7/7 Jamaican Hate Preacher “How Wonderful It Is To Kill A Non-Believer…”


“This is how wonderful it is to kill a kuffar (a non-believer)… You crawl on his back and while you are pushing him into the hellfire you are going into paradise.”

Jamaican-Born Islamist Cleric Deported Back To Jamaica Today

Pity the poor Jamaicans. Pity the poor Bajans who believe that CARICOM makes us all one big happy family in one big nation.

The Islamist cleric who inspired at least one of the British 7/7 homicide bombers to murder 26 ordinary men, women and children on London’s King’s Cross underground train on July 7, 2005 is headed back home to Jamaica.

Abdullah el-Faisal, born William Forrest in Jamaica, was deported today from Britain after being convicted of soliciting murder and causing racial hatred in 2003.

The murderous bastard is probably stepping onto Jamaican soil as I write this.

Where Does The Silent Jamaican Muslim Community Stand On This Man?

Will this murderous bastard be welcomed into any mosque in Jamaica? Will he be made to feel at home? Will he again be preaching his message that murdering non-muslims gains a spot in Allah’s heaven?

Hello To The Jamaican Muslim Community…

Please… say something about this. Let the rest of us know where you stand. And yes, Mr. Forrest is very much your problem. Please let us know if he remains our problem as well.

Yours truly,

Robert (for the rest of the Caribbean)

Times Online: 7/7 Hate Preacher Deported To Jamaica


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  1. PiedPiper

    You had better believe the Caribbean, as a whole, should be very concerned about this man being returned to Jamaica. Anytime you have a population that is poverty sticken and has a government that seems lacking the motivation to improve the life of the common man and woman, those such as William Forrest will have the opportunity to attract followers and become false saviors. Up until now, the Caribbean has not been dragged into the Muslim Terrorist Faction but it was only a matter of time. Extremists like Mr. Forrest will find a way to continue with what they feel is a justified and righteous path, regardless of what country they find themselves in and I truly hope that the Jamaican Government and Police Services intend to keep a close eye on his activities.

  2. Bimbro

    It’s a pity they won’t deport ALL of them back to JAMAICA. I would n’t want to inflict them on any other decent country in the world. Britain would certainly be a much more law abiding place.

    As for muslims on the whole. WHEREVER, they live they cause trouble. Britain is n’t a poor country, nor America.

    It’s the height of unbelievable, irresponsibility that Barbados has any of them living there. I very, much doubt that they would have Barbadians living in Pakistan or, at least, if they did, treat them civilly. I’ve got muslim neighbours. Sheer scum!

    Whoever, let them into Bim needs his head examining.

    The clock is ticking for you Barbadians. In any event, they WILL eventually, take-over your country just as Asians tend to do wherever they go and they breed at a merciless rate.

    Wake-up Barbadians.

  3. Zulu


    Do you really want to know how these Muslims got here? Although a few were here before, you should ask O’Brien Trotman. Yes, the same Trotman that is at UDC.
    He was responsible for bringing them in for a fee.
    That was when he was a minister in the Tom Adams cabinet. Do you see how far back dese ppl did corrupt? It did not start last year or the year before, it was going on for a long time.
    Trotman must be important to somebody that he is still around even at his age.
    The man is 65 and still in charge of the UDC trough. I thought that he was older, but I checked the electoral list and saw that he was 65 in February this year.
    I wonder if he altered his age when he was a minister. My father died at over 70 and used to tell us about Tiefing Trottie and how he sold out the NUPW and was rewarded with a senate pick.
    So, Bimbro, check with O’B to find out how so many muslims got here. He may not tell you how much he charged “per head”, but you can ask anyway.

  4. “Anytime you have a population that is poverty sticken and has a government that seems lacking the motivation to improve the life of the common man and woman, those such as William Forrest will have the opportunity to attract followers and become false saviors”

    This statement by Pied Piper encapsulates why I am on this forum promoting environmental humanism. He is exactly right. The old solutions aren’t working, and are unlikely to work in the future.

    Abdullah el-Faisal is not the only problem of Jamaican extraction, through fortunately for Jamaica, this next chap won’t be deported as he was born in London.

    Abu Izzadeen, original name Trevor Brooks, was born into a Christian family originally from Jamaica, and he converted to Islam. The following link is to one of his speeches:


    Whilst a lot of these chaps are University educated, they feed on those who feel themselves to be excluded from society. Whilst I agree with Bimbro that the Caribbean needs to wake up – calling neighbours “sheer scum” does not really prepare the ground for a rational solution to a serious problem. Is there something Bimbro omitted to tell us as to why they are scum, or is it just because they are Muslim ? If it’s the latter, then please consider that perhaps our culture is not so great either ?

    Incidentally, what hit me about Izzadeen when he was on TV news for abusing British Home Secretary during a public meeting, was when he ranted “How dare the Home Secretary come here, to a Muslim part of London”.
    For me, this is one of the most enlightening comments to come out of the post-9/11 debate.

  5. laughing barbadian

    what should be doans is as soon as he lands on jamacian soil he should be taken straight to a gallows and bloody well hung cause he is a muderer…….any westerner trying to live in iraq would be killed or at the very least treated terribly

  6. laughing barbadian

    doans= done sry

  7. Thistle

    He will probably end up right here in Barbados “on holiday”.

  8. J. Payne

    He got his wish. If he hates the first world sooooo much he got un-invited. Britain should have dropped him on some deserted island somewhere. Next thing he’ll start recruiting deported criminals from the USA/UK to link up the drug trade with terrorism…..

  9. again with the harsh words against Jamaica on a whole.

    You Bajans really hate us eh?

  10. Bimbro

    Kirk, as a matter of interest, please give us a few reasons why we should n’t hate you, if you can think of any.

  11. Kirk. Am not bashing Jamaica – we have plenty of British people who have converted to Islam and gone nuts, there was an obvious similarity between these two plonkers to point out, and fortunately for you guys, this second one won’t be deported.

    Mind you, to believe that el-Faisal will cease to be a danger to British security because he is now offshore, would be naive to the point of being daft.

    You can’t reason with these guys – but you can reason with the innocents that they feed upon to do their dirty work, so once again, I see rational thought as the only decent long term solution.

    As a Jamaican, are you worried about this sort of character over there ?

  12. @ Bimbro, I am not prepared for your war of words style of commenting, I already went through of of those with you.

    @ Gobeithio, I am very concerned with such a character being sent back to the island. Firstly, after spending almost 30 years abroad and very visiting once where will he go, who will he stay with, what will he do??? I don’t think he should have been deported.

    There are many upstanding Jamaicans in the UK who have done the country proud it’s a pity people seem to prefer to have a field day on the negatives.

    I’ll be following the news on this deported cleric closely, it it were up to me he’d be under house arrest or under permanent surveillance.

  13. Agreed – a great many Jamaicans who have contributed a lot in UK. In recent years Guyanese have been to the fore with their contribution, but it seems that both Guyana & Jamaica are suffering because of crime. The underlying reasons why would take up another thread on its own.

    Whats the general mood in Jamaica now that this chap has arrived ?

  14. PiedPiper

    I see a lot of divisive commentary being posted here. This is not about Jamaicans or Bajans. This is about a man and a movement that should be of concern to all Caribbeans. It’s no damn wonder the Federation never got it’s feet off the ground.

    At the end of the day, alla wunnuh are of African Caribbean decent with the exception of Guyana and T n T. Yes, there are smaller contingents of Muslim Indians in the other islands including Barbados. I, for one, am not painting all Caribbean Muslims with the same brush.

    Mr. Forrest and many like him who felt disenfranchised and marginalized in the countries they emmigrated to were formerly Christians. In the same way that they were persuaded to convert to Islam as an answer to their poverty and alienation, so will many Jamaicans if this man is given free rein to preach his illogical hatred. I know nothing of this man’s personal history but if, as a young child, he was taken to the U.K. and did not have a good family support system or guidance to overcome the difficulties of adjusting to a completely different culture where racism is prevalent, it should come as no surprise that he was easy prey to the radical teachings of militant Muslim factions.

  15. good day to my Jamaican brother Kirk and everyone.

    There is no news on what they will be doing to this bastard, but then again what can they do? I don’t even consider him “Jamaican”.

  16. Bimbro

    As usual, the Barbadians are allowing themselves to be seduced by the Jamaican. It’s no wonder that the bro. (Leary) ended-up with the murderess that he did and now you’re being similarly, seduced. Barbadians just can’t bear to believe the evidence of their own eyes. Theirs is a constant desire to be ‘holier-than-thou’ and you’ll suffer a similar fate. As for these Jamaicans who’ve made such an outstanding contribution to British society, well I’ve lived here for more than forty years and I’m straining to think who they are.

    “It’s no wonder the federation failed”! You should be saying, “thank god that it failed, we had a narrow escape that time” for wanting to include those people.

    As for the CSME, the Jamaicans will reject it, again, in spirit if not in practice, if they have n’t done so already. Bajans seem so desperate to be loved by the Jamaicans that they’re willing to risk being spat in the face (CSME rejected), again. As far as I’m concerned you can stick anything involving Jamaicans where the sun does n’t shine, until one day, when they learn to be civilised and believe me, we’ll be long dead – many more of us having also been killed by them, too – when that day comes, which I doubt it ever will.

    Meanwhile, we continue to bear the ignominy of daily being humiliated by their people’s behaviour and contributors on here and elsewhere make excuses for them, and the sad thing is that, Jamaicans don’t have any regard for small islanders, anyway.

    You really are very sad/amusing.

    Kirk, I can only assume that you could n’t think of any. At least, for once, we’re in agreement. I could n’t think of a single one, either.

    Zulu, thanks for your reply, unfortunately I’ve lived in the UK for so long that I’m not familiar with this local person to whom you referred but thanks for the pointer. Your suggestion which I don’t doubt that you’d have enormous difficulty proving, does n’t sound at all, unfeasible. And, a member of the Tom Adams government, too of whom I, and I got the impression that most, people had such a high opinion of. Life is full of surprises and disappointments but at this rate, it’s looking like, ‘Bim done’! 🙂


    P.S. Just look at the face of the s**t, above. What does he look like. At least it marks him out as a f****** cretin!

  17. herbiverous

    bimbro, u sound like a bitter hate filled old fool!
    u need to smokes you some good stuff, drink some guiness and hit the strip!
    u obviously seem to think u r british going on about who the brits should not have let into their country. i’m sure the bnp would love to have you as a member!!! to use u as a punching bag!!!

  18. herbiverous

    imagine bimbro and true native dressed in dashikis, big chalis in them mout, selassie i walking stick in hand and going to a bnp meeting to talk about jamaican and asian and muslim immigrants!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Yardbroom

    Sometimes it is important to speak the truth, this often offends, but the truth must be spoken, or we will live in a perpetual world of darkness.

    The point the UK Government is trying to make is that Mr. William Forrest is an undesirable in the country, whose sole intention is to ferment disorder. If he cannot be a law abiding citizen there is no room for him there, consequently he can return to Jamaica and plan his forays under the cool inviting shade of a palm tree. Let him ponder his fate, no doubt his Muslim brothers in Muslim countries which he so admires, will come to his aid. I doubt it, so much for the advocated Muslim brotherhood.

    There is a turnaround which is becoming evident, for those in the UK who abuse the country in which they live and ferment disorder, non nationals will be deported on conviction of a serious crime.

    One Muslim cleric who was repatriated to the Lebanon is now begging, yes begging, to be allowed to return to the UK, after his tirades against the country, he has not even a modicum of pride.

    For the others Muslims who carry out acts of blowing citizens to bits, when they are caught, brought before a court, and if found guilty, they can look forward to very long periods in prison, they will then have the rest of their lives to contemplate on what they did.

    As regards Jamaicans in the UK, there are many decent Jamaican citizens going about there everyday life, alast they are quite a few who have engaged in criminal acts, therefore Jamaicans have become synonymous with yardie gangs, drugs, guns and disorder. They have enshrined a cultural identity which most honest people distance themselves from. Let them fight their gun battles, and drug encounters, Jamaican women, yes the plural women were recently caught on (CCTV) close circuit televison cameras in Oxford Street one of the main streets in London selling drugs, transfering drugs from their mouths to addicts. They were tried, convicted and sentenced to long terms in prison, on completion of their sentences, they too will be deported.

    Jamaica has to get its house in order, or in a few years time the honest people there will be outnumber by undesirables.

  20. Bimbro

    herbiverous, I think that you’ve clearly, been doing too, much smoking and drinking, a popular habit of your Jamaican friends, too. It’s no wonder that you’ve nothing sensible to say.

  21. North Star

    This Jamaican Criminal should not have been extradited back to Jamaica he should have been executed.

    I now fear that with our laxed laws he might end up in Canada to do more damage.

    And here is another thing that has been correctly stated by many writing in the BFP on this subject and it is even more than true when it comes to Ontario, Canada.

    The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is one of the most multicutural Cities in the World, but we have a sub culture of mainly Jamaican youths that stand out as violent, drug using thugs who are wreaking violent havoc on their own with guns daily. We see few violent and daily crimes being committed by other ethnic groups like we are seeing with the Jamaican sub culture. I think that the stats now stand where 50% of the population of the GTA comprises of ethnics!

    Instead of our politicians dealing with reality and seeing the problem for what it is they all blame guns for the problem and are calling for a ban on them and gun control. Until a few decades ago and until this sub culture permetated our social structures we had few such problems involving guns! Yes you might get the odd nut case but that is something that has also surfaced within the last few decades!

    We in Canada do not allow people to legally own hand guns and like the USA you cannot go into a store in Canada and buy one like you do candy.

    However our Nation has always allowed for people who hunt to buy long guns (rifles and shotguns) and the call for gun registry and control because of the violence of the sub culture I speak and who uses hand guns not rifles and shotguns are also being impacted and they are angry. Here are people who for decades and who have always because of their culture and heritage hunt in the fall, winter and spring being lumped in with murderers and drug crazy thugs! Millions of these Canadians whom are two and three or more generation Canadians. How would Barbadians feel put in the same position by people who were allowed into your country to make a better life and instead is making yours hell and an embarassment?

    Fortunately and this is very hard to say because it is neither nice or is it something I take pride in saying. But this mainly Jamaican sub culture who kills daily are so far keeping the killing among their own although the odd innocent by stander has lost their life because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They also intimidate their neighborhood to the point that no one will cooperate with police in naming offenders or killers.

    Look at Barbados as an example but on a smaller scale. They have always had the toughest gun licensing and control on the planet. You even need by law to license an Air rifle and in this day and age what has it done in preventing the CRIMINAL element from getting guns down there?

  22. North Star

    Maybe my comments on this subject were premature or I do not have my facts straight but I was using information that appeared in the Toronto Star yesterday.

    They say the cleric was “deported” back to Jamaica. Some writing in the BFP seem to suggest they do not know what will be done with him and maybe they are talking about when he arrives back in Jamaica!

    It was also alleged that this cleric was a KEY influence on one of four men who carried out the “deadly” bombing of the London Transport System.

    He was deported after serving time for soliciting MURDER and inciting RACIAL HATRED in English and Arabic language tapes of speeches urging followers to kill Hindus, Christians, Jews and US Citizens. Heavy stuff!

    Obviously he came from Jamaica so he is a Jamaican in my view unless he was there illegally.

  23. Bimbro

    Well, said, North Star. It’s good to see that, at last, a Barbadian has had the guts to stand up and speak honestly and candidly about how the Jamaicans are ruining your country. When I’ve done this, I’ve been greeted with howls of derision and disbelief. It’s good to receive confirmation that what I’ve been saying all along is n’t a fabrication but reality. They’ve already ruined the UK for West Indians, to the point that even Africans keep well away from us for fear of being tainted with the same brush. The last thing any of them want is to be mistaken for a West Indian. A few years ago I was doing some market research among West Indians and once or twice mistook an African for a West Indian. The resentment that I got for that error said it all. I get the impression that you’re probably still a few years behind us where their ruination of your reputation is concerned but it won’t take long and then you’ll know what it’s like to be considered lower than the low as we West Indian men are seen here in the UK and all because of them.

    I wish you luck North Star over there, with them, but I fear its too late, my friend unless they ship them out wholesale and, as you know, that’s not likely to happen, so welcome to the continued, denigration of our people reputation.

  24. Bimbro

    And then Arthur talks foolishness about the CSME, including them. He must be mad!

  25. herbiverous

    bimbro your head is so far up where the sun doesnt shine! blame the jamaicans and everyone else for all the problems. u need to come home to barbados and start blaming the bajans for ruining barbados! its easier to lay blame and its cowardly. take some responsibility for once. if u really believe that jamaicans and asians and muslims have ruined the uk and that barbados is being ruined because of jamaicans u must really be smoking the same thing kairofocus smokes!!!

  26. herbiverous

    actually bimbro stay in the motherland. we could do with less condescending bigots in barbados. i am sure the english love u!

  27. The nutcase that Yardbroom mentions who was sent back to Lebanon and is now begging to come back to Britain is a colourful character.

    The real media love/hate darling is the hook-handed Abu Hamza. Perhaps his cartoon character appearance has reduced the public’s fear of him – but by goodness, they should be afraid.

    This GUARDIAN article is a little long, but it does suggest that we could have seen the problem coming.


    As well as mentioning a Canadian terrorist, this article makes reference to the dangers of schools which are introverted – and this is why we humanists are against Faith schools, which make the same mistake.
    The bit where a parent tried to pressure his son from becoming an extremist, and the son’s cohorts framed this as a “test from God” – well thats the sort of thing that sets a Rationalist like myself off on one.

    Another little referred to fact is that apparently, in the 1990’s, the French were going nuts because we would not deport Algerian Islamists to them. I bet we regret that now.

  28. North Star

    Bimbro let me make something very clear. The situation I speak about in the GTA of Ontario involves a SUB CULTURE OF JAMAICANS. 90% of Jamaicans in general up here want what we all want peace, success, to live in harmony and be good citizens, in other words to live the Canadian dream, just as does other ethnic cultures including Canadians like me and others.

    However when you read and see daily in the press one sub culture tearing apart a good Nation it is hard to remain silent.

    I took the Liberty of saying what I did because many Jamaicans here losing their children to this violence are themselves saying the same thing, calling on our Governments to get tough and asking Society to become involved in stamping out the damn madness. We are having one sometimes two and more gang members being shot every day. Three days ago some thug went into a school and shot a kid dead. If a kid cannot be safe in a school for God sake where can he/she be safe. The anguish and sadness you endure by seeing grieving family on TV depresses me and makes me very sad!

    The cost to our healthcare system from this crazyness is also horrific, beds being tied up, surgeons time etc to treat the carnage of this madness is financially breaking our Universal Healthcare system which a few decades ago was second to none and making other Canadians have to wait to get serious treatment. Violence impacts the entire society and infrastructure.

    None of my comments were intended to be racist, insensitive or presumptious. I said what most Canadians think but will not say publicly because the fear of being called racists, And that my friend is the biggest problem of all. Why get involved or care if you are going to be ridiculed? But then again that attitude is as flawed as the behaviour of the criminal because it is hypocritical!

  29. Bimbro

    herbiverous, you said “it’s cowardly, to lay blame”. It’s funny but in this day and age it’s cowardly, NOT to lay blame, and you fit the profile, perfectly – see North Star’s comments yesterday about being hypocritical – last few lines.

    I don’t know where you got that from, but I’ve researched my contributions fairly well and have n’t seen any reference to ‘my claiming that Jamaicans are ruining Barbados’. I have n’t been there for so long that I would n’t comment on something which I did n’t know about. I leave that to others who know, to comment upon or not, as they see fit.

    Thanks for the invitation to ‘stay away’, herbiverous. If the majority of Bajans are as gutless as you then I would n’t want to stay there, anyway.

    North Star, I understand what you’re saying very, well and agree with you. The situation in Canada vis. the Jamaicans is n’t very different from that in the UK, also, with regard to people’s reluctance to speak out for reasons of ‘political correctness’. I commend your courage in doing so now and sympathise with your situation, there. We, too, have had a long experience of those people and I can assure you that, in the abscence of a miracle, your situation will get worse, not improve and it definitely, won’t improve by people gutlessly, pretending that it does n’t exist and being too, cowardly, to apportion blame and thus properly, address the issue.

    I wish you luck, my friend, but I’m afraid that the situation is much worse and more endemic, than you realise and we’re all doomed because of those people – mark my words.

  30. North Star

    I just woke up and heard some good news that I hope will come true and it gives me HOPE that we might yet turn the corner up here. I can tell you this if it does not happen it would not be because of not trying. We are trying to get past the human weaknesses of prejudice and indifference and bring and end to the carnage, sadness and loss of young lives.

    The police in less than four days after the crime arrested two youths in the shooting of the kid at a school in the GTA both are teenagers and were “FRIENDS” of the victim. With friends like those who need enemies.The police kicked down the door last evening of one suspect and arrested him and the other turned himself in with a lawyer!

    The better news was hearing several Jamaicans unmistakably so because of their accents lauding the police and saying there will be no more wall of silence in the black communities as was the case in the past because they have had enough. And many are promising to help police in the future. I hope this will come to pass and is not idle talk.

    We will have to wait and see.

    Bimbro it is the cruel, uncaring and violent attitude of mere youths that we are dealing here with that blows my mind. As a youth in Barbados at that age we had no time to be hateful we were too busy having fun. But besides that killing somebody never entered our minds. I wonder why that was, compared to how some of the youths of this era think because to them killing is a sport!

  31. P.T.Barnum

    Geo.Carlin says it all..

    Take the time to watch

    Hopefully it’ll enlighten you
    out of your struggles with your imaginations,
    and then we humans can be civil with ea.other,
    for once!

  32. Bimbro

    Interesting comments, North Star, but I’m not impressed by what the Jamaicans said. Unfortunately, talk is cheap and I don’t expect it to make the slightest, difference in the end. I hope, for your sakes that I’m wrong but strongly, believe that I’m not. You see, I’ve heard it all before, where they’re concerned, and I know that in the end it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

    As far as how you and I spent our teens; I could n’t agree more. We put it to constructive use and never once, thought of harming anybody.

    One then has to wonder why, nine times out of ten, these miscreants are Jamaican – now, there’s food for thought.

  33. Bimbro

    On another subject, completely; North Star and any other sensible, person here is welcome to furnish a reply:

    I just watched an hour of the American tv series, ‘It’s a Miracle’ which some of you no doubt will have seen but the same thing applies to so many American programmes. I was struck by the number of verbal, grammatical, mistakes made by the people in the programme. Some of which were so elementary and basic that you would never hear them being made here, in the UK and I doubt also, whether in Bim.

    Can anybody shed some light on what’s going on in the American educational system because even the whites in good positions don’t seem to have had much training in the english language. A simple example; the number of times I hear Americans say ‘secont’ for ‘second’ just amazes me. Does anybody care to comment.

  34. North Star


    I sir am not an expert on this subject and I should be the last person sticking my neck out because I literally have no education and that is a fact, I had every opportunity to get one at Harrisons College but I just didn’t seem to have what it takes.

    However the question posed here was just asked by a writer on this blog who lamented that young people in Barbados insisted on using Bajan dialect and slang to communicate instead of proper English. So I have to assume the problem also exists in Bimmy Boobles!

    In the USA like most Nations accents often distort the proper pronounciation of words. On the East Coast of Canada Newfoundalanders have a dialect of their own. This could explain the question you ask of us.

    But like everything else today Education is not what it was in our day and we are seeing the results of it and it isn’t pretty. Contributing to this sad decline is the various slang and other communication used by street gangs, rap artists etc. People like me would need an interpreter to know what they are talking about.

    We all cry out about not getting good work done by mechanics, electricians, electronics etc is it any wonder. Most of these trades people couldn’t qualify to go to University so they go to a Community College and learn a trade and in to-days world nobody is allowed to fail exams no matter how dumb they are so we have instant trades people who know dick, As a result the manufactuerers of Electronics, Appliances and it might soon apply to cars as it does myriad other consumer products invented the throw away consumer product so you do not need to get it repaired you buy a new one.

    That is my theory but as I said I should be the last to comment because my English, spelling, punctuation etc is dreadfully lacking

  35. Bimbro

    Thanks for the reply, North Star. No, it is n’t the accent that’s the problem – obviously, in every country there will be different accents and slight variation in english use – but the ordinary use of everyday english by Americans, black or white, junior or senior in position, they seem to have very, little clear idea. I just wonder how they manage to run their country and government with such generally-speaking, poor command of english.

    Speaking the english which I’ve heard so many times from the Americans, you would n’t even get into most employers’ doors in the UK, nevermind have an interview.

    I can only lapse into some good, old Bajan lingo here now and say, “cheese on bread, man”!

  36. Thistle

    Bimbro, so how are all those Romanian and other Eastern European migrants (over 600,000 of the buggers at the last count!) who can’t speak a word of English getting jobs that English-speaking folks should be getting?

  37. Bimbro

    Thistle, I’m really more concerned with the profile of my own, black, people. Secondly, I doubt very much whether they’ve all got jobs – many have n’t according to my information and the menial, jobs which they have you and I would n’t want to do.

    Thirdly, they’re white.

    And, fourthly, like the whites of the US, our people have been in the USA for hundreds of years. They did n’t arrive, yesterday, so, in other words, that’s the best the Americans can do?

  38. Thistle

    American education has always been the pits – especially regarding subjects such as geography and history. They haven’t a clue where other countries are, they’re only interested in the U.S.A. (Many have never heard of Barbados and those few who have think its a town in Jamaica!) However, I have to say honestly that when I watch American TV news channels, and other shows I have seldom been able to fault their English grammar. In fact, it is, at times, far superior to ours in Barbados. You obviously can’t watch our TV news/shows, or listen to our radio stations, because if you did, you would be horrified at the dreadful pronunciation and grammar (“ax” for ask; “nyglect” for neglect; “ajacultcha” for agriculture, on and on.) You only have to read our newspapers and you’d see the amount of grammatical errors. The tourists read the newspapers to get a good laugh.

  39. Bimbro

    Thanks for that, Thistle; I must admit that I don’t seem to notice the problem so much when I occasionally, watch CNN or the other American news channels but when an ordinary American is being interviewed – ‘Oh, my god’!

    Bim, a town in Jamaica?! I had to laugh!

    You’re right Thistle. I don’t regulary, watch Bim tv or listen to your radio shows. If that’s the way they speak, I would be absolutely, horrified. I thought that Bim was aspiring to be one of the most impressive nations and set an example to others. At that rate it seems that we’ve hardly got off the starting-block!

    I’m sorry to hear that US education is in such an abysmal state because if that’s the situation for the whites you can imagine what it must be like for our people, at the bottom of the pile.

    Please don’t say that the tourists read our papers for a laugh. Now you’re making me feel really, ashamed. Admittedly, I can’t say that I’ve noticed that when I’ve read our version of The Nation, over here.

    I tink I better stay right hay before de Bajees drive me mad wid dere foolishness! 🙂

  40. Bimbro

    Hello Yardbroom, I saw this article in The Sun today, and thought of you – was n’t that nice of me!

    Look at what’s become of your dear British army. That’s how the youngsters of today, ‘get their kicks’! Hope it did n’t happen in your time, dear fellow.


    Do tell us what has happened to you since Spandau. I’m sure we would all be intrigued to know.

  41. Alan

    Where you find Jamaicans, you find crime, single parent families, health care and education issues. They have succeeded in gaining an awful reputation for the country and its inhabitants around the world. As with Indians, whose sharp practice and general dishonesty, they have made life very difficult for the people who are decent, hardworking and honest. Many Jamaicans would like to retire back to Jamaica, but cant because of the violence. Many neighbourhoods in Toronto, London, NYC, Miami now have no go areas because of Jamaican scum. Pity, they have ruined so many great places around the world.