Again – Barbados Government Workers Not Being Paid For Months, Weeks


Hey Delisle!

We’re a little short of cash this month so call up the bank manager and tell him that he and his employees will have to wait a few weeks to be paid because we overspent on that big cricket party last month. And how’s the construction projects coming along?

What’s that you say? The bank manager and international finance guys won’t wait?

OK then.

Who’s next on the list that we can stiff? Government employees?

Sucks to be them!

Now where’s my scotch, old friend?

Barbados Underground: Barbados Spends Millions On CWC 2007 And Other Projects But Ordinary Workers With Children To Feed Continue To Wait Over Two Months For Wages


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14 responses to “Again – Barbados Government Workers Not Being Paid For Months, Weeks

  1. bajejun

    This is he same government that hammered home the 8 percent cut by the DLP, but alas now look, months pass and they don’t pay workers not one red cent, months pass and workers rub shoulders and have lunch with horses, sheep, cow etc. Persons put themselves in debt to add on to their properties, so they can take part in the milk and honey that was supposedly coming their way via CWC, this caring govenment sure knows how to take the small man for a ride.

  2. No-Name

    why does Owen looking more and more like an alcoholic? Has anybody noticed that the contours of his face looks characteristically like THE UNBROKEN?
    Another term in office and he will be attending AA on a daily basis? Too much stress…….
    What will happen when he reads about the law suits?…more WHITE RUM?

  3. anon

    you give the impression that all government employees have not been paid. is this true? I doubt. Have you examined why the ones identified by barbados underground have not been paid. is it not due to bureaucratic issues created by government employees?

  4. Wishing in Vain

    The DLP cut salaries by 8 % for a limited time frame but now the BLP have laboured us with not 8 % but 15 % VAT with an unlimited period, which is the lesser of the two evils???
    And now they cannot afford to pay their workers Owing should be ashamed of himself and his party having presided over the waste of taxpayers monies to the tune of multi millions of dollars being funnelled into their personal bank accounts but yet now cannot find money to pay the hardworking citizens of this country shame on you Arthur.

  5. anon

    wishing in vain

    tell the truth…………..what taxes were eliminated when the 15% was introduced?

  6. Inkwell

    In reading many of Wishing in Vain’s contributions on this blog, it is evident that he is not averse to twisting, bending or ignoring the truth. He does make some useful points at times, but they are often negated by his zeal to paint everything BLP black, case in point above. If only he would attempt some balance and avoid obvious nonsensical statements, he might be taken more seriously.

    Don’t take this as a personal attack, WIV, just some objective criticism aimed at improving the level of debate.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Inkwell did the 8 % salary cut not have a limited life cycle??
    Do you know if or when the 15 % VAT will end???
    Are you in any doubt about the extent of the corruption to the tune of multi millions of dollars being drained from the treasury to their bank accounts???
    Are we having major problems paying the workers of this country?????
    Anon nothing dissappeared actually a 1 % levy was put in place and certain protective duties were installed.

  8. J. Payne

    The government in Barbados should be able to provide SOOO much more for the level of VAT they are charging the citizenry… The Tax rate in Barbados and Canada are just about the same if not more in Barbados.

  9. Vat Cat Rat!

    The 15% VAT will end
    only when it gets raised to a higher level.
    re. “tell the truth…………..what taxes were eliminated when the 15% was introduced?”

    just about none – or they were called different names.
    I had great hopes for VAT…that it would supply Government with Revenue beyond its wildest dreams (kit did!)
    and so lower the cost of living eventually(it didn’t!)
    and here we are today with THE only commercial situation being bettered
    is that of the cost of computer equipment:
    it is the ONLY thing in Barbados that’s getting better
    (better product for either less $$ or same $$)

    I’m being squeezed out of Barbados, I will HAVE TO find another country where I get decent bang for my buck,
    coz it sure as hell ain’t happening here!
    I am being RIPPED-OFF Daily, no hourly,
    in this wretched Mafia-controlled country of yours,
    coz it ain’t my Country any longer!

  10. Wishing in Vain

    The island is now owned by the likes of the west coast higher ups and better offs, the Dereck Smiths, the John Blandfords, the Fearlesss, the Sixt, the COWs, the Bizzys, the Pembertons the Robin Pattersons while Owning is pandering to this bunch he bends and moves to their every need and their request, meanwhile we the poor people are crying out in vain and none of them are listening or even care to hear our pleas for relief from these burdens.
    This bunch pay not duty on most of their imputs to their projects but if we want to build a little shack we pay duty, env levy, and vat on every item we put into the shack, how this be fair???
    We ought to seek a list of the concessions granted to awhole host of these projects and it would turn your hair grey or more grey.
    This nonsense must cease and bring some balance to our society.

  11. Straight talk

    The list of duty freebies is to be found as a schedule of The Tourism Development Act 2002, available online.
    To me the whole Act could have been drafted as a wish list by hoteliers, and the result of it…. more condos, Apes Hill and the like along with, as Adrian L has pointed out, a dramatic loss of traditional hotels.

  12. Peltdown Man

    Vat Cat Rat!

    re. “tell the truth…………..what taxes were eliminated when the 15% was introduced?”

    just about none – or they were called different names.
    Consumption Tax 21%
    Luxury Tax on many items 20%
    Reduction in tariffs from 40+% to 20% on many items.
    There were others, but it was too long ago to remember. All these taxes and levies replaced with a 17% VAT was a good deal…on the surface. Problem was that the traders pocketed the difference instead of the consumers. Oh, and taxes like the VAT do not happen overnight – they take a lot of planning. Planning that more than likely started before the BLP took office. Not trying to be partisan, just accurate.

  13. Inkwell

    It was in fact the DLP which conceptualized and did the ground work for the VAT. The BLP just said thanks and enacted it when they were given the government by Sandi.

    I wonder where that leaves WIV’s argument?

    The fact is that the price of many items, in particular, fridges, stoves, washing machines, stereo equipment, computers and other electrical equipment reduced substantially.

    Not trying to be partisan, just accurate.

  14. Tasket

    Accurate about what Inkwell? Before opposition leader Mascoll sold out DLP he lambasted Arthur for introducing VAT wholesale. Mascoll the traitor stated vital basic items and services were meant to be VAT free or reduced VAT. Athur introduced an across the board VAT. It is interesting not a squeak has come from Mascoll squeaky voice on VAT since he betrayed the party that made him a politican. Not a word either on GEMS, UDC, Greenland, Barrack Warrens etc all of which he insisted involved corrupt BLP politicians and opportunists.