Over 1 Million WordPress Blogs – Barbados Free Press Is #33 Most Popular !

Article On Barbados Prime Minister Lawsuit Garners Worldwide Attention



Thanks Mr. Prime Minister! We couldn’t do it without you!

Is that the New York Times emailing us?

Oh… it is.

My-o-my this is surely getting interesting…

(We moved up since the screensnap was taken. We are now at #33 most popular WordPress blog worldwide in any language. Check out the stats here)


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10 responses to “Over 1 Million WordPress Blogs – Barbados Free Press Is #33 Most Popular !

  1. Anonymous

    if the Barbados Labour Party EVER find out who you guys are..you are toast, okay?
    You are IN JAIL for the rest of yo life!

    Sedition, Treason, compromising a perfectly good racketeering operation that has taken 3 terms in office to fine tune..
    the list of charges goes on and ON!

    I sorry fuh wunnuh!

  2. Beatimus Corpious Loopus

    Anonymous. If you had farted, that would have been more profound.

  3. Anonymous

    can’t help it man. sorry

  4. Marx

    Look here, my good citizens. When I came to teach my views on political equality, I never thought you would kill me.

    If I had it to do again, I would.

    Those Czars have no idea of what it is to be a proletariat. Even if they do, still they use our hard labour and pinch our pennies to build their palaces.

  5. It suprises me that BFP should be less active than many of the blogs listed e.g. Eat Well Montreal.

  6. akabozik

    Maybe there is some rating criteria that we don’t know about like the language of the blog or the number of visitors to page view ratio or the number of comments or linkbacks or something.

    #35 or #33 or whatever out of 1 million is not too bad any way it is calculated!

  7. Zulu

    There are many ppl who do not know of BFP and I introduce them to the site. Many are just reading and not posting.
    What we need to do is to get them to post comments and I believe that may be a means of increasing the rating.
    Spread the word. The entire local population needs to know of this site so that everyone can see how our money is fritted away.
    At least they will all have something to think about. Of course there are those who would not believe anything written here to be true. Hopefully they will be in the minority.

  8. Thistle

    Zulu: I hope and pray that you won’t have cause to regret those words in a couple of years time! I’m sure you know what I mean. DLP, take warning!

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  10. bajun

    Nite does run til day ketch it.
    Wha ya does do in de dark does eventually come ta lite..hear wha I tell you.


    BFP replies…

    That’s what we keep telling those politicians whose net-worth is way out of line with their annual income.