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Bajan Man Shot, Robbed In Guyana – Something Smells Like Fish…


Bajan Shot And Robbed (from Stabroek News)

A Barbadian man was last evening shot and wounded by a group of men during a robbery at a creek on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway.

Wounded is Anderson Applewaithe of St Michael, Barbados who up to last night was a patient at the Georgetown Hospital with a wound to the right shoulder.

The man is said to have arrived in the country yesterday morning and had gone on an excursion with his Guyanese girlfriend. According to the girlfriend, Diane Nelson, the men arrived in a car and demanded money and other valuables. She said that a fight broke out and Applewaithe shouted to the men “take the money.”

he men then shot Applewaithe and drove off in their car. Nelson said that she saw Applewaithe on the road shouting after being shot and she hurriedly called the driver of the taxi that they had hired so that medical attention could be sought for her boyfriend.

According to Nelson gold rings, chains and other jewellery were taken by the bandits. She said that the man’s passport and foreign currency were also taken in the attack. Up to around 10 last night the Police were questioning the girlfriend and another female who was part of the group as to the circumstances surrounding the robbery and shooting.

… read the original article at Stabroek News (link here)


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Cowardly Lapdog Nation News Cries About Press Freedom In Guyana – But Remained Silent When Barbados Tourism Minister Gave Ultimatums To Barbados Advocate and StarCom Network


Nation News Remained Silent As Tourism Minister Noel Lynch Threatened To Cut Government Advertising From Barbados Advocate

Nation News Remained Silent When Minister Lynch Ordered Radio Show To Cancel Guest Appearance Of Citizen Journalist Adrian Loveridge

Poor Nation News is up in arms about An Attack On Press Freedom by the Government of Guyana. At issue is that the Government of Guyana withdrew all advertising from Stabroek News in a bid to control that newspaper’s articles.

That’s a really safe stand by the Nation News, isn’t it?


Not one word of complaint from those principled cowards though when Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch threatened to cut all government advertising to the Barbados Advocate if the paper didn’t stop printing the weekly column from citizen journalist Adrian Loveridge.

Not one word of complaint from those principled cowards when Government Minister Lynch dictated to StarCom Network that Adrian Loveridge was not to be allowed on the Brass Tacks radio show guest panel.

The editors at The Nation News should do something about that yellow streak running down their own backs before they get too upset about what goes on in Guyana.


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Heard On The Streets Of Bridgetown, Barbados – Fact Or Only Rumours?


Bajans are hearing rumours from many mouths about a lawsuit that has been launched from overseas naming the prime minister, cabinet ministers, judges, and businessmen.

According to our sources there are allegations of corruption and behind the scenes dealings in our country. We also hear a rumour that a reporter at The Nation News was told to “forget” about looking into the story. You KNOW that draws our attention like bees to honey! (Oh… awkward. If the rumours are true at all the bees won’t want any part of this story!)

That is pretty well what we’ve heard, but we’ve heard it from so many unrelated people that we’re wondering if there is some fire in all this smoke.

Barbados Free Press is looking to hear more and if anyone has specifics let us know.


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