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Royal Navy Says No Incidents Of Maritime Piracy In The Caribbean In February, 2007


Things Are Changing In The Caribbean – But We Have No Trouble Compared With South America

The Royal Navy produces a register of reported maritime pirate attacks every month and it is often surprising or frightening to read the accounts of merchant vessels large and small under attack from modern-day pirates. The ordinary person has no idea what happens with terrible regularity in some parts of the world.

If you read the reports, you will see the odd incident in the Caribbean and Central America – but they are nothing compared with South America. The Horn isn’t the most dangerous part of sailing around South America. Not by a long shot…

Royal Navy Community Website: Worldwide Threat To Shipping – Monthly Reports


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Janine Mendes-Franco Blogging Up A Storm At Global Voices


Trinidad & Tobago Media & Film Producer Fires Up Global Voices’ Americas Section

Janine Mendes-Franco is the T&T based writer/producer/director of the film documentary A Loss of Innocence – Combating Child Labour in the Caribbean. For over 15 years she has worked on projects as varied as National Geographic specials and shampoo commercials. About six months ago Mendes-Franco brought her talent to the Harvard Law School’s Global Voices project where she posts primarily (I think) in the Americas section.

As a Global Voices blogger her task is not to create original content but to ferret out interesting stories from bloggers all over – and she does a stellar job of making her page continually interesting. She also maintains her own Francomenz blog at her New Cheese media company (well… you’ll remember the name for sure!).

Check out Janine Mendes-Franco and you will be back for more.

Two venues…

Global Voices – Janine Mendes-Franco

Francomenz Blog


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How Many BLP MPs and Candidates Have Construction Businesses?


Chase: Just found out that the home in Vauxhall does have a story. Someone asked me about it recently and that was the reason I asked in my earlier post.I only found out the story about an hour ago.

The BLP candidate for St. George South, Ian “Cupid” Gill was the contractor and part of the reason for the lengthy delay in opening the facility was poor workmanship. Don’t know if that IS the REAL story or not. My info was supplied by someone who works with the Social Transformation Ministry.

Comment by Zulu discussing the senior citizen’s home at Vauxhall in Christ Church on Who Is The Professional Journalist Publishing Barbados Underground?

How Many Barbados Government Construction Contracts Are Awarded To BLP Members, Candidates, Family & Friends?

Let’s have a little discussion about BLP candidates and elected members who have connections to government construction contracts, shall we?

Zulu starts us off. Who’s next?


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Regional Airfares Are Probably The Highest They Have Ever Been – Noel Lynch… Where Are You?

‘Government intends to do all it can to keep airfares affordable for Caribbean people traveling throughout the region’

That assurance was given by Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch during an interview which was carried in the Daily Nation on 5th February 2007 under an article headlined ‘Air Vow’ by Julia Rawlins-Bentham.

The Minister ‘warned that if airlines only flew to destinations that were considered economical, the movement of travellers in the region could be significantly retarded’.

He went on ‘we’re going to rationalise a low expense so that we can keep the rates manageable and affordable for Caribbean people to travel regionally’.

‘The region would either have to accept rates based on the true economic cost, or affordable rates with the cost of airline operations being subsidised. What that form of subsidisation can be is the same way we do things like marketing support… with everybody else like British Airways or Delta, but be very clear that if people went on strictly economic terms, there are a lot of people in the region who would not (be able to fly)’, Lynch said.

So three months later, where are we?

Intra regional airfares are probably the highest they have ever been in our history.

Virtually every national Tourist Board and Hotel and Tourism Association in the region has spoken out about the escalating airfares.

And only this week the head of the 32 country member Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Vincent Vanderpol-Wallace, described the record high costs of travelling short distances by air as the ‘silent killer’ to regional tourism.

So, what is Minister Lynch, as one of three key figures representing the taxpayers of Barbados, Antigua and St. Vincent and their interests in LIAT, going to do about the situation?

And equally important, when is the Minister going to demonstrate that his bold words are more than rhetoric, before we start to see the closure or yet more hotels in Barbados and across the region?

Last year, the Caribbean was Barbados’s third most important market, bringing us a higher number of long stay visitors than Canada.

We are in severe danger of losing a substantial portion of this market which has been the only significant market that has repeatedly above inflation growth.

Adrian Loveridge
23 May 2007


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