Barbados Lawsuit Names Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons And Many Prominent Citizens And Businesses


Barbados Free Press Publishes List Of Accused In Civil Lawsuit

As promised we are publishing what we have been able to confirm about the lawsuit against the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Chief Justice and many other prominent Barbados citizens and companies.

We received the following list of names from more than one source, but CAUTION SHOULD BE TAKEN as we have not yet seen the court documents. One of our sources has been 100% reliable in the past and states that a copy of the court document will be sent to us possibly as early as this evening, so we believe that this list we received by email is accurate.

According to our sources, the lawsuit has been launched by a Barbados company named…

Nelson Barbados Group Ltd

We have searched for this company on the web, phone books etc and have not found any address or listing for it.

Allegations Of Corruption

According to our sources there are allegations of corruption and behind the scenes dealings contained in this lawsuit. Once again we remind our readers that a lawsuit is only a lawsuit and everyone named in a lawsuit is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

We will publish more details when we receive the court papers. Here is the list of the accused…

Richard Ivan Cox
Gerard Cox
Alan Cox
Philip Vernon Nicholls
Eric Ashby Bentham Deane
Owen Basil Keith Deane
Marjorie Ilma Knox
David Simmons
Elneth Kentish
Glyne Bannister
Glyne B. Bannister
Philip Greaves, A.K.A. Philp Greaves
Gittens Clyde Turney
R. G. Mandeville & Co.
Cottle, Catford & Co.
Keble Worrell Ltd.
Eric Iain Stewart Deane
Estate Of Colin Deane
Lee Deane
Errie Deane
Keith Deane
Malcolm Deane
Lionel Nurse
Leonard Nurse
Edward Bayley
Francis Deher
David Shorey
Owen Seymour Arthur
Mark Cummins
Graham Brown
Brian Edward Turner
G.S. Brown Associates Limited
Golf Barbados Inc.
Kingsland Estates Limited
Classic Investments Limited
Thornbrook International Consultants Inc.
Thornbrook International Inc.
S.B.G. Development Corporation
The Barbados Agricultural Credit Trust
Phoenix Artists Management Limited
David C. Shorey And Company
C. Shorey And Company Ltd.
First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Ltd.
Price Waterhouse Coopers (Barbados)
Attorney General Of Barbados
The Country Of Barbados
And John Does 1-25

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159 responses to “Barbados Lawsuit Names Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons And Many Prominent Citizens And Businesses

  1. BFP

    Now I know how Matt Drudge felt when he broke the Clinton & Monica story on his blog.

    Sincere apologies to Karel as we were chasing this story down and I never got to your letter. Sorry.


  2. Bakkra Johnny

    Yep, just as I thought,
    this is about the Kingsland affair ..
    tried to find articles on Broad Street Journal but they are all removed …

  3. Doubtful

    Dear oh dear what an odd list.

    Family squabbles involving lotsa the Deane family, many of whom I know PERSONALLY
    – and who are FAR from Corrupt.
    Poor Lee Deane is now dead,
    and as for Errie and Keith being corrupt…
    sheeeesh that’s like saying Oweing is as straight as an arrow.

    Frankly, that list doesn’t make sense:
    I see cats among the pigeons and find it real hard to group the names in it, as being corrupt people!
    But we’re having fun with it!

    How come MY name isn’t on it?
    I’m so hurt not to be included..boohooo!

  4. crossroads

    As I previously mentioned a “golf course issue” sale of land, change of land use etc. conflicts of intrest.

  5. Thistle

    I have to agree with you, Doubtful, it is hard to imagine the Deane family involved in anything corrupt. But, as we have been warned, a lawsuit is just that – a lawsuit. We’ll have to await the outcome, and at the pace legal matters run in this country, I may be dead by then!

  6. crossroads

    Doubtful, which owen you talking bout arthur or deane??

  7. Doubtful

    I grew up calling them Uncle Errie , Uncle Keith, Uncle Col and Uncle Vere!
    and it is VERY hard to imagine any of them being truly corrupt – this lawsuit is a mud-slinging Fest, with names being called.

    __I’m NOT taking THIS list too seriously!__

    To group Uncle Keith and Uncle Errie with the likes of O.$.A and his henchmen
    is waaaay beyond the pale, sorry!

  8. Doubtful

    Owen Deane is NOT the same person as Oweing $ Arthur.

    Pay attn. to the spelling,dear,
    and even you can figure it out.!

    This only serves to illustrate my point …
    that grouping Owen Deane (a SAINT of a boy!)
    with our unscrupulous P.M. is utterly laughable

  9. crossroads

    I also know Uncle Owen D. and needed clarification of your comments. Thanks Dear!

  10. North Star

    I too must say that I am very doubtful that Errie Deane could ever be involved with anything dishonest.

    I worked with Errie at Plantations Limited back in the 50’s when he was the Secretary there and the man exuded honesty, decency and the traits of a true gentleman. I didn’t even know he was still alive. Another true gentleman of yesteryear at Plantations Limited that I will never ever forget is the late Vere Edghill. He was one of the most decent caring gentleman I ever met as young man!

    From my recollection the Deane family were among the finest in Barbados and were regualar people who certainly did not act like Big Ups.

    I get very nervous when peoples names are used in this manner without proof and they are a few others on the list I cannot bring myself to believe could be involved in corruption. However, I have avoided naming them because it could well bring the wrath of some contributors down around my head and I do not want that!

  11. Thistle

    All I can say is that from my knowledge of the Deane family, if we had people of their calibre in politics, Barbados would not be in the sorry mess it is today.

  12. Marcus2

    “The Country of Barbados, John Does 1-25”, does that include me as well?

  13. Doubtful

    “the Deane family, if we had people of their calibre in politics, Barbados would not be in the sorry mess it is today.” — you got THAT right!!

  14. Yardbroom

    Just a personal point of view…

    I do not know any of the people personally who have been mentioned in the Law Suit. However politicians are fair game for criticism as they have been elected to represent the citizens of Barbados.

    Private individuals are a different matter, their character should not be besmirched in any way, neither should they have to come on this blog to defend themselves, a Court of Law is the place for that.

    That is my position as regards private citizens.

  15. sharks

    the older Deanes are probably victims as well—same players as the Norwood’s deal

    One would not have to stretch the imagination to conclude it is the sharks swimming in behind with the ever present Mandeville and Company leading the feeding frenzy.

  16. Jay

    I don’t believe it. This must be another DLP orchestrated scheme. As was pronounced by our Minister of Tourism, the DLP has been responsible for introducing a new type of political nastiness in Barbados. Aided and abetted by Sleepy Smith and Thompson as well as a set of people in Fontabelle known as the Barbados Advocate who try to run this country.

    I am abhorred!

  17. Somebody Help Barbados

    i am real lost cause i ein know the deane family and i ein know the issue behind the suite…

    All i know is that BArbadians real damn hypocritical…when a lil bare foot boy name come out on the court pages nobody doan say it should not be there till he get prove guilty…but because the list is a big up list everybody offended…stupse…

    either we treat everybody the same or none at all…by the way i ein know how to use the family card to defend anybody…because WINSTON HALL was a dear son, uncle,child…lalala…my point is to your family you are always the best…as it should be…bout that may not be enough to judge somebody a saint…

  18. lawrence loughlin

    I believe the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. corporate headquarters is located at Black Rock !!

  19. concerned

    “I believe the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. corporate headquarters is located at Black Rock !!”

    Where in Black Rock?

  20. Adrian

    Naming heads of Ministries i.e. politicians in court cases in par for the course. Mal practice law suites againts the QEH will name the Minister of Health, Cases related to police action will name the Attorney General Case dealing with land, title deeds, real estate, zoning etc will name Minister responsible for Town planning etc. I am not alarm about this, as it does not at this time suggest personal wrong doing by the Ministers mentioned. BFP are you stretching again? 😀

  21. Wishing in Vain

    Jay what you really ought to abhorred about is the obvious levels of corruption that your party have created and fed during its time in office such things as that cheque your party leader and PM deposited to his private bank account, the deal that he Nicholls and Bannister concoted to earn themselves in excess of $ 100 million taxpayers dollars to these scamps bank accounts.The 1000 new slot machines that the abovementioned group are bringing into the island.
    But then again you are so party blinded that you will fail to see or understand these things hence the need to remove the tumor that is the BLP from the internal operations of this country.

  22. sharks


    believe it!!!

    its not fiction

    its how business in done in Barbados

  23. Wishing in Vain

    lawrence loughlin
    May 29th, 2007 at 1:07 pm
    I believe the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. corporate headquarters is located at Black Rock !!
    You seem preoccupied with black rock this is now the fourth time you draw a reference to it are you a resident of this hallowed place.
    Oh yes we are still waiting to hear from you who you and company paid your monies to for the attempted fast tracking of your water parks approval??
    Bannister and Nicholls and Owing do these names ring any bells????

  24. Thistle

    You must have read my thoughts – this man has a fixation with Black Rock!

  25. concerned

    “And John Does 1-25” must mean that more name are to be added.

    I get the feeling this is not a joke.

  26. Jerome Hinds

    Are these names contained in a lawsuit or in a obituary list ?

    A very long list of names !

    I see DLP , BLP , BCA , Public Service , Judiciary connections among the listed….!

    Since we are in the season…what a COHOBBLOPOT….!

  27. more

    How are the Barbados courts going to hear a matter against the Country of Barbados, the CJ and the AG?

    This looks like a non starter.

  28. Wishing in Vain

    Jerome Hindsit is great to see you back on the blog keep fighting the good fight.

  29. Royalrumble

    And while every body is watching this lost case I am watching the one over at Clico where a messenger is accused of stealing over $1. Million in just four months.

    I feel that he has taken a mere piece of the pie he carries around every day. Is this a case of money laundering here? Is this the same company that’s in bed with the DLP and particular Thompy?

    If this young man speaks his mind in court I think Barbadians are going to see the real corrupt ones in our midst.

  30. Adrian

    Wishing in Vain
    May 29th, 2007 at 1:29 pm
    Jay what you really ought to abhorred about is the obvious levels of corruption that your party have created and fed during its time in office such things as that cheque your party leader and PM deposited to his private bank account,
    Wishing in Vain this to my mind remains the single most clearly stated account of potential corruption by a politician, and that is in the public domain. I am amaze that no one has seen it fit to take it and run with it. You have an accusation, a guilty plea of sorts, and an Act of law that makes similar actions illegal and punishable. There is to my mind sufficient verbal evidence to convene an investigation to test these actions for facts and to apply the corruption act of Barbados to these finding to declare the innocence or guilt of the accused.

  31. Wishing in Vain

    No Royal idiot, this man stole from Clico plain and simple it is much different to Arthur collecting and depositing the cheque for $ 750,000.00 to his personal bank account.
    Actually I think they are in bed with Arthur as well from the evidence of cheques and all!!!!
    And you consider the above a lost case no wonder we are in so much turmoil in this country our leaders are blinded by the real world.

  32. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian can we as private citizens have any case to charge him???
    If this were the case I would be willing to go forward to start the action, this is just downright dishonesty.

  33. concerned

    BFP try and find out what is really happening here. We need more information about this case because it is not making sense on the information you have presented.

    What group is behind Nelson Barbados Group Ltd.? Is it CLICO from Trinidad? because I would expect to see CLICO’s name in anyting involving Kingsland Estates Limited and David Thompson’s name too.

  34. lawrence loughlin

    Black Rock is a asylum for the mentally disturbed !! Heretofore, I shall check into this institution forthwith. Than perhaps I can comiserate with some normal people !!! I GONE !!

  35. Velzo

    Its not CLICO’s messenger that should be going to prison.

    Its guys like Sylvan Greenidge and Rudy Grant who should be there for stealing policy-holders money and left them high and dry. And while the messenger is at Harrison’s Point, Grant is a Minister.

    And Sylvan has his nose up Owen’s posterior!

  36. Wishing in Vain

    Velzo good to see you back, what really did Greenidge and Grant do? are these two dishonest like Owing and his gang of crooks???

  37. Jerome Hinds

    Wishing in Vain

    Thanks. We have to keep soldiering on.

  38. Wishing in Vain

    Gosh I only hope that the people of this land open their eyes and look around them and see how this island has declined and the corruption rampant and come out and vote to stop this nonsense.

  39. BFP

    Hi Wishing In Vain…

    But merely voting out one set of citizens for another set of citizens will do nothing unless we implement some laws against piggery at the trough.

    Without conflict of interest rules and integrity laws, who among us could withstand the temptation?

    We need to criminalize the behaviour, put transparency and freedom of information laws in place or the next boss will be the same as the old boss.

    It is not about DLP is more honest than BLP. They are not. The only difference between the two is that one is in power now, while the other group desires it.

  40. Wishing in Vain

    Put laws in place yes but more importantly this crowd of bandits need to replaced in a hurry.
    Just was listening to Mr Marshall on Bass Tacks he started to quote from the letter Adrian Loveridge wrote that was publisehed in todays Nation newspaper and no sooner than he started they started to play the music taking them into the break. what an island we live on here.

  41. Wishing in Vain

    BFP is this going thru the local court system or is it as I mentioned in my earlier post where Peter Allard was going thru the route of the World Trade organisation settlements??

  42. John

    I don’t know if you missed it but here is a picture of some pigs up at Ilaro Court over the weekend!

    Guess they know where the trough is.

  43. Somebody Help Barbados


    i ein know how you could make a comment like that BFP…i agree bout the integrity legislation but even when there are laws people who want to break them will…we need to look at the entire terms and conditions of politics in the region…

    anyway to besides most of the DLP candidates new…how you could say byer-suckoo would tief money…stupse…she ein nothing like mia…i not swearing for anybody but i have problems bout removing one to put in more of the same…

    tell the big man to call the damn election…we have the billy goat now…we might end up with a swn next time…who knows…5050!

  44. Chase

    How come Clico’s messenger Mr.Cook has gone to jail while Ruel Ward still walking around this island?
    They both are accused of stealing huge sums of money….one ran away to Paris ,the other went home in the Pine.
    They took away his passport but his lawyer got it back for him ….client got a new job which requires him to travel he said.
    While the Pine resident didnt run,helped the police with their investigations,was not known to the court…yet still he was refused bail.
    What is the difference between these two.

    One is a lodge member …the other isnt.

  45. Thistle

    John: Perhaps you didn’t see my comment, but I got there long before you early this morning. The piggies at the trough!

  46. John

    Sorry Thistle

    A bit slow this morning, …. woops sorry , … afternoon!!

    The old brain ain’t what it used to be.

  47. John


    I was wondering who Ruel Ward was so I searched in the Nation Archives to see what I could find.

    Maybe I spelt the name wrong but nothing.

    I googled the name and got a reference for CBC.

  48. John

    Interestingly, it looks in the CBC article like the guy who it is alleged stole the $1.3 million from the Psychiatric Hospital (aka Black Rock) got remanded.

    Does this mean he did not get bail like the messenger who allegedly stole the $1million from Clico?

    If this is so then since Ruel Ward allegedly stole $4 million from sagicor according to CBC and got bail it just might be that getting bail might also have something to do with the amount of money you allegedly stole.

    The more you allegedly steal the more likely you are to get bail.

  49. Chase

    Guess it doesn’t make sense sending the BLP guys to jail then…..they will all get bail!

  50. Perceived Corruption

    “….and see how this island has declined,
    and the corruption rampant,
    and come out and vote to stop this nonsense.”

    I waiting patiently for year-end
    to see how Transparency International gyne rate Barbados NOW – after all these “allegations” of perceived corruption on this once-respected island of Barbados!

    I feel we gyne slip BIG-TIME
    from our once-lofty perch all uppin 24
    to somewhere down around Trinidad level….around the upper 40s.

    Biiiiig slide ahead, fellas!

    Dah good fuh we! Tummuch Pride.
    And the only Industry left now, is thiefin and corruption, and we is experts at dat!

    Government workers not being paid,
    and lack of simple road markings
    are two simple obvious indications
    that Barbados is flat-ass BROKE, dread!

    Like it or not..

  51. Wishing in Vain

    Ruel Ward here is a man from some of the best family backgrounds in the island a Ward from the Mount Gay rum clan of Wards and he finds himself in this mess he deserves to go to jail, but instead he will repay the money and the case will disappear quitely like it never happened , lets wait and see, I told you so is my call!!!

  52. Confused

    This lawsuit looks very dubious simply due to the sheer length of the list that you’ve provided. Anything like this that names targets ad infinitum including government, a miscellaneous bunch of corporations, private individuals, credit trusts etc. is simply not focused enough to be credible – and at worst is simply someone trying it on. In any case, and as everyone including BFP keeps pointing out, it’s a law suit not a conviction. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government and a reasonable number of entities on this list are named in a large number of lawsuits each year. I’d very much like to be proved wrong but why all the fuss in this case ? Perhaps I’m simply missing the background information and the people on the list link together to make coherent sense but I really don’t see it. Can anyone clarify ? Confused.

  53. Anonymous

    The saddest name is the chief justice who should not be on the list. he is a good honest man. he would not do any wrong.

  54. Just asking

    Hey folks i see we have stirred up a hornets nest here with the messenger, well regards to Roel its not the first time he thief so i guess he has experience, what concerns me though is that we talk about a free media and access to news and all that yet Dale Miller steals thousands of dollars from the Barbados Water Authority gets charge with fraud tries ti skip the island and no one mentions it other than in a token reference in pudding n souse. When are we going to make an example of these guys, heard he too bought a plantation house, but i blame John King cause he said he want a plantation at any cost now all these guys following suit

  55. Straight talk

    Google “keltruth” and feel lucky.
    The whole sorry saga, and the cast of characters appearing in the list, is an interesting read.

  56. North Star

    Anonomyous I share your sentiments but you and I will still receive the wrath of God from many for that opinion.

    I have read I do not know the David Simmons is very highly regarded by the PM but that has nothing to do with David Simmons the man, who I have never heard a bad word spoken about.

  57. Wishing in Vain

    Just as well he had to settle for the post of CJ and he did not attain what he really set out for and that was the head of the Caribbean Court of Justice he was making big moves to get the top job there, maybe they heard when he was seeking office in St.Thomas when he said he would hang all of them on death row once he got elected and todate how many hangings have we had?????ZERO in other words a lot of long talk with no action.
    No wonder he got the title the most promising politician, very mach like Mottley a lot of hot air and no substance, nothing other than empty words!!!

  58. Equality

    The lawsuit is in fact NOT filed in Barbados, but in ONTARIO, CANADA. Nelson is NOT a BARBADOS Company, but an ONTARIO-registered corporation incorporated in 2005. The matters that Nelson seeks to complain of in an ONTARIO court are matters SOLELY in the jurisdiction of the BARBADOS courts and on which the Judicial Commitee of the Privy Council have already ruled.

    Further, Nelson has complained of matters that took place as far back as 1972, almost 30 years before it was incorporated.

    To show the arrant stupidity of the whole matter, the Toronto corporation, Phoenix Artists’ Management Limited, is one of the parties sued and only because in 1982 it was the address given by Iain Deane as being his contact address in Canada (where he was living and working as an actor and director) on the application for a grant of probate and letters testamentary in the estate of the late Colin Deane. I am reliably advised that Phoenix Artists Management has not represented Iain Deane since 1984, but yet it is sued in this action.

    It is the sort of insurance action for personal injury that are all the rage in North America. The guiding principle is “Throw everything against the wall and see if anything sticks.” Usually, in insurance litigation, it is settled solely on a nuissance value basis, but that is unlikely to be the case here.

    A word of caution. The Free Press issued a warning by way of disclaimer that it had not had sight of the court papers. I think since the action is filed in Canada and not in Barbados, it ought to take legal advice as to whether it is safe to quote the pleadings filed in Canada as, since they are NOT filed in Barbados and may well be libellous, the defence that they are filed in a court action may not protect Free Press from a massive action for libel (possibly also even criminal libel) from the parties named, since the Barbados courts will not in this instance recognize the validity or jurisdiction of the Canadian courts.

    If such a libel action were to be commenced as the result the publication of details of an action filed out of juridiction dealing with matters solely within the jurisdiction of Barbados, it has to be considered that Free Press might easily find itself faced with a court order for discovery and forced to reveal the names and sources of all e-mail comments it has chosen to publish and these people may well also find themselves facing a libel action.

    In a libel action, wherein damages do not have to be proved and the action may be brought per se, it seems to me that the defendants would need to establish fair comment, or in other words that what they said is true. However, kindly remember that the Privy Council has said that those libels are NOT true – and whether Mrs Knox-Allard likes it or not, the Barbados courts will not submit to the authority of the Canadian courts.

    I do not say that any of these scenarios is necessarily legally correct, but certainly, out of an abundance of caution, they ought to be considered and due care taken.

    In any event, the bottom line is: when did Barbados become a vasal state of Canada and its institutions and laws made subject to Canadian law? And since when has a Canadian company formed in 2005 been granted the right to complain in a Canadian court about matters going back to 1972 that are solely the jurisdiction of Barbados and its laws?

    And that is the sole crux of the matter. Are we now to sacrifice our sovreignty to the self-interest of Mr Allard, or shall we just tell him thanks for Graeme Hall but it does NOT purchase our freedoms, our country or our courts?

  59. Jerome Hinds

    David Cathcart Simmons !

    Who defended the Arch Hall residents against the pledge to close Mangrove Dump !

    *** Only to see it remain open till this day !

    Who moved from BLP campaign manager , BLP MP….to BLP appointed Chief Justice…..within weeks !

    *** So much for an impartial head of the judiciary !

    Who pledge to hang a fella while being the country’s AG !

    *** Winston Hall & others died by other means !

    After reminding myself of these occurences…..I am not sure if the David Simmons referred to in the BFP article above is the same David Simmons that was a BLP politician…!

    I hope it is not the same person….!

  60. Wishing in Vain

    A nice guy but an absolute waste of time in everything else, doodled as a politician as the AG as the CJ anything new here no!!
    What legal framework did contribute to during his period as the AG little or none a total waste of space but he moves from an elected official to being appointed the CJ in next to no time no wonder we have issues around our neck..

  61. Tudor

    If the country of Barbados is being sued how does that affect me and the rest of the taxpayers in this country? Can a Country be sued?

    This sounds like the actions of someone who is crazy.

  62. Tony Blackhead.

    I recall a White Park businessman whose container was discovered to contain cocaine.
    – ran a gas sta.

    The whole thing was squashed by a hi-up relative with a name remarkably similar to DS.

    The W.Park businessman died last year.
    Ah boy…perceptions of cute,nuh?

  63. Wishing in Vain

    Tony Whitehead sorry I meant Blackhead you are right on the money there is a close family connection here.

  64. Good Question!

    “If the country of Barbados is being sued,
    how does that affect me and the rest of the taxpayers in this country?
    Can a Country be sued? ”
    he wants to know………….

    Kinda like.. what’s my and your share of the Barbados National Debt?

    DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW how much every Bajan citizen man woman and child owes to the rest of the world?
    I don’t think so!

    Anyone have an approximate figure?
    So I can go and pay it in to the Treasury
    and free my conscience of that obligation?

    And pour good money down the drain?
    (-coz it would get thief before 4 o’ clock, good?)

  65. Tony Blackhead.

    – that’s right!
    You like you hear about it,too!

    It’s not what you know..
    it’s WHO you know!!!

  66. Wishing in Vain

    In the event you have not realised it yet we live in a most corrupt nation from the PM , DPM , AG , CJ they all sing in the same choir a nasty bunch.

  67. DFX


    It seems that you are well informed on this matter and find it as funny as I do that they have filed in Canada. My question is why is PA suing Madge Knox? Does he finally realize that his front money dead? In either case since I am a Bajan and live in the Country of Barbados I will not be spending another red cent in the GH Natural Park until this case is given the treatment it so richly deserves ie. dismissal. If you have lost in Barbados, you have lost before the Privy Council, give it a break. YOU LOST PA!

    Have a great day people


  68. North Star

    Equality clarify this for me as you seem to be an expert.

    Whether the action is filed in Barbados or Canada what difference does it make? People are being publicly accused of wrong doing and who you should be going after are the Canadian accusers for libel not ordinary people commenting on it!

    Are you saying people or the preess cannot comment on a law suit simply because it was filed in Canada and not Barbados. Only S——- this is scary stuff! No wonder so many Barbadians can get away with murder in a Democracy like that. Am I afforded the same protection if someone in Barbados sues my sorry a——! I wonder why Extradition proceedings are different between the Two countries? I must write my Prime Minister and MP about this and send them a copy of your take on the matter.

    Could this be a form of intimidation because I do not understand what you are trying to say or caution BFP and others about!

  69. Lodge Man

    Where in the Ruel Ward story is the Lodge implicated??? Isn’t his “big shot” family enough to get him off? Must you cast aspersions on the intergirty of good men you know nothing about?
    If you really think “lodge men” are so powerful you should be careful (LOL)…or maybe like the lodge men you trust in God

  70. It was his father who tried to repay the debt, it is also not the first time it happened!

    The father is no longer at Mt Gay… It is sad from what I understand – when ppl t’ief they usually set up apts or rent cars; he would just live large! Prez suites, LAND leather, Oakley titaniums, flying 1st Class and in an entourage – no investment!

    If I was guilty, I’d have to make sure I have a parachute!

    Hear that another person with sticky fingers is in hot WATER, they’re on leave right now – ppl trying to reclaim their loot seek the authority in every dale and cranny…

  71. herefordian

    Equality – that was a fairly lame attempt at intimidation (and quite what one would expect in Barbados) – for the record, Michael Geist’s piece (BBC, last year) covers most of the angles on the problems surrounding bloggers and the potential legal risks arising from un-edited comments

  72. Wishing in Vain

    These people will attempt to muzzle you by all means possible.
    Arthur , Mottley Lynch et al make it right with god as he is the only one that can save you from what you really deserve.

  73. Wishing in Vain

    Tony Blackhead / Whitehead, the CJ and him were 1 st cousins.

  74. Just asking

    hey Ian im in agreement with you this is not the first time the pompus bastard has stolen money, his old man would have repaid back monies to RM Jones where he worked as Manager as a result of family connections over $400,000 dollars and who were the ones who contributed? tax payers, these same bastard were given debt right off by BACT on monies owed to government by friendly hall plantation limited.

    Hope this doesnt happen with the water boy dale. no more Long necks at Lemon Arbour on Saturdays, see the ppl money and leave it theifing fellows

  75. North Star

    Equality I am awaiting your reply so that I might enclose it with my submissions to my MP and Prime Minister.

    We give far too many tax dollars to Barbados to be told that our Citizens have no right and are actually presumptious to sue Barbados and or its Citizens. I am also concerned that a Canadian like me is being threatened with possible litigation because I have participated in debate on the matter.

    Please let me hear from you prior to my submissions to my Parliamentary Representatives so that your position is made very clear to both Canadians and Barbadians. Your submission of, innuendo and veiled threats is very troubling when Canada is giving you our tax dollars. I think the Conservative Government needs to make it explicitly clear to Canadians if there is Iternational law that is custom made for different jurisdictions.

    I also think that our Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty should take another look and explain to Canadians about his recent and gutless decision to postpone for 5 years the open policy of allowing Canadian companies to beat Canadians out of taxes by using Barbados as a Tax Haven!

  76. Asking "Just Asking"

    This is my first time posting, so please excuse me. Just Asking – what did you say? That Dale Miller tief money from BWA??? Where I does live? This is the first time I hear bout that! I in shock … but then again….

  77. North Star

    By the way Equality are you by your commentary going to invoke this type of Democracy should one of our Citizens visiting your country is murdered in Barbados? Are you now practising the Democracy of Mexico and Bermuda against Canada. Because if you are I want the people and Goverment of Canada to know this!

  78. Chase

    Lodge Man:

    God is powerful…..not man….Lodges are either corrupt organisations or their members are corrupt.I fear God not man.
    It was because Mr.Ward’s bragging at my bar every monday night in his black suit that I knew of his membership.
    If you lie down with dogs…you will get fleas.
    He should sell the Evo 6,the lincoln navigator,the BMW Z3,the big ass motorbikes,all the oakleys ,raybans and land belts to repay this debt……and if it wasn’t enough…straight to the ‘Point’….the only place where a bad man becomes a bad man’s girl……then again…hmmm.

  79. DFX


    “the only place where a bad man becomes a bad man’s girl……then again…hmmm.”

    Yah mekkin me laugh man. He really was a pretty boy from school days nuh LOL

    Take care my friend


  80. Chase


    When you run a bar… will be surprised at what people say when they get tipsy.Then again …. a braggart doesn’t even need alcohol to loosen his tongue.
    People think you make up stuff to cast aspersions on others but these same people are the one who make themselves look like idiots.

  81. Rumplestilskin

    North Star ”I also think that our Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty should take another look and explain to Canadians about his recent and gutless decision to postpone for 5 years the open policy of allowing Canadian companies to beat Canadians out of taxes by using Barbados as a Tax Haven!”

    Jeez. Going a bit off the deep end arent you.

    You want to know about tax havens? Read up on Delaware, Vermont and more coming.

    This tax haven thing is a football and bunch of coddswaddle.

    In Europe, who criticised Barbados (using a ‘legit’ organisation in OECD) and many others a few years back, you can set up a secret company in Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco etc ad nauseum.

    This is about money grabbing by the big guns, sod the little guy like Barbados, pure and simple.

    Barbados has numerous legitimate tax treaties with many jurisdictions, workded on diligently for MANY years by successive administrations.

    Give us some credit do, just do not call us a tax haven.

    I reiterate Errol Barrow’s words, and in thinking on events over the past 20 years it can be shown that he was indeed a visionary in terms of assessing human character and its embodiment in international politics

    Friend of all, satellite of none.

    Don’t like that? Then to us another PM’s words, who himself was unjustifiably unpopular:

    Lump it.

  82. BFP

    Equality says…

    “The lawsuit is in fact NOT filed in Barbados, but in ONTARIO, CANADA. Nelson is NOT a BARBADOS Company, but an ONTARIO-registered corporation incorporated in 2005. The matters that Nelson seeks to complain of in an ONTARIO court are matters SOLELY in the jurisdiction of the BARBADOS courts and on which the Judicial Commitee of the Privy Council have already ruled…”

    BFP Replies

    Equality, thank you very much for filling in all kinds of details that we at BFP did not know. We still haven’t received a copy of the court papers, but you sound like you have a copy right in front of you.

    Bye the way, you intimidating government thug – you have provided far more information than BFP or anyone else knew or published.

    Does this mean that you have to sue yourself for libel?

    Just like Transport Minister Noel Lynch when someone asked how it was that his assets vastly exceeded his income – his first reaction was to intimidate.


    F*ing thugs who drag away journalists.

    Welcome to Zimbabwe West … and Equality just provided more proof.


  83. Chase

    Geez Clive……..never heard you like this….not even Jerome Hinds could yank your chain like this…….so much passion……

  84. Jerome Hinds

    Yes Chase,

    And all the Freezing language…!

    I guess Clive feels much lighter now !

  85. Pingback: Top Posts «

  86. North Star

    Rumple boy we are all entitled to our beliefs and views you included, so believe what you want. Did I say Barbados was the only Tax Haven in the world? You call it what you like that is your prerogative as it is mine to say Barbados is a “tax haven”. So let us say we agree to disagree on that point!

    Whatever it is, it seems to me that only a selective and SMALL section of the society in Bim benefits from it when one reads the comments of BAJANS NOT ME continually and incessantly railing about the lack of drinking water in many areas of Barbados, the QEH horror stories, price of food, no affordable housing or land, the island being taken over by foreigners, a Press that is controlled by Government and the list goes on. Even the respected weekly author of Lowdown rails about many of the same things. I am no expert on Barbados politics but I do not believe this was the vision of the Dipper when it came to what he wanted for Barbados and it’s peoples.

    However none of it has any impact on me whatsoever. I am a neutral and objective observer so why should I give a crap as you boys have all the answers. But when one reads this blog and the mainstream media there seems to be more problems in Bim than answers to them. And the Government of the day seems to be doing nothing right if you believe what appears on BFP! All I do is comment on them!

    I do not intend to get into a pissing match with you or anyone else about anything in Bim I express my opinions and who likes them fine who doesen’t fine. The sun will still come up tomorrow, I will eat and drink the same, have the same lifestyle etc.

  87. passin thru

    I think that Clive opened that bottle of rum on top of the fridge that he was talking about some months ago! 🙂

  88. Bajan George

    I like Clive even more now that he showed us his even-handed intellect sprinkled with some of dat pepper sauce!

  89. Rumplestilskin

    North Star:

    Fair enough. I agree to the no-pissing match.

    Having said that, I too agree that the priorities here are whatever-backwards.

    Nevertheless, that is a matter of internal economic policy whereas my point is that the offshore sector is a valid revenue earnings sector that itself does not impact upon the internal expenditures and prioritization of socio-economic matters.

    We will not solve the world’s problems here, but will only exchange ideas.

    Enjoy, live well.

  90. hard ears

    wuhloss wuh happen bout here at all?
    a body cant even miss a haf day pun dis site wifout all hell brekkin loose
    Sumthing like it happen for true ya

  91. bajejun

    go clive go, let them know we call it like we see it.
    like it ir limp it

  92. Inkwell

    Just pointing out another instance of Wishing in Vain twisting the facts to suit his purpose.

    He says “Just was listening to Mr Marshall on Bass Tacks he started to quote from the letter Adrian Loveridge wrote that was publisehed in todays Nation newspaper and no sooner than he started they started to play the music taking them into the break. what an island we live on here.”

    The facts are that Tony Marshall chose a lull in calls before the 12.30 news to read the letter IN ITS ENTIRETY. It is normal that Starcom introduces the news during the Brass Tacks program with background music, but WIV is insinuating that there was some sinister intent to stifle Marshall’s reading of the letter.

    Don’t be partisan, be accurate.

  93. Wishing in Vain

    I beg your pardon inkwell the letter was not even half completed when the music began you are not telling the truth.
    Usually the callers get to speak on even with the music in the background playing and the moderator has time to sign off not today on todays program it was certainly cut short , how two people could listen to same thing and vary to this extent is beyond me, but I can assure you I heard what I heard maybe MM Lynch reported to you accordingly and we know that he is a notorious liar!!

  94. Get In The Action


    I thought it strange as well. Marshall was in mid-sentence and they cut to what seemed an eternity of the filler music used leading into the news intro. Didn’t seem right. But why would they cut him if it’s the same producer of the show who probably gave Marshall Adrian L’s email.

  95. Thistle

    Could be that the “Market Vendor” intervened???

  96. Straight talk

    WordPress.Com Reaches 1 Million Hosted Blogs – Our Post About Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Is #60 Most Popular Worldwide !!!!.. Last week.

    And now this new thread is #43 worldwide.

    O$A is building a global fan base, could he really become the father of first world Barbados.

  97. North Star

    Rumple I think that you and me are singing out of the same hym book but the wrong hyms.

    What bothers Canadians or that is the message I get up here is this. And were the shoe on the other foot and Nations were doing to Barbados what it is doing to Canada the USA and others countries as legal as it is, I can hear the Bajans now hollering for murder.

    Canada like many Nations are cutting back on services because the money isn’t there to pay for them. Canadians are really p——–ed because they are blaming it on Canada taking in too many dead beat immigrants. I dont know if you know this but refugees and some other immigrants are paid welfare and get free medical attention etc as soon as they get off of the boat/plane up here. On top of that Canadians are among the highest taxed in the world. Compounding this problem Canada is known throughout the world as a very generous Nation and many Nations in the Caribbean including Barbados has and continue to receive generous aid from Canada. The mid east war that we ar also bogged down in his taking its financial toll as well! All of these things need to be funded by Tax dollars!

    Enter Tax Havens and we have dozens if not hundreds of our Industries and wealthy residents setting up off-shore companies in Barbados and the purpose for it is to beat us (Canada) out of taxes. These are Canadian companies doing this to their own country and people. The very country that was responsible for them in the first place being able to get a business and accumulate wealth.

    A few years ago when our Auditor General made public the millions we were losing in taxes to the Barbados Off shore Industry Canadians could not believe it and were shocked. A lot of these companies using Barbados are mainly doing so to beat paying Capital Gains taxes. Some say but I cannot prove it that many Canadians out of spite refused to go to Barbados as a winter destination!

    For every dollar in taxes these company’s do not pay we the Canadian tax payer either does without or is called on to make up the short fall. I guess it can be argued that is life in the fast lane but a lot of Canadians and obviously USA residents don’t see it that way and want the practise stopped. As I said the USA is moving ahead to do so and one of the Best boys who writes in the Nation recently wrote about it.

    In my reference to Flaherty he was on the verge of passing legislation to rein it in up here in Canada too but because of heavy pressure put on him by lobbyist, the Industries involved etc at the last moment decided to postpone the legislation for 5 years. Canadians are madder than shit about it and can you blame them? Only a few months ago the same Flaherty shut down Income Trusts which was a policy allowing seniors to get some big returns on their investment. Yet he has cancelled for now the off-shore BS! Rumple there are a lot of things at play here that you might not be aware of that is p——–ing Canadians off and me included. This is not about Barbados or Canada but about a practice that is not right for the times we live in!

    Whether you call the exercise “tax evasion” or “tax avoidance” you are merely playing with words and it means the same thing. Canadian companies are beating their country out of taxes as legal as it is.

    I realize I have put this in very simplistic terms but basically that is what the end result is. And Canadians like Barbadians working hard for a dollar bill and who cannot hide from the taxman as these companies are doing feel they are being shafted. And as Barbados is one of the countries that most Canadian companies use Canadians are feeling bitter about your Nation.

    This is little different Rumple from you boys claiming Foreigners are buying all of your land and that Foreigners are raping your environment. And that certain Caribbean immigrants are bringing crime to your shores. Nobody takes time to see why sometimes people feel the way they do nor do they see the big picture especially in this case of the Off shore discussion we are having. And why is this because it is Barbados benefitting and the ordinary Canadian being screwed.

    Were we encouraging Barbadians and their industry to bring their dollars up here to beat your Nation out of taxes I can hear the uproar now. Man we only a small country struggling and look at what Canada doing etc. Many people in big countries are struggling too.

    Anyway as I say let us agree to disagree because I have always considered you one of the more sensible and reasonable contributors to this blog. You don’t usually talk s—–te. Yardbroom and a few others are of the same caliber.

  98. more

    anon mouse says

    73. Construction of Golf &
    Country Club at Kingsland, Christ
    Page 21 – Project no. 73

    Click to access barbadosprojects2003.pdf


    FEBRUARY 2003
    British High Commission
    Commercial Section
    Box 676
    Lower Collymore Rock
    St Michael
    Tel 246 430 7800
    Fax 246 430 7826

    anon mouse
    May 30th, 2007 at 10:57 am
    Report on
    Integrating Management of Watersheds
    and Coastal Areas in Small Island Developing States of the Caribbean:
    The Barbados National Report

    Prepared for
    Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI)
    United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

    Page 17

    Click to access Barbados%20Report.PDF

    A number of other golf course developments have been approved and are likely to come into play in the near future. These proposals and their corresponding estimated water demands, based on average water requirement of 1,135m3/day per 18 holes, are shown in the Table 2.

    Table 2. Approved Golf Course Proposals and Related Irrigation Water Demands{tc \l1 “Table
    2. Approved Golf Course Proposals and Related Irrigation Water Demands}
    Sandy Lane, St. James
    45 holes
    Kingsland, Christ Church
    90 holes
    Apes Hill, St. James
    18 holes
    Bushy Park, St. Philip
    18 holes
    Durrants, Christ Church
    18 holes
    The resultant increase in irrigation water demand for the golf courses, once these facilities are fully
    operational, would be about five (5) times that of present demand and the demand from the public water supply system would more than double.

  99. North Star

    Clive I think you might have a problem down there or me up here.

    I have sent you two submissions that have not been posted neither of which had anything in it that could be considered objectionable at least not in my opinion.

  100. Wishing in Vain

    Get In The Action I am so glad you responded to the above as I knew what I heard and inkwell was giving a totally different position his Don’t be partisan, be accurate line obvious has more meaning for him than anyone else.
    Marshall was cut and there was no doubt about that whatsoever it was so noticeable that even by assistant in the office remarked on it.
    Amazing when one has a bias how blinded you can be even in the face of truth and honesty hitting you in the face but you opt to lie for the partys sake.
    Thank you Get In The Action at least now I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I did hear correctly what I heard and Inkwell concoted his version, as I said maybe he was fed this fabrication by the giant of liars MM Lynch and repeated without verfiying the honesty of his reporting.

  101. Lodge Man


    You obvioulsy have a very strong anti Ruel vendetta…pity he thought you worthy of receiving his money “every Monday night in your bar” or maybe you were dispensing charity. I comment about your attack on the lodge, you make another vacuous statement about the intergity of an organisation and it’s memebrs, neither of which you know anything about, and then launch into further attack on Ruel…”lie with dogs” you say…guess your bar was an exception to that rule…Have the last word as I am sure you will. I shall not respond

  102. Chase

    I do not have a vendetta against Ruel Ward…Lodge Man.
    I have a vendetta against corruption in this country perpetrated by people like him ,who break all the laws and get a slap on the wrist,while others get a different type of justice.
    I could care less if he drops off the earth but please let justice be fair for all.
    My comments about the lodge are just that ….my comments based on what I have seen and heard from friends who are members and would have asked me to join,the organisation is not as secretive as it used to be nowadays.
    The bar is a public place …therefore open to anyone who pays their tab and abides by the rules of conduct..anyone can come in freely and if you like it be sure to return…obviously the ambience suited him.
    I have said the so called lodges are filled with corruption or corrupted people……prove me wrong!!
    I went to court with a friend who had 5 different charges to answer,spent the whole day there ,he was the last to be called,I was sweating and it was HIM who had the charges.The prosecutor said something to the effect…i have no evidence to these charges (not the exact words).The Magistrate told him he can go……this after others with similar charges had to pay lofty fines.When I told him how lucky he was,this was his reply………benefits of the lodge.
    What was i to think then??
    I bet others have lots of these stories to tell.That is corruption in my opinion.
    Charges being dropped because of your fraternity?
    No prison time for crimes that others get?
    Dont make me laugh !!
    I have been approached by members for years,so please dont tell me what I know or dont know…….maybe back in the day with gran pa it was top secret but now with all the young people in it what do you think??

  103. Chase

    Am I the only one who had something to say about him??
    Am I the only one who says something about the lodge??

  104. reality check

    we listening Chase

    but you know like many religions, individuals and groups they too can become corrupted and lose their way. Its all about leadership and integrity.

    “As a fraternity, Freemasonry provides an opportunity for men to meet and enjoy friendly companionship. In the spirit of helpfulness and brotherly love and guided by strict moral principles, it encourages goodwill toward all mankind. Freemasonry is of a personal nature in its private ceremonies. Its ritual dramatizes a philosophy of life based on morality; it promotes self-improvement. The tools of operative masons are used to symbolize and teach the basic principles of brotherly love, charity and truth which Masons are encouraged to practice in their daily lives, Charity is tangible way in which Masons help those whose circumstances in like fairly warrant it.”

    The leaders of the lodges in Barbados need to stake stock of their lives and actions and make amends to their fellow Barbadians–especially the judges

  105. Inkwell

    WIV and Get in the action
    You are making me doubt what I heard. As I recall, the introductory music to the news came on “in the background” while Mr Marshall was reading the letter and he continued reading it to the end with the music still playing in the background. If anyone is so inclined, this can be verified with Starcom or perhaps some other contributor who was listening can verify what happened. If my memory of the event is faulty, I will apologize. I am certainly not here to spread falsehoods.

  106. Wishing in Vain

    May I respectfully suggest that you are mistaken it never came close to being completed, and I have my proof and confirmation that this was in actual fact the case.
    However let us move on and let that rest, they are more pressing issues such as the scandal of we the taxpayers are paying in excess of $ 100 million in the building of a jail maybe these people expect to be placed there in the near future and knowing how smart and dishonest they are they will require the most secure jail to keep them behind bars as they know every trick in the book.Or the issue of that cheque for the $ 750,000.00 being deposited to Owings personal bank account corruption at its height.

  107. anon

    i understood that originally the price of the prison was BDS$120 million then it was quoted in the press as having gone to $140 million then i saw $240 million. Dont people realise that to accommodate 1,000 prisoners some of whom have to share that the cost per prisoner is $240,000. Are we building condos for the prisoners or just a room!!!

  108. Wishing in Vain

    Anon some of the most expensive residences available, my house cost me much less than a room at dodds hotel.

  109. Chase

    Reality Check:

    Informative site and believe me,it all looks good on paper.What we fail to realize is the human element involved in it.
    I personally have no problems with lodges as an problem is when members use the lodge to escape punishment for crimes committed,and walk this land with impunity.This seems to be against their own teaching.

  110. Just asking

    When Water Turned To Wine At the Barbados Water Authority
    May 30th, 2007 · No Comments
    BU source has definitely confirmed the word on the street that Mr. Dale Miller, Barbados Water Authority, Corporate Communications Specialist is currently on special leave. News about the circumstances which surrounds his leave is still under tight wraps. What BU has been able to find out is that a certain dummy company was set-up to receive cheques on behalf of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA). The unsuspecting companies which delivered cheques to the dummy company did so with the understanding that they were sponsoring extra-curricular events to be hosted by the BWA.

    BU regrets that Mr. Dale Miller who has encountered a recent domestic upheaval in his personal life may yet have to confront another tragedy.

    hey folks see the above artilce located at Barbados Underground

  111. Get in The Action


    Sorry to belabour this issue – Marshall was reading the letter while the music started, but then he was abruptly cut mid sentence and the music continued on for a longer than usual time leading into the news – that’s what made it seem as if something strange was going on. He could have finished it with the amount of time still allocated.

    I don’t see why they would deliberately cut him when it is the same producer who is checking and feeding him with these emails. Unless the order came from higher up in the station.

  112. Wishing in Vain

    Thank you get in the action this is exactly what I heard as well and the letter never got midway thru being read before he was cut actually I was waiting to see if he resumed reading it after the news which he never did.
    What we to learn here is that these radio stations are not about to get on the wrong side of the ruling party after all they need to keep their licence valid and they need the advertising.+

  113. samizdat

    “Could be that the “Market Vendor” intervened???”

    Exactly the same thought occurred to me!

    In any case, it definitely seemed to me that Marshall was cut off with more than usual abruptness, and that the music seemed to go on for ages until the news intro began…

  114. reality check


    the writings of the Masons are only teachings and can be subverted by any individual, group or Lodge.

    It is the integrity of those leading that call into question how the Masons over the years have often abused their power.

    Its okay to help one another but not at the expense of dropping charges to the exclusion of all other Barbadians in the court who do not have Lodge connections. Its just another example of abuse of power because of who you know and who you are.

  115. Royalrumble

    It is truly fascinating. You know the only persons that this lunatic in Canada can impress with his foolish writ, in which he attempts to denigrate the name of our distinguished Prime Minister is on this piece of political trash – the BFP.

    The political yardfowls are so bent on trying to stain the character of the PM that they are not even aware that the lunatic that filed the writ had withdrawn it and is now himself facing possible lawsuit for defamation and perjury.

    But once the BFP feels that it is matter that would bring embarrassment to this Government they will promote it. The nonsense that the lawsuit is the top issue on the blog is only testimony that small and insignificant things will attract the attention of small and insignificant minds. No serious lawyer or person of intelligence took that lunatic seriously, only the political a**lickers at the BFP.

  116. The Phoenix

    May 30th, 2007 at 10:44 pm

    ” only the political a**lickers ”


    Hi Royalrumble,

    I always wondered what was your task under Owen Arthur…..!

    I now realise….when I read your words above….!

    The quality of your postings reflect such a job !

  117. Chase

    Reality Check:

    At least some of us see this point.

    Thank you,I rest my case.

  118. Straight talk


    Kiss O$a’s ass as much as you want but the case ain’t been withdrawn in the Canadian courts as yet.

    How is he ( or you oh press secretary )gonna defend these libellous accusations.

    Someone with the wherewithal has dared to take on this corrupt administation, in a jurisdiction that yardfowls do not control.

    I hope for your, and Barbados’ sake that the truth will out.

  119. Wishing in Vain

    The political yardfowls are so bent on trying to stain the character of the PM
    Royal idiot no one has to try to stain the PM name he has done that all by himself with no help from anyone else remember the cheque for $ 750,000.00 that he used for his own purposes that is one example and there are many others you idiot.

  120. Warrior

    reality check
    May 30th, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    we listening Chase

    The leaders of the lodges in Barbados need to stake stock of their lives and actions and make amends to their fellow Barbadians–especially the judges.

    Satan can never correct sin. Chase it is not that it is not secretive, however I believe that they subscribe to the fact that the best place to hide anything is in the open.

    For years they have held this shroud of secrecy and evil and all of us on this blog know, perhaps even afraid to say anything, because who knows tomorrow someone will threaten our family.

    Jesus Christ is still Lord – and the devil is a hard taskmaster, who reaps where he did not sow and asks for recompense far outstripping what he has given, appearing to be controlled when in fact he is the one controlling , he is the kind of individual that would move heaven and earth only to make sure that they spend they life in hell.

    What a task master, but they seem to love it, why not spend eternity in hell when they can control everything on earth now.

  121. Inkwell

    Seems I am guilty of faulty memory and I apologize to Wishing in Vain for accusing him of improper motives.

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  123. Wishing in Vain

    Inkwell your apology accepted, I made no attempt to alter the truth was just being honest.
    Thank you for your apology.

  124. Yardbroom

    It is possible to win a Law Suit and be so severely damaged by the evidence heard in court, that your reputation is damaged beyond repair.

    It is not always a case of hail the conquering hero/heroes.

    Some years ago in England, the leader of the Liberal Party Jeremey Thorpe won an important case, but despite his victory, his reputation took such a hammering as a result of evidence that was heard in court, he was forced to retire from active politics.

    When evidence is given, the public become surprised at what certain people have done, and their fall from grace can be immediate and permanent. One is often tempted to ask why do they do it, in cases of financial accumulation, their reasons are often naked greed, and the belief as with most criminals, that they will not be caught.

    It is true that individuals can be led astray by others whom they trust, and who because of their reputation and standing in society hitherto, have been beyond reproach, but the rebuttal to that is that at the level of business transactions we are led to believe are under contention, they are not totally ignorant of what is right and proper, and secondly they no doubt would have got some finacial advantage or otherwise from the eventual outcome.

    At this stage the above is mere speculation, no doubt as the canvas unfolds – at great expense – we will see the whole picture, we might also see the soft underbelly of Barbados politics and it might not be a pleasant sight.

    The pursuit of wealth because of greed, has from the beginning of time brought many of the rich and powerful to their knees, when the dust settles, we will no doubt see who is left standing, however I fear there will be a lot of blood on the carpet.

  125. concerned

    Yardbroom, once Barbados stands to benefit in the long term we should not question the people who have made and continue to make the sacrifice and to take the risk.
    Each of us needs to stand up for what we believe in and know is right.

  126. John

    Has the GOB been sued before in a jurisdiction different from Barbados?

    Could Kerrins sue the GOB outside of Barbados?

    Could any of the BOLT contractors who feel they aren’t getting what they agreed to?

    We igrunt people are getting more demanding and it hopefully is getting more and more difficult for the long term rape of our country to continue.

    But you can bet there will be some people who don’t count it as rape and will be demanding their pound of flesh!!

  127. tourist

    Why are you so hard on Ruel, remember he was not the only person involved they were two other persons also, and whay about the wives of these men they had alot also. Plus he is a good guy after look at de wife she still driving big ride still got de bling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Master Mason

    I am truly surprised at how eloquently you people can write about something that you clearly know NOTHING about. Furthermore you prefer to indulge in a bunch of gossip and mailiciousness before you get your “facts”. It is even more amazing, that instead of looking for something constructive to do, that you could sit with your miserable and obviously empty lives and thrive on scandalous information. Perhaps you all need to take a look in your own closets. You people make me sick !!!

  129. Thistle

    Master Mason: It’s all very well for you to sit up there in your ivory tower, perhaps drinking champagne and eating caviar, and yes, some of the bloggers on here do thrive on a certain amount of smut at times, but you don’t seem to understand the frustration ordinary people in this island are going through, and this and other blogs are the only way we can vent our pent up feelings, because there is little or no press freedom in the print/electronic media – they’re all dead scared of Arthur and this government. Lighten up on the frustrated people.

  130. The Phoenix

    Master Mason

    Go build a jail for all the BLP politicians……who after squandering our tax dollars…now tell us it was ” their finest hour ” !

    Oh what thieves !

    Or, are you a FREE MASON ?

  131. Straight talk

    @Mister Master Mason:

    We know nothing about your club, agreed.
    Please tell us more.
    Can you, or must we guess?
    If we have to guess it is by personal experience of your society.
    Please give us the facts, you think we are in need of, we’d love to have them,
    but I believe you are a blowhard put up to deflect the spotlight.
    Please prove me wrong for your sake.

  132. John


    .. tell us about the all seeing eye.

  133. John

    What a coincidence.

    MM are the initials of both Master Mason and somebody else.

  134. Fall Guys

    These plays at house cleans are only pappy shows to the main event- elections.

    People aren’t going to believe that firing a few cronies who were dispensible is enough to stop the bleeding treasury into the big boys’ pockets.

    Master Mason is right. We coming MM. Get ready. The small ones are coming to eat you up.

  135. Straight talk

    OK Bob the Builder, you’ve slagged us off and not had the courtesy to respond.

    Your Famous Five Club holds no interest to me whatsoever.
    Secret societies with funny handshakes, I left behind in Junior School but if that is what turns you on I’m OK with that.
    If you want dress up once or twice a week..hey no probs.
    Some of your brickies quite enjoy it, I hear.

    As for our “constructiveness” are you on the square to encompass this whole blog with your outrageous calumny.

    We don’t ask favours to shortcut the system.
    We expose them!
    If the real world sickens you stay within the Legoland St George Castle and play out your fantasies with your own friends.
    If you do not wish to participate in serious debate, stay away in La-La land.

  136. Chase

    Isn’t it strange how fraternity members always jump on this blog to tell us we know nothing of their ‘secrect order’ when almost all of us knows someone who is a member?

    Get real guys……IT AIN’T NO BIG SECRET ANYMORE!!

  137. Zulu

    Anybody has any pictures of Glyne Clarke’s new house being built in Workmans? Passed there recently and tried to take some, but too many workmen were staring at me so I dared not try anything.
    The house in Lower Burney is a mere shed compared to what is going up in Workmans.


    Comment by Cliverton BFP

    Email me directions or a scanned map and I’ll take photos tomorrow! THX

  138. Yardbroom

    Master Mason
    You seem to think that we are not allowed to discuss any subject unless we have the “facts,” of course the facts will always be denied us because the avenues of information in Barbados will always choose when to avail us of them.

    We have decided to operate, not by the rules you have chosen for us to operate under, and that is your problem.

  139. FamilyB

    This mindset Yardbroom, is endemic in the ‘elite’ class consisting of politicians, judges, lawyers, economists and sadly, even yardfowls. It was in one of these posts that a legal practicioner asked why a layman would want to peruse a legal document. Why not? By virtue of our 95% literacy wouldn’t we be able to understand the contents? Similar cries have been heard from the ruling side, advising us not to heed the warnings of the Opposition, as they are not qualified to speak on such matters … sad, when you consider that it was the very laymen who allowed these learned people to attain their status and power.

    It must smart when they realise that the laymen are able to make sense of the nonsense they foist on the public, with the assistance of a toothless, declawed and now neutered media. It’s no wonder that the reign of terrror has begun. The people are no longer fooled, must beat them into submission …

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  142. iisnoone

    After reading this blog, I noticed that the fundamental issue of minority shareholders receiving a fair share of the proceeds seems to have been ignored.
    This case needs to be put under the microscope until the public is satisfied that there is no wrongdoing.
    It is sobering to realize that in some countries the defamation laws are so strict. In my opinion, a corrupt government, if one existed, would benefit from such strict laws.

  143. Wishing in Vain

    I am seeing in today’s Nation on page 12 where there is a notice posted for a court action against ERIC IAIN STEWART DEANE file number 07-0141 in the matter of Kingsland Land Development in the courts in Barrie Ontario.

  144. What Is Going On???

    Wishing In Vain, I thought that “canada” court case was thrown out by a judge? Some commenters on this blog said that it was thrown out. BFPE said it was thrown out.

    I Googled Deane and found this:

    “Tracking Down the Elusive Iain Deane
    Iain Deane, one of the defendants in the Canadian lawsuit between Nelson Barbados Group Ltd and Richard Ivan Cox et al, has proved to be very difficult to serve. To date, all attempts to serve Iain Deane in person have failed, so a Canadian court ordered by a newspaper ad to be published in Barbados.”

    Found at this blog:

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  155. Puttus

    I love the man gossip… i mean banter… LOL

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