Daily Mail: Rihanna Likes British Men, Not So Keen On The Irish


“The men over here are so charming,” Rihanna says with more than a little twinkle in her apple-green eyes. “I’m drawn to tall men with a quirky sense of humour and a touch of the bad boy about them.

“I’ve met loads of men like that in Britain. British men tend to be very forward, too, and I find that very attractive.”

She gives me a saucy Babs Windsor wink – and then suddenly deflates.

“But then I visited Dublin recently and didn’t get chatted up once! That was so disappointing. Not that there’s much I could have done about it. I’m so busy that I’ve got no time for a boyfriend right now.”

… from the Daily Mail (link here

How much of what Rihanna says is all about publicity? Probably most of it.

We still love ya, girl. There’s little you could do wrong in our eyes. Silly Irish fellows!


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14 responses to “Daily Mail: Rihanna Likes British Men, Not So Keen On The Irish

  1. Anonymous

    How much of what Rihanna says is all about publicity?
    Like u said..probably most (if not all) of it.

  2. Centipede

    OHHHHHH. Only if she could sing…..

  3. Rumboy

    In todays world, down loads take care of the lack of singing ability. Only hope she has a good manager / accountant looking out for her as the label will bill in to her expenses the cost of her toothpaste.

  4. Bajanboy

    That article made her seem dim-witted and frivolous.

  5. samizdat

    Dim-witted and frivolous?


    You need to lighten-up, bwoy. De gal a 19 year-old pop star having the time of her life, not a nuclear physicist. What do you expect?

    Give de sweet pretty gal a brek, nuh!

  6. irish baje

    Daily Mail reporter needs crash course in Barbadiana. Replace red stripe and curry goat with banks and rice and stew and Sandy Lane with the Hilton

  7. Chase

    Has that reporter ever been to Barbados ?
    He sounds like one of those people who think Barbados is a part of Jamaica.
    Curry goat and Red stripe??

  8. samizdat

    More about Rihanna, a review of her latest single from another major prestigious British newspaper (The Guardian).

    Seems they just can’t get enough of our girl in the UK…

    “As a Bajan pop princess, you know you’ve made it when you can Google the word Umbrella and the first hit is a link to your song, one link ahead of Wikipedia’s definition of a collapsible canopy used to shield one’s head from the rain. Nineteen-year-old Rihanna deserves her viral glory, having earned her stripes with two definition-of-perfect pop tunes – Pon De Replay and SOS – and endured the avuncular influence of Jay Z, who has kindly done everything his hands are capable of to help her become a “Good Girl Gone Bad”. Of all the simple pleasures in life, hearing an improbably brilliant hip-hop-shaped pop record is up there with the best of them and, halfway through 2007, we’ve already found this year’s strongest contender. And it’s called Umbrella.” (The Guardian Online, 29/05/07)

  9. Glory-B

    Least we 4 get,Rihanna is still quiye young,and at that age ,is thinking with her mouth

  10. same

    She is not any different from all of the other hip hop/ r&b “artists” out there now who succeed largely because of marketing, evolving musical tastes and looks rather than pure talent. The music doesn’t impress me but to each their own. Wish her all the best.

  11. Bimbro

    “That article made her seem dim-witted and frivolous”.

    Bajanboy, r u serious? The young lady’s a teen and ‘doing the modern thing’ and very successully, too. I thought she sounded very, sensible and level-headed.

    I have n’t heard much of her songs except ‘Pon De Replay’ which ‘quite’ impressed me but I’m much older than her and don’t expect her to produce the sort of music which would necessarily, appeal hugely, to me.

    I’m just amazed and extremely, impressed by the success which she’s having. Good luck Rhinna is what I say!

  12. Mad Bajan

    Red stripe and curried goat that is sooo funny!!!! wrong country buddy do the research.

  13. Anonymous

    The title should be, British Men Like Rihanna, Irish Men Not So Keen.

    If you read the story that is what it is about, she didn’t say she hated them so said she didn’t get chatted up 😐

  14. Anonymous

    Exactly, she didn’t say she disliked Irish men. She said that they didn’t chat her up when she went out in Dublin. Irish people are generally known for not approaching famous people and giving them their space. This is one reason why a lot of celebrities have houses in Ireland.

    This is typical of the Daily Mail always trying to put a negative spin on things. I thought they had forgotten about the Irish and had moved on to the Poles or Muslims. Then again, British people and their ill-placed superiority complex???? Will it ever change?