Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch Just Can’t Help Himself…

Noel Lynch Spins Like A Top

To respond to the front page Daily Nation article headlined The Best by Far! by Roy Morris dated 28th May 2007.

‘Stating repeatedly he would not back down from his assessment that CWC represented Barbados finest hour’, Lynch noted that 63,480 long-stay visitors were on the island in April, the highest number ever since the country started recording tourist arrivals’.

‘This figure, he added, represented a 19.6 per cent increase over the previous April, which had itself seen a 13 per cent jump over the year before’.

… from The Nation News The Best By Far! 

What is critically missing from the equation is of course, our long stay arrival visitor performance for the first three critical months of the year.

In it’s economic review for the first quarter of 2007. the Central Bank said ‘that that real tourism value added had declined by approximately 3.8 per cent compared to the same period last year’.

‘The Bank added that ‘preliminary estimates suggested that long stay arrivals contracted by 6 per cent’.

With ‘a total arrival figure for the first three months of the year of around 143,000, down close to 10,000 on the nearly 158,000 long stay arrivals for the same period last year’.

For lets look at the total four month period overall…

Down 10,000 in the first three months and up 19.6 per cent or 12,442 persons for April alone!

So a increase of just 2,442 long stay visitors during the first four months of 2007 when compared with 2006.

Mr Lynch also stated ‘that the island earned an additional US$16.75 million’ in April.

But based on the Minister’s economics, the 10,000 fewer long stay visitors that did not come in the first three months of the year, would have written some US$13.46 million off the April figure!

Therefore a net gain of just US$3.29 million!

It is really quite misleading to the public to describe this tourism performance as ‘The Best by Far’.

Adrian Loveridge
28 May 2007

Note: The main and lead-in titles of this piece were created by BFP for the letter received from Adrian Loveridge.


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34 responses to “Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch Just Can’t Help Himself…

  1. passin thru

    I heard big names at work today. Shorley Simmons ARthur. Let us know BFP!

  2. passin thru

    I posted this on another article and it went here. ?

  3. littleboy

    Just another bit of “Barney Blarney”! It is best taken with a pinch of salt. Eventually it passes out with all the other waste matter during defecation.
    Do not worry folks we will be rid of that lot soon.Our only problem will be to ensure we pay the taxes to keep them at the St Philip penetentiary.
    Maybe the seaside resort at Harrison’s Point would be better!!!

  4. Zulu

    Go Barney, go.
    That would be the chant used to offer support to someone encouraging him to excel. In this case it means what it says. Go away and make room for another man, Barney. Sorry, another person.

  5. Bajanboy

    WordPress is acting up tonight!

  6. Straight talk

    Time for the great “I am” to be the great “He was”.
    To retain any credibility whatsoever from this debacle Lynch the Liar must go, closely followed by Mia the scapegoat.
    Their competence has been spotlighted on the world stage and found seriously wanting.

  7. Jerome Hinds

    In a country ( Jamaica )where it is not uncommon to see its hotels & beaches being advertised on one of the several cable channels world – wide….in the link below they are complaining about the level of spending for CWC 2007 !

    Please read the link :

    By comparison in ( Barbados ) a Minister of Tourism publicly acknowledges that US $ 15 MILLION spent to secure the services of a cruise ship was a LOSS……!

    **** Yet the Minister of Tourism wishes us to believe that such a LOSS was Barbados’ ” finest hour ”

    In the same Barbados….after spending in excess of $ 300 MILLION…..the Prime Minister 1 week after this Mega Event publicly acknowledges that the only thing Bajans get from CWC 2007 is the ….gate receipts of $ 24 MILLION ……!

    **** Yet the Minister of Tourism wishes us to believe that such a LOSS was Barbados’ ” finest hour ”

    After Spending $ 300 MILLION to upgrade Kensington Oval…..the GOB squabbles with the BCA over the ownership of Kensington after the event….!

    **** Yet the Minister of Tourism wishes us to believe that such a LOSS was Barbados’ ” finest hour ”

    Clyde Mascoll proclaims that CWC 2007 PUMPED MILLIONS of $$$$ into the Barbados economy during April 2007…!

    But on the other hand the Central Bank Governor report for the 1st quarter of 2007…..accounts for the increase money as a direct result of borrowing for CWC 2007 & GAIA expenditure…!

    **** Yet the Minister of Tourism & Clyde Mascoll wishes us to believe that such a LOSS was Barbados’ ” finest hour ”

    Roosevelt King of the Kensington Vendors Association laments publicly about the DEBT he faces & the bounced CHEQUES issued to frustrated workers…..!

    **** Yet the Minister of Tourism wishes us to believe that such a LOSS was Barbados’ ” finest hour ”

    After such HORROR stories & more…..Noel Lynch & Clyde Mascoll should acknowledge this as our
    ” Flimsiest Hour ”


    Barbadians…..deserve BETTER…!

  8. Anonymous

    Mr Loveridge give the man a break he was referring to April not first quarter… and you know what he was right. With all of Hind’s writing he still cannot claim that Dems would do better. Hinds you have forgotten one major benefit received that is the world wide exposure on television for Barbados which was priceless.
    Accepted there are issues but you constantly play on the negative without even slight suggestion that there are positives reduce the bias and look at the bigger picture.

  9. Jay

    Jerome you need to give it a rest. I’ve acknowledged that Lynch has fouled up and I’ve gotten over it. Why don’t you get over it the same way that you got over the 8% cuts.

  10. Jerome Hinds

    May 29th, 2007 at 1:08 pm
    Jerome you need to give it a rest. I’ve acknowledged that Lynch has fouled up and I’ve gotten over it. Why don’t you get over it the same way that you got over the 8% cuts.


    Well Jay if what you say is TRUE…!

    Then declare here on BFP site like most persons have done and say……NOEL LYNCH stop lying you have fouled up…!

    Do it Jay to demonstrate GUTS…!

  11. Finest Hour

    Not T&T band alone at CWC closing
    Published on: 5/29/07.
    I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED that THE NATION newspaper has misinformed the Barbadian public.
    The steel pan orchestra that performed at the ICC Cricket World Cup final was not only the Trinidadian steel band Exodus. It was a combined Caribbean steel band with players from the Barbados National Youth Steel Orchestra, Israel Lovell and other Barbadian steel bands along with players representing each host country. Don’t doubt me because I was one of those players!
    It is infuriating that the Press only gave Exodus credit for that performance.
    Additionally, I am angered at how the performers were treated on the day of the CWC Final. I thought it was a known standard to feed entertainers when they have to be on location for long periods of time (in this case, about ten hours). The performers were fed at some of the rehearsals, so it is not crazy to assume that we would have been fed on the actual day of the performance.
    Furthermore, we have only received half of our pay and there does not seem to be any sign of us getting the rest.
    Apparently, the rumour on the street is that some performers did not receive any money at all. What a disgrace! (Considering how much money was spent to plan this event.)
    Lastly, we were all frustrated and disappointed because we spent several hours over a span of two weeks learning the song and practising for the show, but no one saw it!
    They deprived the world of the closing ceremony and most people at the Oval could not see us because it was so dark.

  12. Jerome Hinds


    What you wrote on May 29th, 2007 at 12:59 pm…..needs to be re – examined by you !

    April in any year forms part of an economic review period….April does not stand alone !

    You can fool yourself…..but not others on this BFP site…… us how you can quantify this CWC 2007 global exposure…!

    In December 2006 Noel Lynch said the World Golf Championships would bring thousands of tourists to Barbados……because of its Global Exposure…!

    You know WHAT ????

    By April 2007 Noel Lynch after years of planning for CWC 2007…..said that CWC was held at the WRONG time because the tourist were not coming…!

    So much for your Global Exposure….crap…!


    Do like your cohort JAY has said….” I’ve acknowledged that Lynch has fouled up……! “

  13. Jerome Hinds

    Not T&T band alone at CWC closing

    Published on: 5/29/07.



    May 29th, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    May 29th, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    Anonymous & Jay,

    Please pay attention to the aching words of Ms. GINA AIMEY-MOSS…….and see how the pain of Noel Lynch LIES about CWC 2007 success still reverberates…..1 month later…!

    Cud Dear….Jay let Anonymous know what you think about Noel Lynch you said…” I’ve acknowledged that Lynch has fouled up……! “

  14. Wishing in Vain

    The best action Arthur could take right now would be to fire Mottley, Lynch and Walcott forthwith at least he would appear to be trying to do something effective and meaningful about this group of idlers in gov’t.
    Even if the replacements did nothing it would help the cause of at least trying to make some head way.

  15. carnival destiny

    I pray this Lynch clown reads BFP.If not I hope his cronies or family draw this post to his attention. Lynch you talked about your legacy on David Ellis show. Lynch apart from Pinfold Street your legacy is the most notorious liar to emerge from our nation. You will be remembered for three inputs to the political landscape..lies, lies and more lies. All right thinking Barbadians agree CWC did not live up to expectations. The world has gone further and said it was worst on record. Yet despite all evidence you repeatedly call it Barbados finest hour. Not only are you insulting our intelligence you are calling us blind, retarded and ignorant. Lynch you are one of a kind. A national blight who is a source of shame. You are a disreputable, rouge politician who boldly gives us the middle finger time after time. You must be stopped and unceremoniously kicked out of office. I am calling on the electorate to do their jobs and send you packing. You and your legacy of lies, lies and more lies.

  16. Chase

    How long has Mr.Noel Lynch been the tourism minister?
    I am just curious.

  17. Wishing in Vain

    Chase obviously way too long , long enough to inflict his damage and corruption to it.

  18. Chase

    I was just wondering how someone like him could be kept in a position like that for so long with a track record like this.
    Didnt mean to sound funny 🙂

  19. Wishing in Vain

    Chase I agree with you 100 % but so to the same can be said for ministers Walcott, Mottley Lynch, Eastmond, Wood, Marshall they have been idle for somewhile now but collecting mega bucks in salaries and commissions.
    Do you remember Owing comments about the one that was an ins salesman that robbed the taxpayers by paying out a premium for the transport board for over $500,000.00 more than needed not to be paid??
    Owing’s comment was that he was the hardest working minister he had in his cabinet, wonder what he would be saying about these clowns that are littering the halls of the ministries while occupied at idle hall!!!

  20. Zulu

    Happened to pass by Lynch’s constituency office on Monday (yesterday) and noticed that it did look as if it is being used. I asked a man on a bicycle if the office is open to the public and he said that it has not been open in a long time.
    No wonder MM Lynch behaves the way he does.
    Not even the ppl who put him there does he care about. He has made it so there is no use for the common man. He now rub shoulders with the rich and famous.
    I would like him to rub shoulders with some at The Point.
    btw, I wonder if it is possible to lock up a few of these pirates after they are thrown out of power?

  21. Jerome Hinds

    After presiding over GEMS for many years…..Noel Lynch said on Brasstacks programme 25th March 2007 he does not have the figures on GEMS debt or profit…!

    But imagine a mere 7 days after spending MILLIONS on a Global event ( CWC 2007 )….Lynch has all the figures at hand to DECLARE it was a HUGE success…an A class Event…..Barbados Finest Hour !

    Yet 2 weeks later on Best & Mason programme Lynch again declares…..he was not sure…how much was actually spent to re – develop Kensington Oval !

    So if you do not know your total expenditure how can you determine your profit ?

    Alas, if you continue to LIE like Noel Lynch you can come up with that type of mathematical computation !

    The brillance of a warped & demented brain !

  22. Wishing in Vain

    Taken from the BBC website and this idiot Lynch can tell the masses that the CWC was our finest hour , what a complete clown he is.

    Barbados is one of four venues for the Super 8 matches and is staging the final.
    The island was expecting 5,500 Indian visitors for these games.
    But Petra Roach of the Barbados Tourism Authority says only 800 have turned up.
    The rest cancelled their expensive packages, preferring to suffer substantial losses rather then making a trip with no team to root for.
    Barbados tourism authorities had actually made four trips to India in the run-up to the tournament to woo cricket fans and tourists alike. “Hotels have been hit, packages have been cancelled,” says Ms Roach.
    For foreigners’
    Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is sceptical of the impact of the World Cup on the Caribbean economy.
    Organisers are accused of charging too much for merchandise
    A new IMF report says the governments in the nine countries staging the tournament have spent a fortune.
    Five new stadiums were built and others were upgraded altogether at a cost of $250m, and more money was spent on improving infrastructure.
    Some of the stadiums were built with grants.
    “The long-term net impact of the World Cup is unclear, especially in light of the associated fiscal costs,” says the report.
    The IMF believes the economic benefits of the tournament are “likely to be diluted” as matches are being played in different countries, and are taking place in the middle of the peak winter tourist season when occupancy rates are already high.
    Add to this is the fact that public investment in the Caribbean has, according to the IMF, “shown a relatively weak link with growth” and the picture of relative gloom is complete.
    Former Australian cricket captain Ian Chappell says the ninth cricket World Cup has been a “public relations disaster”.
    “Bickering over ticket prices and draconian measures to exclude musical instruments from the grounds has seen many matches played in a sterile environment and sparsely populated stadiums,” says Mr Chappell.

  23. farmer


  24. Zulu

    Very interesting comments. Remember that you can still be arrested for violating the CWC laws. They are effective until June 30th, so watch what you do around Fontabelle. (as if anybody cares)

  25. Adrian Loveridge


    Sorry for delay in responding.

    During the last 36 hours we have had a suspicious fire that burnt through all our telephone cables, our kitchen broken into and ladder placed up against bedroom window in the middle of the night. But, we are still here and will continue to establish and maintain the truth.

    I would dearly love to seize on all the positives in tourism, but you cannot do that based on blatant lies and exaggerations.

    You may find this acceptable in developing meaningful national long terms policies. I do NOT!

    I mentioned in my letter that Minister Lynch is boasting about April, but you cannot do this in isolation of the first three months of 2007.

    Read Pay Hoyos’s article at entitled Down for the Count.
    ‘Barbados tourist arrivals between January and May fall by nearly 2% over same period in 2006’.

    This is despite hosting ‘the worlds third largest sport event’ and Mr Lynch declaring the CWC ‘ Barbados finest hour’.

    Readers can judge themselves the facts and formulate their our conclusions.

    Minister Lynch was still stating right up until 25th March 2007, that there were going to be ‘90,000’ long stay visitors for the week of the CWC final, plus ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers, ‘700 yachts’ and NO loan to charter Carnival Destiny.

    Now we told that there were ‘63,480 long-stay visitors were on the island in April’.

    That is the entire MONTH of April.

    These are NOT my words, my figures, they are the Minister’s.

  26. A UK view.

    Spoke with a UK visitor who gets down to these islands about once or twice a year for business purposes, so he knows the joint.

    he just came up from St.Vincent.
    “How’s it down there?” I asked..
    “The roads in St.Vincent are better than Barbados’ roads” he immediately said
    “..and their signposting is excellent!”

    I told him that back in the 1960s (pre-Independence), Barbados used to be immaculately sign-posted,
    but that was a white British thing,
    now unimportant to Bajans, since we know where we are.
    Tourists are unimportant ‘twould seem…
    ..not like our main business is Tourism or anything…

    And so we now have little K-M-A St.Vincent with roads better than Barbados,
    and with impressive sign-posting!

    My my how we’ve slipped and slipped and slipped and..
    Oh well: thank God for Trinidad with whom we can always compare ourselves favourably
    and thus appear superior to at least ONE nearby island. Good Old Trinidad.
    God, how I love to hate that place!

  27. fil

    Has any one noticed that the double sided tape used to stick the CWC2007 livery to the new Kensingtom stadia is still left up on the walls facing Pres. Kedddedy drive?
    Should not the peoron/company removing the livery been responsible for removing it too? Or is it a special type of tape that will fall off on its own?
    Knowledge me.

  28. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘Losing Game – Kensington vendors suffer major losses during CWC’
    Daily Nation Monday 18th June 2007

    ‘They gave us figures as to the daily crowd attendance at the matches and the numbers we would have to cater for. But on the first three days those figures were far off target and we ended up throwing away a lot of food’.

    ‘Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 has left the two-year-old Kensington Vendors’ Association (KVA) in a major financial hole’

    ‘The Best Ever’

    ‘Barbados’ finest hour’

  29. Plover

    Isn’t it a damn shame that in a country that tells us how progressive it is that the food that had to be thrown out because of the dreadful failure of CWC could not have been channeled to the thousands of poor people seeing it hard to buy the expensive food in Bim. And many of who go hungry every day!

    I guess that too would have been too much of a challenge for the BLP to cope with.

  30. Charity begins


    And when (if?) there is a piece of meat and some food left on your table after Sunday lunch (if you have enough to do this) why not consider dropping it somewhere it will be appreciated for dinner?

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Another day goes by and another day that the port is empty of Carnival ships, where did this US $ 5 million go to???
    Was it for the Carnival Line to take their ships else where???
    Surely these ships are plying these same Caribbean Waters but having paid them to bring their hundreds of thousands to our island the port continues to void of any cruise ships.
    Congrats to MM Lynch on screwing up one more time, Lynch did this money ever really make it to the Carnival Corp or was this a smoke screen and these funds really destined for your personal offshore account?

  32. Adrian Loveridge

    Reflecting on the performance of the CWC period for the tourism sector, Tull said, ‘It was to be the lead event for Barbados and the Caribbean, however as most of us can certainly attest this was not the case. In fact, I will even go so far to say that the event was just short of a disaster’.

    Denis Tull, chairman of the 40 plus member Intimate Hotel group carried in the Barbados Advocate Wednesday 4th Jully, 2007 under the headline ‘Intimate Hotels another CWC casualty’.

  33. Wishing in Vain

    If the minister of tourism told me to run I think I would take my chances and walk, this man is the most compulsive liar we have ever had running the affairs of this island.
    What are we really looking do about our tourist arrivals after the grand promises made about the CWC which turned out to be a major fiasco?
    We are about to reveal the poorest summer season figures on record and yet we have the minister babbling his nonsense about the figures are about to make a huge jump in arrivals because of the introduction of the Air Jamaica flight, are we really to be considered that stupid to believe that this flight will be a saviour to the summer arrival figures?

  34. Wishing in Vain

    Remember this CWC was our finest hour.