Royal Navy Says No Incidents Of Maritime Piracy In The Caribbean In February, 2007


Things Are Changing In The Caribbean – But We Have No Trouble Compared With South America

The Royal Navy produces a register of reported maritime pirate attacks every month and it is often surprising or frightening to read the accounts of merchant vessels large and small under attack from modern-day pirates. The ordinary person has no idea what happens with terrible regularity in some parts of the world.

If you read the reports, you will see the odd incident in the Caribbean and Central America – but they are nothing compared with South America. The Horn isn’t the most dangerous part of sailing around South America. Not by a long shot…

Royal Navy Community Website: Worldwide Threat To Shipping – Monthly Reports


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2 responses to “Royal Navy Says No Incidents Of Maritime Piracy In The Caribbean In February, 2007

  1. fil

    Really? We inn so bad off?
    On march 1, my boat was stolen. 2 years to go at the bank.
    Two weeks earlier, one was taken from St. Peter. Later that month, another one. And those only because I was looking, and heard about them, from people hoping I would not feel so bad….

  2. Brian Parravicino

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    BFP replies…

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