A Word About Posting Comments… And Hello To Certain Ladies

Good Sunday Morning All!

The coffee is hot and thick and the neighbours have not yet started their Sunday routine of fighting with each other ’bout him coming in too late on Saturday night and smelling of other women after being “out wit de boys”.

This is the same couple we wrote about in April. Still living under the same roof more less, and still broadcasting their animal-like behaviours to all the truly disgusted neighbours near Grape Hall.

Some folks should call it quits and I have no idea why those two don’t, so I will enjoy this peaceful moment while it lasts.

Message to Lady #1 Near Grape Hall

Just Leave Him before your son and daughter decide that this is normal behaviour and how men and women are supposed to act. According to the life you are showing your children, a man is supposed to carry on out by himself every night and then slap his wife around when she asks why he smells of another woman at 3am. Women are weak and helpless and are supposed to take this behaviour for years but never leave.

You are teaching your children that this behaviour is normal because you are tolerating it. Your son will turn into the monster that his father is and your daughter will become like you. Pathetic.

We’ve all had enough and some men-folk round Grape Hall are starting to talk that maybe it is time to have a quiet little chat with your “husband”.

About Those Spam Comments…

Yesterday Barbados Free Press dealt with over 1200 spam advertisements that were aimed at the comments sections of various posts. Think about that. Although our spam filter grabs 99% of the comments and puts them aside so our readers don’t normally see them, the filter also grabs 10 or 20 legitimate comments per day so we have to read a bit of each filtered comment to confirm whether it should be trashed or placed onto the blog.

George sometimes has to put in three or four hours in a day sorting the good from the bad, and that doesn’t count emails – only comments.

We are all volunteers here and George and the rest of us do our best BUT readers have to understand that your comments may not appear for some time if the spam filter has grabbed them – or not at all if we miss your comment in the pile of two hundred spam comments.


1/ If you have written a lengthy comment (and some are very well researched – almost like articles themselves) please KEEP A COPY until you see it appear.

2/ Please DO NOT post duplicate comments or multiple comments once your comment has been “held for moderation”. Please.

Message To Lady #2

What do you want us to do with the specific comment that you have a problem with? Do you want us to simply delete it, or would you like us to delete it and explain to the world why?

Either one is ok with us – but from the tone of your last email you seem to think that you can control what the ordinary people of Barbados say in public about this or that.

From your series of emails to us it is also evident that you don’t realise that anybody can use any name to post on the internet. You must remember that even when a comment says it was posted by a certain person, it could be someone else using another person’s name. Both George W. Bush and Winston Churchill have posted on our blog, but I suspect that at least one of those two gentlemen might not have visited us.

The advent of the internet has changed everyone’s ability to use the courts to limit what others say in public. That is just the way it is. The world has changed and you are going to have to learn to live without being able to control what others say – whether their statements are fair or true or not. The authorities can no longer control public discussions about anything.

Learn to live with it. You will be happier.

Now… email us and let us know what specific action you want us to take. If you continue whining and threatening without suggesting what it is you want us to do, of course you will never be happy.

Yours truly,



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