opposition in Zimbabwe ?

  74. North Star

    Rumple as usual good comments that I accept in the spirit that they were intended.

    Yes the people have a forum by way of the BFP to vent and that is very useful and is something that is sadly lacking in the mainstream press. But what I am trying to say using the example of the reporters incident at the QEH and all the others important to BFP commentators is this.

    The politicians themselves (DLP) have to get on board and go on the public record not remain mute. I suggest 75% of the BFP commentators are DLP yet the DLP says nothing in support of any of their postings. Are they ashamed to be associated with the BFP? Are they only commenting in the “Mainstream” press one that they have gone on the public record themselves as saying is Government controlled? Why support a party that is not supporting you in the BFP?

    But here is another point of mine missed in one of my postings about the “reporters” treatment. Some on this blog felt the outcome of that incident should be determined by the law not the people. Yet everyone claims that the investigation into such incidents are always covered up. But my point that was missed was this.

    The law has the ultimate responsibility in getting to the bottom of what really happened but that does not prevent the Opposition and members of the public to keep up the heat in the press about the incident and it’s assault on the freedom of the press. In large countries the attack on Government about an incident as important as press freedom would go on for months or until the Government was pressured by it to act. Opposition Party’s would have a field day in Parliament about it and it would not go away until the Govbernment guranteed a full an open inquiry into the incident. Not so in Barbados.

    In Barbados this incident like most has so far generated and I stand to be corrected one letter to the editor in the Mainstream press and all has gone silent on this Blog about it including the Opposition. Hardly suggesting to me that the incident really meant anything to the majority or the Opposition.

    Until the commentators of this Blog can get mainstream Barbadians and the Opposition to participate with them. I personally feel that this forum will continue to be an exchange as you say between the various contributors with ideas, comments etc with the rest of the islands populace ignoring them as a benign group in having any influence on what goes on in Bim.
    Cheeeers and keep up the good fight!

  75. Yardbroom

    Citizen First

    (1) Partick Porter does not live here.
    (2) He is spreading untruths about Barbados.

    All the Barbados Prime Ministers of recent years, have spent some time abroad, as a matter of fact most Commonwealth Prime Ministers have spent considerable time abroad, from there home countries. To suggest that because someone has spent, or is spending time abroad they do not love their country of birth, is worthy of no more comment.

    Patrick Porter has expressed an opinion, that he has taken it further than I would find it necessary, is neither here nor there. However to “castigate” him, because he is supposed to have taken a course of action, that I might or might not agree with, seems on the face of it unfair.

    Most of us on this blog are expressing opinions, in some instances based on allegations. Some might appear to have more weight than others, but they are just opinions. Some times I disagree strongly with what others have said, but I hope there is some balance in what I have said in response.

    Sometimes people can make an error of judgement, but we should always remember that to error is just being human, and that element is in all of us.

    On a more general point, I would agree with you, although you have not said so, but I think you inferred, that integrity should be employed in our statements regardless of if we support the present administration or not.

  76. Citizen First

    I don’t want to give this thread (and Porter ) anymore attention than it already has but here goes…

    Anyone can criticise Barbados fairly or unfairly that’s their “right” however I and others can also respond in defense of the country.

    Where one lives does not mean a greater or lesser love for Barbados BUT when an individual who is residing away from Barbados (I may be wrong but Porter appears to have emigrated to Canada) who ALSO claims to have pursued an UNSUBSTANTIATED action which is possibly to the detriment of the image of Barbados, I will call to question their “love for Barbados”.

    The first observation (ie residency overseas) really compounds the annoyance caused by the second observation (willingness to spread malicious untruths).

    In general I concur with the comments of your post especially the last paragraph.

  77. Anonymous

    Mr Porter, what medication are you on…maybe you should not be operating machinery eg your computer…… What crazy action on your part and you call yourself a proud bajan…. Get real

  78. J. Payne

    I’ve always respected Canada. They do things way different than the US and they’re not affraid to put a Caribbean national in charge… As seen on ( ) The Governor-General of Canada — Michaelle Jean from Haiti.

    Here’s that same article again.

    Harper to visit volatile capitals in southern hemisphere

  79. J. Payne

    The Conservative Party is VERY in tune with the Caribbean. So they know exactly what is up. When the Liberals were in power the Conservatives used to bash the Liberal party whenever they had policies that were against the Canada’s intrests in the Caribbean.

    See Peter Goldring. The former “Foreign Affairs Critic for the Caribbean region.”

    The Conservatives even appointed a Bajan in the Canadian Senate Anne Cools.

  80. laughing barbadian

    Mr.Porter ur a worst liar than the bees

  81. David Gibson

    Patrick, I share your grief with the sad loss of Banny. He was a man that earned my respect and from this day forth whenever I’m out on a Cat, I’ll pour a Rum & Coke over the side “For Banny!”

  82. Anonymous

    i am a canadian and got married to a barbadian and we want to go back to canada to spend some time with famliy what do i have to do so my husband could come with me to canada


  83. stephanie castle

    i am a canadian and got married to a barbadian and we want to go back to canada to spend some time with famliy what do i have to do so my husband could come with me to canada


  84. J. Payne

    To stephanie castle:

    You can try
    that is the Immigration arm of the Canadian government.

    P.S. I would also check with the His Excellency the High Commissioner in Bridgetown for any additional info he might have for you while you’re both in Barbados…

    More specific: “Sponsoring your family”