Owen Arthur Government Targets Bajan Wallets With 2,500 New Video Lottery Terminals – “A Tax On Stupid People”


My Fellow Barbadians… Have I Got A Deal For You!

Listen up, folks! As your Prime Minister, I can assure you that this is the sweetest deal you’re going to find this side of Nigeria…

INVEST TEN DOLLARS with me, and there will be a 93% chance that you will never see any of that money again!

There will be a 6.7% chance that I will give you back three dollars, and you can kiss seven dollars goodbye.

There will be a one third of one percent chance that I will give you back more than your ten dollars… but don’t forget, eleven dollars is more than ten dollars!


Now, Will The Stupid Folks Please Bring Your Ten Dollars And Line Up In Front Of The Owen Arthur Money Collecting Machine…

Hurry Up… This opportunity will only be around for a limited period of time.*

*Limited period of time is defined as “Until we have all your money, you fool!”

From Casino City Times…

CAGE Awarded Barbados Deal

MARYLAND — (PRESS RELEASE) — Today, CAGE Barbados Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Caribbean CAGE LLC, a division of The RLJ Companies, announced that it has been awarded a long-term management agreement for the installation and management of up to 2500 video lottery terminals (“VLTs”) on Barbados. This management agreement will allow CAGE to operate the connected and linked VLTs that will be installed over a three-year roll out period.

“This long term management agreement is an integral step towards fulfilling our strategy of a significant presence throughout the Caribbean and Latin America,” noted Bob Washington, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Caribbean CAGE LLC.

An official spokesperson from the BCA stated, “the Barbados Cricket Association looks forward to a long and successful relationship with Cage Barbados Inc., in the operation of video lottery games in Barbados, which the BCA hopes will redound to the benefit of both the BCA and its partners.”

“We are pleased to enter into a business relationship with Barbados. Our ability to drive returns is good for Barbados and good for CAGE,” stated Bob Johnson, Chairman of The RLJ Companies.

CAGE currently operates VLTs in the Turks and Caicos Islands and St. Kitts. CAGE, headquartered in Puerto Rico, is well positioned to take advantage of the VLT market in the Caribbean to generate superior returns.

CAGE anticipates beginning operations in Barbados by the 4th quarter of 2007.

… read the article online here.


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26 responses to “Owen Arthur Government Targets Bajan Wallets With 2,500 New Video Lottery Terminals – “A Tax On Stupid People”

  1. John

    What a vision these clowns have for Barbados.

  2. bajejun

    Wait a minute!!! this is the same government that accused David Thompson of bringing in Casinos if the DLP wins the election. What a thing nuh!!!

  3. RLJ has ties to Hilton, Hyatt, & Marriott. May have previous connection with former Johnny Cochrane group, island visits, lobby attempt for casino in Barbados. Probably will see VLT’s in Hilton, new Hyatt, & new Marriott (Pavillion)?

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    Doesn’t it say everything?

    ‘up to 2,500 video lottery game terminals’

    But in almost a year, they cannot either renovate the Public Library in Coleridge Street or open a new one in Indpendence Square?

    And not a murmur from the Church (es), Poverty Alleviation Board, Child Care Board, Ministry of Social Transformation and all the other agencies that are meant to protect the exploitation of poor

    And when is the last time ANY of the organisations operating these lotteries and other ‘games or chance’ published audited accounts?

  5. Justasking

    Adrian, a condition of the permission to operate the lottery should have been publication of audited accounts. We the public do not know how much they take in, how much the pay out in winnings, how much is used in support of sports, how much is donated to who knows what. Some may be used as donations to political parties and others.

  6. Bajanboy

    Government should also force gaming establishments to publish clearly the odds of winning on each machine. If you were told that you only likely to win 10 cents on every dollar played (i.e. lose 90% of what you played), some “idiots” would think twice about playing.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Well, well, well I told you so about six months ago when I was asking what was going on with the importation of these new slot machines that are to be run by an American company run by Washington, Johnson and company.
    It seems that now we are finally getting the true picture here on BFP.
    This is just another case of corruption that we have on our hands these machines are operated by Nicholls, Bannister and Owing with the involvement of Washington and Johnson, these funds that will be generated in these machines will ultimately find itself in the US bank accounts of Washington and Johnson and the offshore accounts of Bannister, Nicholls and Owing.
    This is an absolute disgrace to the people of Barbados that these deals are allowed to deveope and not a single word is said or anything done to censor these politicians, here we have people like Elias Haloute and Ralph Johnson conducting the slot machine business for years here on the island these are locals and the money made in Barbados with these men end up staying in Barbados and circulating among Bajans in this present setup this money will be going offshore to accounts like Owings , Nicholls et al.

  8. Comment Maker

    Not sure how the government gets into this. From my read the Barbados Cricket Assoc. is looking to set up a lottery to raise funds. Barbados Olympic Assoc. has done this before as has the Barbados Turf Club. I think the two lotteries merged under some pressure from the government. Other than that, I’m not sure I see the Govt. involvement here.

    And yes I agree with you that lotteries are a tax on stupid people, but I do buy a ticket when Mega Six gets over half a million! 🙂

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Comment Maker
    When Hallam Nicholls and Glyne Bannister is involved so to is Owing Seemour Rum Arthur.
    The connection here is this group and the american partners they got in because of the ties with Owing and his gang this is little like the Water park arrangement locals close toOwing running things in the background on behalf of Owing.
    Sick, sick sick corruption.

  10. Anonymous

    At last: my chance to get rich: seriously rich!

  11. laughing barbadian

    lol at anonymous

  12. laughing barbadian

    lol at anonymous hahaha

  13. laughing barbadian

    oops sry didnt mean to post it twice

  14. Wishing in Vain

    Where is the church’s voice in all of this wheeling and dealing??
    Have they been sent out to pasture??
    If there is so much hardship on the public with the existing 900 or 1000 machines in the public domain can any of you guess what it will be like with 3,500 owned and operated by Nicholls , Bannister and Owing?? and having them located in every nook and cranny in every rum shop and bar in this island???? unlike the position as it stands now where you have to attend arcades to be confronted by these machines.

  15. John


    I agree with the question, what will be the church’s position on all of this?

    It is said that beside every church in Barbados there is a rum shop. It is not going to be easy to turn a blind eye.

    Maybe we should try and address all the gambling machines …. and at the same time (heresy of heresies) see if we can deal with the rumshops too!!

  16. Let only foreigners be allowed to gamble, just like Cuba – what’s the big deal, more foreign exchange… I saw that release and saw the BCA as more involved…

  17. Anonymous

    I going with Ian.
    Make it law that only foreigners can participate in slots

  18. Chase

    Relax people…..basic economics at work here…..as long as there is demand..there will be supply.

  19. Zulu

    It was once said of Nicholls that he has a safe at his house which contains no less than $1,000,000.00 at any one time and this is used to fund “projects”. Don’t know how true, but a search warrant may reveal more than anyone may guess.
    The real power house in gambling in Bdos is Haloute who we all know runs Cheffette. He has serious links to this govt. A natural gas line was run from Haggatt Hall to Charles Rowe Bridge solely for Cheffette purposes. No one along that route was allowed to tap into that line.
    Glyne Murray Knows a lot about this. Yep, the same High Commissioner to Canada. The same one. He was always part of the loop with Bannister and tle lot. He always worked in the background.

  20. John

    May 31st, 2007 at 7:12 pm
    I going with Ian.
    Make it law that only foreigners can participate in slots

    …. but all indicators are that tourist arrivals are on the decline ……

    Guess we could put in this law and see if we could get the gamblers to come here from over and away and boost back up the arrivals figures.

    Something doesn’t feel right about this strategy!

  21. Anonymous

    When we had the casino debate on the Bushy Park one it ended up being concluded that lotteries and casino gambling were the biggest fronts for money laundering in the world.

    Will Barbados embrace the international money launderers, or will we retain our principle of at least forcing it done elsewhere?

    We do not wish to see automatic weapons and violent crime that comes with cash and drug money laundering here in Bim.

    Why hasn’t anyone said this?

  22. maurianne

    AL – what a breath of good healthy air – more from you!

    Freedom of bajan press – never give this one up for any type of incentive – no matter how seductive or great.

    A bajan – in soul & heart (not by birth)

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  24. Wishing in Vain

    The slot machines are being brought into Barbados by Hallam Nicholls, Glyne Bannister and Owing Arthur they have linked with Washington and Johnson to make this a reality, have see the contract the BCA is the cover for the gang of crooks.

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  26. Jus curious.

    Wait a minute!!!! Is this the same Owen Arthur who made it clear that it was in the best interest of Barbados to have one lottery? Bullied the BTC & Olympio lotteries to merge, then gave a licence to a video lottery… I guess one plus one equals one……