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Rupert Murdoch Ordered New York Post To Kill Articles Critical Of Communist China – Barbados Media Does The Same

How can Barbados citizens reconcile our laissez-faire attitude to contemporary Chinese slavery? Is it because the slaves are not black? Or because we now value money more than we hate slavery?

Murdoch Corrupted Journalism To Protect His China Business Interests

New York Post Reporters Also Took Hush & Promotion Money

Excerpts from a New York Times article…


The tawdry details come as Mr. Murdoch, whose News Corporation owns The Post, has made a $5 billion bid to buy Dow Jones and its centerpiece, The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Murdoch has been trying to persuade the family that controls Dow Jones that he stands for the same kind of august journalism that it does, and that his journalists adhere to high standards.

The harshest criticism of Mr. Murdoch from within Dow Jones has been that he is willing to contort his coverage of the news to suit his business needs, in particular that he has blocked reporting unflattering to the government of China. He has invested heavily in satellite television there and wants to remain in Beijing’s favor.

Many of the charges have been reported before, but Mr. Spiegelman repeated them in his statement. He said that in 2001, he was ordered to kill an item on Page Six about a Chinese diplomat and a strip club because it would have “angered the Communist regime and endangered Murdoch’s broadcast privileges.”

“Murdoch instructed Col Allan, who instructed Richard Johnson, that Page Six was not to pursue any unflattering stories about Chinese officials,” Mr. Spiegelman said in the statement.


“He also said, ‘These allegations are a disgrace,’ ” Mr. Rubenstein said, referring to Mr. Allan. “We have nothing further to say. He’s not going to go allegation by allegation in a discussion.”

Mr. Rubenstein said much the same thing when he was asked about allegations that were mentioned but not specifically denied in the Page Six item: for example, that Mr. Murdoch had canceled the publication of a book by the News Corporation’s HarperCollins division critical of China’s Communist leaders and ordered the publication of one by Deng Xiaoping’s daughter.

… read the entire article at the New York Times (link here)


Barbados Media Always Ignores Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary

As we pointed out in our June 6, 2006 article Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre and our June 28, 2006 article Slave Labour Camps “Vital Part Of Chinese Economy” – Should Barbados Take Gifts From Communist China?, Barbados has come to rely upon handouts from Communist China to the extent that our own media deliberately ignores any story about China that is not positive.

As an outrageous example, last year on the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Barbados Advocate published an article that fairly gushed with praise for Communist China.

On the anniversary of a massacre.

By a country that still uses slave labour.

How can Barbados reconcile our laissez-faire attitude to contemporary Chinese slavery? Is it because the slaves are not black? Or because we now value money more than we hate slavery?


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Should Barbados Boycott The China Olympics?

A letter from Barbados Free Press reader “D”…

Interesting to note that China which buys 2/3rds of its oil supply from Sudan is the only veto at the UN against sending UN troops to stop the bloodshed. Interesting opportunity for a small country like Barbados to show its integrity to the world by standing up to black on black human slaughter by refusing to send potential athletes to the Olympics in China next year. Unfortunately Barbados is already on the payroll and has sold its soul.

So few Mandellas — so many Idi Amins


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