Arson, Burglary, Bedroom Spying – Three Separate Incidents Make A Bad Day For Fired Barbados Journalist Who Is Critical Of Government

Welcome To Barbados – Or Is That Zimbabwe West?

Perhaps it was all a coincidence – or maybe it was a little message from a supporter of a Barbados government that has grown tired of all the accurate and extremely embarrassing criticism from tourism pundit Adrian Loveridge.

Adrian does not say that recent events at his home were politically motivated, but anyone who has heard or read his commentaries would be hard-pressed not to have questions about why a journalist that the government had fired should have such troubles in one day.

Suspicious Fire

It started out last Monday afternoon when a two-acre grass meadow at Adrian’s home burst into flames all by itself. Adrian was not around at the time and the fire department obviously took some time to attend to put out a 2 acre grass fire – complete with burning palm trees – in the middle of a residential neighbourhood at Inch Marlow. When Adrian finally came home the fire had destroyed his telephone wires, but fortunately his structure is made of concrete.

Break-In At Night

That very night at about 1am Adrian was awoken by the sounds of his security alarm as someone kicked in the back door of his kitchen, entered and forced a lock on an adjoining door.

Our Adrian is no coward. He armed himself and raced to the kitchen but was too late to confront his tormentor(s).

(Adrian… don’t be so damned foolish you old man! Next time they will be waiting for you and it will be the old “must have surprised a burglar” excuse when they find your body. Arm yourself, stay in your bedroom and call the police… oh… they took out your phone system beforehand, didn’t they? And will the police always come or be in time?)

Police Take 90 Minutes To Attend “Crime In Progress” Call At Adrian’s Home

The police were called at the time that Adrian went to confront the burglar(s), but they took 90 minutes to attend. (You can practically drive around the entire island in 90 minutes, let alone get to Adrian’s place from the police station a dozen times in 90 minutes.) The police returned at 6am to take a report and their forensic chap arrived later to fingerprint and photograph.

Bedroom Spying

Then Adrian noticed that an extendable ladder had been placed to his bedroom window in the middle of the night. Had “they” been watching Adrian and his wife as they slept? Or was it all part of a not-so-subtle message?

That these incidents all occurred on a single day is of concern – but when taken in context of the stepped up government attacks on a free Barbados media, what happened at Adrian’s home is truly disturbing.

Being A Critic Of The Barbados Government Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

When Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch became angry with Adrian Loveridge’s weekly newspaper articles published in the Barbados Advocate, the minister called Loveridge at home on a Sunday morning and screamed at him for 12 minutes before slamming down the phone. The next day Minister Lynch called the editor of the newspaper and threatened to cut off all government advertising unless the Barbados Advocate fired Adrian Loveridge.

Loveridge was fired because of Government threats to the Barbados Advocate newspaper. (See Cowardly Barbados Advocate Newspaper Caved To Screaming Government Minister)


Crowd Threatened To Attack Journalist Upon Hearing Prime Minister’s Comments

Then there was that little incident when Loveridge was attending a political rally where Prime Minister Owen Arthur was speaking. In Loveridge’s words…

I will always remember the incite (full) speech by the Prime Minister at a political rally at Oistins naming me and the next thing I knew a crowd of people had surrounded me and my wife shouting ‘attack them”.


Tourism Minister Lynch Had Journalist Dumped From Radio Show Panel

Most recently the Minister of Tourism refused to allow Adrian Loveridge to appear live on the Brass Tacks radio programme as part of a panel to question the Minister regarding a number of issues in the tourism sector. This was most embarassing for the StarCom Network as an invitation to Mr. Loveridge had already been extended and accepted – but the radio station canceled Loveridge from the lineup anyway. (See Barbados Minister Of Tourism Dictates To Cowardly StarCom Network – “Adrian Loveridge Not Allowed On Brass Tacks Radio Show Panel”)

When public pressure over the Minister’s refusal to talk with Loveridge on the air became too much, StarCom had to recall Loveridge to the Brass Tacks programme, but made him sit in another studio because that cowardly, elitist Minister Lynch refused to sit in the same room.

The controversy over setting up the show was nothing compared with the fireworks that happened later! Part way through the programme Minister Lynch stormed out of the studio when radio journalist David Ellis asked how it was that the Minister’s high net worth was so out of kilter with his salary as a government official. (See Barbados Tourism Minister Storms Off Radio Show – Audio Now Available!)

My Friends, Make No Mistake!

What is under threat in Barbados is nothing more or less than individual rights and freedoms. Certain elements in our government have forgotten about the rule of law and democracy. They are rotten to core, have become rich beyond beyond your (or their) dreams because of their position – and they possess a sense of entitlement to their power that makes a mockery of everything our flag stands for.

These people are ruthless and they do not hesitate to use all their powers to intimidate and shut down a free media in Barbados or any citizen who gets in their way. If they want land, they expropriate it and don’t pay. Then Ministers of Government build their houses on the expropriated land.

When Barbados citizens want justice in the courts, they go before a man who was part of the powerful inner government cabinet one day and then became Chief Justice a few weeks later.

Barbados is closer to the precipice than we dare to believe.


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74 responses to “Arson, Burglary, Bedroom Spying – Three Separate Incidents Make A Bad Day For Fired Barbados Journalist Who Is Critical Of Government

  1. Centipede

    I feel a bit distresed at reading this. Of course I don’t know how much of the Barbados public is aware of the information but I wish someone more able than me would put this stuff in a leaflet and drop a few thousand copies from a helicopter…..

  2. passin thru

    Today in the nation Ezra Alleyne argues that the reporter who spent the night in jail because he was doing a story at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital deserved to be in jail.

    The Nation has not published any editorial supporting their own reporters who were abused by police at the hospital.

    ZIMBABWE can also be spelled B-A-R-B-A-D-O-S

  3. Warrior

    I repeat…..Barbados has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    It is a good thing that Adrian spoke publically, now they will not be able to hide their retaliation.

    God does not like ugly!!!!!

  4. boycott

    It takes 5 minutes to drive from the Oistins Police Station to Inch Marlow—Can anyone in the Police advise the readers confidentialy if this was normal incompetence or deliberate.

    This sounds like something the British, American and Canadian Press need to take up.

    Also sounds like Stephen Harper should stay well away from this country in his caribbean tour and his consular officers should make sure his office is well aware that any support for this particular government will look real bad considering its privileged tax status.

  5. akabozik

    90 minutes to respond to a home burglary in progress that is 5 minutes from Oistins station? On a Tuesday morning at 1am?

    The police are slow but not that slow. Like BFP say last week “SOMETHING SMELL LIKE A FISH” !!!!!

  6. PiedPiper

    I am disgusted beyond measure and one does not have to read between the lines or surmise as to what is happening here. Owen Arthur and his henchman have reduced themselves to thugs.

    For a nation whose economy is built on tourism, the government is taking a very dangerous path. I, for one, will never return to Barbados nor will I ever recommend it to my fellow Canadians as I once did.

    I will be e-mailing the Conservative Party of Canada and drawing their attention to this site in hopes that our Prime Minister will have a very clear picture of who they are dealing with.

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  8. Anonymous

    Dear Pied Piper
    Thank you for your (intended)action/s
    to bring this to the attn. of the Conservative Party of Canada. thank you.

  9. Perceived Corruption

    Maybe this should also be brought to the attn. of Transparency Int’l.
    (TI has a guy in Trinidad:
    we now need one here as well – it reach to dat)

  10. Somebody help Barbados

    I hope there is still strength in numbers.Hopefully since this has been drawn to the attention of Barbadians they will lay off Adrian.

    I happen to know that there is character assassination in progress aimed at Adrian as well. The BLP has begun to mobalize some nasty little runours about Adrian. Having been in a forum and hearing the kinds of things said i have no doubt that those three incidents were linked.

    what the “government” needs to realize though is that Adrian is only one of several Barbadians who are tired.They should not seek to target him alone if that is what they are doing…they need to call the election…since that is what the democracy wants.It is not a dictatorship.


  11. Rumplestilskin

    Above poster: ”Maybe this should also be brought to the attn. of Transparency Int’l.
    (TI has a guy in Trinidad:
    we now need one here as well – it reach to dat)”

    Sadly from what I know the guy in T&T died in an automobile accident last year, maybe he has been replaced subsequently?

  12. Curiously amused

    This article sent a chill up my spine. BFP I may not appreciate your sensationalism but these things need to be brought out into the open. I hope for your sake your identities are well protected.

  13. Jason

    Is it time to march in the streets yet? Adriens situation calls to memory that saying about “when they came for the dissenters I said nothing. It was only the dissenters. When they came for the Catholics, I said nothing. It was only the Catholics” and so forth.

    What was that saying? Does any one know where it came from. i want to read it again.

  14. Bakkra Johnny

    Pastor Neimoeller’s statement:

    First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I said nothing.

    Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing.

    Then came the trade unionists, but I was not a trade unionist.

    And then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did little.

    Then they came for the Catholics, but I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant.

    Then when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up for me.

  15. Marcus2

    Are you trying to scare people BFP?
    You know as well as I do that no one in the Government or anyone in the BLP had anything to do with these incidents.
    BFP has turned from Gloom and Doom to fearmongering.
    If one ridiculous thing does not work turn to something even more ridiculous.
    What will you think of next?

  16. Kathy

    Marcus2 – Aren’t you scared? I am. Too many coincidences. Or maybe you think you don’t need to be scared because you support the BLP.

  17. John

    “When they came for the gypsies, I did not speak, for I am not a gypsy. When they came for the Jews, I did not speak, because I wasn’t a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I did not speak, for I am not a Catholic. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak.” This quote is found on the wall at the Holocaust Museum in Washington.

    This is way too strong a statement to be used of Barbados.

    Firstly, Barbados is too small to hide an extermination camp.

    Secondly, the Town and Country Planning Department would take forever to approve it.

    Thirdly, Bajans can’t keep a secret.

    Having said that I do recognise the possibility of victimisation which exists in Barbados and have heard of related horror stories.

    The fire, it could have been just because of the dry season. Somebody probably set it but that happens all this time. Could be a child.

    The telephone wires, well that could be the result of the fire, an accident.

    The ladder, the break in and the response of the Police, a whole other matter.

    The response in particular is just not acceptable.

    I would prefer to think that the Police are going through a period where consistency is not being stressed enough.

    One day they are tough on journalists at QEH attempting to photograph the results of the collision of the two Transport Board Buses.

    The next they other allow journalists to get pictures of the Prison Bus accident scene apparently while the ambulance personnel are doing their thing.

    Maybe there is a perfectly logical explanation but I think the Police need to wheel and come again.

    They are too good to let these lapses continue.

    … and if perchance there is someone higher up messing around inside their heads, just apply their motto to the situation and enforce the law.

  18. crossroads

    What the “BEEP”? I’m starting to feel very wierd about this Gov. This sounds like a movie I watched. I don’t know where your sources come from but I sure hope their accurate.

  19. BFP are you sure this is true??? I cannot believe that incidents of this magnitude against a controversial person as Adrian were not reported in either the Nation nor the Advocate. This is definite cause for concern.

  20. Thistle

    It sounds as if they want to scare him so bad he’ll pack up and leave the island.

  21. Comment Maker

    Grass fires are common place this time of year, I have waited more than 2 hours for the police to respond to my car being broken into. As to the rest of it…? Maybe, maybe not.

    Hang in there Adrian.

  22. concerned

    Adrian, we care.

  23. Red Lake Lassie

    free press says “Barbados is closer to the precipice than we dare to believe.”

    We are hanging onto the cliff with some fistfuls of grass and sticks and nothing else. Thugs is a good word for O$A’s bunch.

  24. Bajan Youth

    great job on the publicity BFP, this is with no doubt exactly what we the public need to know and Adrian dont let them scare you away.

  25. Jerome Hinds

    Adrian keep the faith .

    Owen Arthur & his gang of BLP thugs are known for such tyrannical displays .

    What do we in Barbados expect……as a world leader he is yet to denounce what happens in Zimbabwe every day with the opposition groups there !

    We have heard Australia’s John Howard condeming what is going on there !

    It is not about a black & white issue…..but more so one about safeguarding one’s constitutional rights.

    All of Owen Arthur’s derogatory name calling and intimidating tactics are the makings of a dictatorship emerging !

    Give him a fourth term and we can kiss any semblance of a democracy good – bye !

    Oh for…… – mockery we see !

  26. Jason

    “You should never have your best trousers on when you turn out to fight for freedom and truth”

    Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906)
    from “An Enemy Of The People” (1882) Act 4

  27. Jason

    Meaning “the fight will be hard and dirty”

  28. Bimbro

    Clearly, different laws on the subject of what you may photograph exist in different countries. For example, I have been shocked to see photos of dead bodies in the Nation subsequent to a road accident. You would never see that in the UK. Perhaps, the lawmakers need to make it clearer to photograpers just what they can photograph and what they can’t. e.g. I’m not at all convinced that, were I involved in an accident I’d want photos of my entrails hanging out, all over the Nation or any other paper, or on tv. You see what I mean.

    An official register of an M.P’s financial interests might also, help to allay the worry over an MP’s pay.

    As regards, the other matters, they sound very, disturbing indeed. WE DON’T WANT ANYBODY, BEING HARASSED BY GOVERNMENT OR ANY OF THEIR AGENCIES, IN BIM!

  29. bajejun

    Adrian we are in full support of you. We will help you anyway we can against these bastards in government. Remember NO FEAR!!!

  30. Wishing in Vain

    What an act against Adrian, if you attempt to speak out against these thugs you will have problems, no wonder people refuse to use their names on sites such as these because if you did you would be hunted down and hurt by these gangsters. sounds like Mugabe country with some Tom Adams thrown in for vindictive measure.
    Where are we heading and where do we want to go?? let us make no bones about it we need a change of leadership we need a sober person to guide us at this time, this one is too drunk on rum and power to make sensible decisions any longer.

  31. Perdy

    Red Lake + Jerome, I agree with all you said. I will also state this; Polititions are aware of the voting habits of the populace and they will feed that habit when the time comes to earn a vote. Some individuals who enters politics do so to satisfy his/her ego and his friends, not because he is interested in making the country better. He promises but refuses to deliver. The party which makes it, somehow develops amnesia.
    If there is ever a time a third party is needed in this country it is now.Many are asking where is the Opposition!
    Most of the ruling party can be described as belligerent. You watch the antics of some in Parliament.
    Bajans are looking on and digesting it all. It is hoped that many are not hood-winked when that day comes.If this party gains power again,’God forbids! One should note the relationship with China and Cuba. Is there press freedom?Venezuela is in the news now, take note. What is it liked to be living in a Republic without press freedom?. Press freedom and accountability’ should be the number one priority in any party’s manifesto.

  32. Littleboy

    VICTIMIZATION is the modus operandi of O$ Arthur.
    I have felt his wrath, but will not give details now.However, he is a coward and will retreat when countered. But he always tries to come back at you. Spiteful little demon !!!
    Believe me, Adrian, he will go to all lengths to silence you and any other opponent.
    But, he is not alone…Farley, “Silent Night”Payne,MM Lynch,”Diabolical Forces” Eastmond…ALL o’ THEM use these “rat pack” tactics.
    God save Bim, I do not want to live anywhere else!!!

  33. Yardbroom

    If you for one moment believed, that the power held by corrupt politicians will be relinquished easily, you are sadly mistaken. Before the sun has set, there will be many anguished brows, the fear they seek to engender, is also in their minds, the realisation of what they have done, and the ramifications of discovery, has started to haunt them.

    Those who ride a tiger, often find it difficult to dismount, for fear is in every stride. If you believe that what has happened, and is to happen, is unlikely to be other than an accident, continue in self denial. The only consolation you have, is that those who raise their gloved metal fist of anger, have to raise it higher in succession, to exert more force, as a result it becomes more exposed.

    The road before all men/women of honesty, truth, and decency in this country of ours is a rugged one, there will be many trials, many bruised and battered souls, but fear not for the sun will shine again. The darkness that engulfs us will return from whence it came, and the people of our fair nation, black and white rich and poor, will breathe again fresh air, as if it came from the highest point of Cherry Tree Hill.

    May God truely bless Barbados, and all who dwell herein.

  34. Rumplestilskin

    The quote above “When they came for the gypsies, I did not speak, for I am not a gypsy. When they came for the Jews, I did not speak, because I wasn’t a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I did not speak, for I am not a Catholic. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak.”

    This is why the Jewish people generally work to protect the rights of others, such as working with the ANC in apartheid South Africa, before the change came about.

    Secondly, this is why in all good conscience, apart from the atrocious macroeconomic managment by this administration, such that priorities have been whateverbackwards, such that even projects that are undertaken are firstly messedup royally and further overspent considerably,I could not vote for the current party in administration in anycase.

    When Ministers of Government openly make statements based on racial bias, is cause for considerable concern.

    We had – Liz with her ‘caucasian’ thing

    The PM with his ‘indentured servant’ and ‘negrocrats’

    More recently Prescod with his remark on the DLP candidate for Christ Church and his ethnic origin.

    As none of the other Ministers stood against these statements their silence is to be taken as agreement.

    By their actions shall they be known.

    Truth is, I am so disgusted with such behaviour, together with the mis-management, that I would actually now vote for Commissiong and PEP before voting these back in.

    At least, if nothing else, Commissiong will support the disenfranchised and ensure that the Hospital is funded etc.

    As for management, pardon my liberties here, but he can’t do any worse. He did go to Harrison College after all, he’s got something in his head.

    PS And the Opposition should take a note of this. Do not think it may not come to that, where we end up supporting a third party.

    Yes, BLP and DLP have ruled the roost for years, due to hardcore elements. BUT, time has passed since, the Grantey era, since Barrow and some of these youngsters know and feel nothing for such ‘distant’ past to them.

  35. Rumplestilskin

    PS However, the only prolem with a third party valaidation is vote-splitting.

    If we intend to change Government, it is better that voters give the votes to the main Opposition in order to ensure change.

    Having said that, the long-term is sometimes served by the same vote splitting, IF the third party has enough moral and real support. It may not win an election but in the long term it may eventually gain enough support to become the main Opposition.

  36. Get In The Action


    Add to the list the sudden cut earlier this week when Tony Marshall started to read a letter from Adrian on Brass Tacks. Too many coincidences. There seems to be a campaign to silence him. Keep the faith Adrian.

  37. Curiously amused

    “Firstly, Barbados is too small to hide an extermination camp.

    Secondly, the Town and Country Planning Department would take forever to approve it.”


  38. PiedPiper

    John and others, no one needs to approve an extermination camp or anything quite so obvious. The current regime in Barbados has the power to cripple any business person in Bim, bring them to their knees and financially ruin them if they so choose.
    It takes unmitigated gall and enormous belief in one’s absolute power to sell an image of Barbados as being a civilized country seperate and apart from those such as Haiti and Jamaica where corruption and tyranny are the norm. The dictator may be more educated and, on the surface at least, more polished but if it looks like corruption, smells like corruption, it more than likely IS corruption no matter how covertly it is presented.

  39. light

    This is why one government should not be in power for so long, the longer a party is in power the more stupidness they feel their can get away with, because their will be able to cover the tracks.

    We need a new government now, because Barbados is falling apart, it is time we try something new.

  40. Patrick Porter

    I will come out of retirement for this post only, my surgery was a sucess, but will have to wait and see what the results of all the tests bring back. I could not read this without making a comment. Firstly to Adrian keep the faith and you have my support on what you are doing to expose what is going on in my beautiful country
    Secondly I have written an e-mail to Stephen Harper whom I know, as I am a supporter of the Conservative party, I have forwarded it to BFP if they want to publish it. Thirdly I have written a letter to the Globe and Mail re this incident. I will not post anymore for the time being until I am properly recovered. To Chase and all of you I hope you are well. Bye for the time being

  41. Rumplestilskin

    Hey Patrick. Take it easy, best wishes on your recovery.

  42. jinx

    Wishing you a speedy recovery………..

  43. Old Timer

    Good to see you back, Patrick. Happy to hear the surgery went well. Look forward to seeing more of your postings when you feel up to it. Don’t drink too much Bournvita (I know you know what I mean!!)

  44. Marcus2

    A bush fire near Tourism Minister in waiting Adrian Loveridge is Arson?
    How do you know BFP? Did you get a copy of the Police report or the Barbados Fire Service report?
    Wake up, during these hot days there have been many grass fires across Barbados, nothing unusal! Or are you saying that the Government is responsible for all the bush fires?
    Someone kicked in his door and put a ladder on his house?
    we have only his word on this! And we all know how he loves to bend the truth.
    I will take this whole story with a grain of salt if I were you BFP.

  45. Straight talk

    Hoping for the best outcome of your tests, Patrick, so good to hear from you.

    Whilst you’re in letter writing mode, drop a line to your friend, DT.
    Ask him why on earth, as leader of the opposition, he is providing neither leadership to the tsunami of Bajan discontent, nor effective opposition to this shameless bunch of liars, cheats and incompetents.
    If he fails to provide a focus now, the undecided amongst us must ask Why?
    Is he ineffective as a national leader or is there a more sinister motive?

    It is time someone in your party stepped up to the plate to relieve our sense of impotence in the face these constant attacks on our freedoms.

    Get well soon, Barbados needs all the outspoken patriots we can muster.


  46. Red Lake Lassie

    Marcus2 spin spin spin like a top!

    Who should I believe? Loveridge or Minister “I am not a millionaire” Noel Lynch?

    I don’t have to consider for more than a second

  47. Hants

    I am sorry Adrian had to deal with this invasion of his home. I hope it is not politically motivated.

    I listened to an exchange on Brasstacks between Joey Harper and David Ellis and I was surprised that Ellis refused to be intimidated.

    BFP when journalist like David Ellis stands up to the attacks of BLP operatives like Joey Harper we should “recognize”.

    After a few weeks of “cooling down”David Ellis is back.

  48. Straight talk

    I agree, Hants.
    David Ellis stood his ground well, and came out punching the face of the BLP spin machine, almost delivering the KO with his sub judice angle.
    An enjoyable and oh so refreshing exchange.
    Kudos to Ellis.

  49. Hants

    Glad to hear you are getting better Patrick.

    While I accept that Adrian is telling the truth, I think that we should not be jumping to the conclusion that these incidents were politically motivated.

    I am interested to see Patrick Porter’s letters to Stephen Harper and the Globe and Mail ( the political equivalent to the BLP and the Advocate).

  50. De Orginal

    I am almost as stunned as everyone here. I too say to Adrian don’t back down now is the time to be strong, don’t allow them to intimidate you. This situation should be evidence enough for the people of Barbados to see we must hold our system accountable. Surely the Commissioner of Police is investigating this situation. Now is the time for us as citizens of this land to insist on more accountability,transparency and integrity from our agencies, departments, businesses and our elected officials.

  51. Marcus2

    None of Adrian Loveridge dire predictions with regards to CWC were realised. In spite of his “statistics” we had a lovely CWC. In order to take shame out of his face he has turned to inventing stories of a different nature. The people of Barbados see him for the Goofball that he is. If he feels so insecure then all he has to do is pack up and leave. I am sure Virgin, or BA will not be unwilling to sell him a seat on one of their planes!

  52. Jerome Hinds

    Well back Patrick.

    Spread the word around globally about this corrupt , inept , duplicitous BLP government…….headed by a nondescript vandal in Owen Arthur !

    About David Thompson’s silence…….do not worry he has a lot to disclose….timing is of the essence !

    Unlike some of our friends ( best known to us ) he is making / nor has he made any promises about any possible disclosure of information…i.e Money -Laundering !

    He will just hit like he did on March 16th 2007 in Parliament !

    Owen can let…..the SWEAT & AIR ( fart ) build up in him for a while !

    Those who can make it or wish to be there….all roads lead to St. Peter tomorrow for the DLP
    ” campaign lift – off ” !

    In the heart of the vandal….Owen Arthur’s hometown !

    Family ties will tested again tomorrow evening !

    To marcus 2……..why does Owen Arthur remain silent on the BRUTAL treatment of the opposition in ZIMBABWE ?

  53. yatinkinkiteasy

    Sad, very sad, because this seems to be more than a coinsidence… thing is Adrian expressing his views on Tourism issues, but he may have crossed the line(in the view of those involved) in his May 27th letter to BFP entitled “Will convicted VECO executives trade Politician`s names for time off their sentences?”
    I have heard of Audits from Vat office and Inland revenue being used as punishment and victimization, but Arson and Breaking in to a citizens home is the last straw of desperation….one thing is for sure, Truth Will be Told!

  54. Thistle

    Marcus2 stated: “All he has to do is pack up and leave”. That’s exactly what I said in an earlier comment – they are doing their damndest to force AL to “pack up and leave”. Stand your ground, AL.

  55. Brabsoda

    I think if Adrian Loveridge felt insecure he would have left a long time ago.
    I always say the truth hurts. Corrupt people will always go to any lengths to hold on to power.
    CWC was a success. That’s the biggest joke I have heard for a long time.

  56. Chase

    Hi Patrick,
    So glad to read your post.Happy to know the surgery went well.
    Your postings are truly missed but your recovery is also very important.
    I am here battling with a back problem but that would be trivial compared to your issues.
    I am just happy to know you are recovering well.
    The little one is 7 months now,thanks for that advice….it really is a blessing to watch her grow up.
    Hurry up and get well soon …..still looking forward to the xmas visit.Take care my friend, you are in my prayers.

  57. Chase


    Do you know if anyone recorded that episode of Brass Tacks?

    To BFP:
    This site is becoming very addictive….Twice this week I have burnt my food,once I have let the sink overflowed just by reading post.

    The bill will be emailed to you. 🙂

  58. decoucoustick

    Adrian we support you,the Pm diss de Police,Tradesmen,and nuff more ,we dont like de opposition,so now you should bring The peoples’ Transparent Party and win de next election landslide.

  59. Ready

    Be strong Adrian. Good folks of Barbados support you. Owen is a fascist dictator. Atherley,Lynch, Mascoll,Liz Thompson and the rest are his goons.

  60. Joey Harper. Ask Joey Harper what position he held when he wrote the following? Like Henderson Bovell, Joey Harper’s opinions are nothing more than defending their political pay and position, there is no personal conviction beyond that in anything they say.

    Ask him of whom and what was he speaking when he said the following, back in 2003. Was it the BLP? and has things change? does change reflect any new responsibility you may have been given, after his thoughts were published?

    Quote: “there is a certain contempt that permeates through the party for longstanding members that puzzles me. I am not ashamed to admit that this new attitude sometimes leaves me on the brink of despair, for this party that I love appears to have lost the “humanness” for which its founding fathers were known. There is now a calculated, even ruthlessly mechanical efficiency that worries me. This, I suppose, is based on the technological philosophy that the only thing that can come out is what goes in. That may be true for a computer, but in the sphere of human beings it is far from the truth. I believe that loyalty has been entered but is not showing on the tool bar. ”

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  62. No-Name

    Adrian Loveridge,
    Don’t take any chances with Owen and the BLP. They are very vindictive. I have experienced it first hand. If you do not agree with them they can hurt you.

  63. Adrian Loveridge

    First of all I would like to thank all BFP readers for their good wishes via this site or the telephone.

    I honestly do NOT want to believe the recent chain of occurrences had ANY political connection whatsoever.

    Evidence was collected at the scene, and as one reader pointed out, a thorough Police investigation could at least identify the culprit (s) if they have a criminal conviction.

    What I do know, is that any attempt to silence the voices of concerned citizens who pose what can only be described as reasonable questions, does nothing to assist a democratic country attempting to achieve First World status.

    For the diehard BLP supporters who believe you can only have an opinion if you are politically motivated, think again!

    There are thousands of simple people just like me, who have the right to vote and foster real concerns about this wonderful little country and the direction it is heading.

    Your energies would be better spent explaining to the taxpayers what has become of THEIR monies and if the people and party that you so steadfastly support are the very best available to take this country forward.

  64. Vortex

    BFP: Don’t forget that in 1999, the Prime Minister had Jennifer Laszlo thrown out of Barbados because she was working for his opponents. She was threatened and tormented on political platforms and two white Bajans threatened her with a gun in a rural area as she was getting footage for a DLP election ad. Many Bajans supported him because they did not know the facts and the BLP propaganda machine through CBC and the Advocate was churning out lies.

    The public never knew that at the same time Owen Arthur had a foreign consultant working for him by the name of Roy Boyke.

    Boyke was allowed to remain and then – for his campaign work for the BLP – was given a handsome consultancy to “review the operations of the GIS” for $1/2 million. Has anyone ever seen the report? Did he have a work permit. Definitely not.

  65. Wishing in Vain

    The reality of the situation is that sites like this or the call in programs would not be as they are, had we had a caring gov’t in place and one that was getting the peoples work done and one that was not as corrupt as these ones are, nor as arrogrant and self serving as this bunch of vagabonds are had we had some honesty in public servants and that is what they are, the likelyhood of this level of discontent would be greatly reduced so you see by their own actions they have created the venom and hate for themselves.

  66. Vex

    Trini frauds fee always half million or wuh Vortex. Minshall get pay same amount for mediocre claptrap.
    Tony Thompson who got convicted on marijuana charge and Carol Roberts will live in infamy for crime and violence jokes

  67. Thistle

    Vortex: You forgot to mention how the BLP encouraged everyone to make fun of David Thompson’s “crime and violence” theme. Even school children were running around playgrounds laughing and chanting “crime and violence”. People should always be reminded of that and the BLP should be constantly shamed for that.

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  69. Sebastian

    Hang in there!

  70. Avatar Gurl

    Hey, who the heck is this marcus2?

    I see that he has been having the monetary I.V. support of the World Cup in his veins…

    OK buddy, you go ahead and delude yourself…


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  74. Isabella R

    It is clear that Marcus2 is an inside operative!
    The dirt is not far from …….