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Why Are Chinese-Made Goods Priced So Low?


Because The Communists Value Money More Than Lives

We can’t compete with this. No one in the West can. Not even Mexico.

We wondered why Chinese labourers came to Barbados for Cricket World Cup. The answer is simple – they sleep in shipping crates and make nothing.

Of course they can underbid the job. Any job.

Reciprocity and a level playing field from China? Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!

Live Leak Video: Chinese Factory Workers Inside Huge Metal Press


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Cruise Company President: “The Caribbean, Where One Island Is Pretty Much Like Another”


The tendency is to get our backs up when we hear insults to Barbados like that given by Mr. Sasso. A better response might be to step back and say “What can Barbados do to significantly differentiate itself from other Caribbean destinations?” We also have to seriously examine the process of extortion whereby the cruise lines squeeze each country and put island against island in bidding wars for the cruise ship traffic. … Comment by BFP’s Robert upon reading the following article by Adrian Loveridge

Carried today in the informative travel industry website TravelMole is an article headlined No end to growth of cruise sector.

There are a number of interesting comments made by leading cruise professionals, including PSA director Bill Gibbons who quoted recent consumer research data which showed that ‘ while 11% of UK residents had been on a cruise in the last five years, 33% said they would be taking one in the next five’.

But the remarks that caught my main attention were made by MSC Cruises USA President and Chief Executive Rick Sasso, while pointing out that, ‘during every decade since the 1970’s, the North American cruise industry had been warned that it was building too many ships but every time the ships had been filled – and at a profit to the cruise lines’.

Now the crunch!

He said ‘We managed to do this despite the limitations of our main cruise destination – the Caribbean, where one island is pretty much like another’.

He added ‘In Europe, the destinations have so much more to offer so it is going to be a much easier sell especially with the massive amount of promotional dollars that are going to be spent by cruise lines there’.

Does the head of a major cruise ship company really think ‘one island is pretty much like another’?

I would love to hear a response from Mr Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, the Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation to this statement.

And the ‘massive amount of promotional dollars’ the cruise lines are spending in Europe!

What are they spending in their largest market, the Caribbean?

Adrian Loveridge
21 May 2007


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Machete-Murdering Wife Released From Prison After 14 Years – That’s Less Than One Year For Each Of The 25 Chops To Husband Leary Lynch


Women Who Murder Their Husbands ALWAYS Get Off Easy

Mary Lynch wacked her husband Leary some 25 times in the head with a machete, then dismembered his body and spread the pieces throughout the countryside – telling people that her Barbados-born husband was “away” on a business trip. Some business trip.

When caught, she said it was “self defense”.

Yup… sure sounds like self defense to us!

Double Standard In The Courts

Like so many women who murder their husbands, Mary Lynch will not be staying in prison because as we all know, there is a double standard in effect in the courts. Kill your wife… never see the light of day again. Kill your husband… after a few years, you’ll be deemed to be “no longer a risk” and your friends and relatives will greet you upon your release.

Why does society hesitate to believe that a woman can be every bit as evil as a man?

Radio Jamaica: Notorious Convicts To Be Released Friday

Jamaica Star: Life After Deaths – Mary Lynch and Earl Pratt Set Free

Jamaica Gleaner: Mary Lynch Set Free

The Nation News: Free At Long Last!


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Cuban Government Injects Monies Into Barbados Political Party – Should This Be Allowed?

Should Barbados Allow Foreign Governments To Fund Political Activities In Our Country?

According to a BFP source, the government of Cuba has long been injecting funds into the People’s Empowerment Party and the Clement Payne Movement. (Hey, if its not true, David Comissiong should say so… but first he should talk to some of his friends about where Bobby Clarke had been shooting his mouth off about money matters. We’re waiting, Mr. Comissiong – but something tells us that you won’t be able to deny the Cuban funding.) 😉

Under our current laws there is zero public transparency or accountability concerning the financing of political parties or activities. Pretty well anything goes in Barbados politics because there are no laws – and the ruling elites prefer to have no laws that restrict their ability to do whatever they please in secret.

So we have foreign governments injecting money into Barbados political parties so they can influence the political process and the government of Barbados.

Secret Political Donations From Foreign Governments Undermine Our Democracy

Has the Barbados Labour Party received any political donations from China? It is a secret!

Don’t ask a government minister appearing on a radio show or he will sue you for sure, and don’t expect any media types to stick their necks out after radio journalist David Ellis got wacked hard for thinking unclean thoughts. The big shots of the BLP and the DLP don’t think that ordinary citizens should have any interest in the money side of politics – otherwise they would have passed integrity and disclosure laws decades ago.

Or last week.

And don’t give us that nonsense about the DLP people being any different than the BLP people when it comes to integrity issues. People are people. MOST will respect the law – but in Barbados where there are no laws, anything goes for either side.

The DLP could have been hammering away at integrity issues for the last 12 years. They could have introduced integrity rules, conflict of interest guidelines and disclosure for their own elected members 12 years ago… but they didn’t and they won’t.

Having no election financing laws or accountability process puts Barbados democracy at risk – but both the DLP and BLP piggies would rather have the cash than democracy.

Eunuchs At The Nation News Blow It Again

You have to admire the easy going lifestyle of those professional investigative reporters at the Trinidad-controlled Nation News. What a life of ease! No stories to write, no digging to be done (heck… no digging allowed!).

They just sit back and when a press release comes in from David Comissiong, they change around the wording a bit and call it “a story”. And if the story concerns an obvious money connection between the foreign government of Cuba and a Barbados political party, the “journalists” at The Nation News have to ignore that section of the story.

Just a little bit too close to home if the Nation News starts asking questions about political funding in Barbados! Nope… wouldn’t want to receive a blast from one of the Barbados government members. Better to play it safe.

Better to just run the press release and go back to playing cards on a Friday night…

Cuban study grants on offer

The Nation News Published on: 5/20/07.

THREE SCHOLARSHIPS ARE being offered to Barbadians to study at a university in Cuba for the upcoming academic year.

They are being offered through the People’s Empowerment Party and the Clement Payne Movement.

David Comissiong, president of the movement, said the scholarships were in “physical education and sports, hydraulic engineering, and chemistry”.

He noted, however, that some students in various disciplines were having difficulties with their qualifications being accepted.

“The regulatory body of those particular professions have tried to restrict the entry of graduates. For example, veterinary medicine, where there is one graduate who, up to now, has not been allowed to practise her profession,” he added.

Comissiong said he hoped this was a short-term situation.

The three scholarships, on offer to Barbadian citizens under 25 years old, will provide tuition, food, accommodation, medical treatment and a monthly stipend from the Cuban government.

Applications are to be completed before the end of this month. (WB)

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Act – As Passed By Barbados Government


Who Actually Read The Cricket World Cup Legislation?

Did you ever read the Cricket World Cup legislation as passed by the Parliament of Barbados?

Thought so. Me neither.

So let’s all dig into the legislation and see what we can find, shall we?

Let’s see how our representatives signed away our sovereignty and gave away everything for free – with no guarantees, all profit going to the ICC up front, and all risks and long term liabilities placed upon ordinary Bajans for several generations to come.


Read it and be appalled at what our elected representatives bought into.

Traitors? Fools? Crooks? I can’t imagine why any sober, sane person would sign something like this.

Here is a copy of the legislation in Adobe PDF format. Let the discussion begin…



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