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Not Only Does VECO Bribe Politicians – They Fund Journalists and Newspapers Too!!!

But Don’t Worry Folks… VECO Only Bribes Politicians And Journalists In Alaska: Never In Barbados!

from KTUU.com News…

Voice Of The Times Goes Digital

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Voice of the Times will soon be at your fingertips, but not in your daily paper.

Effective Friday, the conservative viewpoints appearing on the opinion and editorial page of the Anchorage Daily News will be found online at voiceofthetimes.net.

In a written statement, the editors of the Voice of the Times said they’re grateful to the Daily News for what they called a “cordial and professional relationship” over the past 15 years. The Daily News recently announced it would not renew the Times’ contract for another term.

The Times will retain most of its current columnists and will still be funded by VECO Corp.

… from KTUU.com (link here)


VECO Built This House For An Alaska Senator – What Are They Building In Barbados?

ANCHORAGE, Alaska –The recent FBI corruption investigation has widened to include U.S. Senator Ted Stevens.

Late last year a federal grand jury heard testimony regarding a remodeling project at the senator’s Girdwood home. The project was overseen by the top executives at VECO Corp.

Stevens’ home in Girdwood underwent a major remodeling seven years ago. It was lifted up and an entire new first floor was added.

Contractor Augie Paone of Christensen Builders did most of the work, but said he dealt with VECO, not Stevens.

“The people that contacted me were some VECO personnel that I knew from some past work I did for them,” Paone said.

Paone said among the VECO people contacting him was company CEO Bill Allen. Allen recently pled guilty to bribery charges that implicate one current and several former state lawmakers, including Ben Stevens, the elder senator’s son.

Paone said the FBI questioned him about six months ago and he testified before a federal grand jury in December.

Paone said while VECO hired him and he sent the invoices for the project to VECO, he doesn’t think Sen. Stevens did anything wrong.

“The senator doesn’t know me, so some of the people I had contacts with were more familiar with the senator, so they kind of took over his interests and they kind of overviewed the billings. After they saw them, it was just faxed over to the senator and the senator a few days later just mailed me a check,” Paone said.

Paone says he did about $100,000 worth of work on the home. Stevens was in Girdwood today for a library groundbreaking, but did not want to comment on VECO’s involvement in his home remodel.

“I put out a statement, the statements there and it says I do not comment on things that are under investigation. Thank you,” Stevens said.

The FBI will not comment on whether Sen. Stevens is being investigated. But when the agency served search warrants on lawmaker’s office last August, one search warrant was served in Girdwood.

Agents said it wasn’t at the senator’s home or office, but they won’t say where.

Paone said VECO executives initially contacted him, saying they were in dire straits trying to quickly finish the project. He said the remodeling was started by what he described as a group of friends working on the weekend, but the project required more expertise.

… read this story online at television station KTUU’s website KTUU.com (link here)


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Over 1 Million WordPress Blogs – Barbados Free Press Is #33 Most Popular !

Article On Barbados Prime Minister Lawsuit Garners Worldwide Attention



Thanks Mr. Prime Minister! We couldn’t do it without you!

Is that the New York Times emailing us?

Oh… it is.

My-o-my this is surely getting interesting…

(We moved up since the screensnap was taken. We are now at #33 most popular WordPress blog worldwide in any language. Check out the stats here)


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Barbados Underground Cartoon Hammers Home – UPDATED and Question For Barbados Underground


UPDATED – Someone Asks For Changes To This Article – Barbados Underground Please Respond

A commenter on this article asks…

“I would appreciate it if you would remove the photo of houses in your comic strip with Miss .Thompson and Miss.Mottley. If you have this information that you imply put the correct houses. I can assure you that the houses you have pictured are being paid for every month .”

OK… that is a fair request IF the homes in the photo are not the subject of some problem with government corruption etc.

Barbados Underground, could you please clarify this issue? Are the homes in the photo directly connected with your story on government corruption or were they just to illustrate the issue?

Please let us know so we can consider our reader’s request.

NOTE TO OUR READERS – would someone kindly head over to Barbados Underground and make a comment on the story or otherwise let them know that this issue has been raised? I am writing this from one of our “posting” computers and we don’t visit other websites while using this PC.



Original Story…

What’s it all about?

Check out Barbados Underground’s top post for May 2007 HERE


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Who Did Barbados Prison Consulting?… VECO Paid Alaska Bribes Through “Consulting” Contracts With Politicians’ Relatives!!!!!


Extreme Makeover: Veco Edition

by Laura McGann – May 29, 2007, 12:24 PM

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) jacked his house off the ground, inserted a new first story and placed the old first floor on top, thanks to the help of a top executive at local oil company Veco Corp. who hired at least one key contractor to complete the feat of a job.

Veco is entwined in a broad federal investigation that has led to the indictment of four current and former Alaska politicians and ensnared former Alaska Senate President Ben Stevens, son of Ted Stevens. Local press concluded that Stevens was state “Senator B,” listed in the charging documents of two former Veco Corp. executives who pled guilty to federal bribery and conspiracy charges, saying they gave the younger Stevens $242,000 in illegitimate consulting fees.

Neither Stevens has been charged with a crime.

It’s unclear how the senior Stevens’ home doubling is connected to the broader investigation, but the Feds are now eyeing the construction job according to the Anchorage Daily News , which noticed a line in the Veco executives’ plea bargains that could link the senator to the probe:

The sentence, preceded by a listing of a dozen Veco-related enterprises around the world, said: “Veco was not in the business of residential construction or remodeling.”

Maybe they dabbled.

… from TPM MuckRaker.com (link here)


Barbados Politicians Love Those “Consulting Fees”

We have always said (and everybody seems to know) that in order for a foreigner to build much of anything on Barbados there must first be many “studies” and “consulting” workups to make sure the project can be built in a proper manner. Yes, sir – there must be much “consulting” done – usually by a friend or relative of someone who is involved in the approvals process, you see!

Readers will remember that waterpark developer Matthew Kerins complained about spending millions in “consulting fees” on Barbados with little or no result. That’s life on the rock for foreign developers. (Hey Matthew… it would have been ok had the Prime Minister and his crones “consulted” with the voters before you paid the “consulting fees”, but as we told you before – now that the voters have their backs up about the waterpark at Graeme Hall, you can kiss that “consulting” money goodbye!)

As shown in the Alaska newspapers’ accounts of the FBI investigation into VECO – the company that is building the new Barbados Jail – Veco has a corporate culture of corruption where politicians were regularly bribed to achieve company goals.

Knowing Barbados, it is beyond the imagination to suggest that VECO’s corporate culture of bribery was not welcomed here by some.

Faced with all the above, we expect the Attorney General of Barbados to launch an immediate investigation into all “consulting” and “sub-contracting” fees paid out by VECO in the past 13 years – during the building of the Oil Terminal, the Jail and any other work performed by VECO or associated companies on Barbados.

The people of Barbados demand to know if any “consulting” or “sub-contracting” fees were paid to companies owned or controlled by politicians or their families or friends.

How Much Is The Prison Over Budget? YIKES!


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FBI’s VECO Corruption Investigation Includes “Hundreds Of Hours Of Recordings, Thousands Of Documents” – How Many Mention Barbados?

FBI corruption investigation includes audio, video

Evidence in the corruption case against Rep. Vic Kohring, R-Wasilla, includes thousands of pages of documents and hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings, Kohring’s lawyers said today in federal court.

Defense lawyers asked for more time to sift through all that information, and U.S. District Judge John Sedwick agreed, delaying the trial from July 9 until Oct. 22…

… continued at Anchorage Daily News (link here)

Some Folks Are Having Sleepless Nights Wondering What Is In Those Recordings

How many of those folks who are pacing the floor tonight are on Barbados or associated with building the new Barbados jail?

The United States has Freedom Of Information laws and sooner or later someone is going to post everything on the good old internet.

I’ll sleep well tonight – but can all our readers say the same?

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