Update: Lawsuit Against The Prime Minister Of Barbados And Others

Thanks to all our readers who have been emailing rumours, information, comments and advice about the lawsuit naming the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, judges and businessmen.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), Barbados Free Press will be printing what we have confirmed so far.

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39 responses to “Update: Lawsuit Against The Prime Minister Of Barbados And Others

  1. No-Name

    and when is the money laundering story coming?The suspence is killing me!

  2. West Side Davie

    Me too! I would like to hear that story and I would like to hear if this lawsuit or whatever it is has anything to do with money launder.

  3. Hants

    I notice the timing of this story coincides with the ban of our best attacking contributor.

    JH remember to use the Internet Cafe. We want you on this blog.Just be careful what you say about Mia, Walcott, Elton John and the likes.

  4. West Side Davie

    He was warned all kinds of times Hants. I can’t blame George BFP or whoever for not giving JH many chances but I will miss Jerome’s sharp attacks on O$A

  5. West Side Davie

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    I made a comment and used JH’s name. BFP has put his name on a list and you cant use his name or you go to “mad-eration”

  6. West Side Davie

    I won’t blame bfp for the timing of JH using whatever words he did BUT I WISH THEY WOULD NOT MODERATE MY COMMENT FOR ONLY BECAUSE I USED JH NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry to shout. frustrateded

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Can they also lock out multi million dollar MM Lynch to prevent him from lying as much as he does this man is a compulsive liar with no equal.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    repreive Jerome he is needed on a site like this.
    He has learnt what is or is not allowable now.

  9. Zulu

    In agreement with you. We need JH on this site. I do not always accept his point-of-view, but his contributions are worth reading. Does make some quite valid points from time to time.
    Allow the man some space even if you want to impose conditions like the courts do for bail applicants.

  10. reality check

    I actually enjoyed most of JH’s comments but he just couldn’t help himself when it came to wallowing in the mud and intolerance with respect to personal proclivities which we already know about anyway.

    Maybe his silence has indicated that he has gone to church and atoned for his sins but I doubt it.

  11. Littleboy

    BFP our interest is piqued, just as it was when we were promised the details of government corruption. Weeks have now passed and we are still waiting.
    Doan leh we got to put we tongue pun yuh fuh messing we up!!!
    Is the law suit going to reveal some of the “diabolical forces” that Rawle Eastmond talked about?
    Maybe he was not as mentally unstable as some thought!
    By the way, he has been writing books lately. Perhaps that is the reason he has been unable to solve a single labour problem or give representation to his constituency.

  12. Eve


    CNN just announced the station was shut down this morning. What a shame. Just wanted to pass on this information to BFP – keep up the great work and keep us informed!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  13. North Star

    One of the most important and single transformations that has taken place in Barbados and which basically in my opinion has been the driving force behind and responsible for the corruption being seen in many levels of the Barbados Political, Social and Industrial cultures. And has served to divide Barbadians, ruined the Tourism product while at the same time indiscriminately raping the Natural Resources of a small island is the “Off-Shore” Industry.

    This one industry has corrupted the soul of Barbados and has encouraged with impunity thousands of Foreigners to come to Barbados from all over the world to launder money through real estate and development, evade paying taxes in their own country and a host of other evil financial dealings that fund drugs, prostitution, child porn etc. All of these other ancillary activities are major money makers for the scum of society!

    I have said it before and I say it again the Off-Shore sector generates more Foreign Exchange and huge sums of corrupt money into Barbados that makes the Tourism sector irrelevant to the Government. And because of the sinister way an Off-shore Industry can be operated especially in places like Barbados when even the Village Idiot with connections can become rich who is going to rock the boat?

    Off-Shore operations are basically the electronic movement of money and the tenacles of corruption from it is wide spread. Much of what people see as wealthy developments, hotels etc. is smoke and mirrors and merely allusions of money being moved in all directions most of it illegally.

    I have never seen anything said by the Bank Governor or the ruling Government about how much ACTUAL money (Taxes) the Off-shore sector brings into Barbados.

    What do you think is the REAL reason for so many wealthy Foreigners like some who are in Barbados living there part time? The climate only? The way of life? The great medical facilities available? And more importantly why are so many spending millions knowing full well they will never get the kind of profitable return on their investment that other honest investors would expect to get? Why do you think that all of a sudden within the past ten years or more years the island has welcomed I think it is said to be 10 or 20,000 newcomers from Britain? Were they Barbadians returning? I don’t think so!

    Who do you think your Government is going to patronize the average Bajan or those bringing the bucks to Bim?

    I am not surprised that the Tourism product is failing and it has been failing streadily since the Off-Shore Industry took off because Tourism cannot make people rich like the Off-shore sector can and with little trace of the paper involved.

  14. Jerome Hinds

    We wait with bated breath !
    BFP’s Auntie Moses comments…

    And if you agree to the rules publicly here and now, Jerome, we will give you a THIRD chance to behave yourself – based not on any sympathy on our part but upon the unprecedented pleadings of your no-good-for-nothing friends who seem to think that you will now mind your tongue and have something valuable to add when you are not acting like the problem child in my Sunday school class.

    Well, Do you promise?

    Auntie Moses

  15. The Phoenix


    AND JEROME…. don’t try to post on some other name like you just did or you will be done like a dinner.

    Now… agree to the rules publicly or kiss this blog goodbye.

    Auntie Moses

  16. Jerome Hinds

    Auntie Moses,
    In defence of my friends on this site….they are all decent people !
    I do not accept they being labelled as ” your no-good-for-nothing friends ”
    I will continue to abide by your rules & defend the good traditions on this site .
    I am at your mercy !


    BFP Auntie Moses answers…

    Jerome Hinds… if they are friends of yours they must be no-good-for-nothing.

    You all behave yourself now or Auntie Moses gonna take you out back for the woopin a your life you neva gonna forget!

    Now run along an play nicely wit de other chillin’ an doan give Auntie Moses none a your sass. Hear now?

  17. Jerome Hinds

    Yes , Auntie Moses.

  18. If BFP desires transparency in politicians then they should practise what they preach, nicht vahr?

    Therefore, shouldn’t the readers get an idea what Jerome got himself banned for, if only so the other viewers do not “trespass” in the same way?

    That would be a great example to set for terms of accountability in oneself…

  19. BFP

    Hello Ian

    Surely you must be aware that Jerome has had a certain piece of food stuck in his teeth for the longest time and we have asked him to remove it time and time again.

    He has promised to do so and that is the end of that. We will not be speaking of this incident again unless Jerome does – in which case he will not be able to play with the other children any more.

    Auntie Moses

  20. Yardbroom

    Ian Bourne

    If you are going to use German please use it correctly. (sorry)

  21. Rumplestilskin

    North Star says”I am not surprised that the Tourism product is failing and it has been failing streadily since the Off-Shore Industry took off because Tourism cannot make people rich like the Off-shore sector can and with little trace of the paper involved.”

    I disagree. The demise of the ‘general’ tourism industry is due to the ‘re-aligned’ wealthy tourism sector.

    This sector is where the old hotels are being converted to condos, real estate developments generated from widespread land usage and funds being transferred worldwide and maybe not even in Barbados, due to real eastate sales.

    Real Estate, according to a recent article in an international financial paper is open to money-laundering, particularly in times of real estate price inflation. This occurs in both Florida and London, so why should Barbados be exempt.

    This industry has nothing to do with offshore and indeed as far as I know, the offshore sector is heavily watched by both international agencies and the local Financial Intelligence Unit. From what I have heard, the offshore industry has to account for fund movements and the derivation of its funds, so your statements are very inaccurate.

    On the other hand, the real estate industry has an automatic and ready ‘fund justification’ in the land and developments being ‘transferred’, even if at inflated prices.

    Dirty money into land purchase and building costs, legal money out in the form of sales funds received from buyers.

    So, the tourism sector demise is found close at hand. Go check and see what most of these ‘old hotels’ have become…condo developments.

    THAT is the demise of the tourism sector. Together with a Government condoning such development, not putting protective measures in place and indeed having no effective national plan to deal with land usage.

    Put the blame where it belongs.

  22. passin thru

    Big names heard at work today. Shorley Simmons ARthur. Let us know BFP!

  23. akabozik

    Passin thru do you mean Shorey not Shorley?

    “David Shorey” I mean.

  24. Zulu

    Not surprised that the name David “Bag Man” Shorey is coming to the fore. As I said sometime before, big money can’t be moving about the place and the bag man ain’t involved.
    Awaiting the update, BFP.

  25. anon

    north star

    get your facts straight about the offshore sector before you rant and rave about things that are not true. your mouthings will damage what little of the international business we do have. Wake up and realise that we have the opportunity to develop the offshore sector to the extent that your tax bill in Barbados will eb lwoered and your lifestyle maintained

  26. North Star

    I have no tax bill in Barbados like most of those there bleeding people like you

  27. North Star

    Rumple good points but let us wait and see.Tell me would you say that Port St Charles and Westmoreland are successes?

    Did the original owner and developer of Westmoreland not leave the island under questionable circumstances? And what about the hotels recently listed that have gone to rack and ruin are they being turned into condos? What about the GEMS project?

    Once again you depend too heavily I think on all of the things you are told by the Authorities regarding how carefully the Off-Shore sector is being monitored. And while you are saying this everybody else not me is saying how corrupt Barbados is. Why are only certain things in Bim not corrupt and others are?

  28. North Star

    Rumple another thing and you are correct about Real Estate being the big mover and shaker in money laundering and what is moving in Bim “REAL ESTATE” you do not have enough it. Most if not all plantation houses are owned by Foreigners as is most of the most valuable land In Bim especially on the West Coast.

    But if things are so strict with banks watchdog agencies etc how are the boys getting the money out of Bim. Do they not have to apply for permission to do so?

  29. Rumplestilskin

    In terms of Westmoreland etc, those are real estate developments, not offshore industry.

    In the case of the offshore industry, to my knowledge the Financial Intelligence Unit is necessary due to international regulations as to international anti-money laundering controls.

    Again, I am told that these apply to the offshore sector within which each company must have its basic source of income that can be easily verified.

    However, as in London and Florida, the real estate business is merely a product sales business with land and developments supposedly ‘legitimately’ sold with funds being transferred whereever.

    Thus, unlike the Offshore sector which is monitored by internationally enforced rules, the real estate product is very, (best word maybe) ‘prone’ to laundering. The ‘source’ of income is readily available i.e. ostensible purchase and sale of land/developments with cash being transferred either being legitimate or not.

    The best place to hide dirty money is with clean. The best place to hide dirty money is with LOTS of high value money, which makes the real estate product very attractive to laundering.

    I think it is easy to police offshore companies i.e. finding out parent companies, principal owners etc.

    It is very difficult to police the purchase, development and sale of real estate.

    As I said, this is a major problem not only in Barbados but Florida and London as well.

    The problem arises to launderers when the real estate market deflates, it becomes easier to spot real estate which is still being sold at ‘inflated’ amounts, bucking the market trends. That is when you may find it easier to identify laundering using real estate as the vehicle.

  30. Straight talk

    You must be jesting, North Star.
    How can any citizen deposit $750,000 into his account, without justifying its source?
    Ordinary Bajans will find it impossible, but I hear it may be transacted in Speightstown with impunity.
    Why do you think that all these major projects happening right here, are all contracted to incongruous offshore entities.
    Not one cent in commissions etc. has to be approved by Central Bank, as long as it stays offshore, say Miami.

  31. Rumplestilskin

    What I have heard is that much of the ‘fund transfers’ of the funds to purchase these developments takes place overseas, thus the major sale funds actually do not enter Barbados. Even better for those using this to launder, no?

    Secondly, I am not sure but think that rules re money for non-residents or overseas citizens may differ. If not directly, that may be the one area where having an offshore company specifically for land development may be a loophole.

  32. North Star

    Straight talk that is just my point sir so how is the money moving around. I am not going to get into an argument over this but you really have to be naive to think like some in Bim when it comes to these matters.

  33. North Star

    Rumple let me tell you somerthing the boys here and we are not alone launder money and I mean millions in ways that the ordinary man like you and me would say it is impossible.

    When they get to destinations like Bim and start dishing out a little gravy the meat gone through the eddoes and nobody even knows. It is an extremely complex criminal activity and one that tests the best police and intelligent forces in keeping ahead of the boys

  34. Blame my pidgen Deutsche on a steady diet of DC & Marvel comics as a lad – for German especially it was the X-Men’s Nightcrawler, oops!

  35. concerned

    When talking about the offshore sector never forget to include the insurance companies registered in Barbados.
    Our supervisor of insurance Carlos Belgrave was awarded the worst insurance supervisor of the year 2006 award by Offshore Alert for encouraging the registration of an insurance company which was banned everywhere else.

  36. anon

    north star

    If you dont live on the island then how can you provide us with any meaningful comments on what is going on here???

  37. concerned

    There is a cost but if you are interested search here


    Bermuda insurance license reject goes to Barbados, teams up with dubious group

  38. Maat

    Talking of insurance. My vehicle insurance company sent me a letter that they would no longer be offering third party coverage and all their policy holders must make arrangements to upgrade to fully comp.
    Is such a move legal or should we head to the ‘Fair’ Trade Commission?


  39. BareKent

    Maat, you should be heading for the Fair Trade Commission a.s.a.p.

    There is also a Controller of Insurance,
    not that either of them might do anything for you in this corrupt place, but give it a try, anyway.

    I’d like to see Bruce Bailey try this one on me.
    Hint: vote with your feet,my friend:
    Take your $$-business away from the present insurer(rip-off) and find yourself an insurer who will cover you for 3rd.party liability only.
    If you can’t find one, put the car down, or drive it illegally.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    The chance of being caught by Barbados’ Police Force are very slim. Trust me.