Response By Nation News Publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens “Weak. Not Good Enough. Lacks Leadership. Cowardly”


“CEO and Publisher of the Nation Publishing Company, Vivian-Anne Gittens, said last night that the company was also concerned that the police action against a NATION reporter and photographer, who were carrying out their duties in a public area, could possibly be seen as a threat to Press freedom.”… Nation News Publisher talking about reporters being thugged by Royal Barbados Police Force while covering a story at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (link)

Newspaper Publisher Says Police Action “Could Possibly Be Seen” As A Threat To Press Freedom ???? !!!!!

Oh please!

“Could possibly be seen…” ?

As in “maybe”, “if” ?????

That is all that Nation News Publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens has to say about this?

That is the sum total of her initial reaction in her own newspaper.

We will have much more to say about the actions of the police and about Gittens’ pathetic lack of courage and leadership, but for now the publisher of The Nation News should know that the comments at the top of this story are what her own people are saying about her handling of this violation of press freedom.



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32 responses to “Response By Nation News Publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens “Weak. Not Good Enough. Lacks Leadership. Cowardly”

  1. North Star

    The operative word here is as BFP accurately describes it as “Pathetic”. And it does not end with the CEO of the Nation News but it applies to the attitudes of the silent majority of every damn Barbadian who sit idly by and allow their “Democratic” system of Government that hundreds of black and white Barbadians gave their lives in WW 2 to gurantee to degenerate into a farce and they allow it without shame or remorse!

    When the Democratic rights of a Nation degrades to the point that the major press of that Nation is not allowed to, cannot or will not do their jobs and allow the police of the state to criminally and physically abuse reporters and press photographers from doing their jobs we have a Nation that is in serious crisis. Something I have said for years!

    This is obviously made more evident when the Prime Minister and his Cabinet along with the Leader of the DLP and his Lieutenants including most Barbadians are staying silent on the matter.

    The CEO of the Nation and everyone of her Lieutenants should be voiciferously using the press to condemn in the strongest terms this state led conspiracy on the rights of a free press and the peoples right to know. Instead we get only mealy mouthed responeses while reporters and photographers of the Press are being assaulted by police which is in keeping with and showing what a decaying Democratic and Socially apathetic Nation Barbados is fast becoming.

    I only hope that as this decay of Democracy is allowed to continue to escalate where the Government, Police and certain sections of the Barbados Social structure is beyond condemnation.and accountability. And it gradually undermines the fundemental rights of the majority
    it will not be too late to reverse. Because it will be a hell of legacy to leave our youth!

    Mr. David Thompson Leader of the DLP the Nation of Barbados wishes you to stand in it’s defense at a time you need to more than ever before!

  2. akabozik

    Cowardly yellow dog is right.

    Add to that the word “neutered”

  3. reality check

    stop whining !!!!

    The writing has been on the wall for some time now—peope need to get together immediately and form transparency action groups within both parties.

    You will have lots of support once you have a core. People should probably send their names into BFP and maybe they can help organise a truly grassroots movement. So far no one has come forward. How about you Adrian?

  4. Zulu

    Count me in. Let me know when you are ready with the petition.

  5. Starcom had a different spin at 5:30 yesterday afternoon, there was no mention of Tim Slinger nor Antonio Miller just Jimmy Gittens and they also spoke to Roxanne Gibbs – the Executive Editor of the Nation, she saw the arrest as a direct threat to Press Freedom. You can bet Viv and Rox will have an intriguing pow-wow as a result!

    Then they followed the story with the gunmen looking for the publisher of Kaieteur News in Guyana at the office, the staff , bravely | truthfully | smartly said he was out and so they left without a shot…

  6. The place to fight for press freedom cannot be in an open confrontation with police agents. At what point and on what occasion can we be consistent in the believe that when instructed by a police agent to move along that we must there and then comply? Then again one has to wonder why the same suggested civil approach to the millennium heights impasse (can’t pass this gate) was not brought to bare on this occasion, and this in turn spawns more pondering as we have to also wonder with these cases as we had to in the chicken the egg story, which came first. The police have got to be saying that their are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t, are they wrong? or can we counter by saying that this is a continual problem with police agents in that they have always been heavy handed with citizens of a darker hue and middle class/poor status and civil and professional with those of a lighter hue and or perceived members of the landed gentry. Boy i tell Yuh.

  7. reality check
    May 27th, 2007 at 3:21 pm
    stop whining !!!!

    The writing has been on the wall for some time now—peope need to get together immediately and form transparency action groups within both parties.

    You will have lots of support once you have a core. People should probably send their names into BFP and maybe they can help organise a truly grassroots movement. So far no one has come forward. How about you Adrian?
    Which Adrian? Adrian L of course, cause Adrian H don’t live bout dey. 😀

  8. North Star

    I have never been able to make sense of the Millenium Fiasco and once again it begs to be asked do people in Barbados, Government included not learn from others how to operate things like gated communities? Or is progress introduced first and then the problem areas associated with them then addressed on a trial an error basis?

    Gated communities in North America or the ones I know can be accessed by Police, Fire Dept, Ambulance and such Government services because by law they need to have this authority without the security gate people being involved or giving their permission. In other words up here if an Emergency is called in the Government services responding has the codes or the means to open the gates themselves. They ignore any gate keepers because our Legislation gives Emergency services that ULTIMATE right to PROTECT AND SERVE!

    I think common sense dictate that this is the only way to go because if an Emergency service is responding to a call and for one reason or the other the gate keeper is indisposed or sleeping as so many watchmen I am told do on the job in Bim how do they gain entrance?

    As a matter of fact in many areas in North America, Emergency vehicles responding to an Emergency have the equipment in their vehicles to change a red light against them to green in their favor. Many traffic signals are equipted with this technology.

    I can just see how a scenario like what allegedly took place at Millenium Heights would unfold up here. The police would arrest the gate keeper/s and charge him/her with so many different charges that even a Phildelphia lawyer would have trouble not having his client spend somtime in jail. And that would be after he/she was released from the QEH if in fact they survived that ordeal!

    Up here it would even be worse if it was a woman calling because of domestic violence and some Bimbo at a gated community guard house was to tell police they could not enter. I suggest that that Bimbo telling police that would need an ice pack for the crown jewels. Because Cops take and treat far more seriously up here crime against women and children and I for one would not be fooling with them on such a call!

  9. Thistle

    Oh, dear, North Star, you really don’t understand how the system DOES NOT work in Barbados! I’m not sure if you’re Bajan/Canadian or just Canadian, but you have to realise that it is a MAN’s world in Barbados. Good Lord, if you have POLICEMEN beating up on their girlfriends/wives, and if you have policemen who are in to ILLEGAL dog-fighting, what the hell do you expect??! Canada is a disciplined society. I have visited a friend who lives in Brantford, Ont., twice and it was like a breath of fresh air, seeing how disciplined everything is. Next thing – the man who was pelting some lashes in his girlfriend is hand-in-glove with this government. One word from him to call off the “pigs” and that’s IT. Story over. As someone said before, THERE IS NO ONE IN CHARGE IN BARBADOS! Will things change if the government changes? That is anybody’s guess. One would like to hope so, but …??

  10. Thistle

    North Star, I forgot to mention this: A woman called Angela Cole wrote some books exposing corruption, murder – you name it – in Barbados, and guess what happened to her? They burnt down her house and shoved her in the Psychiatric Hospital. How does that grab you?

  11. Yardbroom

    North Star
    Barbadian society has no counterpart in the world, that is why the Millenium Heights situation arose, Barbadian society has a structure which appears as a microcosm of a modern country, but in reality it is nothing of the sort. It has the trappings of a modern country but the mental attitude of a deeply divided and fragmented colony, that is why the injustices that we speak of on this blog occur, again and again.

    People by instinct take a certain course of action even when they are not obliged to do so, perhaps it is force of habit. Often positions are adopted for no logical reason to the neutral observer, but those born and reared on the rock understand only too well.

    Look at the evidence, in most countries a security guard searching a uniformed policeman in public -as happened at the Cricket World Cup – would not have happened, the policeman would know instinctively that should not be.

    At Millenium Heights, the security guard would have been arrested in other countries, in essence he would not have dared to perform such a stunt.
    Then there is talk of Barbados being a first world country in a matter of years, we have to be able to get the basics right before we aspire to such ideals, but that means own personal money chest.

    There also has to be a dichotomy between those who administer justice and private companies, particularly when judges etc are asked to adjudicate in related matters. If judges wish to continue in business, a blind trust should manage their affairs if not, leave the judiciary alone.

    When I often hear talk of Barbados being a first world country in a matter of years, I think someone is playing a joke.

  12. Yardbroom

    North Star
    Barbadian society has no counterpart in the world, it has the trappings of a modern country but the mental attitude of a deeply divided and fragmented colony.

    People by instinct take a certain course of action, even when they are not obliged to do so, perhaps it is force of habit. Often postures are adopted for no logical reason to the neutral observer, but those born and reared on the rock understand only too well.

    Let us look at the evidence: In most modern developed countries a security guard would not have searched a uniformed policeman – as happened at the recent world cup- the policeman would have known instinctively it should not happen.

    Take the situation at Millenium Heights, in another country the guard would have been arrested, as a matter of fact he would not have dared perform a stunt like that.

    There is talk of Barbados being first world status in a couple status in a couple of years, someone is making a joke, as that would entail accountability and that means not being able to use the Government purse as a personal money box.

    There must be a clear dichotomy between private companies and those engaged in the judicary, a blind trust has to be set up before appointment, without exception, for those who are not happy with those restraints, then their place is in private practice.

    Unless we are able to do such basics, talk of first world status in a matter of years is just a pipe dream, for whom are we to be compared with.

  13. North Star

    Thistle that is truly a very sad commentary of what MY Barbados has come to. And yes I am still a “Proud” Barbadian but quickly losing faith!

    There is far too much abuse of women and children especially child porn all over the world which I have avoided commenting on in the BFP.

    You visited a Town in Canada that gave us one of the greatest Ice Hockey players in the world Wayne Gretsky. And I am sure you know the commitment his dad gives back to the many causes he supports. In spite of the massive stroke he suffered. Brantford is also a major home of peoples who too made this Great Country, Great our Aboriginal peoples. We must always be cognizant of giving credit to those who deserve it.

    I loved hunting ducks on our Great Prairies and it was amazing to see the interaction and closeness to nature our Indian brothers and sisters had with the many creatures there. Here was the whiteman using sophisticated snow geese decoys and the Indian would use an ordinary paper napkin that he shaped and propped up with a stick and got more geese than the whiteman.

    Do not despair because sooner than later justice will prevail for us ALL. The generations that are following I think will see to that!

    I really do not know how old you are but I recall as a young man growing up in Barbados certain men beat their spouses and girlfriends with great regularity and most accepted it as a sign of showing love. That is a fact! Therefore do not be surprised about what still goes on it is in the genes.

    In Canada we have our share of badness too including domestic abuse against women of horrific proportions, not to mention the abuse of innocent liitle children. But the difference is the majority in our Nation will not accept it, the press, TV and Government, Law enforcement etc speak out about it and Law Enforcement takes the matter very seriously. Regrettably the Judiciary is to be blamed for a failing grade in sending the wrong message to these lowlifes by way of far too lenient sentences.

    Take care!

  14. North Star

    Yardbroom you too are correct but you see the Government of Barbados and its allies do what the esatblishment dictate it do. It does not act in the best intersts of the majority. And any Nation that operates like that is doomed!

    Another thing is this your island has been hijacked by Foreigners who see it only as a short term cash cow! Do you think these people give a damn about the masses and what long term impact on the island their actions will cause to the environment or well being of ALL in Bim? They want to do as good surgeons do when operating on the body, get in and out so quickly that the population of Bim (body)does not know they were even there.

  15. Thistle

    North Star: Yes, it was very interesting and enlightening to visit the Six Nations of the Grand River Indian reservation at Oshweken, and then in complete contrast to visit the … is it the Amish, or the other group, I’ve forgotten … at St. Jacobs and to purchase pure maple syrup made by them. Canada is a lovely country. Yes, you have monumental problems with crime in the large cities, but as you said, at least someone is dealing with it, someone is IN CHARGE!

  16. Hants

    North Star I am glad that you have had all these wonderful experiences in Canada.

    I think you owe it to Bajans to tell them about the other side of Canada especially with regards to the major Cities where the majority of immigrants live.

    Better still they can read the Canadian Newspapers online and see for themselves.

    They can start here

  17. No-Name

    Angela Cole is a little ecentric but a nice lady who speaks her mind. She is far too outspoken to be accepted by the policticians…especially those who were involved in the Pele murder case! She seems convinced about who the real murderer is. As far as I am aware she is not in the hospital. The last time I spoke to her she was driving around in a mini moke doing a survey for a leading manuafacturer on the island.

  18. North Star

    Thistle I think you are referring to the Mennonites. Very productive people and the best of trades people. They make only quality stuff and the genuine ones reject modern conveniences like cars, electricity etc

    Hants I do not know what you are asking of me because I have never held back about our misgivings. And you are correct unlike Barbados you can bring up our Major press and we hang all of our dirty linen out to dry. That is Democracy and the people here wouldn’t have it any other way. As you might know although we have slipped Canada was rated by the UN for years as the most wanted country to come to by immigrants! Sometimes it helps to the facts!

    I am beginning to think that what our mothers taught us back in Bim when were little children did happen to the majority in Barbados especially the politicians and I am glad I got out when I was young and avoided being afflicted. And it was this!

    Remember when we were told by our mums and Aunty Moses knows this is true so I hope she don’t condemn me for repeating it. When our mums caught us playing with the Tom Pigeon she would say if you don’t stop doing that you will go blind. I use to think she was making fun but after reading what I read in the BFP about what going on in Bim I see she was right!

  19. Wishing in Vain

    Pele Parris is there a connection with his name and a Brye St.John where have I heard this before????
    Who killed the poor man anyway and why was he killed ???
    Drugs maybe ????
    Why does this name Brye St.John keep coming up everytime Pele Parris’s name gets mentioned, I would love to know????

  20. Wishing in Vain

    Brye St.John low and behold he was Bree st.John’s son I now am hearing what a scamp he is and knew a lot about Pele Parris’s murder if I am hearing this why do the police not know about this connection especially now that his father is no longer around to play the police and the politics to keep his butt out of jail, surely it is never too late to be charged for murder??

  21. Chase


    Ever heard of corruption??You really want to open this can of worms?
    You really think the police dont know who kill Pele?
    2 other names spring to mind ….Braddie….Hyacinth.
    This has become more like folklore than anything.

  22. Thistle

    WIV: Where you been living all these years? You only NOW heard that? How they going charge the man when one vital witness get bump off (they made it look like suicide) and another one had to flee the island real quick? Wise up!

  23. Chase

    Thistle says :
    “Canada is a disciplined society. I have visited a friend who lives in Brantford, Ont., twice and it was like a breath of fresh air, seeing how disciplined everything is.’

    The first time I went to Montreal was a shocker to me.At the bus stop I saw about 10 people sitting in the booth.When the bus came ,they got up and lined up in the order in which they came one after the other.
    There are almost no stop lights where I was in Lachine…whoever got to the junction first would stop and be the first to proceed…and I am talking four crosses…….talk about discipline.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    This is the Bowen man that left Barbados to live over and away?

  25. Thistle

    That’s the one.

  26. Thistle

    Chase, it used to be like that in England too, with orderly bus queues, but foreigners took over and rearranged the British way of life. Now it is almost at the stage of “brek fuh wunna self”.

  27. Wishing in Vain

    So let me see if I got this right the PM Bree’s son Brye St.John kills a man they then arrange to knock off a witness in the meanwhile all the police and the party knows what went on and no one gets charged in this murder?
    Can this be real ? tell me this is a play???

  28. Thistle

    Ain’t no play – it’s for real! But you should know that in Barbados you have to do the 3 monkey thing – block yuh ears, cover yuh eyes and shut yuh freaking gob.

  29. Warrior

    Now this a tale, I always wanted clarification.

    Now how about those constables that were killed in the so called line of duty. One was drowned in St. Phillip though being an excellent swimmer and the other was shot and his service boots placed at the high water mark.

    If that isn’t a sign not to investigate this murder as it was ordered from the confines of the good men being made better, there never was one.

    By the way

    How is it that we can only catch the small man with a spliff and a few stray pounds of Cocaine and marijuana and we can’t catch the drug kingpins operating their empires in and from this island and bring them to face the courts.

    And our young men walking around looking like the beasts from the black lagoon, unkempt, uncouth, unschooled???? I just asking

  30. Wishing in Vain

    Why do we opt to turn a blind eye to events such as this murder?
    I am not sure if this occured when Bree was PM or was it Adams which makes even worst?

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Warrior these guys on the beaches and the streets are only the runners for the ones who are really running things, when our DPM does her snorting do you really think that she will go out of her way to curtail the availabilty after all she has get her supplies as well, ask those in her area if she is not known to stop by the boys on the block and pull a joint at times she is seeking votes, I can carry you to some of these same guys and they will relate the same story!!!
    We are living in very troubling times.

  32. Warrior

    troubling times indeed