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DLP Leader David Thompson Tells A Whopper Of A BIG LIE

“Barbados needs a change of Government. Barbadians are ready to change their Government. The DLP is ready to assume the mantle of leadership of Barbados.”… DLP Leader David Thompson quoted in The Nation News (link here)

DLP leader David Thompson smells victory in the air. It doesn’t take much intuition to determine that the mood on the streets towards the ruling BLP elites is foul – so Thompson’s message is that his party is “ready to govern.”

As if that will solve everything.

Thompson’s Big Lie Is This…

Thompson says that the DLP’s Barbados citizens will govern better than the BLP’s Barbados citizens. That is the lie. The DLP people will govern as the BLP people govern because Barbados has no integrity standards or laws to deter the corruption of those who govern.

Our political system has NO RULES about accountability, transparency, integrity & conflict of interest standards or laws that allow citizens to access government information.

In such a free-for-all system it would take a saint to not become corrupted.

The DLP like the BLP have never instituted conflict of interest guidelines or integrity standards for their own candidates – let alone for the country.

Thompson and his DLP piggies don’t want integrity standards…

… They can smell the sweet rewards of that piggy trough – now so close and just within reach – and they don’t want to do anything that would jeopardise their ability to feed once they form the government.


We still remember David Thompson’s “fatted calf” speech.

So now he says, “Don’t worry. Elect us. We’re honest. TRUST ME!”

No thanks, David. Not until you take action about integrity standards. Your fine words mean nothing to thinking citizens.

We still remember your “fatted calf” speech.


Thompson’s Fatted Calf Speech

At the 2006 DLP Annual Conference, Leader David Thompson made reference to the killing of the “fatted calf” that would be shared when the DLP forms the government…

“We have learnt our lesson as a party. The fatted calf, under David Thompson’s watch, will be slaughtered and shared among those of you who have stood this course.

The fatted calf will be slaughtered and shared among those of you who have fought the battles and who would have won for us a glorious victory at the polls.

We have no time to waste, my Comrades”

Thanks to the BLP Blog for the copy of Thompson’s speech and for reminding us again that without rules, one party is just like the other party. People are people – without rules few can resist the temptation.


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Anguilla Prepares For Independence – Tries To Avoid The Mistakes Of Barbados


“Anguilla is one of Britain’s last remaining colonies. Colonialism is new to Anguilla. In the period prior to Slave Emancipation in 1834, Anguilla was not officially treated as a British colony. Not that we were repudiated. We were simply ignored and left to rot by ourselves. With the coming of Emancipation, the British realized it was time to impose a form of administration on Anguilla. This was necessary if the Slave Registration and subsequent Abolition and Apprenticeship Acts were to be properly implemented…” … from Corruption-free Anguilla Colonialism 1

The British have no interest in laying down strict dictates for the sake of laying down strict dictates. They have to protect their interests. We in Anguilla have our own interests. They do not relate to those of Britain. We have to gird up our loins and prepare to protect our interests.

Confrontation is inevitable. Are we getting ready to meet the FCO boys when they arrive in Anguilla in July for negotiations? As with most conflicts that are not fratricidal in nature, the outcome is usually to the benefit of all concerned. But, only if we are properly prepared!

… from Corruption-free Anguilla Colonialism 2

Our friend Don Mitchell (CBE QC) at Corruption-free Anguilla blog has concerns about corruption in his country and about how things will go when Anguilla becomes an independent nation. His main theme seems to be that Anguilla should make itself ready to negotiate with the British, but also to become independent. To have the rules and systems in place so there isn’t a free-for-all by corrupted interests.

There have been many tides go out of Bridgetown harbour since Barbados became independent. At the time, did we negotiate as best as we could have?

I know the answer about whether we placed the rules and systems in place to prevent a free-for-all by corrupted interests!


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Thousands Riot In China Over Government Kidnapping For Forced Abortions, Forced Sterilizations

Thousands Of Chinese Citizen-Slaves Attack Government Offices

How would you like it if a carload of government thugs kidnapped your 8 months pregnant wife off the streets of Bridgetown, took her to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, tied her to a gurney and administered a labour-inducing drug and then killed your child by plunging a needle into it’s brain as it was being born? Then they forcibly surgically sterilize your wife so she can never become pregnant again – and dump her on the street in front of your home the next day.

What would you do?


And that’s what thousands of “peasants” did two days ago in China.

The slaves are rattling their chains.

What will the Barbados Government do about it?

I’ll tell you what they will do… nothing.

God forbid that Mia Mottley and her crew would ever do anything to jeopardize the blood money gifts from the communists who form the Government of China.

Excerpts from the International Herald Tribune…

Chinese villagers riot over stricter population-control
By Joseph Kahn
Monday, May 21, 2007

BEIJING: An intensive campaign to enforce strict population-control measures prompted violent clashes between the police and local residents in southwestern China in recent days, witnesses said, describing the latest incident of rural unrest that has alarmed senior officials in Beijing.

Villagers and visitors to several counties of the Guangxi autonomous region in southwestern China said rioters smashed and burned government offices, overturned official vehicles and clashed with the riot police in a series of confrontations over the past four days.

They gave varying accounts of injuries and deaths, with some asserting that as many as five people were killed, including three officials responsible for population control work. A local government official in one of the counties affected confirmed the rioting in an interview by telephone but denied reports of deaths or serious injuries.

The violence appeared to stem from a two-month-long crackdown in Guangxi to punish people who violated the country’s birth control policy. The policy limits the number of children families can have legally.

Corruption, land grabs, pollution, unpaid wages and a widening wealth gap have fueled tens of thousands of incidents of unrest in recent years, many of them occurring in rural areas that have been left behind in China’s long economic boom.

(big snip)

According to villagers and witness accounts posted on the Internet, officials in several parts of Guangxi mobilized their largest effort in years to roll back population growth by instituting mandatory health checks for women and forcing pregnant women who did not have approval to give birth to abort fetuses.

(big snip)

Nong said the crackdown was widespread in several counties in Guangxi. He said local courts had declined to hear any cases related to the matter, citing an edict from local officials.

Other villagers reached by phone described an escalating series of confrontations that began Thursday and continued through the weekend.

Several described in detail an assault on the government offices of Shapi Township, Bobai County, by thousands of peasants.

They said villagers broke through a wall surrounding the government building, ransacked offices, smashed computers and destroyed documents, then set fire to the building itself. There were inconsistent reports of deaths and injuries during that clash and a subsequent crackdown by riot police officers.

… read the entire article at the International Herald Tribune (link here)


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Government Of China Blocks Citizens From Barbados Free Press Website – and more…


Chinese Communists Have Recently Blocked Many Barbados Websites

In November of 2006 we last tested our Barbados Free Press website at the greatfirewallofchina.org server to see if the Government of China was allowing BFP to be seen from within China. We were able view our website intermittently and found that it was blocked on some days, but was visible on others. Similarly we were able to view The Nation News and the Barbados Advocate from China – but not on every day.

Last night it occurred to us that we hadn’t tested our website in some time, so we visited the test site and found that Barbados Free Press has been censored by the Chinese Government.

But that isn’t the big news – we can’t find even one of our linked websites that is not blocked by the Chinese Government. It looks like the entire island has been censored by the Chinese communists.

Visit the Great Firewall Of China yourself and let us know if you can get through to any Barbados websites. We couldn’t!

I can just hear Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley when she reads this post. Get me Wen Jiabao on de phone now! How do they do that? I gots ta know!”


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Drug Addict George Michael – Should Barbados Let Him In Again?


Our old Barbados friend (and very good friend of Prime Minister Tony Blair) George Michael has admitted publicly that he is a drug addict.

Golly! Who would have thought? 😉

But now that he has admitted to being a drug addict, and has come out in the media as a proponent of marijuana – should Barbados let this man into the country again?

It is one thing when everyone knows, but there is no “proof” – it is entirely another circumstance when a person confirms their own addiction to prescription drugs and also lobbies for legalization of marijuana.

In or out, folks?

Daily Mail: I am addicted to drugs, says George Michael


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