WordPress.Com Reaches 1 Million Hosted Blogs – Our Post About Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Is #60 Most Popular Worldwide !!!!

Congratulations To WordPress.com – Now Hosts Over 1 Million Blogs

Today the free blog hosting site WordPress.com surpassed 1 Million hosted blogs. Not bad for a couple of guys who started programming in their bedrooms.

Of course, Barbados Free Press hasn’t done that badly lately either…

Of the tens of millions of WordPress.com posts on line, and of the 66,607 posts published by WordPress.com bloggers on Thursday, May 24, 2007 – the Barbados Free Press article Heard On The Street Of Bridgetown, Barbados – Fact Or Only Rumours? was the #60 most popular post worldwide in any language !!!

Now-Confirmed Lawsuit Will Be A Huge Huge Story In Barbados

This popular post concerns the now-confirmed lawsuit launched against the Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur, and many other prominent persons in government and business. We at Barbados Free Press are still gathering information and will be writing more about the lawsuit soon.

As our regular readers know, we aren’t lawyers or professional journalists here at BFP – but from what we’ve heard thus far the lawsuit has the potential to be the biggest story of the year in Barbados. Once again as several of our readers have commented, a lawsuit is only a lawsuit and everyone named in a lawsuit is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.


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46 responses to “WordPress.Com Reaches 1 Million Hosted Blogs – Our Post About Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Is #60 Most Popular Worldwide !!!!

  1. Yardbroom

    About two months ago I wrote

    ” the lions are at the gate”

    someone dismissed my remarks, by asking in Barbados?

    Alast, time will tell.

  2. Zulu

    Fact or fiction? A man is innocent until proven guilty. Because a man may be proven innocent does not mean that there was no involvement. And we all know how the system works.
    BFP, we NEED that article on the brotherhood of the lodge(s). Especially the freemasons.

  3. Thistle

    ZULU: It isn’t so easy to mess with those people. They are VERY POWERFUL. Have you not read The DaVinci code and other books by Dan Brown?

  4. Anonymous

    When it comes to law suits against the big and powerful it appears that the system invents a significant amount of delays that can last a life time. I have an associate who has been in such a situation for the last twenty years.

    We are depending on BFP to provide full details since the Nation and Advocate are not likely to place much emphasis on something like this especially near elections

  5. Zulu

    I did read the Da Vinci Code and all the others. True, those ppl are VERY VERY DANGEROUS. Must be careful here. No wonder we can’t get any justice bout dis place.

  6. Zulu

    Keep in mind that we are part of BFP too. We have to keep stoking the fire. If they (BFP) are leading and there are no followers how far would they go? We have to keep supporting BFP. At all cost. Can’t rely on the dailies for anything.
    Too many political connections and too many cover-ups.

  7. faith

    We need to have strong faith in these times.
    We also must remember that these powerful people are only human and subject to the same trials and tribulations as the rest of us mortals. They are not exempt.

    There is no doubt in my mind that all of us will reap what we have sewn and they will too.

  8. lawrence loughlin

    Cogratulations on a job well done and I look forward to your future growth.

  9. Centipede

    You can find dishonest people in any organization – be it religious, political, social (like Lions Club, etc.) Etc. From what I KNOW of the Freemasons in Barbados, there’s no skullduggery going on there. As far as I know, Owing is not a Freemason.

  10. Chase


    Just curious but was it not said that Magistrates and Judges are not supposed to be members of these Fraternities?

  11. Zulu

    My eldest brother and my father were members b4 they died. My father wanted me to be part of this foolishness and I resisted. Of course he was not pleased, but having read a lot of his stuff I really wanted no part of it. When my father died, we (the other family members) could not attend the 7pm service.
    There were judges, lawyers, headteachers, priests, yes priests at that service that night.
    How did I know? Because I acted as a driver for some folk.
    Who says that judges and the likes can’t be members? A JOKE.
    Who do you think are responsible for all this cover-up bout hay?

  12. Bush Tea

    You Joking? Unless you have that ‘mark’ you would have to be super special to become a judge or magistrate (or any high level status) in Barbados or anywhere else for that matter.

    Right now, ‘they’ are running things in this world of ours…
    Do some reading about US presidents and secret societies…
    ” we need the full armour of God for we fight not against flesh and blood…”

  13. sick and fed up sylvan

    what goes around comes around.

  14. Chase


    I agree with you …I was trying to remember where this was said….i think it had something to do with some code of conduct stuff for Magistrates that came up some time ago ..maybe someone can correct me.
    A good friend of mine asked me a while ago if I wanted to join but I have a serious problem with this group after like you,read some of their stuff.
    The thing is ,they are every where and controls everything.
    Remember the guy who stole the Millions recently and ran to Paris?Came back and got a slap on the wrist..got back his passport because he got a new job which requires travel?
    If it was me ..i would be sleeping with my back to a wall down at the Point.
    This is where I personally think the most of our corruption in this country begins.

  15. justice

    BFP, you say that the lawsuit is now confirmed…are there any details available? Incidentally, you can’t be innocent or guilty in a lawsuit, that’s for a criminal trial. You are either liable or not liable. The fee is waived. Congrats as you go from strength to strength. Well done!

  16. Yardbroom

    The legal system works very well when people of equal influence, authority and financial means are matched against each other, there are not many David victories against Goliath in the Law courts here.

    Money buys good advice and expertise, those at the bottom of the pile get representation which at times can be inept.

    Those in the know are advised as to who is at the top in a particular specialism and are unlikely to be represented by an incompetent attorney, unless it is pro bono as a favour.
    The Free Masons are made up of people who have power, authority and influence and others who seek the same by association. Their authority is limited to knowing the right people.

    It is a difficult nut to crack, the problem for the Masons is that unscrupulous people have used the Masons as a cover for their corruption, dishonest people are such, before joining the Masons and after.

    In some countries, England in particular Magistrates and Judges can be Free Masons but they are obliged to declare their membership.

  17. North Star

    Free Masonry is among the most misunderstood, wrongly maligned fraternities in the world and has been incorrectly portrayed as a secretive organization that looks after only it’s own. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Only a few short months ago The Discovery Channel did a very good program laying out in detail and exposing the myths of “Free Masonry” that many because of ignorance have about this order.

    Free Masonry to those with open minds and who have gone out of their way to learn what the craft is all about, would know that it is based on charity, brotherly love and the recognition that there is a supreme being. It’s pupose is to make men better men than what they are!

    What I do not understand is why people believe that masons would condone and protect other members from criminal acts, bad behaviour etc simply because they are masons. The very teaching and foundation on which the craft was founded rejects other than honest, charitable, God fearing and upstanding people in becoming members. There was a time that you would not be accepted were you a divorcee, that is how strict the code is for being a member of this fraternity.

    The Masonic order of the World gives millions to charities the Shriners give billions to create Hospitals and burned centres to treat children and others and also give millions to charities for the less fortunate, sick and those in need. They put on shows that they pay for out of their pockets so that children can enjoy their antics. How can this be bad?

    I am sure there are Masons that are bad but is this not true with every section of the society. Do we not see the clergy of many religious denominations being charged with child and other abuse and abhorrent acts of behaviour? Do you not think that Catholics, Anglicans and other such groups and individuals, could or are not as much guilty to be accused rightfully or wrongfully as Masons are so often accused of for showing favor to their own?

    We do not live in a perfect world and we should be careful what we say about organizations like the Masonic Order, Religions groups etc. Let me ask this question with respect do you think ALL who believe in Christianity and claim to be Christians are? Do you believe they do not sin or stray from the straigh and narrow of the teachings of their creator? Why should Masons be any different are they not human?

    I would suggest that we all step back and accept that has human beings we are not perfect and that we should look at the big picture of what religion, the Masonic Order, Knights of Columbus along with the hundreds of other such fraternities and organizations are really trying to accomplish before ridiculing them without factual knowledge of their intent and the good that they do for humanity

  18. Jerome Hinds

    Well done BFP !

    You advised your community of readers to lay off Owen Arthur this week……yet you claim the following ” now-confirmed lawsuit launched against the Prime Minister of Barbados…”

    And then CURIOUSLY end your article with the following…. ” a lawsuit is only a lawsuit and everyone named in a lawsuit is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. ”

    So while we were held at the bit…..BFP was out gathering information on the PM….!

    Has the CURFEW being lifted now…..?

    What is it that you have found that has the potential to be so earth shattering….i.e ” A Huge Huge Story In Barbados “….?

    Or is this another teaser to the Money – Laundering story….?

    Does your readership increase everytime you publish such salacious headlines…..?

  19. Wishing in Vain

    Who knows where this rumor is going?? it is nothing more than rumour at the moment yes a little like the much awaited story on Money Laundering.

  20. Pogo

    Hey wishing in vain let’s give BFP a chance. Looks like BFP has once again listened to a rumour that no other press people dare speak about and found it to be true, so there is a lawsuit. Now all we need are details.

  21. Wishing in Vain

    With all these lawyers around with free access to the registry one would have thought that by now it would be public knowledge if there was such a case pending.

  22. anon mouse

    You ever considered that the moneylaundering story might be related to this one? I love suspense and intrigue and this sure has both. Has my imagination going wild.

    BFP I for one trust you to break the stories at the right time with as much detail as you can give us.

    In my line of work I often come across documents and facts which should be brought to the attention of the public but are not.

    I will continue to forward to BFP any information which could help in the struggle against corruption and help to make Barbados better.

  23. Wishing in Vain

    Here Here Anon Mouse we many more like you to reveal the truth to the nation as sadly it is not coming from the Nation or Advocate and lord help us never from CBC or VOB so we have BFP thank you.

  24. North Star

    Jerome Hinds your comments to BFP and others who out of respect asked that writers show consideration for the Prime Minister in a time of great sadness and personal tragedy did not suggest he would or could not be criticized.
    What the BFP was saying and correctly so was that it was inappropriate to be talking about the Prime Ministers PERSONAL LIFE, the way that was being done by some while he was mourning etc. I too found some of the comments despicable and uncalled for. That Sir was my understanding of what the BFP and many other writers were asking for. A little respect, sympathy, decency and christanity to be shown a family enduring a great personal tragedy.
    Look at this way if the BFP were to allow simply because of protecting Freedom of the Press all and sundry to assault verbally the PM and his family in the way some were doing and at a time he was dealing and mourning the death of a small infant what kind of respect could this blog command from the majority of readers around the world who read this trash?
    To be honest those with any intelligence should not even have had to be mildly admonished about some of the insensitive things they wrote. Decent people don’t do these things or need to be told not to do them! THAT IS THE POINT!


    Comment by Marcus

    Thank you, North Star

    It was only a few people that were acting poorly and Mr. Hinds was one of them. As you say, the vast majority of folks knew instinctively what was appropriate for the moment.

  25. Pogo

    Has anyone thought that if the prime minister is now into a period of private grieving he will not have the energy to lead the country any more and besides he has been there for a long time anyway and it might be a good time to step down?

    Also we would be sure all the very public news of him grieving and the funeral were all against his will and he really wants to be left alone.

  26. Wishing in Vain

    Step down you must kidding!!! this man is a power hungry greedy person.
    When you can set up people like Bannister and Nicholls as front men for your corruption and then funnel monies thru them to your accounts. How do you expect him to step down when he is only half way thru with his stealing and corruption plans.

  27. Jerome Hinds

    Comment by Marcus

    Thank you, North Star

    It was only a few people that were acting poorly and Mr. Hinds was one of them. As you say, the vast majority of folks knew instinctively what was appropriate for the moment.


    Hello Marcus,

    Is it a case of acting poorly to ask… now that the ink is back in your pen…..how is the writing of the money – laundering story coming along….?

    Would this story still surround a Government minister..?

    Does your readership increase everytime you publish such salacious headlines…..?

    BFP…….promises on

    Friday, March 23rd, 2007…12:01 am

    New BFP Series Coming Next Week – Money Laundering In Barbados

    It is now over 60 DAYS since this headline was published…..!

    The longest week in WORLD history…..!

    So much for your calls for Transparency , Intergrity , Freedom of Information…etc.!

    Sweet sounding….NOTHINGS……!

    Eh ?

  28. North Star

    I know this is not the section that I should be asking this question in but the one about the Nation News and Freedom of the press is no longer up. And had it been I would have posted this there.

    I am sure I saw on BFP today somewhere that the Lowdown column today is talking about Trinidadian Ownership In Bim of Businesses or something like that but here is where I need help.

    Usually when I bring up the Nation News on my computer The Lowdown column is readily available in the “Comment” and “Editorial” section of the Nation News web site. Today I cannot find it anywhere. If Lowdown wrote a column I wonder why was it not web posted like usual.

    Maybe I am becoming Paranoid but could it have anything to do with the sensitive nature of todays subject

  29. North Star

    I also notice that I cannot confirm Adrian Loveridges claim about the Advocate because that so far has not posted on the Web since yesterday

  30. Thistle

    North Star:

    It was I who wrote about Lowdown this morning. If you scroll right down almost to the bottom of the front page you will see three columns – one says Columnists and another says Opinion. Lowdown is under Opinion. Good luck.

  31. bajejun

    Jerome Hinds you need to take a timeout, it seems when others don’t agree with you , it’s open war, It is quite clear the majority of contributors to BFP are in favor of a change of government, however your rantings and raving are becoming vindictive to the point where you seem to be losing respect for everyone, My advice is CHILL OUT, you can get your points across without being rude, disrespectful or vindictive. We are all one big family here, even if we don’t share the same views, BFP is doing a fantastic job, even though they sometimes make mistakes, that’s understandable. The bigger picture though is that we are kept informed. Even you.

  32. Centipede

    All this hog wash talk about freemasons … only goes to show that bull shoot baffles brains. But then all about UFOs, extraterrestrials, life-after-death and such, makes for interesting speculation.

  33. helping hand

    I think the document Chase might be referring to is the Guide to Judicial Conduct which was prepared by the Judicial Advisory Council of Barbados.

  34. ecoanalyst

    BFP has to come up with facts and get them online… so we have more to discuss.

    BFP has to get more local people online by e-mails informing people of its existence. Many Bajans I talk to do not know of BFP.

    Most of all we all know that the list of BLP misdeeds is getting longer and longer. The peole are conerned but their attitude is – “if better cant be proved then let worse continue”. The BLP clams up – no information or accountability; no repect for the tax payers – spend spend spend.Tief tief tief.

    How will this all pan out? We shall see… Now BFP – get with the program and get us the facts so this can be taken to a higher level.

  35. helping hand

    BFP is ours so it is our responsibility to provide the proof otherwise we are wasting time with talk and inuendo.
    I send whatever evidence I have to barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com

  36. ??

    Guys Jerome is in a self destruct mode leave him alone and let him cool down.

    Jerome we have had our heated debates in the past but I agree you need to chill a bit.

  37. North Star

    Thank you Thistle I will try that but the column
    usually is not there but in the comment section

  38. North Star

    Hog wash talk that is what it comes down to when someone tries to enlighten others and without asking them to convert or believe in anything. Just keep an open mind!

    Well I for one and I am sure many others throughout the World is very glad for the Shriners Childrens Hospitals and the millions in charity that is given by the various Masonic Orders, Churches, other orders and the hundreds if not thousands of other organizations and individuals throughout the world. Without whose generosity life for many of the Worlds less fortunate would be far more intolerable

    There is a saying “there are none so blind as those who do not want to see”

  39. North Star

    Thistle I did as you suggested but Lowdown cannot be found. I suspect but cannot prove that what is posted locally is not posted for overseas readers.

    I always find Lowdown on the Comment and Editorial page never on the front page. This Friday Lowdown is not to be found

  40. Elections 2008

    Someone mentioned..“not likely to place much emphasis on something like this especially near elections” – but I postulate that Barbados is nowhere near elections!

    You and I want elections so bad we think we can smell and taste it,
    but I think that’s your brain-cells releasing expectatory chemicals prematurely!

    I submit that elections are not due until 2008
    and it’s a good bet that the PM shall hold his cards reeel close to his chest, until the v.last minute.

    Expect the announcement, not before Christmas, but in the New Year!
    so don’t spend all your ammo now on pre-election emotions and suchlike,
    becoz elections are AT LEAST 6 months away.

    SO much depends on letting the SBM effect kick in,
    allowing the CWC-07 debacle to subside in the minds of the non-thinking electorate
    (that description does not include us 100-200 inmates of BFP:
    we are the decided minority)

    (SBM? Short Bajan Memories?)

  41. Thistle

    North Star: Sorry you couldn’t find Lowdown. I don’t understand how there could be a difference between the local and overseas versions, because, after all, the Internet is the Internet! They do change the position of his column from time to time and very often you can only find it, as you said, in the Comments/Letters page. I have just checked again and he is still there! Most odd.

  42. North Star

    I appreciate your input Thistle and the problem could very well be of my doing as I am not the most fluent of Computer Gurus.

    However when I bring up the front page or what I think is the front page with all of the reporters articles and scroll down to the bottom I get
    “Recent” postings not current. If I go back to “local” I can bring up business. Anyway do not fret as I can read the BFP and hear what is going on in Bim.

    Have a nice weekend.

  43. Maat

    How many people are aware that the design of our local Heroes Square is a symbolic tribute to the influence of Freemasonry in Barbados?.

    Freemasonry is often seen as a secret society, with the uninitiated excluded from certain information. There is of course the more public, benevolent side to the ancient order of Masonry, whereby funds and services are made available to charities and the needy. Yet many perceive that there is also a negative influence exerted by some members of the various orders or sects. The lack of openness regarding many freemason ceremonies and oaths, as well as the structure of the organization, it’s true agenda and the extensive network of it’s membership, leads to a sense of distrust from those on the outside.

    Distrust based on ignorance is a poor starting point for a discussion on any topic and so we hope that this offering will stimulate some input from Freemasons or lodge members that may shed some Light on the matter.

    In the centre of Beautiful Bridgetown we have an aptly named area called Heroes Square. One of the clues as to the involvement of freemasonry in a society are the consistent designs and symbols that are erected in cities or towns where freemasonry is very influential.

    Freemasons will generally exhibit a compass and right angled Square used by builders. These represent the basic tools needed for development, tools which represent the ‘Great Architect of the Universe’ an important character in the scheme of things
    In Barbados these symbols are visible just behind the statue of Nelson. If you were to stand at this point. looking towards the old Treasury Building, down at your feet you will see a large segmented circle cut into the concrete. This represents the compass and the female. Directly in front of this, is a symbol of war, the male phallic symbol and a point of reference. We call it a war memorial. Directly behind this monument there is a reflective pool, surrounded and fed by concrete monsters that we call gargoyles. The male phallic symbol is reflected in the water.
    If you look at a 90 degree angle to your right you will see the independence arch. The arch represents stability and strength among other more mystic things. While at the other right angle, to your immediate left, lies the seat of power, the houses of parliament. Directly behind the position where you stand is the statute that represents victory, war and links to the past which in itself is in full view of the economic centre of power which is represented in the shops and offices of Broad Street.

    Every year thousands of people come to this spot and hold various ceremonies and services, from the remembrance of war and the dead, to the glorification of God and almost everything in between.

    Other capital cities in the World use this same Freemason building and monument format. The most well known and acknowledged are Washington and London. In Washington the Washington monument stands as massive testimony to the influence of Freemasonry. There is no attempt to disguise the large circular reflective pool that sits in perfect alignment with this huge white monolith. The domed arch like roof of the White house stands out as the symbol of strength and stability that freemasonry attests to deliver.
    In London, at Trafalgar Square, we can see the phallic symbol of Nelsons Column, protected at each right angle by a stone lion. In reasonable alignment to this along Whitehall, past the Ministry of Defence, the old treasury building and Downing Street (the prime ministers office) we come to the Houses of Parliament and the seat of political power. Another right angle from Nelsons column offers a clear view of the huge arch or gate, at the top of Pall Mall and the road that leads to the seat of executive or royal power, Buckingham Palace. Directly behind Trafalgar square lies the ancient headquarters of commercial and legal wealth at Charing Cross.

    Perhaps these similarities are coincidence, perhaps not. Even if they are of symbolic design so what? The question of interest is not about the design of cities but about the possibility that a group of people could maintain something in full public view, that people use and see every day, without having any knowledge that these things represent something significant and significantly different to that which the public believes they represent.

    The secret oaths, hidden traditional ceremonies, and double/triple meaning of Freemasonry, is both its great strength and weakness. The secretiveness and fear associated with semi mystical oaths, has allowed Lodges to survive for centuries and also permitted them to be used as a vehicle for a few corrupt individuals and companies to abuse their influential connections and escape legal justice when they take unfair advantage of others.

    This is somewhat different to the molestation of youth by trusted members of churches, or the embezzlement of funds by members of a charity. Most churches do not demand an oath of allegiance and the upholding and retention of secrets, above and beyond any other oath. Apparently, and I this is subject to correction, Freemasons are sworn not to give evidence in a court of law against another mason or vote to condemn a fellow mason and should only consider a choice of conscience where the charge is murder or treason. That leaves a whole heap of other misdeeds that can be overlooked by masons in protecting their oath and the Freemason organization.

    I would welcome the comments of any active or former Freemason on this topic as I believe that the Freemason members can be a hugely positive force for change and the reduction in corruption in society.

    There are also some questionable mystical elements of the Ancient Order of Enlightenment that also can lead to greater peace and harmony or the opposite which is more fear and distrust.


  44. Zulu

    These ppl have a way of hiding in public. Regardless of how much they give to charity and all the other grandstanding they do, there is still something sinister about them.
    As I said in another post, the legal fraternity is closely bound with secret societies.
    Wait and see who will be frequenting that massive building in Salters, St. George. That same building going from Charles Rowe Bridge on the left side of the road. The big white building with the compass and square.
    Then again, these ppl are so secretive that they may convene their meetings at some unusual and ungodly hours to minimise detection by the public.

  45. Yardbroom

    The signs and various symbols of the Free Masons are in themselves meaningless, they are only important to those who follow the creed and give them significance.

    The Masons spread the word secretcy of their organization – brotherhood – this is to prevent others from knowing the interaction between members when transactions are in the public domain. What goes on in the Lodges and the functions they perform, only has significance in the Lodge itself, they might think not, but I shall let that pass.

    For the Masons to be successful they need members but only enough to ensure that there are others and enough of them outside the fraternity from which the brotherhood can benefit.

    I have always felt any success I have had, has come because of my ability as an individual, which has not been dependent on favours or the patronage of others, this is the way I have sought to live my life, no doubt there are those with a different view and they are entitled to it.

    During my professional life, I have had contact with many Masons in business, it can sometimes matter but the worse scenario is when the Masons seek advantage in the judiciary. This is where secretcy is at its most dangerous, if you have Magistrates and Judges who will declare a conflict of interest and remove themselves there is no problem, but will they? at the end of the day you return to my central point, it is always the honesty integrity and calibre of the individuals who hold high office that really amtters.

  46. Yardbroom

    Last line should read: and calibre of the individuals who hold high office that really matters.