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UPDATED: DLP’s Thompson & Kellman Want To Know Why Their Constituencies Were Left Out Of Road Works Project

UPDATED: Does This Man Speak For The Barbados Labour Party? (Scroll to bottom)

Original Article…

Could It Be Because Our Unethical Government Is Punishing Citizens Who Voted For The Opposition?


Auntie Moses, the government wouldn’t do THAT, would it?

“Hush up now child and eat your supper. It be gettin’ cold.”

Nation News: Opposition MPs: We Want Roads Fixed Too

UPDATED: Does This Man Speak For The Barbados Labour Party?

After reading the above, BLP supporter “Jay” wrote the following in our comment section…

“As someone who lives in St. Lucy, I agree with the governments actions. Why fix roads in St. John and St. Lucy; two constituencies that are enshrined in the DLP hall of fame? no way.

I will speak for St. Lucy. The western half of st lucy is BLP territory and we get good roads. The eastern part, the same roads Kellman identified are eastern st lucy, which is dlp territory. In the last election, Mr. Richard Arthur promised to have the road outside my house done, and even though he didn’t win, the road was done!”

You can read Jay’s comment here.

Well, Doctor Duguid and other BLP leaders who frequent this blog… is that what it is really all about for the BLP? Your ardent support Jay says it is so.


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7/7 Jamaican Hate Preacher “How Wonderful It Is To Kill A Non-Believer…”


“This is how wonderful it is to kill a kuffar (a non-believer)… You crawl on his back and while you are pushing him into the hellfire you are going into paradise.”

Jamaican-Born Islamist Cleric Deported Back To Jamaica Today

Pity the poor Jamaicans. Pity the poor Bajans who believe that CARICOM makes us all one big happy family in one big nation.

The Islamist cleric who inspired at least one of the British 7/7 homicide bombers to murder 26 ordinary men, women and children on London’s King’s Cross underground train on July 7, 2005 is headed back home to Jamaica.

Abdullah el-Faisal, born William Forrest in Jamaica, was deported today from Britain after being convicted of soliciting murder and causing racial hatred in 2003.

The murderous bastard is probably stepping onto Jamaican soil as I write this.

Where Does The Silent Jamaican Muslim Community Stand On This Man?

Will this murderous bastard be welcomed into any mosque in Jamaica? Will he be made to feel at home? Will he again be preaching his message that murdering non-muslims gains a spot in Allah’s heaven?

Hello To The Jamaican Muslim Community…

Please… say something about this. Let the rest of us know where you stand. And yes, Mr. Forrest is very much your problem. Please let us know if he remains our problem as well.

Yours truly,

Robert (for the rest of the Caribbean)

Times Online: 7/7 Hate Preacher Deported To Jamaica


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WordPress.Com Reaches 1 Million Hosted Blogs – Our Post About Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Is #60 Most Popular Worldwide !!!!

Congratulations To WordPress.com – Now Hosts Over 1 Million Blogs

Today the free blog hosting site WordPress.com surpassed 1 Million hosted blogs. Not bad for a couple of guys who started programming in their bedrooms.

Of course, Barbados Free Press hasn’t done that badly lately either…

Of the tens of millions of WordPress.com posts on line, and of the 66,607 posts published by WordPress.com bloggers on Thursday, May 24, 2007 – the Barbados Free Press article Heard On The Street Of Bridgetown, Barbados – Fact Or Only Rumours? was the #60 most popular post worldwide in any language !!!

Now-Confirmed Lawsuit Will Be A Huge Huge Story In Barbados

This popular post concerns the now-confirmed lawsuit launched against the Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur, and many other prominent persons in government and business. We at Barbados Free Press are still gathering information and will be writing more about the lawsuit soon.

As our regular readers know, we aren’t lawyers or professional journalists here at BFP – but from what we’ve heard thus far the lawsuit has the potential to be the biggest story of the year in Barbados. Once again as several of our readers have commented, a lawsuit is only a lawsuit and everyone named in a lawsuit is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.


WordPress.com Stats – Daily Posts

WordPress.com Stats – Most Popular Posts May 25, 2007


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