Cricket World Cup Caused A Drop In Barbados Tourist Numbers When Compared With Last Year!!!!


Let’s See Here…

If Barbados had not been fool enough to buy into the Cricket World Cup we would have had more tourists on the island from January to May, increased business revenues and would now have half a billion dollars more in the bank.

Lord Have Mercy on the poor Bajan taxpayers!

From The Broad Street Journal…

DOWN FOR THE COUNT: Barbados tourist arrivals between January and May 2007 fall by nearly 2% over same period in 2006

Despite a surge of nearly eleven percent in April, when close to 60,000 longstay visitors came mainly to see the six CWC Super Eight matches and Final, Barbados’ tourist arrivals fell by nearly two percent between January and April over the same period last year.

For those four months last year, approximately 207,500 longstay arrivals were recorded, while for the same period just ended in 2007, the figure appears to be closer to 204,000, according to data from the Barbados Statistical Service added to Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch’s estimate for April.

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36 responses to “Cricket World Cup Caused A Drop In Barbados Tourist Numbers When Compared With Last Year!!!!

  1. Bajanboy

    If you were to look at the number of unique visitors in April (almost impossible to quantify this, I know) it would show a decline compared to the same period in 2006. Why? Because people came and went between islands during the super 8s. While the numbers may be up, the average length of stay will most certainly have declined.

  2. Adrian Loveridge


    Absolutely agree, plus another factor to consider, the hundreds (possibly thousands) that flew over to St. Lucia for the day on chartered and scheduled flights.
    If these people completed landing cards, they would have been counted again as long stay arrivals by air.

    ‘Best by far’ and ‘Barbados finest hour’ ?

    Somehow, I think not!

  3. Wishing in Vain

    MM Lynch is a sad digraceful liar when he can state it was Barbados finest hour that shambles that he Owing and Mottley presided over called CWC a disgrace of mammoth proportions.
    Maybe in his eagerness to take empty credit and declare it our finest hour he forgot that our finest hour happened on 30th Nov 1966 when we severed our ties to Britian , however it appears that those same ties may have prevented us from this level of blatant corruption and stealing that exist here now.

  4. Anonymous

    SPIN IT!

  5. John

    It is real simple.

    They have not got a clue what they are doing, and they are yet to figure that out.

    Reminds me of the old time Bajan saying “Monkey handling gun”!

    It is a pity we couldn’t all just stand clear and let the monkey blow off his head, but we are all tied up in the mess because we let the monkey tie us up.

  6. laughing barbadian

    to wishing in vain

    isnt the queen still technically our head of state ….all ties have not been severed

  7. Maxwell pond

    Ha! you really dont know MM Lynch. That Barney sees himself as more significant to Barbados than Errol Walton Barrow and 3oth November 1966.. Waiting in Vain you have to understand the massive delusions Lynch has about himself. Cast your thoughts back to Obadele Thompson affair. If you followed Lynch deplorable behaviour he was trying to tell us he more important than Olympic medal winner Obadele. Lynch will keep saying the World Cup was Barbados finest hour even when Jenkins van arrive to transport him to Black Rock.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    The Queen may well be the head of state however we do not report to her with regard to how we would have reported to the minister responsible for these island states hence there is no control of financial misdoings.
    When I checked today MM Lynch I noticed that another day has gone by and no Carnival ships are in the harbour I thought that your payment of US $ 5 million to this cruise line was to secure more traffic and more services to them to benefit Barbadians, the port is noticeablly empty recently with one vessel leaving early on Wednesday evenings.
    Is this more of your garbled reasoning MM Lynch????

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Maxwell pond you are correct his manner was down right digusting in his outburst with regard to Obadele here was a man that ran his heart out for this country won a medal, more than MM Lynch could ever have managed but then he gets hammered by this idiot.
    More importantly this supreme idiot then continues on to be our minister of tourism what a position to put him in.
    We have fallen from our glory days in tourism to just being an ordinary destination thanks to the efforts of MM Lynch, where are people like Peter Morgan that can take this vital ministry to new highs unlike MM Lynch’s new lows???

  10. Lady Anon

    Marcus2, where are you?

  11. man

    re the cruise visitors arrivals in April.

    Not only where they counted multiple times, they also did not spend what non-CWC visitors would when it comes to booking tours, taking taxis or buying gifts.

  12. ??

    BFP any reason you left out this part of report: Oh yea, I understand why……. You are as fair and balances as Fox News.

    (Note that these four-month figures for 2007 are all estimates, as no official figures have been published yet by the BSS, not even the first quarter for this year. The Central bank estimates longstay arrivals will be six percent below the previous year’s first quarter figure, and cruise passengers will similarly be up by 10.4%.)

  13. akabozik

    ?? thinks that if BFP doesn’t print the ENTIRE ARTICLE and just links to it after printing the first couple of paragraphs that there is some big to do.

    stupes ?? is reaching really a long way to attack bfp.

  14. Adrian Loveridge


    Let me understand this!

    So the figures quoted by Minister Lynch for APRIL are all estimates?

    ‘63,480 long-stay visitors were on the island in April, the highest number ever since the country started recording tourist arrivals’.

    This figure he added ‘ represented a 19.6 per cent increase over the previous April’.

    Of even great significance, said Lynch, ‘was the the island earned an additional US$16.75 million’.

    ?? Then these figures are not based on facts ?

    What were the ‘90,000’ long stay visitors for the CWC final week, the ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers ‘ and the ‘700 yachts’ all based on?

    Were these provisional figures?

    So ?? ‘No Official figures’ ?

    So you are really saying, is what many of us have suspected ALL along, that Minister Lynch is simply inventing the figures?

    ‘90,000’ long stay visitors for the CWC final week.
    plus ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’ and ‘700 yachts’.

  15. John

    …. it is called clutching at straws.

    Drowning men do that.

  16. Salvador Dali

    This sort of number-crunching(if it can be called that!)
    is nothing short of surrealistic!

  17. Pogo

    Hey doan worry. Mr. Lynch and Mr. Mascoll – may 26 Nation- just reminded us in a political speech about the long term effects being good because 1000 Indian tourists are coming next year.

    Wonder if he got the decimal point in the wrong place?

  18. Adrian Loveridge


    1,000 Indians times an average stay and spend ( 7 nights at US$163 per day*) produces a total of US$1.14 million in tourism revenue.

    What do you think the 4, BTA marketing trips to the sub-Continent cost?

    * these are based on the Minister of Tourism’s figures, so dont take them for gospel).

  19. Straight talk

    Did the 1000 Indians book before our cowboys indefinitely extended the Caricom visas, and does this mean we will be opening a visa office in India specially for them?

  20. Perdy

    Mr.Lynch is an honest political figure.You dare not disagree or question his judgement, or one can be sued in a court of law. It is quite obvious he is the ‘achilles’ in the party. Mr. Thompson, you just keep quiet and Mr. Lynch should give your party a helping hand.

  21. Hants

    Thursday, 31 May 2007
    A Standard and Poors analyst says Barbados’ drop to a triple b rating should not be seen in a negative light.

    In fact, Richard Francis says the management of Barbados’ economic and fiscal matters has been quite good.

    Say what?

  22. armchair critic

    I’m a bit confused, is it not the job of the individual business owner to ensure the profitability of his/her own business. Government provides the framework…that is all. Dacosta Mannings, Cave Shepherd or a rum shop in Moon Town don’t sit on their respective behinds and wait for Government to ensure the sale of their products. Why therefore does Adrian Loveridge for example continuously bemoan ….get off you bum and fill your hotel!!!!!!! Other hoteliers are doing it!!! (Perhaps it is because he spends all his time on BFP!!!!!)

    Furthermore, with respect to tourist arrivals for this year, it truly is somewhat unfair and unashamedly disgusting to discount the impact that the loss of airlift from BWIA had on Barbados during the first quarter of this year. Moreover the rise in the cost of fuel prices and hence airline tickets has made travel more expensive…that is not a Barbadian or even a Caribbean dilemma…it is an INTERNATIONAL reality.

    In addition, persons who have any knowledge of what occurred in the hotel sector leading up to the World Cup would submit that many of the hoteliers made decisions that ended up shooting them in the foot, like blocking off rooms from tour operators, especially those coming out of N.A. at the beginning of this year, as well as not going with the CTO suggestion that would have ensured they received room deposits upfront, long before a ball bowled. The reality is that as far as the World Cup goes, it began in Barbados (except for the warm up games) in APRIL….the month when we did record an increase over the same period last year.

    Perhaps it would have been wise for persons in our private sector (i.e. hoteliers) to have marketed for when the games actually began in BARBADOS…and not to block out rooms and sully longstanding relationships with partners in the tourism industry…..

  23. Adrian Loveridge


    Election Buzz – Daily Nation 1st June 2007

    three of of four political commentators/journalists (Harold Hoyte, Chris Gollop and Peter Wickham)
    all believe that Minister Lynch is going to loose his seat in the next election.
    Albert Brandford thinks he will retain it and Roy Morris ‘can’t call just yet’.

    When will the Minister respond to the escalating intra Caribbean airfares?

    ‘Caricom leaders will have to get together and bring some level of affordability to airfares or we will lose the sports tourism market’

    Adrian Donovan – ‘Nosedive’ Daily Nation

    It seems he not even listening to the party faithfull!

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  25. just watching

    Armchair critic.. Bravo to you…… Loveridge and his DLP team of critics cannot see/understand reality. Loveridge questions why BTA doesn’t drum up more business from new sources and when they do he or his co conspiritors slaps them down. I have read with interest over the years Loveridges comments and wonder if this were 1970’s and not 2007 where he would be now.

  26. watching just

    A bit hard on Adrian, you are.Drumming up more business particularly from new sources is good. I am sure Adrian concurs. However when Barbados is drumming up business from India it gives you pause because its unrealistic. We understood India charters arriving for world cup. I understand only one charter made it filled with travel agents and more free riders.. But to be deceitful and make us think India is a major new source market is wrong. Your odd Indian will visit but not any mass travel. Placing large sums of money behind marketing in India is misplacing of scarce resources.

  27. Just Watching

    Agreed, but can Adrian L or anyone else state what was spent on marketing to Indians.
    I know there is a large market for Luxury. accommodation.. and not only from India but Indians in California and Canada.

    We have a lot of armchair marketing experts but at the end of the day I think th BTA does quite a good job…. an I am sure I have heard the same Adrian Loveridge praising the work they have done.

  28. Adrian Loveridge

    Just Watching…

    Good ideas, planning and execution work whether its the 70’s and whichever decade or century.
    Consequently, bad ideas do not.

    Look at my comments in context!
    There was Minister Lynch boasting about the fact that 1,000 Indians had already booked to travel to Barbados sometime in the future, whilst longstay visitors are down for the first four months of this year.
    This despite hosting what should have been the CWC best package of the ‘world’s third largest sporting event’.

    I just want Minister Lynch to be honest and admit
    ‘we’ all got it wrong and its time to realise this and move on.

    I actually have a lot of admiration for some of the BTA employees and managers, but if the policies are wrong, whatever they do, they are not going to make them right.

  29. Adrian Loveridge

    And PS: Just Watching, if there are wealthy Indians living in California and Canada they usually hold passports of those countries and would ‘pitched’ at from that perspective.

    Secondly, its difficult to be an ‘armchair marketing expert’ when you have worked in tourism in 67 countries. Just occasionally you have to get out of the chair to show your passport!

  30. Jerome Hinds

    watching just…..Just Watching A GARBLED collection on impostors !

    What is the issue with you !

    Airfares & the BTA operations have a remained a bug bear for a while.

    Ever since Dame Billie introduced the Mega – six salaried team headed by Mr. Shuffler…..the BTA has been SHUFFLING…!

    Now to rising airfares….the GOB has come to parliament several times recently to seek approval of funds to prop up LIAT !

    What have been the returns ?

    *** Rising airfares !
    *** Rising debt !
    *** Rising complaints about poor service !

    So you mean to tell us you WATCHING all these things and we ain’t to complain ?

    So you mean to tell us stakeholders like Mr. Adrian Loveridge are not to raise their concern ?

    Wunnah better open wunnah eyeballs to this untenable reality !

  31. Just Watching

    Adrian L To be fair the armchair comment was not addressed to you/about you.

    I think you missed my point re 1970’s but we can let that slide.

    I am not at all sure that there is anyone proposing new direction for BTA./tourism. What I have seen is criticism of BTA/MOT but no new ideas…from DLP for the way forward. It is always easy to sit on the outside and criticise its another thing entirely to get the job done…. An dYes Adrian L I agree sometimes direction is lacking and can be a problem.

  32. here we go again

    the yardfowl must be getting ready for an election

    hard working Adrian Loveridge is being tagged as a DLP supporter instead of an overtaxed concerned hotel owner who cares about his country.

    Keep up the good work Adrian.

  33. Standard and por's or just poor standard

    can’t have your bond buyers and those that benefit
    from fees having a country teetering on bankruptcy. Think of the financial mess and the losses or write downs that would have to be taken.

    Think what an honest financial grading might do to all those fees and the financial insitutions that encouraged clients to buy these junk bonds?

    I am sure Standards and Poors is relying on first class information like the non-partisan independent Central Bank.

  34. Listen to Bush!

    “Adrian Loveridge is being tagged as a DLP supporter instead of an overtaxed concerned hotel owner who cares about his country.”

    You’re either for us or against us.
    There are no overtaxed people in this country
    far less concerned hotel owners.

    Everyone not pro-BLP
    is automatically pro-DLP

  35. Lotto

    Ah yes Jerome the Shuffler man and two more lapdogs. I believe their names were Hill and Errol Griffith. Thats where the rot began. That pimp Johnny Tudor a Owen included lackey noted they were receiving lotto salaries.
    The three jokes got higher salries than Owen and permanent secretaries. A shocking abuse of taxpayer monies by Billie Miller and BLP. Three ordinary lightweights with scant knowledge of tourist industry or anything else put key sector in a spin.
    Blabber mouth Noel Pinky Lynch then arrived and in his words took “payne” out of tourism. Regretably for Barbadians the mout man put his own spin on the tourist business. Lord help BIM.

  36. No-Name

    Lynch, is a bold faced liar. He thinks the ends justifies the means. He always putting his foot in his big mouth. He has been doing this since I knew him from school days.
    He can’t keep his foot away from his mouth so I predict that in the near future he has to do or say something that will put another nail in his coffin. He is such a fool.