More Troubles At Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital – This Time Haematology Equipment, Next Time… Who Knows?

Are We Or Are We Not A Sovereign Nation?

One would think that as the only real hospital in Barbados, the government would ensure that the QEW maintains redundancies in equipment and personnel. After all, when it gets right down to it, our Queen Elizabeth Hospital is not just the primary health care facility – it is the only hospital in the country.

Just last month the only echocardiogram machine at the QEW was broken for a couple of weeks and may have contributed to the death of at least one patient. (BFP article here)

In February we reported about a series of deaths in the hospital waiting room were patients died during lengthy delays waiting for initial treatment. (One story told of a man waiting 24 hours to be examined!)

Last December we told you how Barbados has over 300 Cataract patients waiting for surgery. (Too bad they can’t see those new flyovers!)

Now the blood testing lab is shut down because the haematology equipment is malfunctioning…

Don’t Worry – The Hospital’s Public Relations Firm Is On It!

Yup… we are not to worry about this latest little problem at the QEH because the hospital’s Public Relations firm has issued a press release.

Everything gonna be fine ‘o fine. Yesssir!

Who Are “JER Associates” ?

The PR firm J.E.R. Associates Ltd. is often seen handling situations for the hospital, sometimes with their spokesperson identified as President Ricardo Blackman. Blackman has also handled other situations – for instance representing Larsen & Toubro (L&T) during controversy over recruiting 14 illegal workers for the Kensington Oval Redevelopment Project.

We’re curious. Is Mr. Blackman or JER closely associated with anyone in government or at the hospital?

We found a number of bio entries for him on the web…. like this one:

Ricardo Blackman, President & International Chairman, heads our client service team. A full member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and a founder member of the Barbados Association of Public Relations Practitioners (BAPRP), Ricardo is one of the Caribbean’s most experienced and respected public relations practitioners. The only Caribbean PR Practitioner to be included in the 1999 International “Who’s Who” of professionals, he is the first West Indian to be elected an Accredited Member of the prestigious Counselors Academy of the PRSA, and is the only Barbadian member of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). Before founding JER, he worked as a senior journalist with the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation in Barbados and the BBC World Service and BBC Caribbean Service in London.


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8 responses to “More Troubles At Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital – This Time Haematology Equipment, Next Time… Who Knows?

  1. Anonymous

    He was also a DLP member and or supporter. He has been for many years Reginald Farley’s campaign manager.

  2. Rumplestilskin

    What is your problem. Just because a piece of equipment breaks does not mean we are not advancing.

    We are getting more and more concrete, in condos, flyovers, large homes on larger peices of land, such as Apes Hill, large condo units on our shoreline, so those who arrive by plane can see our well developed shoreline.

    We are fast becoming ‘first world’.

    People who do not have expensive health insurance cannot get topclass healthcare in North America either so why are we so bad?

    Its our own fault for not being wealthy enough to be able to get on a plane and obtain treatment in Miami or New York.

    Why do you want to test blood anyway, many cannot afford whoesome food already, so disease and illness will go up anyway.

    Be thankful you are lucky to be living in a ‘firstworld’ country.

    Enjoy the beautiful vistas of condos on the shore and golf courses in the country, you can catch a bus and walk along and see these for free. And you will soon have flyovers to gape at in ‘shock and awe’. WOW, have we not come far?

    By the way, you now have to pay for much more at QEH we are improving so much.

    Now, I am not sullying our anthem in any way, but had a dream that some were singing to a different sheet along these lines with a new title: ‘We’re first world and rich and proud’?

    In wealth and times of national debt
    With this great land so developed
    We forget our forefathers work
    And threw their pride away
    We have no pride anymore
    Only look to firstworld status
    And our hearts care no more
    Forget Nationhood

    We selfish sons and daughters all
    Do hereby make it known
    These fields and hills that were once ours
    Now belong to foreigners
    We scrap our name out of history’s page
    With expectations that are low
    Poor guardians of our childrens heritage
    Careless users of this land

    We ignore God’s children in favor of concrete structures
    And vow to do so for many years
    With no divine guidance
    We fear no one only the dollar
    Onward and upward we shall go
    With more and more empty buildings
    And bigger we shall grow
    In greed and selfishness

    Now that was only a dream I had.

    Our life attitude and outlook are depicted in our actions.

    May the Almighty look with kindness on our ways.

  3. No-Name

    So true! There are many who are on par with your thinking. Problem is most of us do not take the required action to correct the wrong. They feel hopeless and defeated.

    Seems to me that this nation is more concerned about attracting and pleasing those with money especially the very rich. This unfortunatrely being done without reference to the average citizen.

    So Barbados becomes a playground for the wealthy. They get what they want because they know Mia, Owing, Lynch and party will ensure that they get what they want as long as the appropriate amount of money is given to them. If you hear the stories of the amount of money they demand/negotiated you would think we are living in Mafia Land!

  4. dump again?

    Oh Rumpy, you’re so pathetic,sweetie.

    QEH lies in disrepair, while we’re “compensated” somehow by roadworks?

    – how does that add up??
    Oh I get it! we can get to the QEH via ambulance(are they working?) faster and more expeditiously. okay: I see your light now.

    We have zero funds for QEH,
    but we’re getting a whole brand new Navy for First World Barbados, so we can pompasette and show-off when visiting dignitaries come visit for a few days,
    by parking our biggest and best-est vessels off Sandy Lane…chaawwww .. lookah WE,den!

    The BLP knows Barbados well:
    it’s all about Keeping Up Appearances, like Mrs. Bucket!
    keep the veneer well polished, doan mind de wood ants below the surface! keep the veneer bright and polished!
    And the whole foolish world falls for it, including the overly-gullible Bajan electorate

    The long wait at Accidents & Emergencies recently caused a mental patient to flip out and break stuff, and I say GOOD FOR HIM!
    He had the cajones to do what the rest of us sheep wouldn’t do
    – make his displeasure with the system KNOWN!
    Give the man a medal for Bravery!

    We are nowhere near approaching First World status. That is BLP propaganda BS to make foolish Bajans feel dum gettin sumting frum dis Government – nothing more.
    niggahland could NEVER mek Firs Wurl status,
    no matter how hard we try,dread!

    I drove thru the Gymnasium complex this morning to see litter and garbage scattered, and thought to myself, oh YES..this is the First World Barbados that Rumpy keeps harping about.

    Gimme a break, fella.
    We would have to clean up Barbados to reach First World status, and we sure as hell aren’t going to do that!
    We’d have to paint the white lines in all the roads(every six months!)- and we SURE ain’t gonna do that,
    coz we simply can’t afford the paint (but we could afford a whole new Navy!)

    Honest to Christ, the Barbados Labour Party is now seriously starting to suffer from megalomania and delusions of Grandeur!

    No wonder God saw fit to Take Away from the PM recently,
    but that’s probably water off the duck’s back by now.
    none of the pix I saw did he look upset.
    Sorry he din’t stick in one of QEH’s elevators for about an hour and fifteen minutes,
    to let him sweat off some of the SINS,
    – and about 15 lbs. from those cute lil cheeks of his!
    Sorry too dat Rumps wasn’t wid him.

  5. Mafeeyah!

    But…we are living in Mafia Land!

  6. sick and fed up sylvan

    Ricardo Blackman is just another one of the DLP opportunists who got included in the politics of inclusion. How you think he got the QEH pick? He gets a little bit of the government work but Al Gilkes does get the most because the big-up Bees don’t like Ricardo that much.

  7. Rumplestilskin

    ”Dump Again”:

    Two things – you obviously have no cognitive faculties or you would easily see the tongue-in-cheek way of my posting, either that or you selected a few words and failed to read my post through.

    Secondly, bringing a child’s death into your venom is not warranted, tasteful and indeed downright disgusting.

    It is rabid and poorly out posts like yours which undermine the ‘good taste’ of forums such as this.

    Advice to ‘Dump Again’ – in future read before you comment. if you cannot understand my post even after re-reading, do not comment, because either your education is lacking or your intellect simply cannot cope with even simple twists on words.

    In future leave personal attacks out of your posts, both in name calling other posters and in attacking an innocent.


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