International Lawsuit Against Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur And Others – Update


Lawsuit Is Filed In Canada

Thanks to a few readers we have further information regarding the international lawsuit filed by “Nelson Barbados Group Ltd.” against Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice David Simmons and many other prominent Bajan citizens and businesses.

Barbados Free Press received a heavily processed (or just not very good) digital photo of what purports to be the first page of this lawsuit that says “Ontario Superior Court Of Justice” and “Court File No. 07-0141”.

This lends credibility to a Barbados government source who posted two days ago on an earlier BFP article and also contacted us via email. This source advised that the lawsuit was not filed in Barbados, but in Ontario, Canada and that “Nelson Barbados Group Ltd.” is an Ontario-registered corporation incorporated in 2005. The source also makes various statements about what they call “the arrant stupidity of the whole matter”. You can read their public comment here. We will not be posting their email.

Another source sent us the above photo without comment while someone else provided some insight into the lawsuit by saying…

“The defendants are all claiming that they have never done business in Canada or the U.S. and therefore no court outside of Barbados is allowed to look into allegations of corruption here.”

We don’t know otherwise at the moment but we invite our readers to submit any information ON A CONFIDENTIAL BASIS (ie: not by posting comments in public) so we can keep working on this story.

Barbados Free Press Will NEVER Reveal The Names Of Our Sources Or Any Other Identifying Information

We are not allowing public comments on this story and ask that you email them to us privately at so we can filter them and avoid any suggestion that we are taking sides or defaming anyone. You can email information to us anonymously either from your web-based email account (ie: yahoo) or for true anonymity from a free anonymous emailing service like or one of the many others you can find by Googling “anonymous email service”.

When all is said and done we hope to work all of this into our postponed money laundering story which is half written.

Here Is What We Have…

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