Cowardly Lapdog Nation News Cries About Press Freedom In Guyana – But Remained Silent When Barbados Tourism Minister Gave Ultimatums To Barbados Advocate and StarCom Network


Nation News Remained Silent As Tourism Minister Noel Lynch Threatened To Cut Government Advertising From Barbados Advocate

Nation News Remained Silent When Minister Lynch Ordered Radio Show To Cancel Guest Appearance Of Citizen Journalist Adrian Loveridge

Poor Nation News is up in arms about An Attack On Press Freedom by the Government of Guyana. At issue is that the Government of Guyana withdrew all advertising from Stabroek News in a bid to control that newspaper’s articles.

That’s a really safe stand by the Nation News, isn’t it?


Not one word of complaint from those principled cowards though when Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch threatened to cut all government advertising to the Barbados Advocate if the paper didn’t stop printing the weekly column from citizen journalist Adrian Loveridge.

Not one word of complaint from those principled cowards when Government Minister Lynch dictated to StarCom Network that Adrian Loveridge was not to be allowed on the Brass Tacks radio show guest panel.

The editors at The Nation News should do something about that yellow streak running down their own backs before they get too upset about what goes on in Guyana.


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72 responses to “Cowardly Lapdog Nation News Cries About Press Freedom In Guyana – But Remained Silent When Barbados Tourism Minister Gave Ultimatums To Barbados Advocate and StarCom Network

  1. concerned

    Who controls what the Nation prints? What are their names?

  2. Discerned

    Nation is no longer free to do any stories whatsoever. Its relevancy to Barbados has ceased in many people’s opinion.

    Absorption of Nation by OCM/Trini connection heralded the dawn of the new subservient era (for Barbados) regarding corporate entities abroad, who will own and control everything here.

    We now have to search for, and find our own news in Barbados.

    We MUST organise our unions and our FTCs and our NGO watchdog agencies; while pushing strongly to DLP/BLP governments for integrity legislation and freedom (of anything at all).

    Watch out Barbados. This is a pivotal moment in our history. If we get it right we’ll be OK.

    Owen must realise that we cannot be allowed to go Jamaica’s way as he was there when it happened, and even in the aftermath of yesterday will be thinking about the other 260,000 children. David T as well. Come on fellas, work for the common good! Don’t run away from this…..

  3. Yardbroom


    ” Watch out Barbados. This is a pivotal moment in our history. If we get it right we’ll be OK”

    I concur, about a month ago I suggested that the ramifications of what will eventually happen, will last longer than our lifetimes, and that we might have played a small part in this turnaround, is worth a feeling of pride in public service beyond measure.

  4. cat eyes

    The gatekeeper at the Nation is Roxanne Gibbs, of Guyanese birth.

  5. West Side Davie


  6. Wishing in Vain

    Our National Bank is now Trini owned, our main Newspaper is now Trini owned, our largest business is now Trini owned what is there left that is for Barbadians to hold on to?
    The Nation news paper is a sickening example of what damage can be inflicted by politicians unto the country by those so greedy and hungry for power, their control of all the media in this island leaves us in a very sad state of affairs.
    We have seen what Lynch managed to have arranged by dictating to VOB that he would not sit in the same room as Adrian Loveridge I wonder had Adrian refused to sit in the same room as Lynch would I not now be hearing that Adrian was racist or something along those lines but Lynch does it and gets away with his nonsense.
    The press is a dying breed in this island and this is mainly because the politicians want it this way so they can dominate our people and keep them in darkness and stupid.


    Comment by BFP Robert

    Don’t forget that at first the radio station canceled Adrian entirely – until Barbados Free Press raised a fuss. Then they put him in a second room. They simply obeyed Noel Lynch at first and got rid of Adrian entirely.

    Never forget that.

  7. BFP

    Comment by BFP Robert

    Don’t forget that at first the radio station canceled Adrian entirely – until Barbados Free Press raised a fuss. Then they put him in a second room. They simply obeyed Noel Lynch at first and got rid of Adrian entirely.

    Never forget that.

  8. Inkwell

    If hypocrisy was a criminal offense, I’m afraid the Nation newspaper would have to plead guilty as charged on the basis of the evidence, today’s story at

    where it is severe in its criticism of the Guyana Government for withdrawing advertising from the Stabroek News. It is a blinkered eye which cannot see the parallel between that action and the Barbados Government forcing The Advocate to fire Adrian Loveridge or by threatening and muzzling Starcom and forcing it to apologize for asking a minister
    a question about his accumulation of assets and whether he supports the call for integrity legislation

    Clearly if it finds the Guyana government repressive in its heavy handed treatment of the Stabroek News, it should take equal umbrage and be equally outspoken against the Barbados government’s actions if it wants to maintain credibility.

    The concluding injunction of that article is:

    “Freedom is indivisible, and a threat to any newspaper in the region is a threat to us all.”

    Come on, Nation Newspaper, be true to your calling. Barbados challenges you to show some guts and fight for that freedom for the local news media. If you don’t, we will all be eventual losers.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    I remember only to well the way it played out, we have a major problem in this island and it revolves around the impact politicians have on the daily lives of each and every citizen of this land, their fingers reach deeply into peoples lives and well being and their wallets, this made even harder when the leaders are as corrupt and as dishonest as this bunch is.

  10. oppressed

    WIV said
    “The press is a dying breed in this island and this is mainly because the politicians want it this way so they can dominate our people and keep them in darkness and stupid.”

    Hell on Earth.

  11. North Star

    It is funny how a name can jog your memory and bring a situation back to you that you had forgotten and which in my opinion supports how the press operates in Barbados. And please do not take my comments out of context as they are not intended to take sides or point blame at anyone.

    I vividly recall about 8 months ago that there was an incident in Barbados involving a very nice man and lawyer who I knew casually and who was neither a racist as some suggested he was but rather a gentleman who was very kind to those he came into contact with black and white. Evidently this gentleman and his son became involved with two youth who allegedly were trying to steal their puppies and a shot was fired.

    The incident created a firestorm of controversy both from the black and white communities and the same Rozanne Gibbs went on the public record to defend the Nation News. She took the opportunity at that time to say nothing further would be said in the Nation about the incident because it was before the law courts.

    Since then I have seen nothing about what happened in the courts about the case and I am wondering is the Nation News still keeping the outcome of the court decision confidential or did they print the outcome and I missed it on the Nations web posted version? It is things like this that contributes to people being suspicious as to whether the Press in Barbados protects some and not others.

    When the story first broke it was all over the press then the curtain came down and TIME was allowed to dull the memories of the public.


  12. Wishing in Vain

    I think that there was a paid settlement out of court, not sure that any follow up reports were presented in the press on the outcome.

  13. Justasking

    The lawyer received a settlement from the youth(s) who were trying to steal the puppies?

  14. Bakkra Johnny


    The Nation is so full of hypocrosy …. just check out the advertising banner they have at the bottom of the article ….

  15. Wishing in Vain

    Justasking nice one there, ought to have been, but we are living in Barbados you know.

  16. Adrian Loveridge

    Has everyone heard the statement being aired on StarCom 92.9 regarding this issue?

    Will the Barbados Advocate print a version of this statement?

  17. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian no I missed it

  18. Adrian Loveridge

    Wishing in Vain..

    Maybe they will repeat it, but just in case we could ALL ask them to:



  19. Wishing in Vain

    Thanks will do


  21. Yardbroom

    North Star

    I cannot in all honesty see the connection between the point you are making and this thread.

    Despite your casual aquaintance with the person concerned you have stated what a nice man he is, kind to black and white etc. Evidently this gentleman was involved with the youths who allegedly were trying to steal his puppies and a shot was fired.

    Let us examine the situation carefully from the known facts before the case.

    (1) The boy was badly beaten so much so that he required medical attention.

    (2) After charges were laid the matter became sub judice – Under judicial consideration not yet decided ( and therefore not to be commented on)

    (3) In the first instance a police investigation was held and the Nation reported on the “allegations” that were made.

    (4) The allegation was that certain words of a racist nature were used.

    Even if the boys had taken or were about to steal puppies, I feel the discharge of a firearm and assault of the boy in a public place is disproportionate to the allegation of theft, particularly as he was a youth.

    This is Barbados not the wild west, if we all walked around discharging firearms when we feel aggrieved what type of society would we have.

    The gentleman concerned is very lucky to be in Barbados in many other countries, for an adult to discharge a firearm in those circumstances in a public place to threaten youths, puppies or not he would have been imprisoned.

  22. Discerned

    Are we going to get sidetracked talking about an isolated incident- one that was reported as being settled by the press? I would bet my bottom dollar that none of the persons concerned is even racist. Incidents like this are good red herrings.

    The point, as I put on my pointy cap, is that the reality of our island’s financial and political state is being hidden from us.

    The point is that we have no recourse except BFP and the blogs.

    Censored from the airwaves, stricken and exorcised from the print media, BFP is becoming a place where real people speak frankly, and report some of the difficulties they are wrestling with.

    I want to talk about this for a minute, becuase I would like to see even anonymous journalists participate in this discussion. Can anyone out there tell us about some of the censorship that is going on in Barbados?

    We would very much like to hear some BAJAN true facts.

    We hear the whispering, tiny chihuahua of a plea from the Nation today, “help, we are like this, but we are powerless…”

    N’est ce pas?

  23. North Star

    Thank you Thank You Thank You and I rest my case!

    Here is a newspaper condemning what goes on outside of Barbados that they call/describe as an Assault on “Freedom” of the press, yet even the local populace of Barbados do not factually know what happened in the outcome of a case like the one I brought up and which was a high profile one given who was involved and how badly and libelously the Nation News covered it!.

    Here is a prominent and upright Barbadian stand accused of being a racist and the Nation News as I recall at the time came in for heavy criticism of their prejudiced reporting of the original incident. And which no doubt was behind the public and phony defense of the Nation News that was spouted off by Roxanne Giibs. And no doubt she was TOLD to do it to save the Nation News from serious legal ramifications.

    Then the case is settled and no one apparently writes it up in the Nation News as would be done by newspapers, and evidently it was also not announced on TV news or other media sources as would be done throughout the Nations of true Democracies that respect “Freedom” of the press and the peoples RIGHT to know.

    Even had the news item been made public as it should have been they could have said a settlement was reached but the details of which cannot be made public because of the wishes of the defendent and the victim. And at least that would have sufficed.

    However, I was told last fall that the Nation News itself because of its prejudiced reporting of the incident stood to be successfully sued by the lawyer for a huge sum. I suggest a deal with the Nation News too might have made but not disclosed and this Newspaper now has the audacity and nerve to talk about “Freedom” of the Press in other countries ? Give me a break!

  24. North Star

    Yardbroom you are missing my point. I said originally I was not taking sides or was I placing blame.

    My point was if the Nation news is so free with information how come few who responded to me even knew the outcome. Is that Freedom of the Press? That was my point. However if you feel the lawyer should not have got off tell that to your judiciary not me.

  25. Adrian

    NorthStar as long as i am alive Goodridge and Son will not be able to forget what they did. I am actively telling anyone who would listen to me about this issue, and showing pictures of all involved.
    ……so are you saying that Goodridge and Son paid the victim? Is this the same victim that was caught stealing and as a result cause Mr. Goodridge to “defend” himself?

    comment by geroge BFP

    Hi Adrian

    how do we know who did what if the settlement is hush hushed up in the media? with all the fuss and racism talk in the media it is not in the public interest for this to be hush hushed now. I think our post on this was the most hits ever of any post. It is not justice if it is hushed.

  26. Yardbroom

    North Star

    ” Yardbroom you are missing my point. I said originally I was not taking sides or was I placing blame”

    and yet you wrote…..

    ” involving a very nice man a lawyer who I knew casually and who was neither racist as some suggested he was but rather a gentleman who was very kind to those he came into contact with black and white”

    a good character reference..

    not taking sides? nothing said of the boy who was assaulted, I rest my case.

  27. North Star

    Where is all of this venom coming from.

    I still cannot figure out from the few who responded if the lawyer had to pay or the alleged thief. But none of this is the point I am trying to make nor do I want to become involved in it.

    My point being if the Press In Barbados is so Free why were they not keeping Barbadians at home and abroad informed of the progress of the case as would be done in other Democracies? Do not try to drag me into a local dispute.

    My point is were there a free press in Barbados all of us would not be wasting time sniping we would have known the facts of the case. My point is strictly dealing with a restrictive. prejudiced and far from a free press when it comes to the Nation News.

  28. Warrior

    North Star… nice red herring.

    The point is, we have been fed a pot of drivel from the Nation and Advocate news for the longest while.

    Investigation and follow up of news stories is non-existent and yet we continue to support these two papers.

    I don’t want to sound mean but I thought that the “Christian burial” of the Arthur’s baby would have been a private affair. Yet the Nation got he up in front my face with a casket.

    How come it is that no one could ask if the PM was divorced and if Mr. Lynch got his money by fair means.

    How come we could not ask where the PM get that big hard back daughter from although when you calculate she would have been conceived when he was married to his former wife.

    The media maintained that Public officials have private lives and that Mr. Ellis was out of line to ask pertinent questions, yet an event (such as a burial) which should have been private is blasted throughout the media. I want to know!

    It is garish and gaudy!! Both the media and the Arthurs have lost major points for the little play.

    By the way.

    I ain’t hearing Barney at all now that CWC done. I hope that he has not sold the farm and skip the island.

    Stop buying those daily papers, they have nothing in them, the international news you can get in an instant via the internet, with them it is at least two days late.

    Local news you can get on BFP hot off the press live and direct, investigation, follow and facts. I prefer my food straight out of the pot rather than heat up in the Microwave.

    BFP perhaps you should apply for a TV license so that we can get some credible and accurate news.

  29. North Star

    BFP* and Warrior God bless you both you have said what obviously I was not saying clear enough for some.
    But it was a good example of why an open press is necessary and in Barbados the only true free forum is the BFP
    Changed by BFP

    * North Star meant “BFP” not “BLP” …. see below

  30. North Star

    Oh God I need to bite my tongue I said BLP I meant BFP. Forgive me because I know not what I say

  31. bajemonkey

    Reading this morning’s Nation I was flabbergasted to see the PM holding his daughter’s coffin. I felt that this man was violated in the most vulgar of ways. My first instinct was to use whatever means possible to chastise the Nation. All that this paper presents is the suffering of people whether it be the body of some person headless or otherwise lying in a field..The gore of a body at a traffic accident. The pain etched on the faces of people after a house fire or some similar tragedy. This paper has never taken up the cause or the well -being of it’s readers.
    I was guilty of thinking that our (whatever) PM was just another unfortunate victim of the Nation. I then turned the pages only to see the pics inside all of the cabinet present at what I thought should have been a very private moment. I then realised to my chagrin that arthur was not a victim but that this was a” SPECTACLE”. Cheap political mileage. HOW PERVERSE. THESE SAME CABINET MEMBERS WERE NOT INVITED TO HIS WEDDING!!!
    They will try to counter by saying that in his position he belongs to the public of this country and hence the very public funeral. Nonsense if such is indeed the case “Mr Tom Adams was also a public figure”. If the above logic applied then does the public not have the right to know about the causes surrounding Our former PM’s death.


    Comment by BFP

    Folks, whatever your thoughts we view this kind of talk as inappropriate and we are of a mind to delete such comments.

    We want to respect our readers, but please understand that whatever your views the Arthurs should be given a break this week.

    What say all? Should these types of comments be deleted?

  32. You're fired!

    didn’t someone say that Barney was to be dismissed, come the end of April?

    – is that why he “gone adrift” ??

  33. North Star

    Yardbroom this is my last reply to you because you are nit picking.

    I DO NOT SO HELP ME GOD know the lawyer intimately, I have never been into his house or he mine we met casually because of where I vacationed when I came to Barbados years ago. His house was across from the one I rented.

    The man was always polite and treated and old black man from St Andrew with great kindness and gave him a little menial work so he could get a few dollars. I based my opinion of this mans character and personality on these values. Are you going to cruify me for this? Make me out to be a liar and a fraud? Come on man get real!

  34. Warrior

    The press and the BLP Yardfowls and bare-necked chickens were screaming just the other day that public figures have private lives.

    I maintain today as I did in other posts. PUBLIC FIGURES HAVE NO PRIVATE LIVES!!!

    They want to be private with their underhand deals but want to be public with a burial. Man this is bare foolishness. As I said I don’t want to sound mean, but other babies come and go and there is no public spectacle.

    There was a woman highlighted in a BFP story about two months ago and to this day I doubt if she has been given any satisfaction with regards to the disposal.. I’m sorry burial of her twin babies.

    The Barbados media should be put out of its misery, they can however continue to print and donate the pages to those bird lovers to line their bird cages.

  35. Public appeal

    “All that this paper presents is the suffering of people whether it be the body of some person headless or otherwise lying in a field..The gore of a body at a traffic accident. The pain etched on the faces of people”…he says
    but think about it…think about the mass market to whom the Nation newsp. appeals!

    They are not the upwardly mobile,computer/internet types like us(in here)
    They are the people who FLOCK MORBIDLY to such decapitation accidents on our hiways,drinking in the sight of the blood and guts,
    and loving every second of such exposure upon their none-too-tender psyche’s!
    These are the people who buy and support the nation, not me and you.

    To illustrate my point about the thirst for gore,
    I have on occasion (for wutlessness!)come near to such accidents, and told people heading that way “somebody dead, up dey!”
    – and watch dem pick up dey foot and HURRY to get up dey and check it out.
    Such is the mentality!

  36. james

    Just wondering whether foreign ownership of The Nation might actually have a positive impact on the independence of journalism here. Owen can threaten individuals and companies in Barbados all he wants but when the editor’s job is appointed and funded from Trinidad he may have a little less room to manoeuver. Who knows, we may even get a critical article or some investigative reporting one day…

  37. HarshAgain!

    It was easily EASILY within the power of Barbados’ Prime Minister to banish any and all media houses from his private funeral, if he so wished.

    The mere fact that the Nation had his pic up front is proof that he was cool with that exposure.

    This is gaining him and The Party huge sympathy
    at a time when they can use it.

    A cynical view? – hell,yes! Just like the BLP,
    and please don’t write back to say I’m “harsh”

  38. Anonymous

    Nation newsp. might be foreign-owned
    but is still locally-controlled, and shall prob. remain that way for some time:

    it would have to be entirely 101% foreign owned (and staffed!) to have the sort of freedoms we wish for,
    and then we’d be crabbing that it wasn’t any longer a Bajan newspaper.

    – can’t win, can we?!

  39. Brabsoda

    I thing your sixth paragraph about the daughter is uncalled for. I hope his daughter never reads this blog.

  40. BFP


    Comment by BFP

    Folks, whatever your thoughts we view this kind of talk about the baby’s funeral as inappropriate and we are of a mind to delete all such comments.

    We want to respect our readers, but please understand that whatever your views the Arthurs should be given a break this week.

    What say all? Should these types of comments be deleted?

    Please guide us, friends. BFP is not a democracy, but we would like your help with this decision.

    Marcus, Shona, Robert, Clive, George & Auntie Moses

  41. Wishing in Vain

    Leave them just as is, you want to promote free speech and censoring comments to this extent has little purpose, what I would say to you is I would ask to refrain from making more comments with regard to the pros or cons of using the funeral as a publicity stunt.

  42. Get in The Action


    I think some of these comments have crossed the line. No matter what your political position we are all still human and must show some sympathy for these grieving parents.

    Most of us would not have had as public a funeral, but that is their decision and you can feel nothing but sympathy for the obvious pain the Arthurs are in. Let’s show some good old-fashioned Bajan dignity and put our political swords away on this issue.

  43. Zulu

    What is so harsh about asking whether or not a child was conceived by an outside woman while the husband was still married?
    Would it be ok if it had been someone else besides the PM? Would it?
    ahhh, ahhh……. That’s hypocritical. No need to answer.

  44. Zulu

    Come Sunday we shall resume the fire and brimstone on all and sundry. Time of grieving takes precedence.

  45. North Star

    Let me say that I more than concur with the sentiments expressed by the team of the BFP and others about some of the crude and insensitive comments being made about the Prime Ministers sad loss of a new born child.

    I have not seen the picture of what has been allegedly posted in the Nation News nor do I care to see it. All I say is that everyone needs to do what they feel comfortable with doing in order to deal with the grief of losing a child.

    We are all civilized, God fearing people and we must not allow our personal feelings about the Prime Ministers politics to be used in the way we are doing and at a time of such grief to him and his family.

    Forget for the moment our hatred, intolerance and instead turn to God and reflect on how he is judging those who are being so inconsiderate. There is far more to life than being bitter, vindictive, hateful and so far out of touch with our inner feelings that we cannot appreciate the grief and sadness another human is enduring because of the loss of a child. This is not about a Prime Minister but about a human being. Please show respect! Thank you.

  46. reality check

    North Star


  47. North Star

    Brabsoda you are the hypocrite in this case. And forgive me for saying so because I do not want to plat with your feelings!

    Whose business is it to sit in judgement on anyone because of what you see them doing or what they did as being a mortal sin and disgrace? Have you got no skeletons in your closet? Are you the perfect human being?

    Whether the Prime Minister was promiscuous or not could his recklessness not have occurred before he became Prime Minister or even before knew he would become Prime Minister? and was he not like all of us in our youth? How long do we pay for our indiscretions of youth, poor judgement and recklessness? Is only Prime Ministers and those who have aspired and attained high and responsible offices to pay for theirs until they are buried? This my dear friend is hypocrisy because for all who believes and I do, God or as I regard him to be the Great Architect of the Universe has promised forgiveness for those who are truly sorry for their indiscretions.

    But what bothers me the most is that the product of the indiscretion and recklessness of in this case the Prime Minister and who is the innocent victim is being humiliated and degraded because of no fault of theirs. To you Brabsoda if that is the path of life you seek I say sleep easy because I couldn’t with a unforgiving heart like that

  48. WHATEVER!!!! Let’s hope we get a break in the next election.

  49. Yardbroom

    Regardless of our views of the Prime Minister, think of the young baby she has done no wrong,
    there is a time for everthing, and now is not the time.

    With freedom comes responsibility, or we are not worthy of exercising that freedom.

  50. North Star

    Yardbroom you now sweeping and the world will be a better place fror it. There is time and place for evrything and there is a time to show respect, love, sympathy and caring for our fellow human beings regardless of their station in life.

  51. bajemonkey

    Apologies people. I was really not trying to be insensitive. I think that most Serious minded Bajans can recognise a red herring if not by scent then most certainly by appearance. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.
    Public appeal:- If what you say re the inherent penchant that some Bajans have for things morbid. Would it not be the responsibility of the Press to help to change this “disgusting trait”. THE PREVAILING ATTITUDE IS LET THEM WALLOW IN THEIR STUPIDITY. No wonder the politicians try to push them(press) around. “when you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. And lastly to suggest that the past editor is some paragon of journalistic virtue. HOW FARCICAL. Ah Gone!!

  52. Brabsoda

    North Star,
    You missed the point completely. I think you should go back and read what the Warrior had to say and then my reply.
    We have no control over how we enter this world.

  53. Warrior

    I think we are being hypocritical here. It won’t be long before you are all jumping on his case again.

    AS for my post it was merely to point out the two-facedness – if there is such a word of the media, who tells us on one hand not to pry into public figures private life and then in the next an event in their life – which from my humble point of view – should have been the most private of all- was blasted through the media.

    If my comments upset any of you let me be the first to apologize. I really feel no ill-will against the Arthurs, clearly, perhaps unfortunately, human calamities come upon us all.

    Let me ask though, who will determine the appropriate time of mourning for the first family, before the blog comments start in earnest again??

    Just asking?

  54. ecoanalyst

    Owen Arthur HAS to win the next election at all costs. If they do not the real situation of the Barbados economy and the overspending and graft and corruption will be revealed. they hope that with another term they can “lose the files”.

    The BLP sells Owen”leadership” qualities. The absence of leadership is obvious to all who see the waste, secrecy, and lies that pass for facts. Many Bajans are benifitting from the bubble of real estate and deficit spending. It is hard to tell them that they are part of the problem. Eventually the bubble will burst, and all Bajans will pay for this credit card splurge.

    As for the Guyana Stabroek News – it is just a real case of a dictatorial govt crushing opposition media. The PPP is Marxist and Jagdeo was trained in Russia so they know how. The regional media are being asked to publish that statement after talks failed with a media delegation there.

    As for the Nation – well they are like most media. They are in it to make money. This is especially so when they are foreign owned. Do not expect any incisive journalism or analysis. They depend on Govt advertising as well – and the BLP- Advocate might get all of the advertising, just like the PPP-Mirror gets the bulk of Govt advertising in Guyana.

    The problem with us in Barbados is that we have short memories. We are easily distracted with red herrings. Ministries have real problems and they do musical chairs and we forget the issues. We talk but we do not act, so the dark suited talking heads (ministers) are emboldened. I look forward to the day when they will have to revert to “normal dress”…. and be kicked off their pedestals.

    The graft and waste is endemic. For instance, many Government buildings are in disrepair and vacant as they rent premises from “prinate” entities…. is this just another money drain for “friends”? The same is true re the many “construction” companies. It is really depressing when one reads the long list of things that need to be investigated. Do not expect the Nation or the Advocate to do so.

    Keep up the good work … BFP.

  55. Adrian Loveridge

    Some kudos to the Barbados Advocate.

    Yesterday I emailed a copy of the media statement printed yesterday by the Nation concerning the Guyana’s Government decision to terminate paid advertising in the Stabroek News and asked them if they were going to print it.

    To their credit, they have printed it in the letters section today and also mentioned it in their editorial.

    Now Mr Anthony or David Bryan..

    I will be standing by my phone today, expecting a call to say, Adrian, we know we were wrong and will no longer be intimated by ANY Minister of Government of any political party under the threat of withholding paid advertising.

    We are ready to publish your Coast to Coast column again from next Monday and we know that you will attempt to maintain the same high standard of truth, objective and factual reporting.

  56. North Star

    One of the most dangerous things for ANY Nation to accept especially one like Barbados that has only two Newspapers regarded as the the “mainstream” newspapers on the island, that reaches the “masses” or “silent” majority is this. If they are not free in speech, balanced, fair, objective and working in the best interests of ALL of the people the “political” process and “Democracy” will be put under serious threat.

    Let me say that most major newspapers in the world do favor certain political party’s in their “editorials” and many of their articles do the same thing. But because of the number of reporters etc they have many differing opinions and balance comes to the issues. Then of course letters to the editor, guest columns etc add independent and varied opinions to the important issues under consideration, and platforms of the politicians.

    The political systyem in Barbados is much different to that of most Nations overseas. When one looks at the coverage on CNN, NBC, CBS etc and read the North American newspapers there is a daily onslaught of varying discussions about Bush, Iraq, Afghanistan, spending, corruption, debt and every controversial issue under the sun of interest to the North American electorate. Along with a myriad of other topics impacting and of concern to the USA/Canadian Citizens. There is hardly anything the press and others do not seem to be able to uncover expose and talk about. Do you see this going on in Barbados? And more importantly these news sources invite the public to participate!

    The press, TV, Government and movers and shakers of Bim treat Barbadians like we do to grow mushrooms. “They are kept in the dark and fed BS”.

    A Barbados Minister appears on a TV program and walks out because questions are asked of him that he says is not relevant to why he is on the program. And worse yet the Star Com hierarchy some not Barbadian grown and the Nation News support him at the expense of Ellis’ backside. When a politician agrees to come on TV or Radio in the USA or CANADA he/she is open game. THAT IS DEMOCRACY AT WORK.

    Maybe Barbadians should look at some politicians up here when they go on TV to be questioned by the public. It seems Democracy in Barbados is for a Politician to get and answer only questions he/she approves of, but then again why does that not surprise me. Are we not suggesting the Nation News is politically influenced. And was the program the Minister appearing on not owned or financially connected to the Nation News or am I wrong in assuming this?

    Look at poor old Willie Clinton when his “lollipop” fiasco broke he couldn’t find a rock to crawl under to get away from reporters, TV etc. “I did not have sex with that woman” remember. This was right on TV.

    How many public interviews does the press of Barbados ask for or get from politicians or go to them and ask for interviews to discuss serious issues of concern to Barbadians? Why are Barbadians not demanding that their political leaders have debates on TV as is done in the USA and Canada leading up to an election to see how they respond and deal with contentious issues that are important to Barbadians? Why? Barbados likes to emulate the North American lifestyle but not when it comes to politics, social and economic issues/policies and that a Free press, TV and similar sources will or could expose the truth about and what is going on in their island.

    Do you think that in North America they would have allowed for instance and this is but one of many examples, the dismal failure and debt incurred of the CWC to go by the wayside as easily as has been allowed to happen in the Caribbean and Barbados?

    Everyday in Barbados they are serious problems surfacing and most people including politicans are not even asked by the press or it seems is allowed to confront The Prime Minister, Ministers etc for answers. It is like if they do not care.

    Every day you see $50 million, $10 million and on and on it goes being spent or said it will be spent on infrastructure, the QEH etc. Where in hell is all of this money coming from? what is the true debt of Barbados? It is as if no one gives a damn. The little media controversy that there is, lasts a day or two and then it dies because Barbadians let it die and the press wants it that way. That is why Barbadians deserve what happens to them.

    Until Barbadians make all political party’s accountable along with making the press and TV do it’s job nothing will change.

    What strikes me as really funny is that the Nation News every so often has a Foreigner from Canada Verdun writing about such matters as racism, discrimination and subjects that he portrays is in the minds of Barbadians and either does not exist or is exaggerated. Imagine! A Foreigner telling Bajans what they are best to judge and make their own decision/s on?

    Many of the movers and shakers in Barbados are foreigners looking after their own interests and mandate. You see them in the newspapers daily and many are certainly not Barbadians and some of the crap they talk they could only get away with in Barbados. I suggest many are brought to Barbados by special interest groups and Government to support partisan political initiatives and policies with a lot of meaningless mumbo jumbo that confuses Bajans.

    The Press has to be the conciense of a Nation and when it functions as it does in Barbados little will change.

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  58. lookout

    >>The man was always polite and treated and old black man from St Andrew with great kindness and gave him a little menial work so he could get a few dollars.

  59. Zulu

    Can anyone remember that “interview” the PM recently had with Peter Thorne at his residence in St. James

  60. Zulu

    Were Gladstone Holder alive today, I wonder what he’d have to say about the press?

  61. North Star

    Look out what is your point? The old man was old in his 80’s and he was black not white. Did I say something wrong.

    The gentleman was unemployable as I understand it. He was even beaten up one night by his own kind and robbed of the few dollars he had.

    Man I really dont understand some of the crap you people talk or imply. You always want to turn things around to suit narrow minded thinking.

    I don’t live there so why would I have to take sides or give a damn one way or the other?

  62. John

    Here is what I said on the 23rd of May

    May 23rd, 2007 at 12:43 pm
    Here is an example of what we have as candidates in St. Thomas.

    Cynthia (B) and Haldene (D) after a couple of weeks of farmers complaining about water shortages and householders hollering for murder arrive on the scene.

    Their pronouncement, it is all up to the BWA.

    The problem I believe is a strategic one and supercedes BWA whose role is a tactical one.

    BWA is able to pump a fixed volume of water in a given year from the various aquifers without destroying them. This is the strategic limitation within which they have to work.

    The demand for water is increased by drought.

    At the moment there is a short (hopefully) period of drought so demand has increased.

    However, the supply has been capped by natural causes so what happens is somebody has to go without.

    Normally, there are areas which are routinely supplied by tankers and there are people who routinely go without. This is part of the tactical response to the increase by BWA.

    These tankers are unavailable to supply the extra areas that become exposed as a result of the increased demand.

    The BWA cannot respond tactically.

    More people than normal thus suffer.

    Candidates can’t play deaf.


    Not more tankers for BWA but send the candidates back to school to learn a little geography …… or replace them with people who know a bit about their own country.

    This way the development options for Barbados will become a bit clearer.

    … altenatively, we can wait for more rain to solve the problem by reducing the demand.

    Strategically, now is not a good time to call elections!!

    Wait for rain!!

    Today we see in the paper that “All’s not Well” and the BWA is having major problems with water.

    In fact the BWA is cautioning consumers to cut their demand today if they don’t want to be short on supply tomorrow.

    The level at the Belle is more than 1 metre below normal levels.

    The “Desalination Plant” is producing increased output.

    The problem is that the “Desalination Plant” takes fresh water directly from the same source as the Belle!!

    Strategically, our MP’s have screwed us. Tactically, all BWA can do is keep trying and share the water out as well as they can.

    Keep on trying BWA, but don’t let the salt water intrusion that will result from overpumping destroy what we have.

    The rain will come, please God.

    …. and we keep getting told that we need more houses, more construction, more golf more everything!!!

    What we need is less MP’s who don’t know what they are doing and a couple who actually understand the situation.

  63. dahfuhlickyuh

    wait! wait! wait! jes who de hell dat nappy head man Lynch tink he is?????? DIS IS A FREE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY!! i think dat dese politikers as soon as they get we vote does forget dat dem is to serve de peoples.
    Boy we country, we country…i gine, no it gone to de dogs long time..we only now realizing it. Anybody read de article in a recent paper wid de interview of Mia?…same story.
    its about time dat dese tiefers get exposed for dem arrogance, injustice, petty mindsets and victimization of others. Dem insecure and high handed, not to mention incompetent.
    Stupse…i can’t believe dat dem runnin we country fuh trut! Hurry up and vote dem out hear…

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  65. Rumplestilskin

    John notes ”Cynthia (B) and Haldene (D) after a couple of weeks of farmers complaining about water shortages and householders hollering for murder arrive on the scene.

    Their pronouncement, it is all up to the BWA.”

    John, I noted your long ago post re our water supply, you are right on the ball. Sadly, as your note above shows, these potential Ministers have not got a clue as to :

    – the urgency of this situation and of other National issues, which reflects the lack of either ‘ground knowledge’ or analytical ability OR their nonchalance therto

    – their inability to grasp that it is they who will make the change to improve our critical service resources, including water OR their nonchalance thereto

    – what their responsibility will be as Ministers. Or are they just interested in showing up, getting a salary and mouthing verbiage?

    All up to the BWA?

    Ho hum.

  66. Jerome Hinds

    Vivian Anne Gittens on page 23 A in the Sunday Sun of 2007 -05 -27 cries ” Police action a threat to Press Freedom ! ”

    It took such action against her staff to make such pronouncements….!

    Where was her voice against Starcom action to have Adrian Loveridge sit in one studio while Noel Lynch DEMANDED to sat in the other…?

    Where was her voice when photographers were roughed up during Tiger Woods wedding….?

    Friends look at the photos in the paper today… reminds one of how the press is treated in ZIMBABWE…..!

    When the press is hounded down doing their legitimate work………can we afford to make the MISTAKE and give Owen Arthur a fourth TERM…..?

  67. North Star

    I have not been able to bring up the BFP in over 18 hours and I want to make a few comments.
    After all of the crap and misinformation printed about Free Masonry and the power and influence they hold my first fear was that with their alleged power and influence their Grand Poo Pah had got angry and decided to knock BFP off of the air.
    Next point the Nation News today covered a story that looks good on them. I am talking about their own being manhandled by the police for doing their jobs as reporters. Is this freedom of the press? I suggest their Masters are sending them a message about who is boss and the reporter/s is the ones suffering humiliation and battery! Don’t worry folks there will be an “inquiry” according to the Police Big Ups and I am sure we will get to the bottom and hear the “truth” as we usually do about such things!
    And this is to Thistle. I finally got Lowdown where he always is for Overseas readers in the Comment section under “Recent Guest Columns” but I did not get it until Saturday. Hence that is why it was under “Recent Guest Columns”. On Friday in the Comment section they posted the heading “Guest Columns” but none were printed up until I read the web again on Saturday. Up until I asked for assistance and you kindly responded they were no guest columns witten in that section. That is why I suspect the format web posted for overseas readers is different to what is posted locally.
    I also have to chuckle about the influence seen by some that the Masonic Order is alleged to have in the Courts. And when looking at the light sentences being handed out and not guilty verdicts being found in the cases of the common criminal in the Barbados and other Courts around the world I have to wonder if all common criminals, judges, magistrates and Jury’s are not Masons accepting the silly postualations of some!


    BFP Asks…

    Hi North Star

    We have no explanation why you have not been able to bring up BFP for the past 18 hours. Folks from all over the world have posted comments in that time so it seems to be a local problem at your end… I think.

    Any further info?

  68. North Star

    BFP this is for your information and interest.
    This is what happened at this end. I could get everything except your posting. I even got the Nation News. So that is what made me suspect it was you and not here.
    What would happen is this. Your website would come up and no matter what I selected “Hot issues” or whatever, the little green dots on my vomputer would go only so far showing that they were being loaded but then half way done the green dots froze and finally I got the “Timed out” Notice suggesting the circuit could be being heavily used. there could be a problem at the website etc.
    I tried all day yesterday every so often and up to when I went to bed the results were the same.
    This morning on rising at 6.30 AM I tried thinking that because it was early few people might be using your Blog but the first few times the same results “Timed Out”.
    Then for no reason about 7 AM I got through and I have maintained your blog without going out of it in fear I lose it again. I will be turning off very shortly and I will try to reconnect and see what happens. I do not think it is at my end because all functions here are working. In and outgoing e-mails and I read the Nation News this morning etc.


    BFP replies

    thanks NS, we’ll speak to Clive about it and see if he has any explanation.

    Has anyone else been having trouble with our site lately?


  69. Thistle

    Yes. It has been taking AGES to download and quite often I have to click the Reload button and even then I have to wait ages.

  70. North Star

    BFP I am now having no more problems whatever it was has cleared as mysteriously as it started.

    I can go out of your site re-enter and it comes up fast and all functions are now working!

  71. Straight talk

    Also BFP, when hitting Refresh and selecting and reading a new post, when returning to the refreshed page to view other recent posts it has mysteriously reverted to its non-refreshed state.
    This has only happened over the past two days.

  72. Yardbroom

    I selected submit there was no indication, it was being accepted, consequently I posted another, perhaps this is a temporary glitch.