Rupert Murdoch Ordered New York Post To Kill Articles Critical Of Communist China – Barbados Media Does The Same

How can Barbados citizens reconcile our laissez-faire attitude to contemporary Chinese slavery? Is it because the slaves are not black? Or because we now value money more than we hate slavery?

Murdoch Corrupted Journalism To Protect His China Business Interests

New York Post Reporters Also Took Hush & Promotion Money

Excerpts from a New York Times article…


The tawdry details come as Mr. Murdoch, whose News Corporation owns The Post, has made a $5 billion bid to buy Dow Jones and its centerpiece, The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Murdoch has been trying to persuade the family that controls Dow Jones that he stands for the same kind of august journalism that it does, and that his journalists adhere to high standards.

The harshest criticism of Mr. Murdoch from within Dow Jones has been that he is willing to contort his coverage of the news to suit his business needs, in particular that he has blocked reporting unflattering to the government of China. He has invested heavily in satellite television there and wants to remain in Beijing’s favor.

Many of the charges have been reported before, but Mr. Spiegelman repeated them in his statement. He said that in 2001, he was ordered to kill an item on Page Six about a Chinese diplomat and a strip club because it would have “angered the Communist regime and endangered Murdoch’s broadcast privileges.”

“Murdoch instructed Col Allan, who instructed Richard Johnson, that Page Six was not to pursue any unflattering stories about Chinese officials,” Mr. Spiegelman said in the statement.


“He also said, ‘These allegations are a disgrace,’ ” Mr. Rubenstein said, referring to Mr. Allan. “We have nothing further to say. He’s not going to go allegation by allegation in a discussion.”

Mr. Rubenstein said much the same thing when he was asked about allegations that were mentioned but not specifically denied in the Page Six item: for example, that Mr. Murdoch had canceled the publication of a book by the News Corporation’s HarperCollins division critical of China’s Communist leaders and ordered the publication of one by Deng Xiaoping’s daughter.

… read the entire article at the New York Times (link here)


Barbados Media Always Ignores Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary

As we pointed out in our June 6, 2006 article Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre and our June 28, 2006 article Slave Labour Camps “Vital Part Of Chinese Economy” – Should Barbados Take Gifts From Communist China?, Barbados has come to rely upon handouts from Communist China to the extent that our own media deliberately ignores any story about China that is not positive.

As an outrageous example, last year on the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Barbados Advocate published an article that fairly gushed with praise for Communist China.

On the anniversary of a massacre.

By a country that still uses slave labour.

How can Barbados reconcile our laissez-faire attitude to contemporary Chinese slavery? Is it because the slaves are not black? Or because we now value money more than we hate slavery?


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12 responses to “Rupert Murdoch Ordered New York Post To Kill Articles Critical Of Communist China – Barbados Media Does The Same

  1. reality check

    Rupert Murdoch’s efforts to influence the political
    landscape and thus increase his power with his media conglomerate does not start or stop with overtly corrupt and anti-democratic regimes such as China but anywhere he can make a buck.

    Witness the Fox news channel and the Iraq War. This right of centre so called news reporting went way past the normal bounds of freedom of expression to curry favour with the Bush administration to gain political and thus media advancement. The Nation News is not alone in being unduly influenced by political arm twisting to skewer oor right to have all the news and not a government spun watered down version.

    The damage in the past ten years to the US in terms of international credibility is incalculable and will take years to repair.

    Similarly, our leaders in Barbados operate under the same kind of suppression of speech as is practised in China and to a lesser extent the US.

    No wonder Owen and Mia admire Chavez, Castro and the likes. These leaders have a more absolute control of their people and the media. This is definitely a reason to look up to them.

  2. Zulu

    Whenever I read reports such as this and realise what our leaders are doing, it makes me want to vomit.
    How could our gov’t support a regime such as this? No wonder we have the Chinese selling threir produce all over the place and no police officer would ask them for a license or even arrest them.
    Give this gov’t another five years and China will take over what the Trinis have left.
    BTW, can’t any of ministers take a hint from Sen. Trotman?
    Looks like Trottie does was to build houses for the lower income group.
    I tip my hat to you, buddy!

  3. Zulu

    that should be …”does want the BWU to build….”

  4. True Native

    China is set to become a power to be reckoned with, but I would like to pose this question: Which would we prefer – Chinese domination or Islam domination? If we think that Islam domination is not something to be reckoned with we’re doing the ostrich trick BIG TIME.

  5. Philipian

    Reject domination.
    Ignore globalisation.
    Face the facts Barbados.
    The sooner we realise our true geographical location and international input, the sooner we will get to grips with the current pressing economic actualities.
    1. We are a tiny economic entity.
    2. We have virtually no natural resources.
    3. If we complain, the world will ignore us.
    4. Unless we deliver the goods, we will surely perish.
    5. Produce a product, any product, that the global market requires and we will be successful.

    Talk is so cheap, action requires hard work.

    Long talk by our bureaucrats, may help in the short term to believe we are in safe hands, but when the crunch comes we are on our own.
    Pride and Industry can redeem us.
    Change course now !

  6. AutoDumpagain?

    Barbados has a long friendship with China.
    We do the double flirt with both Uncle Sam and with China.
    The China bit been going on now for about 30 yrs.(?),
    whereas we’ve been Uncle Sam’s girl since WW2,at least,
    since we live in his backyard.

    China now supplies us with everything from hi-tech stuff like computer hard drives,
    back down to simple stuff like socks and shoes and fabrics,
    at economical prices if not lasting quality,but who cares in today’s disposable world,anyhow?
    (I reckon if you can make reliable hard drives, you got seeerious Tech ability, den!)

    China is well on its way in the world, and is already a force to be reckoned with, doan look at China slight,yuh.
    She’s here to stay! Get used to it.

    I’m suspect however of Chinese FOOD products
    and think the West would do well to avoid their foodstuffs until they show some responsibility re. input into the human food chain.

    Yes, I refer to the recent scare

  7. ecoanalyst

    Since the recent scare regarding contaminated pet foods from China, many countries are concerned about pesticides and chemicals in their human food exports as well.

    The following article in the Toronto Star subtitled “Should Canada be tougher on harmful produce from China?” highlights some of the facts and issues of China’s growing agricultural exports.

    I am sure you would not see such a critical article reprinted in the local media. Check out:

  8. J. Payne

    You know why that is don’t you??? Rupert Murdoch An Australian…….. (Not American as most people think.) Fox/News Corp. is an Australian company… But anyway… He wife is a Chinee- (If I can’t use common local Caribbean paralance.)

    PLUS…. Rupert Murdoch until recently owned DirecTV the satellite company… And was principle shareholder of BSkyB of the UK. AND he has the license I believe for the satellite TV service in China… He can’t say anything bad about them they would tear up his contract, claim he’s messing around in their internal affairs and they would kick him out their country.

  9. J. Payne

    Have you ever stopped to look at Media Ownership in the USA??? It is scary—–. Talk about a few companies speaking with one voice.

    Have you ever heard that saying that 10% of the people in the world, own the other 90% ?

    Media Conglomerates, Mega Mergers, Concentration of Ownership

  10. J. Payne

    Don’t forget China and Japan now own most of the USA’s debt…. Meaning China and Japan are now the USA’s Credit Card Company.

    Going Broke

    The USA Is Bankrupt – What Now?
    By William Thomas 11/28/04

    If I owe my creditors $4,400 and can’t pay it, I’m in trouble. If I owe my creditors $4,400 million and can’t pay it – they’re in trouble. The first scenario includes many Americans. The second describes the biggest debtor nation on the planet. The Bush White House is currently borrowing $1.9 billion a day just to stay afloat.

    To raise money, Washington flogs interest-bearing promissory notes called Treasury bonds to foreign investors whose eagerness to “buy America” has for decades financed an illusory prosperity. Now their willingness and ability to keep making big loans that will never be repaid, in a currency that keeps losing value, may not wait for four more years of GW’s extended reign.

    Wall Street trembled last week when Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned that foreign investors might starting dumping dollars whose value is falling as fast as the US trade deficit is climbing. “The current account deficit is too big, and asking foreigners to lend us $600 billion a year to cover it is creating great risk for the dollar,” says Lehman Bros. chief economist Ethan Harris. He means “risk” as in “wipe out”.
    [End SNIP]


    Great links J.Payne , maybe we can more understand how things like the ‘official ‘ 911 fairy tale can still be accepted as truth and how the Iraq ‘war’ must be allowed to ‘stay the course’ . We also really don’t whats happening in Iraq , the ‘news’ is so heavily censored . With this level of cenralisation of the media through movies as well , practically anything can be spun as truth now, there is no ‘real’ alternative views in the main stream media only different sides of the same coin.

    What we are seeing folks is George Orwell’s ‘1984’ unfolding before our eyes . Blogs and the internet are becoming more and more important for the survival of free speech and minds . So don’t blame the poor Nation newspaper , they are just falling in line with the global trend . Don’t forget that the majority of international stories come from the two major newwires too ( Reuters and AP ) . Determine their stories and you have more contolled information again.

    However, being aware is the first step out of this mess that we find ourselves in.

  12. J. Payne

    Lets all not forget the plight of the poor Venezuelan people…. Who are hurling down the road to destruction of their country…..

    The closure of RCTV
    Tuesday, May 22nd 2007

    At 11.59 pm on Sunday, May 27, Venezuela’s oldest and most popular TV station, RCTV, will be forced to cease broadcasting. Some minutes after midnight on Monday, May 28, that portion of the electronic spectrum which RCTV has occupied for the last 53 years will crackle into life again with a transmission from a new channel called TEVES (Venezuelan Social Television Station). This latest TV operation which is touted as a public broadcaster (as opposed to a government broadcaster) will nevertheless be funded in the first instance by the Venezuelan state, with an initial board of directors appointed by the Ministry of Communications and Information. [ . . . ]