How Many BLP MPs and Candidates Have Construction Businesses?


Chase: Just found out that the home in Vauxhall does have a story. Someone asked me about it recently and that was the reason I asked in my earlier post.I only found out the story about an hour ago.

The BLP candidate for St. George South, Ian “Cupid” Gill was the contractor and part of the reason for the lengthy delay in opening the facility was poor workmanship. Don’t know if that IS the REAL story or not. My info was supplied by someone who works with the Social Transformation Ministry.

Comment by Zulu discussing the senior citizen’s home at Vauxhall in Christ Church on Who Is The Professional Journalist Publishing Barbados Underground?

How Many Barbados Government Construction Contracts Are Awarded To BLP Members, Candidates, Family & Friends?

Let’s have a little discussion about BLP candidates and elected members who have connections to government construction contracts, shall we?

Zulu starts us off. Who’s next?


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  1. Anonymous

    Damn yall only now know bout this where yall been living certainly not in barbados

  2. political pimp


  3. Northpoint

    Doctor Duguid has a construction company.

    He said on this blog somewhere that he did a contract for another MP, but he never said whether the job was a government contract. Maybe a sub-contract?

    So many ways to slide an answer in sideways and avoid answering directly!

    Speaking of Dr Do-Good where is he? Has not been seen around here for months.

  4. Northpoint

    What is the name of Gline Clarke’s construction company? Didn’t it do some work at Bathsheba beach last year?

  5. Jason

    Jazz been up by the new prison lately. Check there.

  6. John

    … you mean they are accepting inmates already?

  7. hard ears

    How bout Mia?

  8. Jerome Hinds

    BFP deletes comment for inappropriate sexual content.

    Hinds… you have been asked nicely, then cautioned several times.

    Now we are telling you.

    Do it again and your name will never appear on this blog again.


  9. Jason

    Jazz been working on the prison do what I dont know

  10. Wishing in Vain

    Duguid is a stranger to the truth this we have seen earlier on this same site, does not Minister Liz Thompson have a partner that was awarded the contract to build the showers at Carib beach at way over and above the expected cost???

  11. Zulu

    All dem hans nasty cause dem too tiefin. Not only them, but family, friends and hangers-on.

  12. Zulu

    Comments disappearing. What happening, BFP?

  13. political pimp


  14. reality check

    besides the question of the name of the construction company and the nature and size of these contracts and their direct or indirect relationship to the political process.

    Are any of these people seasoned contractors with real and tested experience or are they pretending to be ones by inflicting shoddy workmanship on the people of Barbados at exhorbitant prices or merely sub-contracting to someone who can really finish the job?

    These peoples bona fides as well as the tendering process needs to be exposed at every level.

  15. Zulu

    Political connections to various MPs can be found at the UDC, RDC, NHC and we can go on. But one needs to ck out those agencies and one will get the real picture.
    Chk to see who are building the houses for the UDC in New Orleans.
    Hardwood Housing Solution Inc is owned by Clyde Mascoll. That is only one example.

  16. Anonymous

    More details are needed from everyone for this to be taken serious.

    This is gossip plain gossip

    B4 you make accusations you need Names of people. Names of companies. When and where they worked under government contract. What is Liz Thompson’s husband name? What is the name of the company? None a that an you got nothin

  17. Wishing in Vain

    Who is Jose and Jose???????Who are the shareholders and directors?????

  18. Zulu

    Is BFP leading us, the posters, into this money laundering report in a subtle way? I think so. I will wait and see. We really can’t tell, but I believe it may be so.

  19. Wishing in Vain

    Money laundering the stains of this have been bleached away with time.
    They just trying to bait you all up nothing in it at all.

  20. Zulu

    You can’t be serious by saying that this is all gossip.
    McDowall is the last name of Liz Thompson former husband. Can’t remember the first name. He did work for the NHC at Kensington Lodge and the quality was piss poor.
    If you want to know who are directors of what all you need to do is go to Corporate Affairs and do your research. But then again, de files mite guh missin so yuh may not fine out nutten. But seriously though, check out the place and do the research.

  21. Anonymous

    “Hardwood Housing Solution Inc is owned by Clyde Mascoll.
    That is only one example.”

    so,wait! The Dems in dis ting too, den?

  22. Anonymous

    How long has Clyde Mascoll owned Hardwood Housing Solution Inc.?

    Has he ever had a government contract? Where? When?

    Anything recently?

    Where does he purchase the hardwood? Who is his importing agent?

    Who are his employees? Are any of the company vehicles previously owned by the government?

    Where is the company located? Who owns the building or land where the product is stored?

    Was there a point when Mascoll’s company started to get more government contracts?

    Has Mascoll’s company ever installed hardwood at the home of a government member?

    Answer these questions and the picture will start to form IMHO.

  23. Anonymous

    Who are Mascoll’s partners if any?

  24. A question for Minister Gline Clarke

    Where do you bank Sir?

    Where does your company bank?

    Why do you always push to the front of the line and be rude to other peoples?

  25. Wishing in Vain

    Give Malik with teeth a break nuh, he only now learing how to steal like the rest of them, he has some catching up to do.

  26. herefordian

    Freemasonary (its role and influence within Barbados) would be a good subject BPF – and very much related to this subject

  27. Wishing in Vain

    If I were a BLP politician I would be looking to steal as much as I could in the coming weeks as after that things looking a little brown, half of them are unemployable anyway and the other half have stolen enough from us for them not to need to work ever again, ask Owing, Nicholls, Lynch, Mottley, Clarke, Liz Thompson, Bannister what it must be like to be able to retire with millions in your bank account and never have to drive another stroke of work, it must be wonderful indeed.

  28. In and Out

    does carol roberts own a construction business?….

  29. political pimp

    delisle bradshaw

  30. political pimp

    johnny tudor and tyrone estwick

  31. political pimp

    rodney wilkinson is building houses in kent for nhc he should be building the prison for himself and friends

  32. more

    Gline Clarke banks with Bank of Nova Scotia.

    BFP I smell a rat, a whole nest of rats.

    Set the sticky traps. Watch them scamper. From the big rats back down are going to be running.

    Too late!

  33. Anonymous

    Mia has interest in Jose & Jose…….
    and that man wid all the pretty christmas lights in warren does have to give Mia all he money when ever she organise work for him

  34. political pimp


  35. Centipede

    Of course Lionel Craig had a construction Co too … remember that one? Don’t know if it still operates. You can go way back and discover a lot, if you want to unearth some croneyism.

  36. Chase

    Freemasonary (its role and influence within Barbados) would be a good subject BPF – and very much related to this subject.
    This indeed would be a topic well worth discussion but the members are many,powerful and far reaching.This is another aspect of Bajan life that needs looking at.
    Like the poster said…….very much related to this subject.

  37. Justasking

    Northpoint asked “Speaking of Dr Do-Good where is he? Has not been seen around here for months.”

    Saw him yesterday on a construction site on Maxwell Road giving instructions to workmen.

  38. Northpoint

    What kind of construction site, justasking?

    Where exactly? Got any photos? I have to get one of those new phones for those times I wish I had a camera with me always.

  39. Lady Anon

    But being fair, wasn’t Cranston Browne (DLP) a factor in Ideal Homes?

  40. Justasking

    Northpoint, it looks like a set of apartments on the main road. It is on the left if you are heading in the direction of the airport. I will need to take another look to get some landmarks to describe the location. My guess is that it is not government work but just a private development.

  41. Northpoint


    What was that story that posted and then disappeared?

    lawsuit against the PM?

    Where did it go?


  42. Northpoint

    Hello bfp

    We saw it. where did it go?

    We know you are there!

  43. Warrior

    Zulu – Liz Thompson former husband, she just got married last year was it not??

  44. Warrior

    Anonymous, you seem to be straddling the fence, one minute you talking about gossip next minute you joining in.

    I must admit we all like gossip from time to time, a lot of truth is revealed in gossip. Its a national pass time.

  45. Warrior

    May 23rd, 2007 at 4:27 pm

    Freemasonary (its role and influence within Barbados) would be a good subject BPF – and very much related to this subject.

    I was thinking the same thing but ppl seem to be afraid of this topic. Don’t know why

  46. Warrior

    I knew that I saw that post, indeed where did it go. BFP, please let me know if I have to stock up on my blood pressure medication to read this site yuh hear.

    I have my family all across the globe tuned to this site. The news must go out. They can’t hide much longer.

  47. Warrior

    rest easy guys`(both guys and gals)!!! its back

  48. Northpoint

    It is gone again. It says there is a rumor that the Prime Minister and judges and others are being sued over corruption.

    Next time somebody copy it. BFP what is happening?

  49. Zulu

    It is ALLEGED that Liz’ husband left she. Don’t know how true, but it look so too

  50. Zulu

    That link drew a blank. Nothing is showing up.
    Something fishy bout hay.

  51. BFP

    Sorry folks…

    That was supposed to be posted tomorrow and it got away from me while I was writing.

    Awwwwww %$#*@!

    Now what do I do? Marcus… cat is outta the bag…
    Can I?


  52. BFP

    Awwwwww %$#*@!
    Google Alerts picked it up right away and its out there so I’m going to hit publish at 00:00hrs GMT and hope that counts as “tomorrow” with Marcus.

  53. Chase


    No one knows why ……..but I can guess…..the connections.Also the myths that comes with it.

    It is worth looking into…..who will start the ball rolling?

  54. Zulu

    While we are this post, is it true that the fata** salaries that were paid to the CWC folk will go on till the end of June?
    Would like to know. A friend told me this about two hrs ago.
    Seems that de construction ain’t dun yet.

  55. Anonymous

    The contract for some of the admin persons will end in June. Naturally they have to prepare the financials etc to verify the thiefing?This is normal with any project this size. As a matter of fact there may be others who stay on much longer.

  56. Zulu

    Point taken. Thought that the admin side of it would’ve completed by end of May.

  57. Zulu

    correction: “would’ve been completed”.

  58. Anonymous

    Ajax= Mia

  59. Anonymous

    May 23rd, 2007 at 10:00 pm
    Anonymous, you seem to be straddling the fence, one minute you talking about gossip next minute you joining in.
    You certainly must be aware that several persons post under Anonymous. The way the blog works is if you do not enter any information under the “Name” category…automatically ‘Anonymous is displayed

  60. Warrior

    See that’s what I mean.
    Don’t straddle the fence man, get a pen name and join in, when the tide starts to turn I sure that you would want that we can go back and say oh so & so made that comment.

    Don’t just be an anonymous person.

  61. Anonymous

    I fraid

  62. Zulu

    Clyde Mascoll was not involved with any housing project while he was a Dem. AFTER he crossed the floor, or better yet, AFTER HE BECAME A TRAITOR it seems that he was totally included even in de tiefing. He has a long way to go to catch up and apparently he’s wasting no time. Am still keeping my eyes on a house in Mullins. Can’t say for sure, but I shall continue to follow the stench. Could be wrong, but will know one way or other at a later date.

    In and Out
    Carol Roberts’ company goes by the name “Lingo Construction”

  63. Query

    political pimp
    May 23rd, 2007 at 1:44 pm

    Political Pimp, just a quick note to clarify something in the above, yes Kevin Price does have a company called Price Construction which would have done work for NHC at the Lower Burney Site and Blackman’s joint venture project, however the comment of owing NHC is incorrect as NHC owes Price construction to the tune of almost $140,000.00 for work done at Blackmans, this was as a result of extra excavation for deep soil on 14 houses, this excavation varied in depth between 5ft and in some instance 12 ft.

    Price was asked by NHC to submit a detailed valuation from a registered valuer to substantiate his claim for extras and this was done in a document prepared by Henry Toppin Quantity Surveyor. This matter will shortly reach the courts

  64. political pimp

    clyde mascoll was put out the house in maynards by his wife

  65. Thistle

    Her father will be happy – he tried to move heaven and earth to stop her marrying Clyde Mascoll.

  66. Zulu

    Pol Pimp
    Is this the reason why Mascoll is never seen wid he wife whenever someting on? She aint went wid he to Ilaro Court last Independence. Official or unofficial cockfight yuh cud never see dem togedda.
    Funny how things happen around this joint and not a peep from nobody.
    If that is true, how does he feel? Wasn’t Mrs Mascoll all over the papers giving support when Clydie became a minister?

  67. John


    It sounds like the land at Bakers with 5ft to 12 ft soil depth must have been pretty good agricultural land.

    It is a pity that with the EU giving $93 million for agriculture as covered in today’s paper that we have let our stewardship of such a scarce resource go to pot.

    Hope we don’t sink the money into the $400 M Effingall plant which I understand the Veco man is supposed to be building.

  68. Maat

    I also agree that the subject of the ancient order of Freemasonry should be discussed, especially in relation to what the rest of us (non masons) call corruption.


  69. Royalrumble

    Well is this funny. It seems that, according to the Dems on this blog that the BLP members own all the construction firms but yet the Dems reaping the benefits in the construction business.

    Check this. Taitt do not owned a construction firm but got a whole house build and refurbished for free from government funds by the same firm that built the St. Joseph Hospital.

    The Franklyn brothers do not own a construction firm but was able to build two massive houses side by side in St. Philip plus a big building in Wildeys out of the cotton yield.

    Thompson does not own a construction firm but had a whole building sitting on prime land not far from the Hilton Hotel refurbished and handed over to him for free.

    Phillip Greaves do not own a construction firm but built and benefited from the sale of houses financed by the DLP government. Note I have not mentioned all the teifing MP nor the pimps associated with them.

    You Dems would do well to stop spitting in the air. You all think the DLP started yesterday or that they were kicked out of office a century ago? The acts of the last DLP government are still fresh in our minds. So stop hoodwinking.

  70. Wishing in Vain

    Royalrumble Did the cheque that Owing received for the $ 750,000.00 ever make it to it rightful bank account??
    What is his share in the split on the Jail that has a overcosting in excess of $ 100 million???
    What is the split on the Flyover project???
    What part is he collecting from the deal with Nicholls, Washington and Johnson of (Black Entertainment TV fame both Americans not locals ) with regard to the 1000 new slot machines coming into the island???
    What is his share on the money paid to them to grant the permission to Kearns and company for the application for his water park in Greame Hall???
    When you respond to these honestly I will post another batch for you!!!

  71. Zulu

    What is your point? You can’t be serious. We are talking about rags to riches MPs and you trying to drag a boatload of red herrings to shore. How long ago were the Houses built by the Franklyns?
    If you could be honest for a few minutes you would realised that the St. Joseph hospital inquiry did not find Taitt liable or guilty of anything. Furthermore, that inquiry was carried out to embarrass certain ppl and it backfired.
    RR you are one dishonest rat and please don’t cause me to highlight certain things about you. Be careful about being in the gutter. I KNOW who you are so be careful, please.

  72. Zulu

    oops! ..”would realise that”…
    Bad grammar.

  73. Royalrumble

    Zulu forget the threats you do not scare me. We all know who each other is. When the Dems commit their tiefing acts you call them red herrings but you suspect that the BLP members are committing the same thing you treat them as criminals.

    You said you are talking about rags to riches MPs. So tell me how does a man who came from no where and whose family are virtually convicts, whose law practice has never been of anything to shout about and whose political career has been dismal, get to be a millionaire on largely an opposition MP’s salary.

    The St. Joseph Hospital enquiry is not completed in fact they are awaiting the return of the files that were ordered by the DLP government to be removed from the Court by the Defence Force. To this day those files have not been recovered.

    You seem to know how long the Franklyn’s homes were built. But do you know how long Jose Jose was in operation and how long the construction firm owned by Jazz was in operation? You talk about going into the gutter but you and the rest of the Dems live in gutter. It is the only place you know. The thing about all of you is that you like to give but you cannot take.

  74. Wishing in Vain

    Royal idiot Can you tell us if that cheque for $ 750,000.00 ever made it to any other account other than Owing???

  75. Wishing in Vain

    Or his share in the overcosted Jail that he Nicholls and Bannister masterminded to the tune of in excess $ 100 million

  76. Wishing in Vain

    Or his split in the waterpark payment to faciliate the safe passage of the permit to allow them to set up the water park in the Greame Hall reserve??
    Wow Owing, Nicholls and Bannister are doing great at robbing us the taxpayers.
    ps what is Owings share in the slot machine deal with he Washington, Johnson and Nicholls for allowing these 1000 machines into the island???

  77. Farmer

    I just heard that 28 big screen monitors`which were to be installed in the Corporate Boxes for CWC have gone missing. Can anyone confirm???

  78. Wishing in Vain

    How many rooms Lynch got at that plantation house??? One in each room so he can watch himself all day everyday when he becomes unemployed as he shortly will be.
    Is that the only thing that has disappeared so far???
    I am sure there is going to a lot more that is going to have steal in it.

  79. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble a.k.a Judas

    ” The St. Joseph Hospital enquiry is not completed…”


    What nonsense !

    The inquiry commissioners have submitted their report !

    The Governor – Genaral has signed off on it !

    The Government of Barbados has it in their hands over 5 years ago !

    Only an IMBECILE like you would spout such **ite !

  80. question

    Is Richard Lynch, former Chairman of the NHC, any family to Barney Lynch?

  81. Get in The Action

    This discourse is really sickening. Are there no men and women of integrity left in either political party? These BLP and DLP rabid loyalists are so intent on butchering the reputations of those on the other side that they are not seeing the bigger picture.

    We are all sick of the corruption, both past and present, by BOTH parties and Bajans are calling for it to end NOW. Instead of attacking each other, force your own leaders to step forward and have both sets of candidates issue a public declaration of assets and let us start the ball rolling towards writing Integrity and Transparency laws.

  82. concerned

    Get in The Action

    “Instead of attacking each other, force your own leaders to step forward and have both sets of candidates issue a public declaration of assets and let us start the ball rolling towards writing Integrity and Transparency laws.”


    Do not hold your breath.

    These people will never write Integrity and Transparency laws. They are all part of the one party state Third World Banana Republic.

    Expose them all for what they are and start fresh with the Integrity and Transparency laws in place.

    This is not a job we can expect somebody to do for us, this a job we have to do for ourselves.

    We can choose to come forward, speak out and back up with evidence or we can hide, point fingers and say who did what and just accept whatever we get.

  83. Get In The Action


    I agree with you that this is something we have to do ourselves. The double-speak and lipservice will continue unless a significant block of voters get together and demand a change. We can start with an on-line petition demanding both parties follow through now with enacting these Laws. I think they will be shocked by how many people sign on. We need to take back our country and ensure that our elected representatives live true to the “Honourable” designation we give them.